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सफलता आपके पैर चूमेगी Best Personality Development Training Video in Hindi - Must Watch

Add to EJ Playlist  This best Personality Development Training Video is for your Personality Building and change. This Personality Development Program in Hindi is equally beneficial for men, women, students, children, teenagers, teens, and youth. This personality development speech by TSMadaan is dedicated to stalwarts of personality development psychology esp. Shivani and Shiv Khera. The application of activities of this seminar movie in day to day life can magically improves your skills. It is not only a lecture but a workshop programme. T.S.Madaan, a famous and powerful motivational speaker in India, is regularly uploading such lectures in punjabi, hindi, urdu and english. The tips are available in ppt presentation on his website too. Any one interested to attend such personality enhancement courses can visit the website. If you have any question regarding your success and happiness, you can mail your query at mail@tsmadaan.i n. You are also requested to share this video and comment on it. You can post your video response too.

हर फिक्र को धुंए में उड़ाता चला गया How to handle tension (Hindi) Success Video

Add to EJ Playlist  Tension and worry is part of life. If you handle your worries and tensions well, you can achieve success very fast. This video clip defines the song 'har fiqr ko dhue mein udata chala gaya". You must have listened this song hundred of times, but have you tried to go into deep meaning behind this movie song. This motivational inspirational life changing success video in Hindi is being dedicated to Sahir Ludhianvi and Dev Anand. TSMadaan Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

How can you pretend !!! Hindi Motivational Clip

Add to EJ Playlist  You can not pretend. You are known by the company you keep and by the company you avoid. By the kind of books you read and by the kind of books you avoid. By the kind of jokes, movies, food, drinks, dress and so on. How can you pretend !!! A rich person need not tell others that he is rich, if he has to that means he is not. An honest person needs not tell others that he is honest, if he has to this means he is not. If you want to be known as great you will have to be great. This motivational inspirational life changing hindi success video clip is being dedicated to Mr. Chander Mohan and Mr. Arvind Mohan of Battery Directory. TS Madaan Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur http://www.tsma

Failure to Success Motivational Video in Hindi

Add to EJ Playlist  One is either successful or failure. No body is little bit of successful. Little bit of success is no story, it is not a right statement. A person is either honest or dishonest. He can not be a little bit of honest. This motivational video clip is from my full day positive attitude training workshop held at Dargah-E-Hakimi at Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh. This video is being dedicated to Dhiru Bhai Ambani, who created a success story. TSMadaan Freelance Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

People Decide Your Income (Hindi) Success Video

Add to EJ Playlist  People you may have with you may not be the best ones. How you use them decide your income. People are important. People are awesome. People are amazing. People are in the image of God. Value them above every thing but God. Respect them, respect their feelings. A success video in Hindi is the excerpt from a full day positive attitude training workshop. This video clip is being dedicated to Aamir Khan, the great Actor. and Sh. Pradeep Jain, Chairman of Parsvnath Developers Limited. TSMadaan Freelance Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

संजय दत्त क्यों रोया Sanjay Dutt Crying in Interview. Crown of Glory comes with Diamonds of Sorrows

Add to EJ Playlist  Sanjay Dutt cried in the press conference. He got disturbed by his 5 years sentence by honourable Supreme Court of India. Sanjay Dutt was in Jail in 1993 too for 18 months. His movies and songs will be stalled. His new movies in 2013 are in the making. This video is a motivational and inspirational video. I have tried to explain the sorrows and grief coming with Glory and Happiness. This happens with all. After watching this motivational video, there may be a positive change in your attitude. I have used mainly Hindi with a little bit of English, This is my 100th Video on Youtube. Watch and Share. TSMadaan Freelance Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

बंदा बन जाओ - Be a Person - Hindi Motivational Video

Add to EJ Playlist  If we want to be a good Businessman, Professional, Employee, Student, Teacher, Politician, A Father, A Husband, A Wife, A Friend.... we would have to be good Person. This is not a subject of training but an attitude. Start now. Journey of thousand miles start from Zero only. This success mantra video is being dedicated to Mother Taresa and Bhagat Puran Singh ji. TSMadaan Freelance Motivational Speaker, http://www.tsma

Learn Love Mantras From Dogs - Hindi Motivational Video

Add to EJ Playlist  Why Dogs live a short life? Why Human beings live longer life. God wants us to learn loving people whereas Dogs already know the language of love. They need not learn the language of love. That is the reason Dogs need not live long life. If we consider Dogs our trainers. We can learn to love humanity. This motivational video clip is in Hindi. Let us learn language of love from dogs. Meet people enthusiasticall y but warmly. Encash every opportunity of joy ride. If you are happy, transfer the feelings by your behaviour. keep digging till the success is achieved. Sit along your family members if they are feeling low and sad and pray for their happiness. DOG, oops, GOD bless you. TSMadaan Freelance Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

Time Management Videos in Hindi

Add to EJ Playlist  This small video clip of Time Management is just a reminder for you. Your success or failures depend on the usage of 86,400 seconds in each day. You are provided with 86,400 seconds on each day and you are authorised to use or misuse them on that particular day only. No balance can be carried forward nor any time can be brought forward. This motivational video in Hindi is dedicated to all those successful people who made best use of the available 86,400 seconds in each day. The time available to Barrack Obama, Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukherjee, Shahrukh Khan, Bill Gates, Ram Lal, Shyam Kumar, Promila, Gul Panang, Rajesh Agarwal and all such people is same. TSMadaan Freelance Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

Life Changing Success Thought Capsule - 20 Seconds

Add to EJ Playlist  20 Seconds of watching this deep success thought may alter your thought process. This will serve as a capsule. Watch,Observe, Analyse, Discuss and share. Do you like this idea of 20 seconds capsule. Please comment.

Powerful and Effective Keynote Speech at Rotary International (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  This video clip is from a powerful and effective keynote speech in an audience of 1500 people from different walks of life. This keynote speech was delivered at Rotary District Conference of Rotary International District 3020, Hemantham Lo Vasantham at SunRay Village. The conference was hosted by Rotary Club Visakha Port City. The conference Chairman was Rtn. PP. KS Narayana, and Conference Secretary was Rtn. VV Narayana Rao. Rtn. DG Ch. Surya Rao, Rtn. IPDG Amjad Ali (Immediate Past District Governor), R.I.President's representative. Aide Rtn. W.Srinivas was a nice host to me. The various dignitories included Past District Governors (PDG), District Governor Nominee (DGN), past Presidents, Presidents, Secretaries, Office Bearers, new and old members, Innerwheel members, rotaract club members, interact club members of different Rotary Clubs of Distt. 3020 comprising of Rotary Clubs of Amalapuram, Kakinada, Eluru, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Kothapeta, Tuni, Waltair, Srikakulam, Machilipatnam, Sompeta, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Vuyyuru, Peddapuram, Samalkot, Bhimavaram, Kakinada, Gudivada, Anakapalle, Tanaku, Jangareddigudem , Vizag, Razole, Ichchapuram, Kuchipudi, Challapalli, Nidadavole, Mummidivaram, Malikipuram, Penugonda, Koyyala Gudem, Gannavaram, Maruteru, Narasapur, Amudalavalasa, Palakol, Konaseema, Gajuwaka, Nuzvid, Narsipatnam, Rajam, Kondapalli, Ksheerapuri etc. All the new and old members of these clubs appreciated this Hindi Motivational Keynote Speech on Relationship. I tried to explain that we are connected with each other technologically but are disconnected mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Ours is the most connected society with most disconnected people. I tried to make them smile with lots of celebrations. This video clip is being dedicated to Rtn. DG Upkar Singh Sethi, Rotary District 3070 for his contribution in my professional and personal life. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma Previous Description: This Life Changing Seminar Excerpts are from TSMadaan's keynote at Rotary District Conference at Vishakhapatnam. The Unique, humorous, powerful and effective delivery style of T S Madaan, top motivational speaker in India, makes him distinct amongst various conference speakers. TS Madaan is a freelance motivational speaker since 1980. He has already conducted his sessions for a number of different verticals viz. Industry, Auto, Retail, Real Estate, Pharma, MLM, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Schools, Colleges, Rotary, Lions, etc. pan India. He delivers in Hinglish, a mix of Hindi and English. The Punjabi tadka is beyond any comparison. His specialisation is in Motivation, Attitude, Positive Thinking, Interpersonal Relations, Anger Management, Stress Management, Grief Management, Behaviour, Time Management, and various other soft skills. He is very popular with people from all ages and genders. He designs his sessions keeping in mind the needs, concerns, interests and expectations of the organisers. A versatile personality, TS Madaan is blessed with a powerful voice. If you are planning to organise an event / conference / convention / seminar without him, then you are going to snatch an opportunity to grow more from the people in your organisation. This success video is being dedicated to Stephen R. Covey, the great author and my children Awal Eesh, Him Eesh and Sakshi. To know more about TSMadaan, visit his website Follow him at m/tsmadaan

Powerful Effective Famous Motivational Speakers in India

Add to EJ Playlist  Powerful Effective Famous Motivational Speakers in India, T S Madaan is one of them. Multiplying productivity and performance of People since 1980. Visit to invite him for his motivational sessions (Hindi) in your next conference / convention / seminar in your organisation.

Youth Motivational Speaker in India (Punjabi / Hindi) - A Powerful Message by T S Madaan

Add to EJ Playlist  This video clip in Punjabi gives you an important motivational and inspirational message. If you want youth motivational speakers for your next conference / seminar / convention in your college, university, school, institute, you can call me. I conduct the motivational seminars in Punjabi / Hindi pan India. My delivery style is interactive, funny and powerful. I am dedicating this video to my daughter-in-law Sakshi Khattar Madan. TSMadaan Motivational Speaker & Personality Development Trainer http://www.tsma

How to set Priorities ? A Motivational Video by T S Madaan (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  I assure you of a good piece of suggestion in this video. Setting priorities daily is not a child's play. I am trying my best to contribute in the journey of your personal and professional growth. In my own journey of motivational seminars in india, I am setting my day according to these suggestions. Dedicating this video to my sons Awal Eesh Singh and Him eesh Madaan, who are moving forward at reasonably good speed. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker and Life Coach http://www.TSMa

सड़क पर शेखीबाज़ी दुःख की खबर देती है

Add to EJ Playlist  Follow Traffic Rules. Violation thrills but gives a bad news to the family. I have uploaded this not so called motivational video but an important message to inspire you, motivate you. This hindi video is a tribute to all those who fell to fatal road accidents, due to their own errors. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker and Life Coach http://www.tsma

Watch if you face Ups and Downs in your Life (Hindi Motivational Video)

Add to EJ Playlist  Majority of you are regularly facing ups and downs of life. You wonder why it happens to you only. This small and crisp motivational and inspirational video can get you a powerful thought. This video is being dedicated to my dear friends Manmeet Singh and Sunmeet Kaur. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma

Ganesha Management Mantra (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  You can learn the management mantras from Deva Shree Ganesha. I have tried to put the description in simple way. Ganesh vandana can pure your soul and get you great management motivational ideas. Please spare some time from listening songs to watching motivational and inspirational videos. Your income level, happiness level, regard level will be multiplied. Jai Ganesh Deva. TSMadaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma

Prepare to Excel - Motivational Inspirational Video (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This motivational and inspirational video is all about the importance of learning, training, education etc. I am dedicating this video to Yo yo Honey Singh, who is a perfect in preparation and planning. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma

Worth Watching - Worth Sharing - Thought Provoking Motivational Video (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is not to motivate you but to open your eyes. We usually ignore small things and resulting thereby we are wondering soul. Please watch this video and share it maximum. This video is being dedicated to Salman Khan, Being Human. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma

Success Defined (Hindi) Motivational Inspirational Video

Add to EJ Playlist  Definition of Success is different for different people. It varies from person to person, time to time, situation to situation. Watch this definition of success also. This video is being dedicated to Steve Jobs and Jack Canfield T.S.Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach, http://www.TSMa

Motivational Seminar For Students (Punjabi/Hindi) - Live Recording 1 Hour 8 Minutes

Add to EJ Playlist  This powerful motivational seminar was delivered by me for college students and schools students of Ludhiana, Punjab, along with their teachers. 1400 male and female students from different institutes, attended this event, organised by Gulzar Group of Institutes, Khanna, Punjab. The seminar was held at Guru Nanak Bhawan Auditorium, Near Feroze Gandhi Market, Ludhiana. In this seminar, I tried to deliver my message at the level of teenagers and youngsters. I believe that the youth of India need my services. They need direction and guidelines for their future. The seminar was delivered in entertaining, funny, humorous yet very powerful way. This video is full recording of this motivational speech. T.S.Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

Successful Parents don't have Successful Children? Motivational Inspirational Video 48 (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  This few seconds message is long enough to open the eyes of children of successful parents. Do not live your life on the success of your parents. Do some thing on your own. My videos are not meant to entertain you but to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. This success message is being dedicated to my most dear friend, my Guru, my Guide, Mr. Asit Ghosh. T.S.Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma

Enough is Enough - Motivational Inspirational Video 47 (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  Small video with Large motivational message. Strong and powerful enough to help you in your journey to success. This video is being dedicated to my co-brothers Tej Pal Singh Chawla (T.P.S.Chawla) and Rupinder Singh Chattha (R.S.Chattha), who played a vital role in my journey to success. T.S.Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma

अमीर और सफल कैसे बनें Part I - How to become rich and successful? (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  Every one wants to become rich and successful. Yet everyone does not get the right guidance. The world is so competitive that you need to learn regularly. I am giving you this series of videos to guide you with my experience. watching motivational, inspirational, success videos is not every one's cup of tea. It requires lot of will. But my most dear viewers, you know the difference. You raised every time you watched such clips. I am receiving large number of mails of gratitude. I am not important here, it is You who spared your few minutes to find a lotus in mud. This video series is being dedicated to all the three successful Khans of India viz. Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan, who were born as boys and are living as Stars. T.S.Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma

People do not deserve our kindness? Motivational Inspirational Video (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  Why should we do good to others? Why we should be kind to them? They normally do not come back to help us. The answers to such questions are here by me. I am thankful to all of my viewers for watching my motivational and inspirational videos. If any of my videos are not of any help, do tell me. I promise to act upon your suggestions. If they are helping you in achieving success and happiness, do share them and help others to be happy and successful. I am dedicating this video to Sandeep Maheshwary and Santosh Nair for their contribution in making a better world. T.S.Madaan Motivational Speaker and Life Coach http://www.tsma

How can Employees grow ? (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  Powerful Success Video for Employees, Job Seekers, Salaried People (Hindi) - T S Madaan. This video has been produced keeping in mind the large number of employees, salaried people and job seekers. This success, motivational, inspirational video explains the basic trait to succeed at work place. My interaction with million of working men and women across India has given me this wonderful experience. The idea is simple but results are beyond any imaginations. My humble request to all my viewers to apply the principle and message given in this video in your life. My blessings and good wishes are always with you. May God give you more happiness and more success at your work place. With warm wishes: T S Madaan Entreprenuer, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach http://www.tsma

एक राज़ - आप खुश क्यों नहीं हो? Why are you unhappy ? A Secret of Life : ज़रूर देखो

Add to EJ Playlist  Every one wants to be happy and does his best to achieve it. Still many of you experience agonies and pains. These agonies are self created. Watch this video. I have put my experience of 32 years in this success video. This may be my best motivational and inspirational video. Watch this video and share it with maximum friends and relatives to help them re-achieve their happiness. Let the entire universe be the most happiest place to live. yours, T.S.Madaan Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach http://www.TSMa

Are you leading an Angry life style? (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  Control your Anger before it ruins you - Motivational Video in Hindi. Anger is Danger, it is one letter short of danger. Anger management helps you going close to people. Anger never pays, it always costs. In this video clip, I have tried to explain the difference between living beings and dead items. Use your brain, think the alternatives, do not lead an angry life style. This motivational, inspirational and success video is one small effort to help you succeed in life, work and in your relationship. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma

How small efforts put together result into Big Achievements - Hindi

Add to EJ Playlist  Like swimming, flying, cooking, driving, every thing and any thing can be learnt. The only thing required is hard work and patience along with other such traits. Watch this powerful motivational message by T.S.Madaan, best Motivational Speaker in India.

How to make people fall in love with you - Hindi

Add to EJ Playlist  People are like apples. You can ignore the small scars (negative traits) in them like you do while eating (accepting) apples. Accept the people as they are. They will love you more and will help you reach your goals. This hindi motivational video is by T S Madaan, famous and powerful motivator, trainer and educator. His fans are across all countries like US, England, France, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Canada etc. He is regularly adding such videos to spread his message of positive attitude all over the world so that international harmony can be attained.

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