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Mtf Transition Timeline over 1 year (almost)

Add to EJ Playlist  I made a transition video! for the fun of it, but mostly because when I was down, those kind of videos gave me hope. So this is kind of my way of saying "thank you". I'm 30 on the video. the 8 last months I have been on hormones. Pictures are from the day I came out at work (september 2014) up until now (july 2015) I wrote and produced the music as well, check my soundcloud:) https://soundcl eplaysthepiano/ tracks

Keri's 12mth mtf transition

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is about keri 12mth transition

MTF Transition Timeline 15 Months on HRT

Add to EJ Playlist  An updated video to my MTF Transition Timeline 6 Months on HRT to show my process up until july 1st 2015.

MTF Transition

Add to EJ Playlist  instagram:_xbel lax__ twitter:@isabel _cher

Tall Dark Friend's MtF transition

Add to EJ Playlist  Unofficial video_ Singer songwriter Jordan Gray's male to female transition slideshow. I do not own the rights to her pictures or music. featured song 'Way Back When' by Tall Dark Friend - available on iTunes and Spotify.

My Transgender Journey | Before And After

Add to EJ Playlist  * Like * Share* Subscribe * Facebook: https://www.fac orrosebradford Instagram: https://instagr ford/ Twitter: https://twitter .com/_ellebradf ord Snapchat: ellebradford Hi guys! This is a video I've been wanting to make for some time but never really quite worked up the courage to do so until now. I hope that this video will give anyone going through a similar journey the strength it takes to follow your own heart. I love you all. :-)

Male to Female HRT Before and After

Add to EJ Playlist  For male to female estrogen hormone replacement therapy for transgender woman please read http://www.anit trogen-hormone- replacement-the rapy Music by: Janji - Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning)[NCS Release] Video Music for Janji - Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning)[NCS Release] : v=3nQNiWdeH2Q

Mtf transformation

Add to EJ Playlist  Ok ok so if I wasn't me I would crush on my old boy self but... I'm am so not gonna happen. Plz enjoy and subscribe, like and comment!!

My M2F Transition Video!!!!!! eeeek!!! 16 months o

Add to EJ Playlist  After 16 months on hormone replacement therapy, i have never been happier! this is a very brief documentation of my journey up until now. i hope you all enjoy, and if you have any questions id love to answer them. I have to say a huge thank you to my amazing girlfriend katelyn hughes for editing this for me. You are incredible song credits goo goo dolls-iris conchita wurst-rise like a phoenix rachel platten- fight song

MTF Transition Timeline

Add to EJ Playlist  My Male to female transgender, Transition Timeline from birth to 9 months on hormones! Started hormones 4/14/14... ended hormones 01/26/15 E-mail: m Instagram: TheZoeyZoco Snapchat: TheZoeyZoco Facebook: ZoeyZoco SUBSCRIBE! I LOVE YOU!

My MtF & SRS transition timeline - 31 months HRT

Add to EJ Playlist  This is an updated timeline of my MtF transition timeline. Now that I am post-op MtF, I've also included some after that.

Caitlyn Jenner - M2F - Before After - Transgender Transition Timeline ( Inspirational Video )

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is for educational purpose showing Effects of hormone replacement therapy on m2f transsexual . Subscribe For more For any copyright issue comment below or email me to - imissilluminati .. i will remove the content if you own it,,

Transgender MTF Transition 3 years HRT

Add to EJ Playlist  Can we hit 100 likes? This is a video showing my transition from male to female. Started HRT at age 30 and at the end of the video I'm age 33. Thanks for watching. Please take a minute to visit my GoFundMe page. Please help my family if you can. Even a share means a lot Thank you!! http://www.gofu 5wk Please Like and Subscribe!!

Robbie Dee Transition 5 22 2015

Add to EJ Playlist  My life story so far! This video is to let people know that all true transgender people are acceptable to the Lord our God. It is not who you are that God judges, it is what you do with who you are from your heart that us judged. Neither is it mans job to place himself in the judgment seat. So please enjoy this story of my life. You can contact me on Facebook or by email. Details are at the end of the video. God bless you all. Robbie Dee Ewens

My MTF Timeline part 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Hey Guys Mireya here! i made another MTF timeline of my transition as of may 23, 2015 i am about one year and 7 months on hormones! WOW time sure has flew by. i remembered when i was just starting out i couldn't wait to get to a year and now that i am here it feels AMAZING! i hope you guys LOVE the timeline just as much as you guys liked my first one that i uploaded a year ago! thank you guys again sooo much for all the love and the support it really means alot! FACEBOOK- https://www.fac a214 INSTAGRAM- http://instagra TWITTER- https://twitter .com/baby_blue_ 789

Male to Female Transition Timeline - 10 Months HRT

Add to EJ Playlist  Photos of me pre-transition as a boy and through my journey as a girl :) Thank you for the 1,000 subscribers! I'm so thankful to everyone who has and does support me! xx

One year mtf transition timeline

Add to EJ Playlist  Greetings friends, Here is my transgender transition timeline from June 2014 - June 2015. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks! I do not claim to own the music used in this video. There is no copyright infringement intended.

Mtf timeline video

Add to EJ Playlist  I talk about the events leading up to my transition as well as other problems I delt with while transitioning. People forget we also have to deal with life , personal problems as well as transition. its not just putting a wig and make up on and your good to go. its a long hard process filled with tears. Im very close to getting my srs but I found out I need 2 grand now two grand I was not expecting to need. So if you wish to help me get my surgery. every little bit helps ill include the link to my gofundme page. http://www.gofu alcou my blog http://meekamal /

Mtf Transition - 6 months on Hormones

Add to EJ Playlist  This is my journey it's been a roller coaster ride but I've never been more confident about my d vision to make the change Instagram - https://instagr / Facebook - https://www.fac ine.rosebud Email - OfficialJosAmor I do not own these songs or rights to it no copyright infringement Nick Jonas - Push Nicki Minaj - Feeling Myself (feat. Beyoncé)

Beautiful Male to Female Transitions (Before and After)

Add to EJ Playlist  Beautiful male to female transgender women before and after Music by Real Life Song - Girl Jesus (Remix) (created with the YouTube Slideshow Creator)(http:/ / m/upload)

MTF Transition v1 - MALE to FEMALE in 2.5 min

Add to EJ Playlist  My Short and sweet timeline video. This covers 2011-2015 I initially started hormones at the age of 29, December 1st 2012 and I got FFS on 30 April 2015. This has been a crazy journey and I am nowhere near done. A more in depth one can be found here. m/a/ptkja Next chapter will come out in December

MTF Transistion timeline (update)

Add to EJ Playlist  this is the update for my old one, 3 years in here i am :3

Male to Female Transition Timeline - Chloe M.

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a timeline to show the progress I have made over my lifetime to become who I have always felt to be. I hope you all enjoy the pictures, my story, and the music as much as I did. This video was very hard to make for me, so I do hope that everyone enjoys it and finds it helpful in some way. XOXO, Chloe M. GoFundMe: m/becomingchloe Facebook: A Girl Like Me with Chloe M. Instagram: @agirllikemewit hchloem Youtube: A Girl Like Me with Chloe M. My Most Recent Video: https://youtu.b e/Sfs8msofN3A

MtF transition

Add to EJ Playlist  My transition :) add me on facebook ( mya larocque ) or instagram ( myaexelle ) twitter @Myaexelle

1.5 Year Transition Timeline, MTF Transgender

Add to EJ Playlist  I'm 25 years old, and It's been 1.5 years since I started HRT. My life has improved in so many ways! I'm finally living the life I always wanted and am happy with my progress. I still have more growth and time, but I love who I'm becoming. The song is 'Primadonna' by Marina & The Diamonds. :)

My one year transition timeline - 30 MtF

Add to EJ Playlist  On April 4th, 2014 I started hormone replacement therapy. Today marks my one year journey from male to female. And today, I live as my true self. I went from life long depression, self-hate, countless methods of self harm, and 11 suicide attempts to a happy, loving life girl. It's not been easy, but it's been more than worth it.

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