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The Play of Existence

Add to EJ Playlist  "What are we doing talking about vampires at Arunachala?" (Mooji) http://www.mooj

LOVE (Without Attachment)

Add to EJ Playlist  "When you realize who you are, attachments won't interfere with your relating with other beings," (Mooji) http://www.mooj

Behind the Thin Veil of Believed Identity (Spanish Translation)

Add to EJ Playlist  "I have the feeling that what I speak, more what I'm pointing to, is very, very simple. But if you want to be somebody, you will not get it. Understand and recognize that the thin veil of identity is unreal, then you are free. This I know for a fact." English, Russian and Polish subtitles

HERE ~ London May 2011

Add to EJ Playlist  "Where is 'here'?" (Mooji) http://www.mooj

40 Days and 40 Nights

Add to EJ Playlist  "It is an ancient battle - one which you must win." (Mooji) http://www.mooj Excerpt from Satsang with Mooji in Moscow 1 Jul 2011, available with full volume translation http://www.yout =NGXxTwOX8vY French subtitles

Mooji: Empty Yourself Out Completely

Add to EJ Playlist  "You are identical with THAT." (Mooji) http://www.mooj With English captions (cc)

The Sense of a Doer and Free Will

Add to EJ Playlist  "The most important thing is that you don't identify yourself as being the doer of actions." (Mooji) http://www.mooj

Satguru Enters Your Absence

Add to EJ Playlist  Satsang with Mooji, 7th January 2011 in Tiruvannamalai (India). With English captions and Croatian subtitles. "Your inmost Truth refers to Satguru.This Guru has no disciples. Satguru throws you out of yourself and enters your absence. This is Bliss."

Reaction of Anger to Unfairness ~ Complete Dialogue

Add to EJ Playlist  "Don't be conquered by memory." (Mooji) http://www.mooj

Mooji: Inner Contradictions

Add to EJ Playlist  Complete dialogue link: http://www.yout =tLwrJF9vClU ~ includes the 'squirrel story' plus approx. 20 mins more of a most auspicious satsang dialogue (total 29-30 mins). Title of complete dialogue: (Natural) "Intention" for Freedom ~ on the SatsangWithMooj i channel.

(Natural) "Intention" for Freedom ~ [Complete Dialogue]

Add to EJ Playlist  "Nobody can free you if you don't want to be free... When you're yearing for 'free', Grace comes." (Mooji) http://www.mooj Omkara's song, from which the music clips are extracted, is showing below as a video response.

Snap Out of It

Add to EJ Playlist  Brixton, London 25th May 2011 From the preparation works for next retreat with Mooji, we have recorded this straight forward and clear message to all those approching this retreat, and any other retreat, on how the mind tricks us just when the opportunity of discovering the truth of what we really are is at hand. A threat is felt: the satsang will reveal you are not the mind...and the mind doesn't like that!

Attachment to "Other People" ~ Mooji

Add to EJ Playlist  "In your natural mind, it will not trouble you." (Mooji) http://www.mooj

Don't Resist -- Just Observe

Add to EJ Playlist  "If you come to a place of total helplessness, total powerlessness, don´t resist, just observe... You might find something that up until then you have been missing." With Italian subtitles Satsang With Mooji, Tiruvannamalai, India, 17/02/2011

Fear of Emptiness ~ Mooji

Add to EJ Playlist  "Mind has created a 'version' of Emptiness... What an amazing illusion! ... Where can emptiness not be? ... Where is the boundary of Emptiness?" (Mooji) http://www.mooj

Addiction ~ Mooji

Add to EJ Playlist  "Rather than running, say 'ok come.. I want to see you clearly'... use the addiction to go beyond it." (Mooji) http://www.mooj

Freedom (or?) Next Birth ~ Mooji

Add to EJ Playlist  A dialogue about grief, desire, attachment, next birth, and freedom. "Desire for freedom will finish off the relationship with mere objects; then you will find the subject." (Mooji) http://www.mooj

Trying to Make Life a "Certain Way" ~ Mooji

Add to EJ Playlist  "See if the one living life is real." (Mooji) http://www.mooj

Let It Be

Add to EJ Playlist  Silent Retreat with Mooji, 14th December 2010, Session 2, Tiruvannamalai (India). Mooji speaks about how to not suppress unpleasant fillings. To allow a total weakness to happen without a panic, this is a strength. Let it be. Be in your Stillness.

Mooji - Don't do anything

Add to EJ Playlist  May we all recognize freedom in this lifetime

Moving in Life Without a Plan ~ Mooji

Add to EJ Playlist  " Once you have this urge [to find out who you are], the whole Universe is helping you." (Mooji) http://www.mooj Music clips: Omkara http://www.from

Moving in Life Without a Plan ~ Mooji

Add to EJ Playlist  " Once you have this urge [to find out who you are], the whole Universe is helping you." (Mooji) http://www.mooj Music clips: Omkara http://www.from

Contemplate This! ~ Mooji

Add to EJ Playlist  "I want serious seekers to study this video, contemplate its message and discuss their findings with me the next time we have an opportunity to meet." (Mooji) Excerpt from satsang DVD recorded 25 Sept 2010 S2 ~ Brixton UK Subtitles in Croatian.

FULLY FEARLESS [1/2] ~ Mooji

Add to EJ Playlist  Part Two: http://www.yout =oIKGUfs-w1U Brixton, UK ~ 31 July 2010 S1

Illness and Self-Discovery ~ Mooji

Add to EJ Playlist  "When you become clear and empty, the Universe moves." (Mooji) Recorded 31 Jul 2010 S2 London UK http://www.mooj Music in this video: David Schombert "Morning Horizon" ~ Royalty-free music by David Schombert can be downloaded at http://jamendo. com

Mooji ~ The Futility of Thought (Silent Retreat - India)

Add to EJ Playlist  "You are not an effect .... You are Infinite Awareness." (Mooji) Extracted from the uncut DVD "The Answer is in the Question", Silent Retreat, 21 Dec 09 S1. http://www.mooj Music clips by Omkara from her album "Let NoThing Remain" http://www.from

Mind is not your enemy

Add to EJ Playlist  Satsang with Mooji, 31st May 2010 (session 1) in Brixton (London) Mind is not your enemy. It is just a play of your own energy. Let it dance, let it move. Witnessing of that occurs spontaneously. Go beyond any image of yourself. You are that space of Awareness, within each appearance comes and goes. None can stay... Music by Omkara, more on www.fromthesile

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