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Spaghetti Bath

Add to EJ Playlist  This is what happens when you fulfill a friend's life long fantasy of wanting to know the sensation of being in a bathtub full of pasta...and the reaction it inspires.

Food Fight in Dresses Part 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Women having a food fight in their dresses. I have no idea what this video is. It was on this computer when I got it at a yard sale for cheap. I assume it's comedy or maybe something else long gone.. Let me know below if you know. lol The wife and I found it comical though she thought the dresses went to waste. There is other parts to it, if enough people seemed interested in the content, maybe I'll post more.

Taryn Maria Plays in the Mud

Add to EJ Playlist  Behind the Scene's of a muddy shoot just for you Flash Back Photography - Kirk Wagner Edmonton, Alberta

sabbie mobili 6

Add to EJ Playlist  imprevisto finale di una escursione nei boschi...

HC-01-00 "Hostage Crisis"

Add to EJ Playlist  In a new video distrubted by Metro City Heroines and produced by Brainwash Productions, Addie Juniper is back as everyone's favorite amazon: Princess Astria!!! Princess Astria hears that the Tanjou Gang is on the move and she must take action. n a tough battle with the Stealth Ninja, Astria learns the gang has taken a hostage, Major Stephen Travis!! Can this mighty warrior take on the city's most power gang and rescue her friend??? Starts 9-3-10 at http://www.metr ocityheroines.c om

Devla: Vampire Sorceress

Add to EJ Playlist  An ancient evil has been awakened and it has a thirst for power...Lady Ultra's power and she's not the only villain that our heroine has to be wary of! See the whole video at www.ultraheroix .com ! Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter .com/UltraHeroi x Follow us on Facebook: http://www.face UltraHeroixcom/ 141717192514964 For more pictures and news: http://groups.y ultraheroix/

Groovy Kung Fu Chicks! Kung Fu Catfight! Paris Kennedy, Cali Logan, Natalie Minx!

Add to EJ Playlist  Pink Dynamite (Natalie Minx) and her faithful companion Bubbles (Cali Logan) square off against the evil Kung Fu Pimp (Tay)--but find themselves having first to get through his best assassin, "Red Death" (Paris Kennedy). Bubbles tries to take her on by herself, but is badly outmatched!! What will happen to our sexy heroines now?? Will Pink Dynamite fare any better than Bubbles against Red Death?? Tune into KungFuCatfights .com to find out! Available Monday, May 17!

Superheroine Xtrema

Add to EJ Playlist  Superheroine Xtrema fighting villains. preview from


Add to EJ Playlist  GoodGirl Cali Logan steps into a trap set by Kym, the WrongDoer and is bound to the end of the Pie Belt!


Add to EJ Playlist  GoodGirl Cali Logan steps into a trap set by Kym, the WrongDoer and is bound to the end of the Pie Belt!

Superheroine Crisis • NGC Episode 1 • Trailer

Add to EJ Playlist  "Episode One: Powerstar" Website: m/ Buy Now: High-def : http://www.payl 974636 Standard: http://www.payl 974564 Synopsis: Elite Force have sent Powerstar - one of their top operatives - to arrest a mysterious man suspected of human trafficking. She tracks him to a disused London warehouse where, to her surprise, he reveals that he has been expecting her. Undeterred, Powerstar uses her formidable 'energy punch' to attempt to subdue him. But her opponent soon reveals his own power, catching the mighty heroine off-guard. As the tables turn - and the villain reveals his intentions - Powerstar is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life. Format: High-def : MP4 container, H.264 video @ 1024 x 576, AAC audio Standard: MP4 container, H.264 video @ 512 x 288, AAC audio Running Time: 13 minutes 0 seconds

gothic-punk-vampire-Slayer Catfight! From Episode 2

Add to EJ Playlist  goth emo scar blood dark love anime girls gothic dark darkness creepy vampire motherzone deathstars hot sexy girls naughty fetish kinky, Buffy the vampire slayer paris kennedy april wednesday horror fetish heroine in peril catfight Christina Carter Danielle Trixie superheroine peril erotic horror tentacle catfight ghost zombie comicbook superheroine peril hawk crimson whip diana knight mina meow arachnia webb stacy burke erotic sci fi feeling body spasms fighting inner demons contortions addict slave pills dream mushrooms ecstasy gothiques

Flag Girl vs Boom Boom

Add to EJ Playlist  Fetish Chick Stacy Burke as Superheroine Flag Girl fights the Evil Clown Boom Boom!

Slayer Paris

Add to EJ Playlist  Slayer paris in peril

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation - Sonya vs Mileena

Add to EJ Playlist  The mudfight between Sonya (Sandra Hess) vs Mileena (Dana Hee).

Sonya vs Kano

Add to EJ Playlist  Fight from the MK movie.

Heroine fight Monster

Add to EJ Playlist  Heroine in battle with Monster. Monster Win heroine

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