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Obama erklärt in kürze die Neue Welt Ordnung 2014 ^^ - Zusammenschnitt

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.Wahr heitsbewegung.n et - Die neue Weltordnung ist kein Mythos. Wir leben in einer Welt voller Lügen. US Präsident Obama erklärt, was die NWO für US-Bürger und die Menschen in der Welt bereit hält... Bei diesem kurzen Video handelt es sich um einen Zusammenschnitt einer längeren Rede von Obama in Brüssel. Quelle: v=0K1IrDS4wdo Lange Version: v=t-1u1xJTPTI *** Bei diesem Video handelt es sich um Satire! *** *** This Video is Satire ***

FEMA Preparing For Disaster - "DHS Buiding An Army" Warns Marine Colonel

Add to EJ Playlist  Fema is preparing for something big late this year. Are you ready? As Worries Over the Power Grid Rise, a Drill Will Simulate a Knockout Blowhttp://www. 3/08/17/us/as-w orries-over-the -power-grid-ris e-a-drill-will- simulate-a-knoc kout-blow.html? _r=1& ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! OBAMACARE WILL BE IMPLEMENTED AS FORCED HOME INSPECTIONS BEGIN OCTOBER 1, 2013!!! There are a lot of things HAPPENING. FBI WARNING Federal law allows citizens to reproduce, distribute or exhibit portions of copyright motion pictures, video tapes, or video disks under certain circumstances without authorization of the copyright holder. This infringement of copyright is called FAIR USE... ...and is allowed for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching and parody.

Obama explains the FEMA Camps

Add to EJ Playlist  DOWNLOAD FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE VIDEOS: http://downvids .com/ Obama talks about the FEMA camps and explains there purposes. "Prolonged Detention" is the term being used. Please watch.

Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns

Add to EJ Playlist  Please spread the Word. -grab-follows-s tate-department -plan/ http://dosfan.l arms/freedom_wa r.html anual-outlines- plan-to-kill-ri oters-in-americ a/ http://www.pris my-course-manua l-trains-soldie rs-to-confiscat e-constitutiona lly-protected-f irearms.html "Complete disarmament" of the American people Paul Joseph Watson Monday, July 16, 2012 The UN Arms Trade Treaty that has been identified by observers as a flagrant threat to the second amendment and which Barack Obama is determined to sign has its roots in a 1961 State Department memorandum which explains how the United Nations will oversee "complete disarmament" of the American people under the ruse of preventing war. The UN Arms Treaty has caused so much controversy because it outlines a plan to target "all types of conventional weapons, notably including small arms and light weapons," according to Forbes' Larry Bell. Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton also warns that the agreement "is trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about international arms trade between nation states, but there is no doubt that the real agenda here is domestic firearms control." A letter sent last month by 130 Republican House members to President Obama argued that the treaty should be rejected because it infringes on the "fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms". The letter adds that "...the U.N.'s actions to date indicate that the ATT is likely to pose significant threats to our national security, foreign policy, and economic interests as well as our constitutional rights." Using the rhetoric of the threat post by terrorists, insurgents and "international crime syndicates," the UN is busy trying to imply that all weapons are somehow involved in illegal activity on a global scale and should therefore be controlled and regulated by a global authority. This is precisely the same language used in a 1961 U.S. State Department briefing which outlined a long term agenda to carry out a "Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World." Invoking the threat of nuclear warfare, the document spells out a plan to create a "United Nations Peace Force" that would "enforce the peace as the disarmament process proceeds." While the document initially focuses on scrapping nuclear weapons, it later makes it clear that the only groups allowed to own weapons of any kind would be governing authorities, "for the purpose of maintaining internal order," and the UN "peacekeeping" force itself, which would require "agreed manpower." "The manufacture of armaments would be prohibited except for those of agreed types and quantities to be used by the U.N. Peace Force and those required to maintain internal order. All other armaments would be destroyed or converted to peaceful purposes," states the document. While the memorandum outlines a broader mandate to destroy national sovereignty, eviscerate national armies and institute the UN as the planet's supreme authority with a world army, the document serves as a stark reminder that the plan for the United Nations to oversee the abolition of the second amendment has been in the works for decades. As Bell points out in his Forbes article, the threat of the Obama administration relying on a UN treaty to do what successive administrations have tried but failed to accomplish -- taking a huge bite out of the second amendment -- is by no means far fetched. After all, a plethora of UN treaties and international agreements have already stripped the United States of its sovereignty and its power to decide its own laws. The power to authorize U.S. involvement in wars and conflicts has now been almost completely stripped from Congress and handed to the United Nations.

Please Watch Something Is Not Right

Add to EJ Playlist  So much is going with the world, imminently & transcendently. The signs are building up for around the globe destruction.

ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING! What Was Predicted 3 Years Ago is NOW HERE! BHO EXPOSED! (Avi Lipkin)

Add to EJ Playlist  Hear Carl Gallups (Narrator of this video) on Live talk radio on NW FL's TALK RADIO - 1330 WEBY AM - broadcasting to a 4 state area on the Gulf Coast - every Friday afternoon - 4-6 pm CT. http://www.hick oryhammockbapti OR HERE http://www.hick oryhammockbapti PPSIMMONS GIFT SHOP - Really Great Stuff! Have a LOOK! monsgear MATERNITY - PROLIFE GIFT SHOP - Unique, Nice! romgod THE UNASHAMED PATRIOT GIFT SHOP - The Name says it all! omfridaywithcar lgallups THE PATRIOT SHOP http://www.prin eedomfridaywith carlgallups PPSIMMONS GIFT SHOP monsgear MATERNITY PRO-LIFE GIFT SHOP romgod MATERNITY PRO-LIFE GIFT SHOP #2 http://www.prin ternityitems


Add to EJ Playlist  America's Founding Fathers were afraid of any concentration of power in the republic. They were particularly afraid that banking interests could hijack our fledgling democracy. And yet today, 234 years later, our Founding Fathers' worst fears have come true. Wall Street's stranglehold on the economy threatens our very prosperity, and the future of a truly democratic republic. The NWO,IMF,and the Goverment has a Stranglehold on America.

Underground Bunker Shelters for Rich People Reported by NBC News

Add to EJ Playlist  http://topmagne m Whether You Like it or Not, You May Need To Take Shelter Underground In The Very Near Future. As you never know where from a catastrophe will strike, It can come from North Korea Nuclear missile or an astroid coming from space... You Can See in this Video How The rich People in this Country Already Bought A Seat in These Underground Bunkers, Preparing Themselves For The Worst To Come... It is estimated that there are more than 20 places like that in the US alone where people are getting ready for what might happen. Here is a solution on making a generator to power your home in case of a blackout http://topmagne m

This will scare you! Secret Antichrist Doomsday Prophecies Exposed!

Add to EJ Playlist  http://2012doom sdayprophecy.we This will scare you! Secret Antichrist Doomsday Prophecies Exposed! Antichrist Doomsday Prophecies Exposed 2010 2012 2013 judgment revelation bible prophecy 666 beast mark illuminati new world order nwo endtime end times secret hell apocalypse death extinction scary horror ghost demon paranormal spirit

Survive 2012 Doomsday - Places To Stay Clear Of

Add to EJ Playlist  FREE 2012 Family Survival Tips - Areas To Stay Clear Of - Get the **FREE** Ultimate 2012 Family Survival Guide from http://www.surv ive2012doomsday .com

1/6 Coming American Holocaust - Confessions of a CIA Agent

Add to EJ Playlist  LINK TO THE PLAYLIST http://www.yout =nXNicmCJzJk&fe ature=PlayList& p=14CA069158912 EA2&index=0&pla ynext=1



AMERICAN HOLOCAUST is Coming ! ! ! !.mp4

Add to EJ Playlist  N.W.O. is planning to genocide American. The New World Order,[ N.W.O. ] got JFK killed Nov. 22, 1963, The N.W.O. arranged to put Saddam in Power decades ago to Create the Current WARS, The N.W.O. arranged the shoot down with Surface to Air Missles of TWA Flight 800 - - The N.W.O. Arranged Oklahoma bombing using elements of OUR F.B.I. and U.S. Justice Dept. and the WACO - Branch Davidian thing, and Sept. 11, 2001... Now Millions have Seen "LOOSE CHANGE" and figured out that these were a series of FALSE FLAG operations to bring us to Global WAR, Disease and MASS death. The N.W.O. will soon bring an American Holocaust - - and there will be no long a beacon of LIGHT beaming HOPE to the WORLD at WAR, because we have allowed our Constitution to be destroyed, piece meal since 1913, and the BUSH-CLINTON-OB AMA cabal just sank the final nails into America Coffin. And most Americans are still sound asleep, oblivious... just as the German People were as Hitler destroyed their Constitution, their Parliement [ Reichstag Fire ] and send them marching across Europe after "enemies". Americans have allowed infanticide and called it "Choice of abortion", Americans have used their Evangical Churches to raise money for Israels bulldozing to death Palestinians, and send massive ARMS to both sides, but mostly to ISRAEL, Americans have refused to hold Israel and Navy Admirals of USA accountable for the deaths on the U.S.S. Liberty. Now our $ is destroyed, while... FED RESERVE BANKgangsters reward the worst run corporations in the County. You were now Warned. Devastation will come, unless we dump 95% of the Congress, Elect Constitutionali st and Ron Paul.... Devastation is all we deserve, for sleeping when we should have demanded accountability. See: www.CaliforniaC Videos, we start by taking back our state Assemblies.

Islam, In The Bible (Non-Profit)

Add to EJ Playlist  A MUST SEE!! Islam and Allah are mentioned a lot, in the Holy Bible... Islam is in Bible Prophecy! Isaiah's own words to describe Satan. Muslims believe in a Beast too! What about the Black Rock? And the Mark of the Beast... Pray for Muslims, that they might accept Jesus Christ as their Savior before it is too late and pray for those persecuted by Muslims, who will be rewarded greatly in heaven.. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & SHARE THIS VIDEO... God Bless.. Sorry about having to disable the comments but I can not monitor this as often as I would like to be able to. If you would like to study the Arabic verses of Allah bragging about being a great deceiver/scheme r/double-crosse r, with over a dozen Arabic & English references... please see here.... Allah_the_best_ Deceiver If you are a Muslim, I do pray for you and I know many Christians around the world, also do. For knowledge, please read and study the word of God. The reason Christians believe that Jesus is God is because the Holy Scriptures confirm this. God is One, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Muslims MUST deny God is a Father and Jesus is His Son. *Producers additions in (brackets). Emphisis ADDED, except with the word LORD.

Why Is Obama Fanatical Over Abortion? (Non-Profit)

Add to EJ Playlist  Why Is Obama Fanatical Over Abortion? This video explains, why I believe he is extremely fanatical pushing for Infanticide when even Kerry voted against it... This video also discusses Islam's take on Abortion for non-Muslims. Barack Hussein Obama: King of Babylon, The Antichrist, Son of Perdition, Man of Sin, Scarlet Beast, Little Horn, Mahidi, Beast From the Earth, Final Caliph

Banned: OBAMA Worships SATAN

Add to EJ Playlist  Real proof President Obama is into the occult. He worships Satan! Take a look at some of the hidden messages in President Obama's speeches. Could he be the Antichrist (Anti-Christ)?

The End Of America: The Role of Islam in the End Times & Biblical Warnings to Flee America

Add to EJ Playlist  Visit http://www.EndO m to read two chapters FREE before making your purchase... The Conservative Political Network is proud to present this special promotional video for John Price's NEW book The End of America: The Role of Islam During End Times & Biblical Warnings To Flee America ON SALE NOW through EndOfAmericaBoo and soon through the CPNLive store at shop.teapartyli John Price will be joining the CPNLive team as a co-host every Tuesday beginning 10/6/09. Please tune in at! "The End of America - The Role of Islam in the End Times and Biblical Warnings to Flee America" interprets Biblical prophecies describing a rich, powerful and influential end times nation, destroyed in one day/hour/moment . Twenty-one scriptural clues unlock the "mystery" of the identity of the nation. Muslim prophecies and speeches are linked to Bible warnings of destruction. Verses are analyzed advising American Christians and Jews to flee the nation. When and where to flee and world events to watch for are detailed. Please visit our stores at Shop.TeaPartyLi and d and browse through our selection of interesting products and offers, this is how we keep our channel running. And we always welcome your comments and feedback at ConservativePol iticalNetwork@G



ISLAM: The BEAST of The Bible II (Non-Profit)

Add to EJ Playlist  Pray for Muslims & Love One Another. The Beast from the sea continued... goes into even more detail of the "Beast" in the bible scripture, including naming the specific countries which make up the beast. This video is part of a series on end time prohecy of the bible... Mystery Babylon, the Antichrist, The Beast and the Last Generation which I have posted: http://www.yout =FtYAm2vFT3U (Mystery Babylon) http://www.yout =vI_hSXJCt5w (Mystery Babylon, The Antichrist & The Beast) http://www.yout =6ypYEf-AJsg (The Beast) http://www.yout =ZJkI5ith5Js (The Beast Continued) http://www.yout =VVerrWxHmsg (The Pale Horse & The Beast) http://www.yout =jDndsq5Cj3Y (Who is the Antichrist?) http://www.yout =9hzmMxZ6WqQ (The Last Generation) http://www.yout =QmV8umMCj4M (The Rapture Theory) The end is near as God opens His revelations to this generation. The Beast "Kingdom" is undoubtedly Islam. Beast=Islam Babylon=America False Prophet/Antichr ist=Barack Hussein Obama

ISLAM: The BEAST of The Bible I (Non-Profit)

Add to EJ Playlist  Pray for Muslims & Love One Another. The Beast of the Sea is Islam. This goes into more detail of the "Beast" in the bible scripture, starting with the book of Genesis. The Beast from the Sea is NOT a revived Roman Empire. This video is part of a series on Mystery Babylon, the Antichrist, The Beast and the Last Generation which I have posted: http://www.yout =FtYAm2vFT3U (Mystery Babylon) http://www.yout =vI_hSXJCt5w (Mystery Babylon, The Antichrist & The Beast) http://www.yout =6ypYEf-AJsg (The Beast) http://www.yout =ZJkI5ith5Js (The Beast Continued) http://www.yout =VVerrWxHmsg (The Pale Horse & The Beast) http://www.yout =jDndsq5Cj3Y (Who is the Antichrist?) http://www.yout =9hzmMxZ6WqQ (The Last Generation) http://www.yout =QmV8umMCj4M (The Rapture Theory) The end is near as God opens His revelations to this generation. Beast=Islam Babylon=America False Prophet/Antichr ist=Barack Hussein Obama

OMG!!!!!! YOU'VE GOT TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The most dangerous Barack Obama video ever!!!

Add to EJ Playlist  Rise of the 99% Part 1 /cXkiAc_asH8 VERY QUIETLY OBAMA'S CITIZENSHIP CASE REACHES THE SUPREME COURT: http://www.soda -states/very-qu ietly-obamas-ci tizenship-case- reaches-the-sup reme-court/ques tion-2316111/ Obama signs NDAA; says he doesn't agree with the bill in its entirety. http://callmeje bama-signs-ndaa -says-he-doesnt -agree-with-the -bill-in-its-en tirety/ http://www.face v What are you waiting for? Now is the time to STAND UP for yourself, to be BOLD, be CREATIVE, be RADICAL To Dream BIG, IMAGINE, Feel the fear but DO IT! Anyway its time to Question Expert Authority, ASK hard questions, PROPOSE and DEMAND solutions. To Participate and AGITATE. DISOBEY if you must. To VISUALISE and Organise. To KILL the fear spreading Media - EDUCATE and INFORM yourself and Others. NOW is the time to invest in HOPE. To cultivate LOVE To Give Thanks for what we have and to help those that Haven't. We Must DANCE, PLAY, ENJOY ourselves. TRANSFORM your situation no matter how bad it is. It can be done, EAT WELL, REST, MEDITATE. PROTECT yourself. BECOME a SOUL WARRIOR. Don't Apoligise for being a DREAMER - we need MORE DREAMERS. PERSIST Resist and ignore the begrudgers, hold firm to your vision. Don't make up excuses or get caught up in Blame. In the Game of them and Us RESPECT Everyone, even if you dont like them. Enemies are Great Teachers. TRANSCEND, RISE, Reach for the STARS. Don't take yourself too seriously. LAUGH at yourself. LOVE YOURSELF. You are WONDERFUL if you let yourself BE. ABANDON JUDGEMENT, Age, Roles, Stereotypes. Take RISKS. Drop LEFT RIGHT and RELIGIOUS Dogma. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Take control of your Diet, Money, Home, Family, Work Spend Time in NATURE. Listen to your Gut, Instinct, Intuition, Heart. Go offline to get ONLINE. Take QUIET TIME for you, to WRITE, DRAW. EXPERIMENT. Learn a SONG, Call a Meeting, Start a Petition. BUILD COMMUNITY. See what happens. SHARE. Take your time. Slow Down - Small and Slow are POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL. Wake up to REALITY. It's not that bad. If it is THEN CHANGE IT. Don't wait for others to do it. TELL OTHERS, JOIN them, ASK for HELP. SING IT LOUD. BE Proud you're not a Zombie caught up on the harsh production line of Commuting, Work, Shopping, Consumption and SLEEP. You're MUCH MORE ALIVE This is not a PRACTICE RUN, THIS IS YOUR REVOLUTION TO MAKE IT HAPPEN THERE ARE ALWAYS MORE POSSIBLITIES THAT YOU THINK! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim

Add to EJ Playlist  Obama admits that he is a Muslim. Obama bowing before a Muslim king. Obama talking about his Muslim family. Obama quoting from the Koran. Obama defending Islam. Obama visiting a Mosque. And many more clips of Obama and his Muslim connections. Legal Disclaimer: The writers, producers, and editors of this video are not claiming or implying that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, or that Obama said he was a Muslim, rather they are only examining the evidence surrounding the rumor that Barack Hussein Obama might be a secret Muslim.

Obama's New World Order Exposed!!

Add to EJ Playlist  Rise of the 99% Part 1 /cXkiAc_asH8

Amazing Evidence: Does Bible Prophecy Reveal Obama is Satan?

Add to EJ Playlist  Today Barack Hussein Obama becomes the first President to reject public participation in the National Day of Prayer. It comes as no big surprise, as it is painfully obvious that he his intentionally thumbing his nose at God Almighty and American Christians amidst the greatest crisis our Nation has ever seen. His astonishingly blatant apostasy is so heinous even liberal democrats are beginning to wake up to his Antichrist status. It has become increasingly obvious that Antichrist Hussein Obama is working to dismantle the restraining influence that the United States has against the forces of evil in the world. Many suspect he longs for the restrainer to be removed so Iran can attack Israel. We can only wonder if the Taliban will rule nuclear armed Pakistan by tomorrow morning. Antichrist Hussein Obama flaunts is Islamic Manchurian candidate status as he bows to Muslim royalty while disparaging and mocking America in the international arena. When Antichrist Hussein Obama succeeds in his plan to collapse the American economy watch for his Islamic federation to move on Israel. It is time to begin to reveal what has been kept secret until the end. From this point forward I quote The Honorable Dr. Rabbi Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni: In Luke 10:18 Jesus states, "I beheld Satan as Lightning fall from Heaven." Barack, also transliterated as Baraq in Hebrew, is LIGHTNING (Strongs Hebrew word 1300). Even in Greek, Barak is LIGHTNING (Strongs Greek word 913) for the name of a person! The ONLY WAY, a Jewish Rabbi can say in Hebrew that SATAN is LIGHTNING is, SATAN BARACK! Interestingly, the Greek verse of Luke 10:18 does not contain an actual Greek word to translate into Fall. The Greek word translated as Fall appears to be a rare form of a Hebrew word for transgressions. So, the words of Jesus in this verse probably refer to heavenly transgressions. In Hebrew poetry from the dominant book that the New Testament draws upon, to validate the works of Jesus as proof of poetic prophecy, the use of BAMA (Strongs Hebrew word 1116) is used to refer to the heights of heaven. That book is Isaiah. Christian scholars would agree, that much of the New Testament refers directly to passages of Isaiah's poetry. Isaiah is also the source of origin for the Christian concept of Satan or Lucifer Isaiah 14:12. In the verses of Isaiah that refer directly to Lucifer in King James translations of Isaiah, sure enough, BAMA (Strongs Hebrew word 1116) is used to refer to the Heights of Heaven (Isaiah 14:14)! In Hebrew, the letter vau is transliterated as an O or U. It is primarily used as a conjunction to join concepts together. So, to join in Hebrew poetry the concept of lightning (Barack) and a high place like heaven or the Heights of Heaven, the letter O or Hebrew vau would be used. Bama is most commonly used to refer to a high sacred place, as well as to the Heights of the heavens or clouds. So, Barack O Bama in Hebrew poetry, similar to the style of Isaiah, would translate literally as Lightning and the Heights of the sky or heaven! Satan is Satan in Hebrew. So the Jesus Prophecy of Luke 10:18, if spoken actually by a Jewish Rabbi influenced by the poetry of Isaiah, would have said the verse Luke 10:18 as ; Satan Barack O Bama

Project 2: Statue of Lucifer

Add to EJ Playlist  Statue of Liberty, NY. The crowned woman our nation follows, holding the torch that light. Roughly translated into the Horned God holding the Illuminati, The Light Bearer.

Obamas NWO Plans for the American People!!!!!!!

Add to EJ Playlist  Obamas NWO Plans for the American People!!!!!!!



Antichrist Rising: Welcome to the Obama Nation

Add to EJ Playlist  "Yes we can" is backward masking of "Thank You Satan". There is some creative editing of speeches in this video but all the "Thank You Satan's" are actually Obama saying "Yes we can" reversed. Try it yourself! He had the American Sheeple chanting "Thank You Satan" during his entire campaign! All the prophecies are converging on one figure as the Antichrist : Barack Hussein Obama. This channel serves as nexus of Obama/Antichris t information. I have a play list with ex Muslim turned Bible scholar Walid Shoebat - I suggest you start there for some background. http://www.yout ay_list?p=8F800 7E71812EC96 Obama is NOT an American citizen: http://www.yout =YYdk26ezVio Obama is a radical communist: http://www.yout =x0Kd-YJCdp0 Obama has ties to and is supported by known terrorists: http://www.yout =qOu-3dDQuac Obama will start World War III : http://www.yout =pnq_EmaG0dQ Obama advocates live birth abortion (this means killing live babies outside of the womb) : http://www.yout =BYRpIf2F9NA

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