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SoNiC YOUTh - 'MaRiLyN MooRe' - 1986 ATLaNTa 688 CLuB = 'RaRe!'

Add to EJ Playlist  yea... hadn't seen this out there... so guess it's purty 'rare'... this is all i have... it was apparently film'd by... SiC MiC ( SiCk MiCk ) fer his fLa public access cable tv sho... 'iNfo WaNTed / iNfo AVaiLabLe' so if anyone knos his whereabouts... he might mebbe have th' whole sho... i dehiss'd th' audio a bit... using adobe audition...

Butthole Surfers live at 688 Club Atlanta

Add to EJ Playlist  This performance by the Butthole Surfers was recorded by New York video artist Nelson Sullivan

688 Metroplex Reunion Show 10-4-08 Atlanta GA

Add to EJ Playlist  UPDATE: Some photos from the evening are now here: http://www.kyte .tv/ch/74017-sp aceyg/233603-68 8-reunion-show Steve May, Atlanta's 688 Club owner and Paul Cornwell, Metroplex Club owner, talk about their upcoming 688/Metroplex reunion show at the Masquerade Music Park on October 4, 2008. Tons of bands that once played the infamous environs of those two punk/new wave clubs (both no longer with us) will be reuniting for this once-in-a-lifet ime event. Yes, it's been a long time since the astonishing, groundbreaking 80's Atlanta music scene, so it's about time for a quickie flashback! Tickets are $25 in advance; $30 at the door. More information is at: http://www.atla ntamusicmuseum. com/ Note, the song used in this video, "Restless Youth," is used with permission of The Swimming Pool Q's.

Stan Ridgway and Wall Of Voodoo -Call Of The West

Add to EJ Playlist  Atlanta 688 Club 1982. Wall Of Voodoo with Stan Ridgway plays the title track from their masterpiece album "Call Of The West". Vid is little dark at first but then lights up good. A great performance clip from the good old days.

The Roys at 688 / Metroplex Reunion Atlanta

Add to EJ Playlist  The Roys perform at the 688 / Metroplex reunion at Masquerade in Atlanta Oct 4 2008

Inside the 688 Club, April 2, 1986

Add to EJ Playlist  Short video footage of the inside of the 688 club in Atlanta Georgia, Footage of the floor area, bar, and men's bathroom full of grafitti. Second generation VHS. Filmed by Patricia Rogers.

Stan Ridgway and Wall Of Voodoo ( 1982 )

Add to EJ Playlist  Factory from the album "Call Of The West" ( 1982 at the 688 Club Atlanta GA)

Baby Weemus: Aye! Wo'k th' Lyne!

Add to EJ Playlist  Live at 688 in Atlanta, Todd Butler of Baby Weemus remembers days of auld when we would all dance in the Scottish Highlands arm-in-arm as we walk'd th' Lyne!

Lady Bunny Wins Miss 688 Pageant

Add to EJ Playlist  in her public debut, Lady Bunny captured the crown of Miss 688 Club 1984 in this exciting pageant held at the legendary Atlanta rock club. Recorded live for The American Music Show

In the dressing room with The Butthole Surfers at the 688 Club

Add to EJ Playlist  This was after the concert by The Butthole Surfers at the 688 Club in Atlanta in 1986 and videotaped by Nelson Sullivan, who was invited to the performance by band member Cabbage.

Teenage Drag Queen Lady Bunny performs in RuPaul's Show

Add to EJ Playlist  Even as a mischevious teenage drag queen, Lady Bunny exuded the same poise and personality that made her the of Toast of New York today. This performance was a part of RuPaul's "Give It To Me Revue" at the 688 Club in Atlanta. Video by Mister Richardson.

Kris Methe and the Mistakes Reunion/688#2

Add to EJ Playlist  after 25 years ... taken by Jimmy Demos' daughter Lindsey.

The Butthole Surfers: "Song With A Bullhorn" at The 688 Club

Add to EJ Playlist  This song was performed by The Butthole Surfers at the 688 Club in Atlanta in 1986 and videotaped by Nelson Sullivan who was invited to the performance by band member Cabbage

Benjamin Smoke as Opal Foxx sings "Sand"

Add to EJ Playlist  This performance by Benjamin was at the 688 Club in Atlanta with the band Baby Weemus. Video by Mister Richardson

The Restraints - Atlanta punk rock band - at the Panic Records Party

Add to EJ Playlist  This performance was recorded for presentation on public access television by the pioneering public access advocacy organization, Access Atlanta. This band had a sad and tragic ending.


Add to EJ Playlist  Atlanta 80s band 86 at 688 in 1985. Audio is from the OHP single...

more 688 from may 97.mpg

Add to EJ Playlist  short clip from 688 Spring Street in May 97 Atlanta GA

Blazak Mayhem Tour 23 - 688 sure is great!

Add to EJ Playlist  Those of us that lived at 688 will get a kick out of this one. At least it's not a condo!!!

688 again.mpg

Add to EJ Playlist  even more from 688 Spring Street from July 97 Atlanta, GA

Kris Methe & The Mistakes @ 688/Metroplex Reunion Oct 2008

Add to EJ Playlist  Kris Methe & Mistakes perform (unannounced) at the beginning of the 688/Metroplex Reunion at Masquerade Oct 4 2008 Atlanta, GA ... Song is Celebreakdown.

Swimming Pool Q's live at the 688/Metroplex Reunion Concert

Add to EJ Playlist  Great performance by the Swimming Pool Q's at the Masquerade in Atlanta, when they hosted the 688 / Metroplex 20th Anniversary / Reunion concert

688 may 97.mpg

Add to EJ Playlist  688 Spring Street from May 97 Atlanta, GA

MEAT PUPPETS ( live audio ) " Country Roads "

Add to EJ Playlist  A rough old tape, but MeatHeads will enjoy this John Denver vamp from a 1988 show. Recorded at 688 Club Atlanta GA.

K9-5 at the Bistro

Add to EJ Playlist  K9-5 at the Bistro in Atlanta, GA in 1983. Cousin Brucie's video show.

Mr. Crowe's Garden at The White Dot

Add to EJ Playlist  taped by Becky in 1987 - the songs are: Take This Regret, Can You Help Me?, It's Not Fair

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