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Louie V, Jin & Siagon Trade off Verses on Freestyle Friday

Add to EJ Playlist  Real emcee's only on Sway In The Morning, catch Siagon, Jin and Louie V go three rounds on freestyle Friday. Subscribe to our page: VsBQC TWIT...

Jin: "I Was the Justin Bieber of Hong Kong"

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.vlad - Famed battle rapper Jin explains why he moved to Hong Kong after he noticed that his rap career in the US was starting to slow down,...

"Angels" (Official Music Video) - Jin

Add to EJ Playlist  NEW MC JIN YOUTUBE CHANNEL at http://youtube. com/mcjin The Official Music Video for Jin's new track "Angels", from the new mix tape "Say Something." Shot on ...

Jin Freestyles; Remembers When He Was on 106 & Park; Battle Rap

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch part 1, Jin Told 50 Cent He Wants To Battle Him; Funny DMX Story; Career; Battle Rap /U2oa0Xp8SrU Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recentl...

Do All Asians Look Alike? "I'm Not Him"- Jin & Traphik

Add to EJ Playlist  I'm Not Him- Jin and Traphik Free Download of "I'm Not Him" via The Great Company: othim MC Jin - New Album XIV:LIX available on October 21st ...

Heart To Heart with MC JIN Interview (Speaking Mandarin, Growth)

Add to EJ Playlist  CLICK HERE FOR FUNG BROS. SHIRTS: http://gummymal BUY MC Jin's Album14:59: http://www.mcji JIN http://instagra http://twitt...

Dialog dengan Jin Mengenai Rahasia Dajjal

Add to EJ Playlist  Blog Lampu Islam: http://www.lamp uislam.blogspot .com Facebook Page: http://www.face slam ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭ ஜ۩Ϫ۩ஜ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭ ▭▭▭▭▭ Sebuah ...

Inilah dia 6 Kelemahan yang dimiliki oleh JIN

Add to EJ Playlist  MESKIPUN jin dan setan memiliki kemampuan-kemam puan yang tidak dimiliki oleh manusia, akan tetapi al-Qur'an dengan tegas mengatakan bahwa hakikatnya setan da...

Bacaan Ruqyah penghalau jin

Add to EJ Playlist  bacaan ruqyah untuk amalan semua :)

Ruqyah, Dialog Dengan Jin Setan dan Tehnik Menangkap Jin Secara Islami [Indonesian Sub]

Add to EJ Playlist  Download : E42p then press SKIP AD Pada video kali ini akan dipaparkan metode penarikan jin secara Islami dengan menggunakan seorang mediator,...

China Mac Reflects on 10-Year Bid Over Shooting Jin's Associate

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.vlad - China Mac was recently released after serving 10 long years in prison for shooting one of Jin's associates, and sat down for an exclu...

Hypocrite [EP] FULL AUDIO - MC Jin

Add to EJ Playlist  Now Available on iTunes: N3919 And on Google Play: bY6FBu Limited edition HYPOCRITE HATS available now! Store: c...

A Train Cypher (MC Jin, J-Reyez, Jargon, Lil Crazed, Rob Campman #RIPSouthstar)

Add to EJ Playlist  A little freestyle with my boys J-Reyez, Jargon, Lil Crazed, and Rob Campman #RIPSouthStar at the jungle studio. New Album XIV:LIX Now Available On: iTunes: ...

MC JIN - Complicated ft. Hollis (Official Music Video)

Add to EJ Playlist  MC Jin performing Complicated featuring Hollis. © 2014. The Great Company. Visuals by The Meteorites. 'Complicated ft. Hollis' Now Available On: iTunes: cjinXIVLIX Google...

Saint vs Jin - Rap Battle @ Jin Concert [UK vs USA]

Add to EJ Playlist  Jin 'The Rest Is History' Concert - 27th October 2004 Saint vs Jin [MC Rap Battle] Club Cirque Hippodrome, London, UK. Hosted by Kymberlee Jay (Funk Physics)...

#OnaQuest with Chae "Piglet" Gwang-jin - Team Curse

Add to EJ Playlist  Former League of Legends World Champion "Piglet" has finally arrived in America to play for Team Curse. In this exclusive first look, "Piglet" discusses his first few days in America, scrimmaging...

Skyzoo vs Jin [Freestyle Battle] (Subtitulado Español)

Add to EJ Playlist  otra batallita de Jin subtitulada al español... algunos datos para los que a lo mejor no entienden algunas acotaciones: Free es el nombre de la conductora de...

Ayat Ruqyah Syariah | Penawar Sihir & Gangguan Jin - Bacaan Penuh oleh Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi

Add to EJ Playlist  http://ayatruqy http://facebook .com/AyatRuqyah dotcom Bacaan Al Ruqyah Al Shariah oleh Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi Dapatkan CD bacaan ayat ruqyah penuh ini da...

MC Jin w/ Sway "Movie Junkie Freestyle"

Add to EJ Playlist  Thank you and much love to the big bro Sway for the opportunity to do what I love. You're respect for the art and preservation of the culture is much appreci...

Suara Jin Mengganggu Imam Sedang Khutbah Jumaat

Add to EJ Playlist  Suara Jin Mengganggu Imam Sedang Khutbah Jumaat http://peruserp 115.

Jin Dibakar Ustad Hari Mukti - Dua Dunia Misteri Makam Eyang Panca - 11 12 13

Add to EJ Playlist  Dua Dunia Terbaru Powered by Tukang Becak Channel Masih Dunia Lain Terbaru Jin Dibakar Ustad Hari Mukti - Dua Dunia Misteri Makam Eyang Panca - 11 12 2013.

MC Jin - Carry On ft. Stacie Bollmann (Audio)

Add to EJ Playlist  MC Jin performing Carry On ft. Stacie Bollmann. Produced by Christian Rich. © 2014. The Great Company. MC Jin's first full-length album since 2004's 'The Res...

Fight Klub- Serius Jones vs Jin (Uncensored)

Add to EJ Playlist  The uncensored version of the championship battle back in 2005.

Jin vs Verse

Add to EJ Playlist  Jin Vs. Verse battle.

Jin: We Can't Tell Ray Rice's Wife Not to Forgive Him

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.vlad - Jin expressed his views on the alarming domestic abuse bestowed upon Janay Rice by her former NFL star husband, Ray, in this clip fro...

Jin Minakata ost - Jin Main Title - Jin-仁 主題曲

Add to EJ Playlist  Jin Minakata ost - Jin Main Title Jin-仁 オリジナルサウンドトラック Jin original soundtrack. Artist / Yu Takami 高見 優 This Drama has produced by (TBS) Tokyo Broadcasting Sy...

Berita Islami Masa Kini - Jin Qorin Si Pendamping Manusia

Add to EJ Playlist  Berita Islami Masa Kini - Jin Qorin Si Pendamping Manusia Qorin adalah jin yang ditugasi untuk mendampingi setiap manusia dengan tugas menggoda dan menyesatk...


Add to EJ Playlist  FUNG BROS MERCH STORE: http://gummymal MC Jin's new album 14:59! Get it on iTunes now: m LIKE: http://www.face gbr...

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