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St Kilda Route 96 Melbourne Tram Bonanza. 8-4-2013

Add to EJ Playlist  On Monday afternoon 8/4/2013, I was out photographing trams on my Day Off and was tracking particular trams I wanted photos of. I was in the inner Melbourne ...

Trams on Chapel & Church Streets (route 78) - Melbourne's Trams

Add to EJ Playlist  In this video we see some trams on route 78 on Chapel and Church Streets, passing through the suburbs of Richmond, South Yarra and Windsor. Here we see some ...

Trams at the new Domain Interchange - Melbourne's trams

Add to EJ Playlist  In this video we see some trams at Domain Interchange, a very busy tram stop in South Melbourne with tram routes 3, 5, 6, 8, 16, 55, 64, 67 and 72 using this...

Melbourne By Tram - ROUTE 55 - West Coburg Part Two

Add to EJ Playlist  Subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay up to date with our latest video's and join our Facebook for maps and information on the tram route, ...

Melbourne trams : Route 75

Add to EJ Playlist  A Comeng built B2 has just departed the East Burwood terminus and negotiates the grades on the Burwood Highway. Mount Dandenong creates a nice backdrop as th...

Melbourne Trams 7 Bundoora

Add to EJ Playlist  Thursday 17 December 2009, route 86 from terminus to East Preston depot.

Melbourne Trams - Siemens Combinos on Route 112

Add to EJ Playlist  Route 112 used to run from St Kilda to West Preston. The routes split in July to form routes 11 and 12. This vision captures Combino Trams at West Preston wh...

Tram Ride in Melbourne - Along Route No. 78

Add to EJ Playlist  This short film is of the ride through the busy and populated Chapel and Church Streets on the no. 78 route filmed from the driver's perspective. As well as ...

Melbourne trams; Route 96 Alstom C2 cars

Add to EJ Playlist  Melbourne trams are operated by the Yarra Trams Company. The Alstom built C2 cars were originally on hire from the French city of Mulhouse, I believe that th...

Melbourne Trams; Route 55

Add to EJ Playlist  This will be one of a number of clips showing tram routes that have a section of exclusive track segregated from road traffic. Route 55 runs through Royal Pa...

Melbourne Tram Ride - Route 96 from St Kilda Beach

Add to EJ Playlist  Melbourne Tram Ride - Route 96 from St Kilda Beach to Spring Street Friday 17 February 2014 Taken on my Android phone camera.

Melbourne Trams Route 64 - Hawthorn Road Part 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Melbourne Trams running on Route64 - Hawthorn Road, Brighton.

East Melbourne Trams. 21-3-2013

Add to EJ Playlist  The sequel to City Trams, here is East Melbourne Trams, filmed at St. Vincent's Plaza in East Melbourne, where routes 30, 48, 109, and 112 meet. This video f...

Trams Galore 1: Melbourne University 13/07/2014

Add to EJ Playlist  First video in playlist of Trams Galore. We start off at Melbourne University, the terminus of most of the tram routes that run down Swanston Street, the bus...

Melbourne W Class Trams on Route 78

Add to EJ Playlist  A compliation of Melbourne's Australia's vintage preserved wooden W Class electric trams taken on the 20th August 2010.

triple j does stand up on a Melbourne Tram

Add to EJ Playlist  One half of triple j's Breakfast team (Tom Ballard) takes his comedy buds on a regular tram route through Melbourne... they perform stand-up, much to the sho...

Melbourne home of the W Class tram

Add to EJ Playlist  Melbourne Trams ,as well as the free Tourist Route, is a City which has a good system through out the area. This is the home of the 'W' tram. Unfortunately n...

PDA on Melbourne Trams: Haik-News

Add to EJ Playlist  Tram Route 55/ becomes tram root 69/ romantic Melbourne. Facebook: https://www.fac ustralia Twitter: https://twitter .com/sbs2 Tumblr: http://sb...

Z and W Class Trams on Route 78, Church Street. 28/11/13

Add to EJ Playlist  Route 78 is one of few Melbourne tram routes not to pass through the city's CBD, running instead in a north-south orientation through the inner eastern subur...

Trams at the Arts Precinct - Melbourne Transport

Add to EJ Playlist  In this video we see a number of different trams at the Arts Precinct just south of the Melbourne CBD on St Kilda Road. We see Z1, Z3, A1 and D1 (Siemens Com...

Trams in Melbourne - Straßenbahn - Villamos - Australia

Add to EJ Playlist  on board a new Citadis tram in Melbourne from the downtown to St Kilda on route 96.

Melbourne Trams 2 - Melb Uni Terminus

Add to EJ Playlist  Wednesday morning 16 December 2009, having just alighted, I film tram 70, Route 64, go in and out of the terminus siding. The female driver changes the point...

W-Class Melbourne Tram (City Circle) - Departing from Tram Stop

Add to EJ Playlist  The oldest fleet of trams still in revenue service. It usually serves Route 30 and the City Circle (Route 35). Photo Gallery - Transport in Melbo...

Melbourne Trams Siemens Combino D1 Class Bourke & Spring St - Straßenbahn

Add to EJ Playlist  Siemens D1 Class Combino Melbourne Bourke & Spring Streets. A D1 3 car Combino is rare on route 96. Usually the D2 5 car Combino runs on route 96.

Melbourne the tram city Part 1 - Straßenbahnen in Melbourne 1. - Villamosok Melbourne-ben

Add to EJ Playlist  Melbourne's tram network, operated by Yarra Trams, is one of the largest functioning tram networks in the world.

Melbourne trams; A busy corner

Add to EJ Playlist  Yarra Trams in Melbourne at the corner of Nicholson and Gertrude Streets Fitzroy. Route 96 to East Brunswick and St Kilda beach passes. Route 95 shunts and r...

Melbourne City Tram Scenes. 21-3-2013

Add to EJ Playlist  This video features Melbourne trams initially at the corner of Swanston & La Trobe Sts in the the city showing trams on Swanston St, mainly of the Z1 and Z3 ...

Ch9 6/12/2010: Tram overcrowding

Add to EJ Playlist  Channel 9, 6/12/2010: Melbourne's peak hour tram crush. 1. Route 24,42109: Measured at Victoria Pde/Smith St (to Port Melbourne/La Trobe St-West End) 8.01am...

Melbourne Trams #9

Add to EJ Playlist  At the Domain Interchange. The terminus for route 55 and the junction for route 8. This clip contains Z, B, and D1 cars.

City Circle Tram - FREE Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia

Add to EJ Playlist  City Circle Tram - FREE Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia Welcome Aboard the City Circle Tram! Sometimes the best things in life are free, especially toda...

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