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Shrink high death "Track Girl In-Shoe Battle"

Add to EJ Playlist  READ THIS!!! The battle is pointless blocking and healing to get to the end! At 3 minutes and 4 seconds you can skip to 8 minutes and 35 seconds to avoid it! be sure to watch the first 3 minutes and 3 seconds first though! Again I do not own this game and deserve no credit for making it, but come on, it takes some of my precious time to kill Chijinda for you this many times! For this death, once you have the plane, go to the second building above the pool. In the chest you have to beat the shock bottle, it will give you an item by the way. Behind it are the shoes! interact with them to get this whole video! Skip the fight if you want to, i just guarded and healed the whole thing so it dont matter. thanks for subscribing to this channel guys, i appreciate it very much!

Shrink High(English Version)- Narue In-Shoe Battle

Add to EJ Playlist  I recently acquired the English version of Shrink High, so I decided to try and help fans of the game reach the Narue in-shoe battle. I had some trouble getting out of Erika's body, but with the help of a friend of mine I managed to reach the Narue in-shoe part. For those of you who want to play that part of the game, a save file where you can play through the Narue in-shoe battle can be found here- /kumgq5h/Save10 .rvdata The save file starts in the infirmary, so here's what you need to do to reach the in-shoe battle with Narue: Go up to the bed in the upper part of the room and have Narue lay down. Once you do that, you'll revert back to controlling the shrunken player, who'll ask whether or not he should "explore" his gigantic friend. Say yes, and he'll ask which part he should explore. Choose Narue's breasts, then repeatedly interact with the nipple until Narue makes a noise and her arm moves. After that, get down from the breasts and enter Narue's shoe. Seconds after entering, Narue will wake up and, without realizing that you're inside her shoe, panic about your disappearance and attempt to put on her shoes to go look for you. From there, simply enjoy the fun. I'd like to note that I was at a fairly low level in that save file, so it's virtually impossible to actually get Narue's attention. I attacked with everything I had in me at a relentless pace, and I still failed to get her attention. If you actually want to win against Narue, take my advice and do some training to level up. I'd also like to add that this particular save file is NOT compatible with the Japanese version of "Shrink High", only the English version. If you'd like to download the English version, it can be downloaded from this link- http://aryion.c om/forum/viewto pic.php?f=79&t= 25453 NOTE: I DID NOT build this game. The original creator is dsojourn, and he deserves full credit for the game. Personally I think he did a very fine job on the game, and I take no credit for the game whatsoever.

Kate's Shoe Prisoner

Add to EJ Playlist  My girlfriend and I made this video...inciden tally she's into GTS too :)

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