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My Transition MtF

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is about My Transition from Male to becoming a Female ***I do not own the songs that are used on this video***... I downloaded the tracks "Reflection by Lea Salonga & Pretty Hurts by Beyonce" from YouTube copyrights

1 Year HRT Transition Timeline, MTF Transgender

Add to EJ Playlist  2014 has been such a roller coaster of a year but looking back, I am so grateful for the memories made and for the journey that I embarked upon. I wouldn't change anything for the world! Here's to another amazing year! Instagram: @llerretallure Twitter: @llerretallure Tumblr: llerret.tumblr. com Blog: llerretallure.c om

20 Month Transition Timeline MTF

Add to EJ Playlist  20 Month Transition Timeline MTF. Hope this video helps :0) xxx Thanks for watching this video, if you liked it please 'Subscribe' to my channel: http://www.yout ption_center?ad d_user=aerishou lihan Playlist: Transitioning Tutorials st?list=PL3LI5b mI4kT0tqiyVEaxR 10bY5frt5Osa YouTube Channel - erishoulihan Facebook - https://www.fac xhoulihan Twitter - https://twitter .com/AerisHouli han Instagram - http://instagra ihan

My first 6 month transition MtF.

Add to EJ Playlist  First 6 months of my MtF transition, started at 41 yrs old.

(MTF) Transition- This is "MY Story"

Add to EJ Playlist  Please like my Facebook page: https://www.fac aKamilla Follow me on Twitter:https:/ /mobile.twitter .com/LatinaKami lla Instagram: http://instagra illa Vine: vine://user/114 858867031669964 8 *Share this Video! Let's grow together :) Subscribe! Let's grow TOGETHER #OneLove. ❤️Questions, comments, concerns? Send me a message or leave a comment in the description box below! Business inquiries: acevedokamilla@

Sean creed. Transgender MTF Timeline!

Add to EJ Playlist  Sean creed. Transgender MTF Timeline!

2 years timeline transgender transition - mtf

Add to EJ Playlist  My timeline transition ... I started HRT in my thirties (33 years old almost 34). ( m2f ) Transition is not only a physical one. It would be a mistake to believe that we only "transform" our bodies. It's a change at a deeper level. "One is not born a woman, but becomes one". It's a process for EVERY WOMAN regardless of how they were born. Watch my videos about my "conscious transition" and find out more. ♡ SOCIAL MEDIA ♡ Facebook : https://www.fac /Emma-B/1580825 625481074 Twitter : https://twitter .com/emma_b_lov ed G+ : https://plus.go sdrawing/posts _______________ _______________ __________ ♡ What's all about ♡ This is my humble space where I talk about my humble opinion. I'm not giving advice and please, by all means, don't take anything for granted ;)

MTF ma transition (19 mois)

Add to EJ Playlist  Coucou à toutes et à tous !!! ça faisait depuis Août que j'avais pas mise à jour ma vidéo, donc voici de mes nouvelles ; ) j'espère que ça va vous plaire ! Gros bisous et courage à toutes celles qui se lancent ^^

Jessica Allen Transgender MtF Transition in pictures- Timeline 2 Years

Add to EJ Playlist  PLEASE SUPPORT MY TRANSITION AND VISIT MY FUNDRAISER, HELP GET ME THE HORMONES I NEED, HELP MY EXISTENCE BECOME A LIFE: http://www.gofu atg This video has had over 37,000 views, if for every view that person donated 27p i'd be at my goal. I thought it was time for an update seeing as my last video was a year and a half ago! This is also a sort of pre-video for my next upload which will be about my new fundraiser. As always leave any bigotry or prejudice at the door, it will only be ignored. Follow me on Instagram: Jessica.b.m.all en

MTF Transition Timeline! 2014

Add to EJ Playlist  First video ever, nervous about uploading it but I want to share my journey! Hate comments will be ignored I am happy and that's all that matters! Xoxo :) I do not own the song! Dark horse - Katy perry

MTF Transition Timeline (HRT)

Add to EJ Playlist  Instagram: http://instagra lyalexis Buisness: alexisbu.ttrfly


Add to EJ Playlist  This is my transition timeline and 4 years on HRT Music is by my band Spectacular Spectacular, follow my band on SoundCloud: https://soundcl ularspectacular Follow me on: SoundCloud: https://soundcl ularspectacular Facebook: https://www.fac le.php?id=15243 18912 Instagram: http://instagra t Twitter: https://twitter .com/isleyreust

Aurora M 5 month HRT timeline

Add to EJ Playlist  Aurora Madison Skye timeline transition mtf transgender

1st Year Living As a Trans Girl! (My Transition Highlights)!

Add to EJ Playlist  A little montage of my first year!! I celebrated many firsts this year and I am loving it! It is never too late to make positive changes in your life...each day gets easier to live! Yes there are struggles, but you can get through them and finally live your life just the way you always wanted to! I have learnt many things and making this change has made my life much more exciting! I realised it was time to live life without worrying about how hard the journey might be. I used to think living like this was impossible! I felt lost and confused! To my last day on this earth I will live life just the way I want to! I will always be proud of who I am. And live the best life I can! Bring it on, I am ready!! :D Much love and peace to all!! Thank you for all your support! Best wishes, Victoria xoxoxox :D Song "Live Your Life - Yana"

Teen Male To Female - From Birth To Now.

Add to EJ Playlist  So it only seems right that I make my first video on this channel a transition timeline. I made this video with my iphone, but if this video leads you guys to wanting more then obv course I'll be making them in HD. Feel free to ask anything! Follow my Instagram: ashleeryanrosex ox **IF I GET ENOUGH QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION I WILL MAKE A Q&A**

Harmony Amidon MTF transition timeline 15 mnth hrt

Add to EJ Playlist  this is my 15 month hrt video now im really not Shure how but hoping to get srs in the next year I have come a long ways' and cant wait for the future the song is exactly how I feel towards god and w

1 Year Transition Timeline, MTF.

Add to EJ Playlist  It's almost been one year since I started hormones on October 3rd, 2014, and I finally completed my first timeline video. I'm so much more happy and confident getting to now be the girl I always was on the inside. It took me 24 years, but I finally did it. This video goes from the beginning of high school to today, September 8th, 2014. I can't wait for the changes that still await me. :) The song in the video is 'Are you Satisfied' by Marina and the Diamonds. You can follow me on Facebook at talina.jacobs. :)

My Transition From Male To Female Timeline

Add to EJ Playlist  My Transition From Male To Female by Alexandra Luiza Santos Transexual Male To Female Transition My Male To Female Transition Alexandra Luiza ... There are pictures of me before and after my transition ... Transgender. Lived as male for 20 Years. But now ... I live as a woman I live as girl guitarrist ... Like my dreams :) Meu grupo de Transgêneros no Facebook ( My group Transgendered ) https://www.fac s/transgenerosh ormonios/ Check out my Blog http://alexandr aluizadossantos Subscribe to my channel on Youtube ^^ http://www.yout /UChfSkir1IB0rj 8Jk07ADWxw Enjoy my Facebook http://facebook .com/alexandral uizasanto FOLLOW ME ON Twitter https://twitter .com/SandstormM elody Check out my Flickr http://www.flic andstormmelody/ Tags extras: My Transition Male to Female, My first video about my transition to female, HRT, Questions about my Transition Hormones, Month Video of MTF, 6 Month by Month Hormone Effects, MY TRANSITION 6 Month Male to Female Transgender, Transition Transsexual, Transgender

MTF Transition timeline Before and after

Add to EJ Playlist  Hello every body... and all my friend to wacht me all around the world ... here is my timeline history...

My transition.. So far. (MtF Timeline)

Add to EJ Playlist  From the date this video was published I have been transitioning for 8 months. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( ) Modeling Photos by Rick Seefried. Adult work photos by www.shemaleyum. com & www.shemalestro

Noras Timeline - Its About Coping

Add to EJ Playlist  Mtfemale or mttrans. A transsexual transition journey.


Add to EJ Playlist  hey guys! this week we're doing our transition timeline's... this actually was a lot harder than i thought... sorry for the late upload, i totally underestimated this project!! hope you guys enjoy... let's watch!

~Edie's Transition Timeline~

Add to EJ Playlist  so this week we're doing transition timelines! they may include anything from style updates, to HRT results, and timelapse videos. in this video I just show you a slideshow of what I've looked like through the ages. hopefully you like it! Links: http://facebook .com/ediekersha w http://ediekers http://instagra http://ediesclo m http://twitter. com/ediekershaw http://facebook .com/tsdollhous e


Add to EJ Playlist  Hello and welcome to my show. This is my long awaited transition timeline. I have included pictures of my earlier life to portray the full male to female transition. The video ends with myself at about 10 months on hormone replacement therapy. Special thanks to my amazing friends and family for helping me through my transition. A very special thanks to Jacob Arnold for supporting me through the hardest times.

Boy to Girl Transformation - MTF 4 YEARS ON HRT | GianaSaidSo

Add to EJ Playlist  → MY TWITTER: https://twitter .com/Gianasaids o → INSTAGRAM: http://instagra so → TUMBLR: http://gianasai

19 months on hormones (male to female)

Add to EJ Playlist  My Male to Female journey. I've come a long way but still have a long way to go.

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