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The Maronites History and Liturgy

Add to EJ Playlist  This short video gives a glance into the Maronites' History and Liturgy. Presented to : The Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas - Angelicum (Roma) ...

Maronite Chants by Ghada Shbeir 3

Add to EJ Playlist  Syriaques Chants Vol 3;by Ghada Shbeir tracks: 1-Taqasim Oud,Syro Maronite Chants Ghada Shbeir 2-Bqolo Dabkhoulmedem Etbaquit Ghada Shbeir 3-Qouqaliyoun Ghad...

Chants maronites 1

Add to EJ Playlist  http://parousie - http://www.stra 1.7ina Yaghfou l Nour 2. Bta3lim il 2iddisinn 3. Shrou2i 4. Sughito - ayyu chawqin 5. 3ale3mayyim.

The Maronite Church of the Holy Land

Add to EJ Playlist  Of all the Eastern Churches, the Maronite Church is the only one which is entirely Catholic, which has always remained faithfully united to the See of Rome.

The Maronites of Cyprus are struggling for their Rights

Add to EJ Playlist  On 23 April 2012, the Maronite Foundation in the World has visited the 4 Maronite villages of the Turkish part of Cyprus. The Maronites of these villages wan...

Kormakitis | Cyprus | Maronites | Zorne | Village | Holiday | Catholic

Add to EJ Playlist  Welcome To Kormakitis - Cyprus. The Largest Cyprus Maronite Catholic Village. Hope To See You Soon There!

Chants Syriques maronites - ألحان سريانية مارونية

Add to EJ Playlist  Chorale Sainte Rafqa Dirigee par Sr. Marana Saad Orchestration Elie Hardan Concert Saint Maron 8/2/13 Bkerke - Liban ISRM 2013.



Lebanese forces Bcharre, the city of Maronites heroes. the city that we die for it's honor

Add to EJ Playlist  the day that we kicked the ass of michel oun. this movie shows what Bcharre we love, and and Bcharre we know. hayk mna3refa w hayk bedda etdal. ettihadouna k...

LERC's Director Ms. Guita Hourani speaks about the Maronites on Al-Jazeera-Part01

Add to EJ Playlist  Documentary about the Maronites no Al-Jazeera TV, about the Christians of the Middle East and Religious Communities around the world.

Maronites on Mission Philippines 2014

Add to EJ Playlist  Maronites on mission began when Fr Joseph, a priest from the Philippines who dedicates his time to Missionaries of the Poor, came to visit St Charbel's paris...

Celebration for Maronites in St. Peter's

Add to EJ Playlist  The celebration of the public exchange of ecclesiastical communion with the new Lebanese Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rai took place in St. Peter's Basilica. C...

Early Maronites, an Introduction

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a brief introduction to the beginnings of the Catholic church and 1 of its 23 rites, the Maronites.

Maronites on Mission

Add to EJ Playlist  A video of the experiences encountered in the Philippines by the Maronites on Mission group from St. Charbel's Church, Punchbowl. These images were taken as ...

The new Lebanese Generation - Our Syriac (Suryoyo) Maronite Identity

Add to EJ Playlist  What we are missing today is an important element of our life and our honorK which is our Identity. I will till you today that I as a Lebanese citizen my ide...



Scouts Maronites Groupe Saint Georges Chiyah ( ll2aw2at el 7elwe)

Add to EJ Playlist  Scouts Maronites Groupe Saint Georges Chiyah 14 ème fête du groupe.

The Dawn of Heroism (From the Oratorio: The Maronites and the glory of Lebanon)

Add to EJ Playlist  The Dawn of Heroism (From the Oratorio: The Maronites and the glory of Lebanon) Music: Fr. Fadi Taouk oam and Fr. Khalil Rahme omm Lyrics: Fr. Youssef Mouann...

Patriarch of the Maronites, to prepare texts for Way of the Cross, at the Colosseum

Add to EJ Playlist  http://en.romer Cardinal Bechara Rai, the Patriarch of Antioch of the Maronites, will be in charge of preparing the texts that will be read during ...

maronite part1

Add to EJ Playlist  ce film raconte les étapes principales de l'histoire des maronites au Liban. (ce documentaire est en deux parties,la suite est dans maronite part 2)

Les Maronites et la Gloire du Liban - I

Add to EJ Playlist  Oratorio executé à Bkerdé (19 Fev 2011) à l'occasion de 1600 ans de la mort de St. Maroun et à l'honneur de S.B. le Patriarche des Maronites Mar Nasrallah Pi...

On the Cross Maronite passion Hymn فوق الصليب بالسريانية

Add to EJ Playlist  One of the Maronite Passion prayer, sung in Aramaic (Syriac) during the lent time. Syriac aramaic used to be the language of the Maronites and most of the ea...

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