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Disney Subliminal Messages Are Around Us

Add to EJ Playlist  This video let's you see who Walt Disney really was.A 33rd degree freemason illuminati.With detailed pictures and explanations on the disney films and how they are used to manipulate children. SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU KNOW! THIS VIDEO IS NOT MINE! I TAKE IT FROM ANOTHER YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

MK Ultra Monarch Mind Control Satanic Hollywood Illuminati Truth

Add to EJ Playlist  MK Ultra Monarch Mind Control Satanic Hollywood Illuminati Truth. Click Here- http://thespott w/survival-plan / What have mind-controlled artists like Nicki Minaj, predictive programming in music videos, dumbed-down lyrics, and the systematic degeneration of artists like Jay-Z and Kanye West got in common? They all get covered in this candid, no-limits discussion as Mark Devlin chats to fellow UK DJ Storm, aka Stormski, alongside MC Double L, two guys who very much know what time it is. The music industry's agenda towards social engineering is put into the wider context of the Orwellian control system which is stepping up its game big-time in the wake of a global awakening to truth and consciousness. Rarely have the manipulations of the music industry been discussed in such a broad perspective. It's time to strip away the facade, step off the fence and expose the blatant hijacking of the game. (Apologies for the far-from-ideal sound quality of this interview, by the way, which was recorded 'on the road' so to speak, with a few technical challenges, but hopefully the quality of the information far outweighs the glitches!) This is a 10 minute clip of a 45 minute interview presentation Credit to: Mark Devlin A soundcloud podcast 2012 Survival Plan?- http://thespott w/survival-plan / Related Video- Disney Illuminati Walt Disney Illuminati in Cartoons Movies MK Monarch Mind Control http://www.yout =xqQAGdI-Sd8 Links- FREE GIFTS: http://thespott Website- http://thespott Facebook- https://www.fac ottydogg Google+- http://google.c om/+thespottydo gg Tumblr- http://thespott ydogg-reviews.t Pinterest- http://www.pint ottydogg Youtube- http://youtube. com/thespottydo gg Shop- http://spottydo gg.spreadshirt. Chat- http://www.wzur "Fair Use" is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. In United States copyright law, fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship. It provides for the legal, unlicensed citation or incorporation of copyrighted material in another author's work . . TWEET- http://twitter. com/thespottydo gg

MK-ULTRA & Project Monarch

Add to EJ Playlist  A Conspiracy Culture Special Event: Sunday October 20th 2013 - Toronto, Canada On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th US Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA's TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK-Ultra. On February 8th, 1988, a top-level MK-Ultra victim, Cathy O'Brien, was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Their seven year pursuit of justice was stopped for reasons of national security. Cathy O'Brien is a vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency's MK-Ultra Project Monarch operation. Tracing her path from child pornography and recruitment into the program to serving as a top-level intelligence agent and White House sex slave, her story is a definitive eye-witness account of government corruption that implicates some of the most prominent figures in global politics. Cathy's words strike deep in the heart of the beast and reveal the cruel, murderous world of mind control in all of its ugly facets, exposing many famous people, particularly in the high-flying worlds of politics and music. Cathy's recall is so well articulated that even the most skeptical minds will be forced to recognize that MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control is not a theory, but an ugly reality. This is a story you wished were not true. It will change the way you look at the world forever. Books, DVDs and other materials concerning MK-Ultra, Project Monarch and other mind control programs can be found at Conspiracy Culture Bookstore - 1696 Queen Street West - Toronto, Ontario. Canada - M6R 1B3 www.ConspiracyC

Cathy O'Brien's Trance Formation of America with Sissy Spacek and Loretta Lynn

Add to EJ Playlist  This video poses the question, does what Cathy O'Brien claim in her book actually coincide with video evidence and symbolism used with in movies and television, proving the validity of such allegations. Is it a synchronicity [meaningful coincidence] or a conspiracy of the highest order? I leave it up to you the viewer to decide. For a better understanding in connection to the chosen clips presented, I suggest reading Trance Formation of America by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, also do some research on MK Ultra and Project Monarch.

Miley Cyrus - Mind Control?!?!?!?

Add to EJ Playlist  Love to hear your thoughts on Miley Cyrus below! TAGS: Miley Cyrus mind control exposed Sandy hook illuminati exposed prize rebel conspiracy lil wayne lupe fiasco 9/11 2pac Interview michael jackson killed death music industry mind control manipulation new world order eminem jay z hodgetwins nigahiga smosh jenamarbles ssohpkc ghostrobo pewdiepie vevo 50 cent freemason masonic luciferian king of pop alex jones derren brown hoax boobs ass sluts breast government mj jermaine wiz khalifa soulja boi eazy e selena gomez miley cyrus facebook myspace twitter illuminati exposed prize rebel conspiracy lil wayne lupe fiasco 9/11 2pac Interview michael jackson killed death music industry mind control manipulation new world order eminem jay 50 cent freemason masonic luciferian king of pop alex jones derren brown hoax boobs ass sluts breast government mj jermaine wiz khalifa soulja boi eazy e selena gomez miley cyrus facebook myspace twitter

Amanda Bynes another mind control victim ?

Add to EJ Playlist  Amanda Bynes another mind control victim ? 102THEDESTROYER YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://www.yout 2THEDESTROYER 103THEDESTROYER YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://www.yout 3thedestroyer Soundclouds: http://soundclo ud.Com/marc-and re-beriault-1/ FACEBOOK ACCOUNT: http://www.face dre.beriault.35 REVERBNATION: http://www.reve edestroyer3 TWITTER ACCOUNT: https://twitter .com/101TheDest royer

Is Amanda Bynes another victim of Monarch Mind Control being punished by the Illuminati ?

Add to EJ Playlist  Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic (its entire purpose is to traumatize the victim) and the expected results are horrifying: The creation of a mind-controlled slave who can be triggered at anytime to perform any action required by the handler. While mass media ignores this issue, over 2 million Americans have gone through the horrors of this program. This article looks at the origins of Monarch programming and some of its methods and symbolism.Monar ch programming is a mind-control technique comprising elements of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). It utilizes a combination of psychology, neuroscience and occult rituals to create within the slaves an alter persona that can be triggered and programmed by the handlers. Monarch slaves are used by several organizations connected with the world elite in fields such as the military, sex slavery and the entertainment industry. This article will look at the origins of Monarch programming, its techniques and its symbolism. http://www.yout illSpeakingOut? feature=watch "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

The Open MKULTRA Drugging of James Holmes

Add to EJ Playlist  Alex talks with Jon Rappoport about the alleged assassin James Holmes, mind control, the CIA and MKULTRA. http://www.nomo I bring up this interview now, because James Holmes may well be on the receiving end of MKULTRA, as his lawyers try to navigate an insanity plea in the Aurora massacre case. Holmes will be given "truth drugs" to "refresh his memory" about his state of mind at the time of the killings. If that sounds absurd, it is. I wrote a piece the other day detailing how such drugs are often given to produce extreme terror in patients. In other words, the drugs don't elicit the truth. They're used as threats to force the patient/suspect to confess to whatever his torturers want him to confess to. John Marks related the following facts to me. He had filed many Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests to the CIA for documents relating to their mind-control program. He got nothing back. http://jonrappo port.wordpress. com/2013/03/20/ james-holmes-an d-how-the-cia-h id-their-mkultr a-mind-control- program/ [TWITTER] https://twitter .com/RealAlexJo nes [FACEBOOK] https://www.fac nderEmerickJone s NEW ITEM** [ProOne Water & Fluoride Filter] The ProOne filter by ProPur is a huge breakthrough in water filter technology http://infowars e-2-in-1-Filter -NEW_c_73.html NEW ITEM** [EnerHealth™] PRODUCTS nerHealth_c_64. html [INFOWARS THE MAGAZINE - MARCH ISSUE nfowars-Magazin e_c_65.html GET YOUR COPY TODAY AND SPREAD THE TRUTH!! [OBAMA JOKER "TYRANT" T-SHIRT] ama-Tyrant-T-Sh irt_p_867.html [AFTER THE TRIBULATION] DVD The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fraud Exposed ter-The-Tribula tion_p_860.html Satan is working behind the scenes to set up a one world government [START GETTING HEALTHY NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE] index.php?10092 1162 http://www.pris http://www.pris

Covert U.S. Destabilization in Effect - Mind Control, Stasi Tactics, MK-Ultra, Organized Stalking

Add to EJ Playlist  Thomas Marshall, Gang Stalking, Community Watch, Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, Black Ops, Mind Control, Phoenix Project, Monarch Program Cults, False Flag, Contra, Gang stalking is a form of community mobbing and organised stalking combined. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognised as legitimate, this is the community form. Gang stalking is organised harassment at it's best. It the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quite, etc. It's a psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators." primary targets are woman, minorities, dissidents, whistle blowers, etc Voice to Skull, CIA, Homeland Security, Patriot Act, MK-Ultra, New Phoenix Program, Black Ops, Organized Stalking, Microwave Weapons, Spy, Community Watch, Big Brother

Government History of Mind Control Projects - Behaviour Modification & Unethical Experiments

Add to EJ Playlist  ~Unslave Humanity Tactical Media: http://whynotne http://microwav ~study all you can find on: http://en.wikip nethical_human_ experimentation _in_the_United_ States - In 1977, a Freedom of Information Act request uncovered a cache of 20,000 documents relating to project MKUltra, which led to Senate hearings later that same year. In July 2001 some surviving information regarding MKUltra was officially declassified. Government Unethical Experiments On Unwitting Citizens NEW Declassified Documents Show!: /SHRdqGLhg8M http://en.wikip K-ULTRA http://en.wikip roject_ARTICHOK E http://en.wikip roject_MKDELTA http://en.wikip ehavior_modific ation http://en.wikip roject_MKOFTEN http://listvers 4/top-10-evil-h uman-experiment s/ http://listvers 7/top-10-unethi cal-psychologic al-experiments/ http://telegrap /science-news/8 702999/Unethica l-scientific-ex periments-going ml Human medical experimentation in the United States: The shocking true history of modern medicine and psychiatry (1965-2005): http://naturaln human_medical_e xperimentation_ ethics.html ~Unslave Humanity Tactical Media: http://whynotne This video is [FAIR USE] under © COPYRIGHT LAW it is: 1 noncommercial 2 trans-formative in nature 3 not competitive with the original work 4 not effecting its market negatively FAIR USE NOTICE: This video contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. ~infopowerment truthers network~ -new kind of unity against tyranny- http://infopowe rment.whynotnew http://facebook .com/infopowerm ent 1 http://youtube. com/2012WhyNotN ews 2 http://youtube. com/911TruthAnn iversary 3 http://youtube. com/Agony4Truth 4 http://youtube. com/AlexJonesFe eds 5 http://youtube. com/AntiNWOMafi aTools 6 http://youtube. com/Celebs4Trut h 7 http://youtube. com/ChemTruther s 8 http://youtube. com/CropCircleM atrix 9 http://youtube. com/DavidIckeNe ws 10 http://youtube. com/ExoLogan 11 http://youtube. com/EX0MATRlXTV 12 http://youtube. com/ExomatrixTV 2012 13 http://youtube. com/eXoPolitics 2012 14 http://youtube. com/ExoTubes 15 http://youtube. com/ExoVlogo 16 http://youtube. com/ExoWake 17 http://youtube. com/infopowerme nt 18 http://youtube. com/JohnKuhles 19 http://youtube. com/Musicians4T ruth 20 http://youtube. com/NigelFarage Fans 21 http://youtube. com/NwoFoodWars 22 http://youtube. com/NwoSatire 23 http://youtube. com/OccupyNWO 24 http://youtube. com/Poems4Truth 25 http://youtube. com/Quest4Wisdo m 26 http://youtube. com/Rappers4Tru th 27 http://youtube. com/RonPaulRevo lt2012 28 http://youtube. com/SolutionRev olutionS 29 http://youtube. com/SuppressedA rcheology 30 http://youtube. com/SuppressedC ures 31 http://youtube. com/TransDehuma nism 32 http://youtube. com/TrutherCoun celor 33 http://youtube. com/UfoDisclosu re2012 34 http://youtube. com/Women4Truth ~responsible people think4themselve s http://infopowe rment.whynotnew

MK Ultra Used On Hollywood Celebrities

Add to EJ Playlist  Celebrity Illuminati Members: http://church-o f-illumination. com/illuminati- exposed-2013 More Info About The NWO: http://church-o f-illumination. com/articles

MK-Ultra Mind Control - Fritz Springmeier

Add to EJ Playlist  Alex Jones interview with Fritz Springmeier about the mind control techniques being used by satanists and the Illuminati.

Masonic illuminati actors

Add to EJ Playlist  Satanic evil spirits behind todays "movie stars" and "hollywood celebrities". Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, research, commentary, and or parody. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. I DO NOT own anything in this video. It is here for a caution and educational purposes only as a counterbalance to Illuminati controlled mainstream.

Disney, MK Ultra and Children! Oh My...

Add to EJ Playlist  Learn the connections between entertainment giants like Disney, the military industrial complex and intelligence agencies, along with some of the nefarious MK Ultra techniques once inflicted on some of today's biggest stars. The song is "Run This Town" by Jay Z featuring Rhianna and plays in the background for the duration of the video and is for effect.


Add to EJ Playlist  Watch TRUTH TALK NEWS LIVE "Where truth the media ignores is the top story! Weeknights 7pm EST http://www.Trut hBroadcastNetwo Subscribe and share: http://www.yout FirstFilms http://www.yout lkNewsLIVE hTalkNews Check out TRUTH TALK NEWS BLOG http://www.Trut hTalkNews.blogs Subscribe and share: http://www.yout FirstFilms http://www.yout lkNewsLIVE hTalkNews "Where truth the mainstream media ignores is the top story and your voice is heard!" Preppers, liberty lovers and constitutional patriots are now being demonized on communist news organizations like CNN and MSNBC controlled by CIA Project Mockingbird. Great work by Christopher Greene. FAIR USE NOTICE: Some content displayed on this video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

DisinfoTV: I Was A CIA Sex Slave

Add to EJ Playlist  Taken from DisinfoTV on DVD, available now at: http://disinfo. com/product/dis infotv-on-dvd/ Subscribe to Disinformation' s YouTube channel: HTcz In this episode, we meet Brice Taylor, a housewife from Woodland Hills, California who discovered she was leading a terrifying double life. Incredibly, she reveals her participation in a CIA mind control operation, dubbed Project Monarch, involving celebrities, gruesome Satanic rituals, and forced prostitution.

Michael Moore Admits Big Pharma To Blame For School Shootings

Add to EJ Playlist  Fact: Despite 22 international drug regulatory warnings on psychiatric drugs citing effects of mania, hostility, violence and even homicidal ideation, and dozens of high profile shootings/killi ngs tied to psychiatric drug use, there has yet to be a federal investigation on the link between psychiatric drugs and acts of senseless violence. Fact: At least fourteen recent school shootings were committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs resulting in 109 wounded and 58 killed (in other school shootings, information about their drug use was never made public—neither confirming or refuting if they were under the influence of prescribed drugs.) Fact: Between 2004 and 2011, there have been over 11,000 reports to the U.S. FDA's MedWatch system of psychiatric drug side effects related to violence. These include 300 cases of homicide, nearly 3,000 cases of mania and over 7,000 cases of aggression. Note: By the FDA's own admission, only 1-10% of side effects are ever reported to the FDA, so the actual number of side effects occurring are most certainly higher. Of the 14 shooters documented to be under the influence of psychiatric drugs, seven were seeing either a psychiatrist or psychologist. http://www.cchr /20/the-aurora- colorado-traged y-another-sense less-shooting-a nother-psychotr opic-drug/

Was Dark Knight Shooter A Product of MKULTRA? Wayne Madsen Reports

Add to EJ Playlist  Alex gets investigative journalist and author of "The Manufacturing of a President," Wayne Madsen's take on the Aurora massacre and the ensuing push on all fronts to regulate firearms as a result. Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said accused shooter James Holmes had a number of links to U.S. government-fund ed research centers, including the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. James Holmes was one of six recipients of a National Institutes of Health Neuroscience Training Grant at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver, Madsen writes for the Wayne Madsen Report. "The Anschutz Medical Campus is on the recently de-commisioned site of the U.S. Army's Fitzsimons Army Medical Center and is named after Philip Anschutz, the billionaire Christian fundamentalist oil and railroad tycoon who also owns The Examiner newspaper chain and website and the neo-conservativ e Weekly Standard," Madsen explains. "The Anschutz Medical Campus was built by a $91 million grant from the Anschutz Foundation." Holmes also worked as a research assistant intern at the Salk Institute at the University of California at San Diego in La Jolla. The Salk Institute teamed up with DARPA, Columbia University, University of California at San Francisco, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Wake Forest University, and the candy bar company Mars "to prevent fatigue in combat troops through the enhanced use of epicatechina, a blood flow-increasing and blood vessel-dilating anti-oxidant flavanol found in cocoa and, particularly, in dark chocolate," according to Madsen's research. r-james-holmes- and-darpa-weird -science/ by Kurt Nimmo http://www.pris http://twitter. com/#!/RealAlex Jones http://www.face derEmerikJones [Check out Alex's New Social Network-'Planet Infowars' http://planet.i Get all your Youngevity Products such as Beyond Tangy Tangerine, the Alex Pack and Pollen Burst. These supplements are a great way to get your essentials vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other beneficial nutrients dex.php?1942701 [[[ProPur Water Filtration]]] roPur-Water-Fil ml

James Holmes Project MKUltra Diagnosis

Add to EJ Playlist  Join the Live Radio Show! (3-5pm Central, 4-6pm EST) http://www.gree -chatroom/ **Call-in Number (218) 339-8525 SUBSCRIBE NOW!! http://www.yout ption_center?ad d_user=cgreene3 4 SUBSCRIBE TO AMTVmedia!!! http://www.yout ption_center?ad d_user=amtvmedi a REFERENCES: Project MKUltra http://en.wikip roject_MKUltra 7-24-12: In today's video, Christopher Greene explains how the tragic shooting in Aurora Colorado is looking like a government false flag in order to ban guns in the United States. http://www.gree http://twitter. com/GreeneWave To Donate: /webscr?cmd=_s- xclick&hosted_b utton_id=FZUGFJ LRCKMMW

Illuminati in Hollywood movies exposed with Alex Jones

Add to EJ Playlist  Description: In this movie Alex Jones will take a closer look at the following movies: * The Dark Knight Rises * Prometheus * The Hunger Games * A Clockwork Orange * Seven Days in May And to summen things up, Aaron Dykes Reviews Milgram & Stanford's Experiments on Obedience to Authority. Please share this information.

Britney Spears - A VICTIM OF ILLUMINATI - Full Video

Add to EJ Playlist  I have NO IDEA why the quality sucks! It was great until I uploaded the video on YouTube. Facebook: http://www.face thaboutillumina ti Twitter: https://twitter .com/#!/exposed celebstv

Secret CIA Human Experiments in the United States: MK-ULTRA Mind Control Research Program

Add to EJ Playlist  April 1980 MKULTRA Compendium: http://www.amaz ct/1441499733/r ef=as_li_tf_tl? ie=UTF8&camp=17 89&creative=932 5&creativeASIN= 1441499733&link Code=as2&tag=do c06-20 In 1950, the CIA initiated Project Bluebird, later renamed Project Artichoke, whose stated purpose was to develop "the means to control individuals through special interrogation techniques", "way[s] to prevent the extraction of information from CIA agents", and "offensive uses of unconventional techniques, such as hypnosis and drugs". The purpose of the project was outlined in a memo dated January 1952 that stated, "Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self preservation?" The project studied the use of hypnosis, forced morphine addiction and subsequent forced withdrawal, and the use of other chemicals, among other methods, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects. In order to "perfect techniques for the abstraction of information from individuals, whether willing or not", Project Bluebird researchers experimented with a wide variety of psychoactive substances, including LSD, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, mescaline, and ether. Project Bluebird researchers dosed over 7,000 U.S. military personnel with LSD, without their knowledge or consent, at the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. More than 1,000 of these soldiers suffered from several psychiatric illnesses, including depression and epilepsy, as a result of the tests. Many of them tried to commit suicide. In 1953, the CIA placed several of its interrogation and mind-control programs under the direction of a single program, known by the code name MKULTRA, after CIA director Allen Dulles complained about not having enough "human guinea pigs to try these extraordinary techniques". The MKULTRA project was under the direct command of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb of the Technical Services Division. The project received over $25 million, and involved hundreds of experiments on human subjects at eighty different institutions. In a memo describing the purpose of one MKULTRA program subprogram, Richard Helms said: We intend to investigate the development of a chemical material which causes a reversible, nontoxic aberrant mental state, the specific nature of which can be reasonably well predicted for each individual. This material could potentially aid in discrediting individuals, eliciting information, and implanting suggestions and other forms of mental control. —Richard Helms, internal CIA memo In 1954, the CIA's Project QKHILLTOP was created to study Chinese brainwashing techniques, and to develop effective methods of interrogation. Most of the early studies are believed to have been performed by the Cornell University Medical School's human ecology study programs, under the direction of Dr. Harold Wolff. Wolff requested that the CIA provide him any information they could find regarding "threats, coercion, imprisonment, deprivation, humiliation, torture, 'brainwashing', 'black psychiatry', and hypnosis, or any combination of these, with or without chemical agents". According to Wolff, the research team would then: ...assemble, collate, analyze and assimilate this information and will then undertake experimental investigations designed to develop new techniques of offensive/defen sive intelligence use ... Potentially useful secret drugs (and various brain damaging procedures) will be similarly tested in order to ascertain the fundamental effect upon human brain function and upon the subject's mood ... Where any of the studies involve potential harm of the subject, we expect the Agency to make available suitable subjects and a proper place for the performance of the necessary experiments. —Dr. Harold Wolff, Cornell University Medical School Another of the MKULTRA subprojects, Operation Midnight Climax, consisted of a web of CIA-run safehouses in San Francisco, Marin, and New York which were established in order to study the effects of LSD on unconsenting individuals. Prostitutes on the CIA payroll were instructed to lure clients back to the safehouses, where they were surreptitiously plied with a wide range of substances, including LSD, and monitored behind one-way glass. Several significant operational techniques were developed in this theater, including extensive research into sexual blackmail, surveillance technology, and the possible use of mind-altering drugs in field operations. http://en.wikip nethical_human_ experimentation _in_the_United_ States

The Handler and The Butterfly Slave

Add to EJ Playlist  More info on my tubes and blog slaveandbutterf lies.blogspot

Symbolic Pictures of Mind Control, MK Ultra and Dehumanization

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch my other clips on youtube for more understanding http://slavesan

Brice Taylor - MK-ULTRA - 1/2

Add to EJ Playlist  http://inthekno m/2011/02/13/bo b-hope-u-s-o-mo narch-slave-tro upe-over-40yrs- of-mk-ultra-pim pin-video/

Anna Nicole & Britney Mind Control

Add to EJ Playlist  Freeman discusses the evidence for mind control in the entertainment inductry with focus on Anna Nicole Smith & Britney Spears.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Add to EJ Playlist  The Stanford prison experiment was a study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard. The experiment was conducted from August 14 to 20,1971 by a team of researchers led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo at Stanford University. It was funded by a grant from the U.S. Office of Naval Research and was of interest to both the US Navy and Marine Corps in order to determine the causes of conflict between military guards and prisoners. Twenty-four students were selected out of 75 to play the prisoners and live in a mock prison in the basement of the Stanford psychology building. Roles were assigned randomly. The participants adapted to their roles well beyond what even Zimbardo himself expected, leading the "officers" to display authoritarian measures and ultimately to subject some of the prisoners to torture. In turn, many of the prisoners developed passive attitudes and accepted physical abuse, and, at the request of the guards, readily inflicted punishment on other prisoners who attempted to stop it. The experiment even affected Zimbardo himself, who, in his capacity as "Prison Superintendent" , lost sight of his role as psychologist and permitted the abuse to continue as though it were a real prison. Five of the prisoners were upset enough by the process to quit the experiment early, and the entire experiment was abruptly stopped after only six days. The experimental process and the results remain controversial. The entire experiment was filmed, with excerpts made publicly available. See The Site Here: http://www.pris

Monarch Programming part 1 - "Dreamshine"

Add to EJ Playlist  Basic principles of Hollywood Mind Control

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