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Esperando's - Fabulous Tune (instrumentaal panfluit)

Add to EJ Playlist  Esperando's - Fabulous Tune (instrumentaal panfluit)..

English Rose

Add to EJ Playlist  Schitterende panfluit muziek van Gheorghe Zamfir

Indiaanse meditatie 7 min

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.shan kel/ Indiaanse meditatie muziek met panfluit en natuurgeluiden. Indian meditation music with panflute and sounds of nature Meer Indiaanse meditatie muziek: http://www.shan kel/

Panfluit 5 min meditatie mp4

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.shan kel/ Meditatie muziek met Panfluitmuziek en natuurgeluiden, zeer relaxerend. Meditation music with panflute and sounds of nature, very relaxing. Meer meditatiemuziek : http://www.shan kel/ Duur: 5m Duration: 5m

Relaxing Meditation Music with Inspiring Quotes - A Peaceful Moment

Add to EJ Playlist  Music from the album "Lunar Khandro". Deep meditation, relaxation music set to beautiful landscapes and inspiring quotes. For more updates visit our Facebook page at http://www.face omyrecords © Copyright Astronomy Records http://www.astr m/ Exploring inner space with music.

Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise (Pan pipe Version)

Add to EJ Playlist  WMG Productions. Franklin Salgado. I could not find a reference link to purchase this album, but I did find one specifying the items within the album this song belongs to here - ock/c10d580d This version of Conquest of Paradise comes in a Pan flute disc made by a group of colombian musicians, (led by multi-instrumen talist Franklin Salgado) Listen to all of it to notice the pipes' tunes more each time. Subscribe/rate and check out other great tunes in my channel if you like this one. Also, If you're already a subscriber, click on the mini-settings icon next to my "subscribers" tab on my main page and click on "Send me all updates" for the latest updates. As always please be kind enough to support the artists and their companies! Enjoy! Rog Rabbit - RR - anflutelistener PS - I'm sorry this video doesn't sound very good, it was my first youtube song-video upload. That was way back. The audio version from the original cd I got is much better.

Celtic Pan-Flute

Add to EJ Playlist  Brad White http://pan-flut performs a Celtic piece on one of his pan flutes. With a good pan flute you can play any style of music

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