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LPS: I'm Blue Music Video!

Add to EJ Playlist  **NOTE - This video is NOT available mobile because the song is copyrighted. Its also blocked in Germany. Therefore, I'm sorry if you can't view it on your mobile device. You'll have to view it on your laptop or computer.** Have you ever wondered what Dakota Smith from A Daughters Revenge would look or sound like if he sang and was the star of a music video? Well, he's blue and ready to sing for all of you LPS fans out there! Give him a HUGE round of applause! He had a BLAST while doing this. :) LETS CONNECT Instagram: http://instagra es Twitter: https://twitter .com/LPSskittle s Facebook: https://www.fac ittles Tumblr: http://lpsskitt lesofficial.tum © LPSskittles

LPS MV Best Friend's Brother (BFB)

Add to EJ Playlist  I do not own the music!!! I hope you like my video!! Thanx! It was a bit of mash up of a skit and a music video. Leave me comments about what u thought about of a mash up skit/Music video and i might do more!

LPS~ I need a Doctor

Add to EJ Playlist  This 1:20 sec. video took me 3+ hours to edit. But I truly hope you enjoy this music video, I have loved this song for as long as I can remember and now I want to share it with you. :) Enjoy. Song: I need a doctor

LPS Version : Airplanes (Original Version) [For a Beautiful Girl]

Add to EJ Playlist  Thx for 30,000 vues :'''D I hope to winn the contest ! And Evie You're Amazing :'DDD Song : Airplanes Camera : Sony Alpha 55 Programme : Power Director 8 and SVMS (Sony Vegas Media Studio 11 HD Plantinium )

Mean - LPS Version

Add to EJ Playlist  Yay! Finally a new music video! =D And this time with 1 of my favourite songs. I really love this song and i wanted to make a music video with it! ^^ CLIPS FROM: ● LPS: Cool [Season 2] ~ Part 1 (Back To School) ● LPS: Cool [Season 2] ~ Part 3 (A Bad Day) ● LPS: Cool [Season 2] ~ Part 4 (Country Nightmares) ● LPS: Cool [Season 2] ~ Part 5 (In The Country) - I hope you'll enjoy! :) © LPShannah © Miracle Productions

Tonight, Tonight - Lps music video

Add to EJ Playlist  This is just a summer music video I made! :) I will make a lot more if you like it! Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! LPSRuby! Tonight, Tonight- By Hot Chelle Ray (i think) I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS SONG!

LPS Who Says (Music Video)

Add to EJ Playlist  Yay! Finally it's up!! ♥♥ :) -- Soo, this music video is for Cockerfanx10's contest. I hope you like it! Wuff yah! ;D And also, this video is for fantsycats music video contest. Woohoo! ;3 -- With this video I want to yell you guys that you're beautiful just the way you are. :'o ♥ Enjoy the video! -- Song: Who Says by Selena Gomez and the scene.. **I pitched the song cuz' of copyright** //Emma ♥

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes LPS Version

Add to EJ Playlist  for CockerFanx10's contest! hope i win! ;)

Party's In My Head - LPS Music Video

Add to EJ Playlist  Yup! Here's an summer music video! ;D Song: Party in My Head - September If it looks that it was hot outsite when i made it, i can tell you that i almost MELT of the heat. o.o The plastic LPS accesories got more rubber-like in the sun. o_O - I got the idea to make this video from Alipoprockz! Thnx so much for let me use some of your ideas, Ali! :) ~♥ And, THANK YOU SO MUCH for 1.500 subscribers!! O_O This is amazing... Now, enjoy the music video! ^.^ © LPShannah 2011 © Miracle Productions

Like It Or Leave It - REMADE LPS Music Video

Add to EJ Playlist  I wanted to make a LPS music video of this song a looong time before i came to youtube. And now i have made it! Again, actually, cause i had to delete my old 1, so i made a new 1! Because of that this is very simple made. =P Enjoy! ^.^ © LPShannah 2011 © Miracle Productions

Littlest Pet Shop: E.T. ♬

Add to EJ Playlist  You're so hypnotizing, Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel? (E.T. - Katy Perry)

I Wanna Go - LPS Version

Add to EJ Playlist  CREDIT FOR THE WHOLE IDEA -WebkinzRock141 , im sorry dude, i never gave you credit, congrats on partner!! :D Go check him out and subscribe him :D he came up with the whole idea!! (no joke except I used LPS instead of Webkinz) his is so much better go look it up!! :D Lovee youuuu. :) -Jenny.

Nom Nom Nom/Hamster Dance Song - LPS Music Videos

Add to EJ Playlist  Yaaaa... x3 Here's 2 different LPS music videos, well, they are funny! xP Anyways, thank you all SO much for 1.000+ subbers! ='D ♥ I love ya! THNX! ♥ Song 1: The Hamster Dance Song Song 2: Nom Nom Nom Song Hope you'll enjoy! :D © LPShannah 2011 © Miracle Productions

Littlest Pet Shop - Perfect for you - Official music video

Add to EJ Playlist  My most viewed video! OMG almost 12k views!!! Me really confused! Me gotta scream! Thanks LPS lovers! **Download Link** http://littlest petshop.promoti ersclub/ ?id=39&page=5 **Lyrics** You like to have fun in the sun You and L-P-S You're just like oone You wanna dress up or go out For that there's a pet there's no (i didn't understand this word) Get your pink shades *pink shades!* And move on *move on!* Get the pets you love And you're done ~~Chorus~~ Who are you? What you wanna do? There's a Littlest Pet Shop perfect for you Who are you? What you wanna do? There's a Littlest Pet Shop perfect for you Feel like staying in and relax With all your favorite pets It's so in Jump around Show around Rock out With Littlest Pet Shop scream and shout So get up *and run!* Have up all Who you wanna be- it's your call ~~Chorus~~ PS. stop commenting on spanish I can't undestand you!

LPS: Every Time We Touch

Add to EJ Playlist  This Music video features Gracey the dog and Zack, another dog. Enjoy! I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHT IN THIS VIDEO. ALL COPYRIGHT BELONGS TO RIGHTFUL OWNERS.

La la la-LPS Music Video

Add to EJ Playlist  Has to be the best possibly? What do you think? Write in the coments vvvv BELOW! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU GUYS! SUB COMMENT FAVE THUMBS UP?

A Thousand Miles- LPS Music Video

Add to EJ Playlist  A crappy video. Enjoy! This was my First Video, so please, understand I sucked at making videos. xD

California Gurlz (Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dog)..LPS

Add to EJ Playlist  katy perry - littlest pet shop show california gurls, lps

LPS-Ke$ha-"We R Who We R

Add to EJ Playlist  please waaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaacth!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Littlest Pet Shop: Love Like Woe ♬

Add to EJ Playlist  **EPILEPSY WARNING** You can take up all my time 'cause you're the only one, That can make a storm cloud break, pulling out the sun! And I can't get caught in the rain, Can I get your lips to speak my name?

Lps Naturally

Add to EJ Playlist  There you have it :)

LPS girls just wanna have fun

Add to EJ Playlist  a film by my daughter Sophia. Music copyrighted by Cyndi Lauper, sung/performed by Miley Cyrus

lps " alice " music video

Add to EJ Playlist  yay my first music video is finally out

Littlest Pet Shop: Little Voice ♬

Add to EJ Playlist  The little voice in my head won't let me forget, The little voice in my head is never misled, All of this noise is what keeps me from making a mess! CREDIT TO SOPHIEGARRETTT FOR THE IDEA

Littlest Pet Shop: I Gotta Feelin' ♬

Add to EJ Playlist  I know that we'll have a ball, If we get down and go out and just loose it all! **EPILEPSY WARNING**

Littlest Pet Shop - Party In the USA

Add to EJ Playlist  Littles Pet Music Video !! I do not own this song it is " Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus.

LPS Halo

Add to EJ Playlist  EDIT: Guys, the boy LPS is a cake topper. Can you all please stop asking about it now? :| I'm taking a break cause this toke a LONG time ENJOY! :D

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