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Prophets and messengers 5/8

Add to EJ Playlist  Muslims identify the prophets of Islam (Arabic: نبي‎) as those humans chosen by Allah to teach mankind. Humans may rely on revelation or tradition to identif...

Islam View How Jesus was born Part (2)

Add to EJ Playlist  Jesus in Islam The Qur'anic account of Jesus begins with a prologue, which describes the birth of his mother, Mary, and her service in the Jerusalem temple, ...

April 2014 Iran Nuclear Islamic Republic last days final hour news prophecy update

Add to EJ Playlist  April 2014 Iran Nuclear Islamic Republic last days final hour news prophecy update January 2014 David Hocking - The Truth About Zionism - End Times News Upda...

Israel Will "Destroy Iran Leaders" Zechariah Prophecy!

Add to EJ Playlist  Iran's President Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei "Prophesied" the destruction of Israel http://www.paul begleyprophecy. com a...

Islam View How Jesus was born Part (1)

Add to EJ Playlist  Jesus in Islam In Islam, Jesus named as Isa (Arabic: عيسى‎ ʿĪsā) is considered to be a Messenger of God and the Masih (Messiah) who was sent to guide the Chi...

Haji Karwan : Zechariah Alaihis Salaam زةكريا و يةحيا علیه‌ی سلام

Add to EJ Playlist  تکایه‌ فه‌یسبۆک که‌ت بکه‌وه ئه‌م په‌یجه‌ لایک بکه‌ خوای گه‌ورا لێتان ڕازی بێت ئـه‌مـه‌ی خـواره‌وه‌ لـیـنـکـه‌کـه‌ی ـتی http://www.face rwanThe.....

Balanced Islam: Applying the Principles and Priorities of Islamic Ethics to Today's Challenges

Add to EJ Playlist  The 6th Memorial Bullock Lecture sponsored by the Center for the Study of Christian-Jewis h-Muslim Relations at Merrimack College featuring Dr. Ingrid Mattson...

Acceptance of Homosexuality in Christianity-Ravi Zacharias Answers Question:settled!

Add to EJ Playlist  Ravi Zacharias -35 year respected top religious scholar and speaker on Christ and Christianity and the Bible answers one of the tougher questions asked about...

Jesus wars against the United Nations for Israel (Zechariah 14:3-5, Revelation 19:11-21)

Add to EJ Playlist  Zechariah 14 (ESV) The Coming Day of the Lord 14 Behold, a day is coming for the Lord, when the spoil taken from you will be divided in your midst. 2 For I w...

Zechariah 12 13 14 "Prophetic Days Jerusalem"

Add to EJ Playlist  Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana reads from Zechariah 12 13 14:1-9 "Prophetic Days of Jerusalem" http://www.paul begleyprophecy. com.

Israel to be invaded, then Damascus destroyed. Rev 11, Zechariah 14 Bible Prophecy

Add to EJ Playlist  So Israel will get looted first, and then immediately after Damascus will become a ruinous heap. Will the looters come from Syria? Will the revenge attack on...

‪ZECHARIAH Chapter 12 Verse 10 Messianic Illusion - Rabbi Michael Skobac‬‏

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.yout wsforJudaismCan ada http://www.jews

The True Shepherd (Zechariah 11) John MacArthur

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.gty. org/resources/s ermons/80-399 Now no one would preach on Zechariah 11 unless he was a seminary student who was assigned to do it. No one would ...

Islam Rising: A Call to One World Ummah (Domination)

Add to EJ Playlist  DVD available here: http://theapolo /product/islam- rising-a-call-t o-one-world-umm ah/ "If there is any one video to own to grasp the essentials ...

The Hebrew Bible's Take on Trinity Supporting Zechariah 12:10

Add to EJ Playlist  A Muslim took me to a Hebrew Bible web site to discredit the notion that Zechariah 12:10supports the notion of the Trinity. Do you think he was successful?

666 the MARK of the BEAST, Islam, Quran, Mohammed

Add to EJ Playlist  Consider that the apostle John was instructed to write both what he heard and what he SAW! Consider that perhaps what John SAW were SYMBOLS of what would bec...


Add to EJ Playlist  Walid Shoebat is a former Muslim terrorist who came to Christ through his Christian wife. Walid is uniquely qualified to discuss the Muslim world's plans to ...

Freedom in Islam - Dr. Ravi Zacharias

Add to EJ Playlist  Ravi Zacharias makes an important point ..please watch.

Thank you Pastor Terry Jones For your service to Islam!

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.face uran.Day - https://twitter .com/ReadQuranD ay - http://www.yout anDay - A church in Florida has created a controver...

What Is Jihad - Islam Means Peace - Islam Against Terrorism

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.face uran.Day - https://twitter .com/ReadQuranD ay - http://www.yout anDay - 5:28 O you who believe [in Musa (Moses) (i....

Zechariah 6 fusing two identities to confuse

Add to EJ Playlist  Exposing the shallow arguements of the missionaries Zechariah 6.

How Islam Is Advancing in the West: Kamal Saleem (SNEAK PEEK)

Add to EJ Playlist  Former Muslim and Islamic terrorist Kamal Saleem shares his personal mission of awakening Americans to the methods used by radical Islam. It is clear we are ...

Bible Prophecy in the News! Homosexual, Islam, 666 & NWO Agenda all in the past 24 hours!

Add to EJ Playlist  Breaking Bible Prophecy News for 06.04.13 To know what it means to be Born Again and Baptized in the Holy Spirit and with Fire go to: www.emoaf...

The Foundations of Islam by Shaykh Jamaal Diwan

Add to EJ Playlist  What are the foundations of Islam? This video is reposted with permission by the Islamic Center of Irvine. Visit their YouTube channel at http://youtube. com/...

Zionist Don't Want To See Us Unite 2012 True Islam And Christianity United Against Rev 2:9 Zionist

Add to EJ Playlist  Follow KnowTheTruthTV on Facebook @ owTheTruthTV Follow KnowTheTruthTV on Twitter @ wTheTruthTV "I believe that banking institu...

Islam tells us to Respect & Honour Humanity Shaykh Jamaal Diwan

Add to EJ Playlist  Islam tells us to respect and honour humanity. Narrated by Abdullah Ibn Amr: 'The Prophet [Muhammad] never used bad language neither a 'Fahish nor a Mutafahi...

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