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My Transition Story ♥ ~ Male to Female! (2 1/2 years)

Add to EJ Playlist  Hey everyone ;3 This is my transition progress. My name is Alexandra and I am 18 y/o. This timeline shows my whole way through my transitioning via hormone r...

MALE TO FEMALE 2 YEARS TRANSITION | pictures+video montage

Add to EJ Playlist  If you were wondering when I knew I was trans, I would say I always knew. I started my Hormone Replacement Therapy on my 20th birthday, July 14th 2012, It ha...

transexual male to female transition

Add to EJ Playlist  My transition Video from male to female.

My Transition From Male To Female Timeline

Add to EJ Playlist  My Transition From Male To Female by Alexandra Luiza Santos Transexual Male To Female Transition My Male To Female Transition Alexandra Luiza ... There are p...

My MtF Transition Timeline

Add to EJ Playlist  I short slideshow of my journey from male to female at about 18 months on hormones. See my follow up commentary here: /9LOL7xhYBdc There were ...

My Male to Female Transgender Transition

Add to EJ Playlist  Sorry about the aspect ratio, all my pics are from different cameras.

Male to Female Transition (One year and 4 months on Hormones)

Add to EJ Playlist  Hello Guys! I just want to share my experience as a Trans Woman. My transition from Male to Female. I am on 1 year and 4 months hormonal therapy now. Ive sto...

Female to Male: Pre transition to 18 Months on Testosterone

Add to EJ Playlist  FTM Transgender Female to Male: Pre transition to 18 Months on Testosterone. I started testosterone hormone therapy June 12, 2012. I had top surgery with Dr....

Male to Female Transgender Journey

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a slideshow of my transition from male to female. Music by: Robert Rumpf #girlslikeus #mtf #transgender.

My Transition from Male to Female (with pictures)

Add to EJ Playlist  My transition story from male to female. I came out in 2010, started hormones in 2011, was full-time in 2012, and had sex reassignment surgery (SRS) in 2013....

How to Utilize Hypnosis to Transition from Male to Female

Add to EJ Playlist  Using hypnosis to aid with your transition can be highly beneficial when you can relax, release fears and resistance, and give yourself positive suggestions ...

1 year Male to Female Transition timeline

Add to EJ Playlist  My awesome journey I have been on this last year, My 1 year transition and 10 months HRT Hope you Love it :) I do not own any rights to the Music Lady Gaga, ...

Male to Female Transition with my Love Story :)

Add to EJ Playlist  These are clips of my BEFORE and AFTER pictures of my transition. I have been on hormones for 1 year and 4 months. Additional to that is my love story which ...

Midwestern Beauty: My Male to Female Gender Transition

Add to EJ Playlist  This is my photo journal, documenting the changes in my transition. I hope you find this informative. MTF Transgender experiences.

FTM transition- before and after photos through the process till now

Add to EJ Playlist  my personal FTM transition over the past years. I hope that this will give other trans men out there some hope and that if you work hard there is light at th...

Male to Female transition- A wife's journey so far!

Add to EJ Playlist  My husband has decided to transition from MTF. This is our journey! Before HRT.

Male to Female transition update

Add to EJ Playlist  Finally getting around to doing an update video, sorry it has been so long!! Lots of amazing things happening and dreams being chased :)

Male To Female Transgender Transition: Dating

Add to EJ Playlist  I talk about dating! Couldn't get my words out in this vlog so not making the most sense haha Sorry ive been away for awhile ive not been in a good place and...

MTF male to female transsexual transition: Let's Talk About Sex

Add to EJ Playlist  So I talk about disclosure (more specifically, when to disclose), the question of "pre-op or post-op?", relationships, why trans people can't use gay dating ...

Real Male to Female Transformation / Boy to Girl Transformation Transgender Timeline 1 Year

Add to EJ Playlist  Happy coming out day 2014!! I'm no video editor, but I thought I'd put a few pictures together in support of National Coming Out Day 2014!! :) Be you. You'll...

20unc06: MTF male to female transsexual transition: What changes (personality wise)

Add to EJ Playlist  So here's an answer to a question recently posted in one of my video comments about what changes personality wise with transition (spoiler: not much!) The la...

Male to Female Transgender Transition Vlog 32: Makeup Tips Needed!

Add to EJ Playlist  Makeup tips needed also tell me how ypu guys are down below in the comments! :) x.

Male To Female Transgender Transition HRT Update! October 2014

Add to EJ Playlist  I talk about my trip to the doctors to have my anti testosterone hormone injection and talk a little about London and work! If you have any comments or quest...

mtf transition - male to female voice

Add to EJ Playlist  Hiyas, so here is the frequently requested and long awaited voice tutorial!! Learning to speak in female voice was the most crucial step in my transition. It...

Male To Female Transition # 16 Vlog Sixteen Months

Add to EJ Playlist  English Subtitles Available Subtitulado En Castellano Mi Decimo sexto vídeo Sobre Mi Transicion en hormonas llevo 16 meses con terapia hormonal. My Sixteenth...

Male To Female Transgender Transition Vlog 31

Add to EJ Playlist  I say update alot in this video!! Hey guys just wanted to say im back making videos and I am doing fine! My life has been hectic recently and have two job in...

Male to Female Transition - Post HRT Body | Transsexual Nicole

Add to EJ Playlist  Just a quick video showing how my body has changed from hormone therapy using my new sexy swimwear. I used to have large biceps, very masculine legs, and ver...

male to female transition

Add to EJ Playlist bi.torreblanca.

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