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Światowe przeboje na akordeon - mix

Add to EJ Playlist  Zestaw dawno już przebrzmiałych przebojów. Muzyka lekka, łatwa i przyjemna.

Saksofonowe Instrumentalne Melodie ; ``Ty masz łzy w oczach``,``Mendosino`` i inne ...

Add to EJ Playlist  Saksofonowe Szlagry ; 1.Świt (Morgen), 2.Czarna Madonna z Altätting (Mutter Gottes von Altätting), 3.Wino myśliwskie (Jennerwein), 4.Niebieskie Zalewisko (Blue Bajou), 5.Mendosino (Mendocino), 6.Ty masz łzy w oczach (Du hast Tränen in den Augen) --- Taniec, Melodie, Parti, Zabawa, Instrumentalne Melodie, Saksofon


Add to EJ Playlist  Siamo giunti alla 31° puntata di FISARMONICANDO tv e in studio richiestissimo abbiamo il M° MARCO VALENTI che omaggera' gli amanti di CARLO VENTURI con dei brani esclusivamente LIVE........... Grande Marcone !!!!!

Akordeonowe Instrumentalne Melodie ; ``Córka Rybaka``,``Hej Aniele`` i inne ...

Add to EJ Playlist  Akordeonowe Szlager ; 1.Córka Rybaka, 2.Hooray ! Hooray !, 3.Miłość jak wino, 4.Nie idź obojętnie (Geh nicht vorbei), 5.Hej Aniele (Hey Angel), 6.Biała Mewa --- Taniec, Akordeonowe Melodie, Parti, Zabawa, Instrumentalne Melodie, Biesiada

LES FILLES AUX DOIGTS D'OR - Vieux Camarades (Marche) 2002 (Accordéon).avi

Add to EJ Playlist  Séverine Lamaison, Stéphanie Rodriguez, Carine Ray, Sabrina Guislain, Isabelle Durand, Mathilde Royet, Priscilla Baudoin, Sandrine Tarayre, Sandra J. ,Domi Emorine.

Set Demonstration of Roland FR-7x V-Accordion Using Customized Linked Presets

Add to EJ Playlist  Visit my web site at www.noelaccordi for more information. This video is solely for the purpose of demonstrating how one can use the Roland 7x V-accordion to play a wide variety of songs using custom sound sets programmed with linkages between the treble, bass, and chord sections. I am using only a single press of the treble tabs to change voices--no footswitch ever--and only very occasionally do I use the master bar. No external modules either, just the Roland 7x. A single press of a treble register allows you to instantly change sound combinations, including a variety of percussion effects. For 7x users, I have available a collection of approximately 20 sets (each with 14 registers) that you can purchase and quickly upload into your instrument. Just email me for more information, including a description of each set (see my email address at the end). You can also program your own customized presets if you prefer. For assistance, consult the User Manual or see my programming tutorials available on my channel. In this video I play brief excerpts of a variety of songs using sets that I programmed for diverse styles. Because there is a logical layout of each register within sets, it is not too difficult to remember the location of each of the desired sound combinations. The video was recorded in one 15 minute session, completely unrehearsed and in "real time" in order to show the ease of locating appropriate registers for a wide variety of tunes. Instead of proceeding through each set, register by register, I've taken the approach I would use in a live "gig"--given a song, I decide what registers will "work." Contrary to how I would play on a gig, however, I make multiple changes during each song, simply to show the ease of changing the combinations of sounds, which I refer to as "linked presets." Roland 3x users know this concept as "user program memories." For me, this approach to playing the 7x is simple and accurate, and allows me to immediately go to the register I would like for any song. I include on-screen notations to indicate what set and register I am using for each song excerpt. Finally, the end of the video was cut off abruptly, a few notes before I intended, but because this video is for demonstration purposes I did not re-do it. Richard Noel

Jodl express

Add to EJ Playlist  Kraljica jodlanja

LUCA & RICCARDO " La Migliavacca "

Add to EJ Playlist  Riccardo e Luca in diretta SKY a " FISARMONICANDO tv" soddisfano una vostra richiesta musicale con la Migliavacca al momento........ ......


Add to EJ Playlist  Un'altra anteprima che potrete richiedere dal 29 ottobre a " FISARMONICANDO tv" sul canale SKY 932 di Carpediem con Luca Sbardella che propone questo classico per fisarmonica " Zerbino "

La Paloma

Add to EJ Playlist  La Paloma with Alainhammond # Auszeichnungen für dieses Video (17)

[HQ] - Florian Silbereisen - links a Madl, rechts a Madl - 17.07.2000 - Die Goldene 1 Hitparade

Add to EJ Playlist  Florian Silbereisen mit dem Titel "Links a Madl, Rechts a Madl" aus der Sendung "Die Goldene 1 Hitparade" vom Montag, den 17.07.2000. Künstlerinfo: http://de.Wikip lorian_Silberei sen ++ Quelle: 1. Deutsches Fernsehen ++ HP: http://www.DasE


Add to EJ Playlist  Composer: Jaromir Vejvoda

capriccio parigino " Lorenzo Tundis "

Add to EJ Playlist  Lorenzo Tundis dello staff By Marco ospite a " FISARMONICANDO tv " SKY 932 e digitale terrestre MEDIASET PREMIUM 873 conduce in studio By Marco fisarmoniche Stradella

MARINA (Rocco Granata)

Add to EJ Playlist  Ho provato a suonarla ,più o meno, come l'originale.per chè vedo che nessuno, finora, lo ha fatto. Speriamo vi piaccia I tried to play this song as the original one, because no one else did this before. I hope you enjoy it.

Twinnies Bayer Feiern

Add to EJ Playlist  1.Juni 2009 in Hintereben LIVE!!


Add to EJ Playlist  Il M° Gianni Mirizzi da Roma con un'altro bellissimo motivo dal titolo " Papao valzer "


Add to EJ Playlist  Il M° Gianni MIrizzi da Roma si propone con questo bellissimo brano a me dedicato dal titolo By Marco

ROMAGNA MIA.valzer waltz (S.Casadei)

Add to EJ Playlist  Suonata con la fisarmonica di un mio caro amico played with the accordion of a dear friend of me.(music by S.Casadei)


Add to EJ Playlist  Reine de musette Découvrez la France ici : https://www.fac aisvsfrancaise? fref=ts Abonnez-vous / join us on Facebook https://www.fac aisvsfrancaise? fref=ts

Polish Tango " Graj skrzypku,graj"

Add to EJ Playlist  Natalka 9 Years Old Back to you for all subscribers and friends Natalka

tutte le mama , tuppe tuppe

Add to EJ Playlist  tutte le mama e tuppe tuppe al mondo di mio padre


Add to EJ Playlist  l'angiolina a modo mio

Die Twinnies - Bayernmädels - 2 Girls playing steirische harmonika on rollerskates !

Add to EJ Playlist  2 Girls playing steirische harmonika on rollerskates - Musikantenstadl 07-03-2009

Polka Mix - Red Bnad

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.redb

VALENCIA paso doble(José Padilla)

Add to EJ Playlist  accordeon-fisar monica-accordio n- pasodoble.

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