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End Times Archaeology - Michael Rood - Prophecy Club

Add to EJ Playlist  Presentation from 2004 with speaker Michael Rood at the Prophecy Club. Both Parts are merged together into one video. http://www.prop hecyclubresourc

Historical Places in Islam (Urdu)

Add to EJ Playlist  Historical places in Islam Islamic History in Urdu/Hindi History of Islam Historical Places Through The Historical Places Mentioned in Qur'an Majeed 1 Adam (...

Zechariah's Prophecy of Benjamin Netanyahu

Add to EJ Playlist  Two thirds of Israel will accept the Antichrist and take the mark of the beast. http://www.thir /

Prophets and messengers 5/8

Add to EJ Playlist  Muslims identify the prophets of Islam (Arabic: نبي‎) as those humans chosen by Allah to teach mankind. Humans may rely on revelation or tradition to identif...

Israel to be invaded, then Damascus destroyed. Rev 11, Zechariah 14 Bible Prophecy

Add to EJ Playlist  So Israel will get looted first, and then immediately after Damascus will become a ruinous heap. Will the looters come from Syria? Will the revenge attack on...

Eschatology #7: The World of Islam (Pastor Charles Lawson)

Add to EJ Playlist  Sunday School: Jun 22 2014 Muslims' Genealogy From Father Abraham and the Divergence of the Shiite and the Sunni Muslims Scripture: Gen 16:1-16 Website: http...

Israel Will "Destroy Iran Leaders" Zechariah Prophecy!

Add to EJ Playlist  Iran's President Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei "Prophesied" the destruction of Israel http://www.paul begleyprophecy. com a...

2014 Iran Nuclear Islamic Republic last days final hour news prophecy update

Add to EJ Playlist  2014 Iran Nuclear Islamic Republic last days final hour news prophecy update June 9 2014 Breaking News released USA deserted Soldier for 5 Taliban commanders...

Jesus in Islam (The Muslim Jesus) - The Islamic (Quranic) perceptive upon Prophet Jesus (Isa)

Add to EJ Playlist  Isa Ibn Maryam ( Arabic: عيسى, translit.: ʿĪsā ), known as Jesus in the New Testament, is considered to be a Messenger of God and al-Masih (the Messiah) in I...

How Islam Liberated Women - Navaid Aziz

Add to EJ Playlist  Shaykh Navaid Aziz has been described as being a gem in and of himself. Shaykh Navaid has a way of making each student feel special, as though he is talking ...

Irvin Baxter - What Zechariah Has To Say About Armageddon

Add to EJ Playlist  Zechariah prophesied about 520 BC yet he spoke extensively about the Battle of Armageddon which is yet to come. Amazingly Zechariah's tomb is located in the ...

The Grim Reality of the last days ´ John macarthur preaching

Add to EJ Playlist  John macarthur is going to speak about islam in the middle of the Video . Min 34:25 Islam's Ancient Hatred for the jews " While islam envisions the day when ...

'The Shepherd and The Sheep' Zechariah 11:7-17

Add to EJ Playlist  Zechariah is instructed by God to "shepherd the flock doomed to slaughter." So Zechariah pastures this flock. He takes two staffs with which to shepherd the ...

Islam View How Jesus was born Part (1)

Add to EJ Playlist  Jesus in Islam In Islam, Jesus named as Isa (Arabic: عيسى‎ ʿĪsā) is considered to be a Messenger of God and the Masih (Messiah) who was sent to guide the Chi...



Zachariah 12-14: Future of Israel

Add to EJ Playlist  Sacred numerology and Hebrew verse structure reveal soon destruction of Jerusalem in Bible Prophecy. http://www.thir /

Prince Charles - Follow Islam to save the World - Thank You Brother

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.face uran.Day - https://twitter .com/ReadQuranD ay - http://www.yout anDay - Surah 2:136 --------------- -------------- S...

Zechariah the Prophet, the son of Berechiah

Add to EJ Playlist  Phil Norcom opens up the first chapter of Zechariah in the 2013 Zechariah Convocation. Additional commentary by Philip Haney, Mark Klafter, Reggie Kelly, Ada...

Who Is Islamic State (ISIS)

Add to EJ Playlist  An Islamic state (Arabic: الدولة الإسلامية‎ al-dawlah al-islamīyah) is a type of government, in which the primary basis for government is Islamic religious l...

PITN: Islamic State of Iraq

Add to EJ Playlist  Gary looks at the growing threat posed by Al-Qaeda in Iraq. http://www.prop hecyinthenews.c om.

UK Islamic State is 'threat to civilisation'

Add to EJ Playlist  UK Islamic State is 'threat to civilisation' Welcome to our channel run by the Christadelphian s Worldwide to help promote the understanding of God's Word to ...

The One True God Allah The One True Religon Islam

Add to EJ Playlist  Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy Joshua Judges Ruth 1 Samuel 2 Samuel 1 Kings 2 Kings 1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles Ezra Nehemiah Esther Job Psalms P...

Islamic Message in Telugu : Who was sacrificed Isaac or Ishmael ?

Add to EJ Playlist  Subscribe to : irc4dawah Speaker : Bro. Shafi MSW, President UIRC follow us on : https://www.fac rsalIslamicRese a...

Thank you Pastor Terry Jones For your service to Islam!

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.face uran.Day - https://twitter .com/ReadQuranD ay - http://www.yout anDay - A church in Florida has created a controver...

Yusha Evans - How i came to Islam

Add to EJ Playlist  Islam Quran Qur'aan Sunnah Islam Islaam Allah Allaah Muhammad quranites quraniyoon salaf hadith hadeeth authentic weak fabricated hasan sahih koran prophet s...

Barack Beauty Putin Army Zechariah 11 Black Eye Right

Add to EJ Playlist  Zechariah 11:1 Open thy doors, O Lebanon, that the fire may devour thy cedars. Zec 11:2 Howl, fir tree; for the cedar is fallen; because the mighty are spoil...

Islam Miracle: It is scientifically plausible that the sun might rise from the west

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.answ ering-christian There are several events that could happen that would cause for the planet earth to turn upside down, such as the sun's...

Joel Richardson mideast beast explained

Add to EJ Playlist  Joel goes through the main points of his new book concerning Islam and antichrist.

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