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Perspective: a graphical comparison of earthquake energy release

Add to EJ Playlist  Tsunami warning center scientists usually measure an earthquake's "size" with the moment magnitude scale rather than the older but more famous Richter magnit...

PC Perspective Podcast 305 - 06/19/14

Add to EJ Playlist  Subscribe! http://www.yout ption_center?ad d_user=pcper m/podcast Podcast topics of discussion: Welcome David Hewlett! Join our s...

Derivatives: A Graphical Approach

Add to EJ Playlist  Looking at derivatives from a graphical perspective. A worked out example where you have to compare IROC and AROC and look at how the IROC is changing.

How To Draw One and Two-Point Perspective, with Karl Gude

Add to EJ Playlist  YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://www.yout ude TWITTER: karlgude Karl draws a road, house and phone poles all disappearing into distant mountains. The ro...

2 Point Perspective Stairs

Add to EJ Playlist  Thanks for visiting my site on Linear Perspective. Visit and follow my website at korbartwuhs.wor for additional references as well as an insight i...

Linear Perspective in Drawing

Add to EJ Playlist  Video explains the concepts of linear perspective used in drawing. This is the first episode from the upcoming dvd about drawing.

Z-Domain System View - Mathematical Perspective

Add to EJ Playlist  Shows the relationship between the pole-zero plot (graphical z-domain view) and difference equation. Achieves this by showing how a systems transfer function...

Knee replacement surgery (graphic)

Add to EJ Playlist  Stryker Triathlon total knee joint replacement at Bega District Hospital with computer navigation, helmet-cam view.

inverse functions graphical

Add to EJ Playlist  [example] continuation of inverse functions from graphical perspective.

Graphical evolution of First Person Shooters: 1992-2012

Add to EJ Playlist  Graphic evolution of First Person Shooters. Only one FPS per year, so don't expect to see all the major titles. Original games without any mod, rendered in a...

AMD A-Series APU Dual Graphics Gaming Performance - PC Perspective

Add to EJ Playlist  Last week we posted a short video about the performance of AMD's Llano core A-series of APUs for gaming and the response was so positive that we have decided...


Add to EJ Playlist  NEW VERSION AVAILABLE AT: /05kBRmJh3F8 This animation compares the relative "sizes" of recent and historical earthquakes. Each circle's area i...

Tutoriel photoshop cs5 Fr - Mettre un texte sur un mur en perspective

Add to EJ Playlist  Un tuto qui explique comment incruster un texte dans un mur en perspective.

Floral Perspective: Pave´ Tricks with Tony Medlock AIFD

Add to EJ Playlist  Join Tony Medlock AIFD in his first video for his design series as a Mayesh Design Star Finalist. Tony will show us a few pave tricks that will turn you tras...

The Primacy of Consciousness - Graphic reproductio

Add to EJ Playlist  A graphical reproduction of Peter Russell's lecture; The Primacy of Consciousness. Peter Russell - http://www.face ussellAuthor - explores the ...

$17 Trillion U.S. DEBT - A Visual Perspective

Add to EJ Playlist  What does $17 trillion dollars look like? A look into how much hard cash the US government owes and the fiscal mess the United States is in. The national deb...

37. Basics of Edgeworth Box Economies

Add to EJ Playlist  This video introduces the Edgeworth Box from a graphical perspective. In the video, I demonstrate how to read off allocations from an Edgeworth Box illustrat...

Measured (2) Two-Point Perspective Drawing for Interior Design

Add to EJ Playlist  Foundations of Interior Design Fairchild Publications by: Susan J. Slotkis and Katherine S. Ankerson FIDCD.

How to Draw with One Point Perspective

Add to EJ Playlist  How to draw a room using one point perspective. How to Draw Perspective. Step by Step Perspective Drawing. Perspective drawing. How to Draw with One Point Pe...

3 point perspective drawing part 1

Add to EJ Playlist  My blog http://drawingp

Basic Perspective Drawing Tutorial

Add to EJ Playlist  http://sketch2d This is a basic tutorial on drawing. I cover single point and 2-point perspective in this very short but to the point lesson. It is d...

GLog#2 New Perspective, GUI, Sound and Music

Add to EJ Playlist  Second update, new graphical style, updated GUI, new sounds and music. Music: Django Reinhardt - It Had To Be You.

One point perspective drawing

Add to EJ Playlist  Dr Avinash explains one point perspective drawing.

Photoshop Tutorial 1 - Website Banners & Graphical Design

Add to EJ Playlist  In this Adobe Photoshop graphics tutorial we are going to design a quick and simple website banner with an easy gradient effect and a small glass effect. Thi...

SAP HANA Academy - SPS 08 What's New: Modeling Graphical Calculation Views

Add to EJ Playlist  In this video tutorial of a series on Modeling Enhancements in SPS 08, Bob shows you the new features when it comes to building Calculation Views in Graphica...

Star Size Comparison HD

Add to EJ Playlist  There are several videos circulating showing a comparison of the largest stars. I like these kind of things, and I wanted to try one myself. Probably because...

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