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Wind Chime Sound for Yoga and Meditation | Relaxation | Sleep | Positive Thinking | Anxieties

Add to EJ Playlist  Searching for relaxation or looking for anxiety management or finding a sound effect to sleep, concentration, memory, listen to this audio book of wind chime sound. A perfect for beginners. You need to grow in all six areas of life viz. Health, Wealth, Family Happiness, Society, Mind and Soul. That is the reason of publishing this wind chime music video of 3 hours duration. An ideal sound effect for each and every person may be student, men, women, girls, boys, youngsters, old, teenagers, kids, children, etc. If you are a yogic science student, then you are going to love this music. The Wind chimes, made of metal or wood, constructed from suspended tubes, rods, bells or other objects. Wind chimes are usually hung outside of an office, factory, cinemas, shops, or residences. Though they are generally considered as visual and aural garden ornaments, the sound produced is very help ful for relaxation, peace, tranquility, sleep, meditation, yoga and concentration. The wind chimes are played by the wind. Wind chimes are played with the audible tones of a1-d2-f2-g2-a2- d3-f3-a3. The bamboo cylinder is the case of the instrument, as well as it is the resonator. The eight tones are produced by eight metal rods within the cylinder which are centrally stroken by a disk attached to the cord with the wind sail. Chimes produce inharmonic spectra and not the harmonic one. If they are hung at about 2/9 of their length, some of the higher partials are damped and the fundamental rings the loudest. This was common practice in high quality of wind chimes, also hunged so the centre ball strikes the centre of the wind chime's length, also resulting in the loudest sounding fundamental. Frequency of the wind chime sound is determined by the length, width, thickness, and material of the chime. There are different formulas which help to predict the proper length to achieve a particular note. As in the case of music a bit of fine tuning is generally needed. In all the instruments like organ pipes, the pitch of sound is determined by the length of the air column, as it is the resonance of the air column that generates the sound. The pipe material determines the voice of the pipe, but the air column determines the pitch of sound. In a wind chime, the vibrations of the chime pipe itself radiates the sound effect after being struck. The air column of chimes has little to do with the pitch being produced by the chime. Sound are produced when the suspended tubes come in contact with a suspended central clapper in the form of a ball like a pendulum of a clock or the rods with each other. Wind chimes sound is best sound to heal, relax, study, concentrate, memories, cram, yoga asans, and the chimes are also be used to observe changes in wind directions. This wind chime sound video is being dedicated to following artists and composers who have used them: Olivier Messiaen: Saint-François d'Assise Toshiro Mayuzumi: Bugaku Giles Swayne Symphony No. 1 David Sitek. Koji Kondo, head composer for the Mario series of video games. Ivy Queen, on the acoustic track "Ángel Caído" TS Madaan Life Coach | Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

First Warning ka intzaar na karo | Self Improvement Video in Hindi

Add to EJ Playlist  A very important self improvement video for every one, students, youth, teenagers, men, women etc. A number of accidents take place and we get annoyed as we knew it this was to happen. We know in advance the fall of buildings. We always know that this loss will take place. And then we try to fix the responsibility of that accident, that loss. Why not fix the leakage of the ship on the entry of first drop of water. Why not we change the Tyre of the car on time, why the pit of the road is not filled in time? That is the reason this self improvement video is important for you as majority of you despite knowing that the damage could be done, do nothing. The jobs are snatched, business get ruined, serious diseases come to our body, relationship broken, but we do not do anything till all the limits crossed. We do not get into panic till that day and we we notice all that, we can not do anything. We are not bothered after the increase of 1 or 2 kilos of body weight, until we face difficulty in getting up from the sofa. When a single customer leaves, we do not bother, but when the business is ruined, we are not able to do anything. Once a couple came to me for one to one counseling. I asked about the main problems, the major areas of concern. They were under debt of Rupees 400 crores and they could not marry their children, as their eldest son was 36 years old, second son of 32 years of age and their daughter of 30 years of age. Now watch this self improvement video carefully and think, this debt might not have happened in a single day. The children grew old not in a single day. This is the point of worry. We enjoy the water, as it gets warmed, we do not bother to put off the flames and then we get boiled in the boiling water, means the end of the life. Till our teeth are not spoiled, we do not stop eating candies and chocolates, we do not try to brush our teeth before going to bed. Till our leg is not fractured in an accident, we do not feel the need of not driving rashly. Till our wife do not lodge the complaint of domestic violence, we keep treating her badly. My dear sons and daughters, change your bad habits immediately. You may feel a little difficulty, may feel a little pain but this pain will be much more if we did not do anything now. Learn from the experience of your elders. Learn from biographies of famous people, learn from the videos of various speakers and trainers like Deepak Chopra, Shiv Khera, Priya Kumar, Minocher Patel, Simerjeet Singh, Paul Robinson, Ujjwal Patni, Promod Batra, Vijay Batra, Santosh Nair, Asit Ghosh, Rajesh Agrawal, M Naseer Khan, Praveen Verma, Pratik Surana, Puneet Jindal, Vivek Bindra, Akash Gautam, Kevin Abdulrahman, Surya Sinha, Him eesh Madaan, Sandeep Maheshwari, Avinash Narula, Sanjay Jha, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Sandeep Wadhera, Bhupendra Singh Rathore, Chirag Patel, Vasant Chauhan, Sneh Desai, Mahendra Devlekar, Chetan Bhagat, Mehboob Charania, Rajesh Satoskar, Rajesh Tagore, and many more. Success mantra : Do one self improvement daily may be small, improving your health, relationship, career, mind, social respect and purity of soul. Keep Learning - Keep Growing Seekhtey Raho - Badte Raho TS Madaan Motivational Speaker | Life Coach http://www.tsma

Emoji ka sahi istemaal | Personality Development Videos in Hindi #TSMadaan

Add to EJ Playlist  This Hindi Personality Development Video is to increase your knowledge. Because only knowledge can raise your confidence and Confidence is an important ingredient for success. Most of you may not know the right use of emojis. Emoji are picture characters used on whatsapp and other social sites. The icons used to convey feelings are called emoticons i.e. emotion icons. As wrong English sentence may give wrong meaning, like wise the wrong emojies may give wrong feelings and can be a reason for your embarrasment and shame. Otherwise learning current language is not a bad option. Upto now around 800 emojis have been developed, oou of these 700 are self explainatory. 100 emoji are frequently used and are often wrongly used. We have 76 emotions like anger, grief, sorrow, disgust, frustration, boredom, sadness, joy, happiness etc. For best personality the feelings should be conveyed properly. In this personality development videos, I am explaining 100 different emojis. Thanks for watching this personality development video for general knowledge in Hindi on use of emojis. TS Madaan Motivational Speaker | Life Coach

If Facebook usage is reduced by 80% | Hindi Motivational Video

Add to EJ Playlist  A User guide for Facebook visitors. Specially created for my young viewers who love Facebook. 7 steps to use the Facebook to your advantage. If you reduce the facebook time by 80%, the percentage of success will be increased. Social networking has been given much importance in modern times. Man is a social animal. He can not reach any where without society. He lives alone on earth or moon, does not matter. But we consider online social networking as a social networking. Facebook is an online social networking and does not exactly serve the purpose of social networking. Facebook is a beautiful gift from Mark Zuckerberg to mankind. As you know the excess of everything is bad, so is with the excessive use of facebook, it is bad for you, your health, your family, your studies and your career. Let me explain how the excessive use of facebook is bad for us and how by reducing its usage by 80% can be productive for us. Mind it, I have not suggested to leave the facebook, but only to reduce your time on it. Number one, the importance of like button is yet not known to us. Do you press like because you likes the post or simply informing that I have seen your picture and I have pressed like merely for formality. Many facebookers like every post and forget the read each post. Someone posts the invitation of his marriage and you pressed the like button, did you like the information or liked the invitation. people even like the post of a death news. I am sure you will like this motivational video too. This self video can help you in your personal and professional success. It is equally beneficial for youth, students, teachers, teen agers, children, men, women, girls and boys. I feel privilege to dedicate this video to my fellow motivational speakers in India viz. Deepak Chopra, Shiv Khera, Priya Kumar, Minocher Patel, Simerjeet Singh, Paul Robinson, Ujjwal Patni, Promod Batra, Vijay Batra, Santosh Nair, Asit Ghosh, Rajesh Agrawal, M Naseer Khan, Praveen Verma, Pratik Surana, Puneet Jindal, Vivek Bindra, Akash Gautam, Kevin Abdulrahman, Surya Sinha, Him eesh Madaan, Sandeep Maheshwari, Avinash Narula, Sanjay Jha, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Sandeep Wadhera, Bhupendra Singh Rathore, Chirag Patel, Vasant Chauhan, Sneh Desai, Mahendra Devlekar, Chetan Bhagat, Mehboob Charania, Rajesh Satoskar, Rajesh Tagore, and many more. Thanks for watching, TS Madaan Motivational Speaker | Life Coach

5 साल में ही अपने सपने पूरे करो ! Make your dreams a reality within 5 years !

Add to EJ Playlist  Welcome to my channel where you are offered motivational, inspirational and educational success training videos to enhance your health, family happiness, income, social status, mind power and soul. This is my passion as well as profession. You must have observed in my videos that I always ask you to remain positive, anticipate long life and work for big dreams, but have you thought that after 10 or 15 or 20 years where you will be. After this period, will your energy level remain same, will your interests remain same, and your grand parents will be same or will they be alive? I have chosen a highly sensitive topic. Whether I will be able to convey my point, will be judged by your likes on this video. This video and in fact all my videos may not give you 100% benefits but I am sure they will give you something definitely. If a single sentence is there to contribute in your life, your cost of internet and time will be realised. So after 5 years, your interests will be changed, your taste will be changed, your hobbies will be changed. Why not do the things right now within next 5 years, so that there should not be any repentence. take care of your health, make it a top priority. Show care for your family members, earn what ever you want to, plan your business, profession or job..... being dedicated to various singers of India, Pakistan and bangladesh viz. Aman Hayer, Amar Arshi, Amit Rai, Amrinder Gill, Amrit Saab, Amrita Virk, Anita erche, Arif Lohar, Arshpreet, AS Kang, Ashok Masti, Atma Budhewal, Babbu Chaudhary, Babbu Maan, Bai Amarjit, Baljinder Kaur, Baljinder Rimpy, Balkar Ankila, Balkar Sidhu, Balli Bajwa, Bally Jagpal, Bally Singh, Bally Sagoo, Balvir Boparai, Banny A, Baz Singh, Bhinda Aujla, Bhotu Shah, Bhupinder Gill, Bikram Singh, Bill Singh, Binder Bajwa, Bohemia, Bonafide, BukanJatt, Chamkaur, Chamkila, D-Boy, Daljit Bittu, Daljit Mattu, Dalvinder Singh, Darshan Khella, Davinder Kohenoor, DCS, Debi Makhsoospuri, Deep Dhillon, Deepak Dhillon, Deepak Hans, Des-C, Desi Vibes, Devinder Deol, Dharampreet, Diljit, Dr. Zeus, Durga Rangila, E.M.G, E=MC, Feroz Khan, G Deep, G Sandhu, Geeta Zaildar, Gill Balkar, Gill Hardeep, Gippy Grewal, Gurdas Maan, Gurkirpal Surapuri, Gurlej Akhtar, Gurmeet Bawa, Gurmeet Maan, Gurpreet, Gurpreet Dhat, Gurpreet Gogi, Gursewak Maan, Gursewak Soni, Gursharan Bindrakhia, Gurvinder Brar, H Dhami, Hadiqa, Hans Raj Hans, Happy Ghotra, Harbans Sahota, Harbhajan Maan, Harbhajan Shera, Harbhajan Talwar, Hardeep Cheema, Hardev Mahinangal, Harinder Sandhu, Harjit Harman, Harjit Sidhu, HarpreetDhillon , Harry Bajwa, Inderjit London, Inderjit Nikku, Jassi Sidhu, Jassi Sohal, Jaswinder Brar, Jaz Dhami, Jazzy Bains, Jeet, Jeet Bhogal, Jeet Jagjit, Jelly, Jinder Bath, Jinx, JotiDhillon, Juggy D, Jus Ritz, K S Bhamra, Kailash Kher, Kaler Kanth, Kally, Kamal Chamkila, Kamal Grewal, Kamal Heer, Kanwar Pal, Kaptan Laadi, Karamjit Anmol, Karran Jesbir, KS Makhan, Kulbir, Kulbir Gurdaspuri, Kuldeep Manak, Kuldeep Purewal, Kuldeep Rasila, Kulwinder Bhola, Kulwinder Dhanoa, KulwinderDhillo n, Labh Janjua, Laddi Bath, Lakwinder Wadali, Lali Wanjara, Lally, Legacy, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Lovely Nirman, Lucky Chamkila, M R Rajan, Madan Maddi, Major Sandhu, Malika n Jyoti, Malkit Singh, Manak-E, Mandeep Randhawa, Mangal Singh, Mangi Mahal, Maninder Manga, Maninder Shinda, Manj Banwait, Manjeet Pappu, Manjeet Singh, Manjit Rupowalia, Manmohan Waris, Manny Khaira, Manpreet Akhtar, Manpreet Kaur, Manpreet Sandhu, Manpreet Shergill, Master Saleem, Mehi, Mehsopuria, Micky Singh, Mika, Milan, Miss Pooja, Mohammad Sadiq, Mona Singh, Mukhtar Sahota, Nachattar Gill, Navtej Randhawa, Nidhi Kohli, Nindy Kaur, Nirmal Sidhu, Nooran, Northern Lights, NotoriousJatt, NRI, Nusrat Idu, Ominious DJ, Palli Banga, Pamma, Pammi Bai, Parveen Bharta, PBN, Preet Brar, Preet Harpal, Preet Mangat, Punjabi Hit Squad, Punjabi MC, Rabbi Shergill, Rahsi, Rai, Rai jhujhar, Raj Brar, Raj Ranjhodh, Raminder Bhuller, Rani Randeep, Ranj B, Ranjit Raana, Ranvir Dusanj, Ravi Bhullar, Ravinder Grewal, RDB, Resham, Rishi Rich, Romey Gill, Roshan Prince, Rupinder Handa, S R Armaan, Sabar Koti, Sabi Nahal, Sanamdeep, Sarbjit Cheema, Sardool Sikander, Satinder Sartaj, Satinder Satti, Satwinder itti, Satwinder Bugga, Shael, Shankar Sahney, Shazia Manzoor, Sheera Jasvir, Shelly Gill, Shin, Shinda Shonki, Shubra, Silinder Pardesi, Simon Nandra, Simra Sukhshinder Shinda, Sukhwinder Sukhi, Sunny Babbar, Sunny Brar, Surinder Laddi, Surinder Shinda, Surinder Maqsoodpur, Surjit Bhullar, Surjit Bindrakhia, Surjit Khan, Surjit Patar, Tahir Rizvi, Taj-E, Tajinder Maan, Teji Sandhu, Tigerstyle, Uday Singh, USR, Veer Davinder, Vinaypal Buttar, Yudhvir Manak and many more. sorry if any name left. Do subscribe my channel and may win a lucky prize every month. T S Madaan Life Coach | Motivational Speaker

खुल के हसो । Personality Development Video | Hindi

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is dedicated to great Comedy King Kapil Sharma, who is contributing a lot in our lives by his laughter. My question for you, do you remember your last laughter, loudly? like children, without any hesitation. I am not asking about your being joyful but a loud laugh. Because humour and laughing loudly are both different actions. In this personality development training video I am going to train you on a different aspect of life which is usually not liked by sophisticated people. That is the reason the sophisticated people are generally not energetic and only energetic people can succeed in life. This is the aspect of laughing loudly. I have studied a lot for making this video. I have met number of doctoirs, i studied lot of books and surfed the internet. After studying for 10 months, I am giving the summary of my studies in 20 minutes. Laughing loudly is a sress reliever. The cortisol and epinephrine are two stress harmones which supress our immune system. that is why our body resistance is decreased and we can not fight with infections and diseases. The loud laughing decreases theses stress harmones and increases our body resistance. You may not lower your problems but can definitely get rid of the side effects because of this. This personality development training video in Hindi is a motivational inspirational success course. By applying my ideas, funny ideas too, in your daily life can definitely improve your health, relationship and personality and can make you more productive, effective and successful My salute to all comedians esp. Khyati Karana Reva kalra Papa CJ Kapil Sharma Goundamani Senthil Janagaraj Charlie Renushe Aka Gutthi Brahmanandam Kader Khan Rohan Joshi Vir Das Gursimran Khamba Tanmay Bhat Sorabh Pant Rehman Khan Asrani Krushna Abhishek Jaspal Bhatti Johny Lever Mehmood Gurpreet Ghuggi Nitin Bhandarkar Rajendra Nath Keshto Mukherjee Bharti Singh Satish Kaushik Sunil Pal Jagathy Sreekumar Navjot Singh Sidhu Rajeev Thakur for making this world laugh Thanks for watching, T S Madaan Motivational Speaker | Stand up Comedian | Life Coach

Success Ke Dushman - Motivational Video on Procrastination (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  This motivational video will help you to overcome procrastination and clutter. These both are enemies of your success. And the interesting thing is that you already know these foes but do nothing to get rid of them. Either you do not know how to overcome procrastination and even if you know you do not believe it and if you believe, you do not do any thing. Do you? Procrastination kills our productive time and clutter occupies the productive space of our mind. Both these enemies give you anxiety and keep you away from success. Most of your productive time is wasted in locating things and your brain and body, both get tired. Let us discuss procrastination first, that is putting today's work to tomorrow. You start with full bang and zeal and then your all enthusiasm go down. You donot get motivated to start it again. You feel head ache in your head, feel tired and ultimately think that your luck is bad. It is not in your destiny to succeed. And you get stress, tensions, worries, sorrows, frustrations, guilt feeling, deprssion, disappointment, panic and regret. A number of such ailments with only one procrastination and then you try to get solution for each and every ailment. This hindi motivational lecture is not to be confused between time table and procrastination . e.g. I reply to your comments after 11 pm only. It is the scheduling but at 11 if you think whether to reply now or afterwords is procrastination . There are only three solutions to the problem of procrastination . One, do the work now, Two, do the work now and three, do the work now. What ever is done now is actually done, otherwise you do not do anything afterwords. I have told you to prioritize the tasks daily in one of my videos. And my observation is, you have started prioritizing and also a list is made daily, but you have not started doing. Still you are procrastinating . If you check your wallet now, you will find a number of visiting cards given by people to you. Why dont you process them now. Either throw them away, or fix them in an album or save the data in your cell phone or send the message of thanks. Either of these cards should not come in your hands again. You have got a wedding invitation. Do not keep it on television. Do it what ever you like to. You can note the particulars like place, time, day and date and throw it in trash bin. Otherwise you will do like it only. Sudden arrival of visitors, and even emails and calls and messages are equally responsible for your procrastination . The visitors come to you without any prior program only because you did the same thing. My record is I never go to people withou giving the a call, may be my son, my sister, my friends etc. And they do the same way. My younger son, Him eesh Madaan is now a renowned motivational speaker of India. We live in same house. Whenever we feel busy, we shut the doors of our rooms and display plate at our door, do not disturb, please. After all both of us are to maintain our success. Your friends send you the forwarded messages, jokes, poems. If you enjoy reading them then it is OK, if you delete them the politely send them a text message, please do not send me the forwarded messages, I personally do not like my inbox to receive such messages. Otherwise, nothing against you. Like wise, the clutter waste your productive time and energy. keep the things on proper places at very first time. Even my email inbox is never cluttered. I process the emails at first stance, reply or forward. And after that I delete them all and if I need to keep any of them I move them to their respective folders. This motivational video in Hindi is my another effort to help you succeed in your personal and work life. Thanks for watching this motivational training seminar. My best wishes are with you May you get more success and more happiness. This motivational video on procrastination and clutter will help you reach your destination fast. This motivational video is being dedicated to my friends, santosh Nair and Sandeep Maheshwary. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

Lage Raho - Inspirational and Motivational Video on Never Give Up (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  Lage raho inspirational video quotes success of Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan from Bollywood Movies. This video clip in Hindi also gives inspirational story of Ray Crock, the founder of McDonald. The never give inspirational video explains the meaning and definition of persistence. If you can not run fast, try to run slow. If you are unable to run even slow, try to walk. Even if you are not in the position to walk, why not move. Because you can not reach any where by simple sitting on one place. A large number of failures in this world might be not knowing that they were away from success only a single step, may be a single second or a single decision. It is the habit of never give up, which separates you from others. Persistence is the trait of success. Even if drops of water keep falling on stone, they create hole. This inspirational video explains how Amitabh Bachan, the shehnshah of Bollywood succeed in his career of films. This is really inspirational. Amitabh Bachan ji's data of 113 movies shows that he gave 4 block busters, 8 super hits, 10 hits, 23 semi hits, 31 average, 33 flops and 4 disasters. What an inspirational example of lage raho or never give up or persistence. Why not discuss this inspirational video about Shahrukh Khan's movies. His data of 51 movies, he gave 16 block busters and super hits, 10 hits, 8 avarage and 17 flops. Aamir Khan, the perfect bollywood star gave 12 block busters, 6 hits, 6 average and 13 flops out of data of 37 releases. Salman Khan is also an inspirational film star. Out of figure of his 64 releases, Salman Khan gave 19 super hits, 7 hits, 10 average and 28 flops. Failure is not a matter of shame. It is a step forward to success. Like in a car, if you do not have brakes, you drive slow and if you have the brakes, you drive fast. This means the role of brakes is to drive fast. Simmilarly the failures, hurdles, obstacles in your journey to success are the brakes and inspire you to run fast. In direct selling profession of Life Insurance, MLM, Real Estate, the success of sales man depends upon this magical word, lage raho, never give up. If you throw them from the roof, still they will laugh and will discuss the business. They can not hear the word of NO. For them NO is next opportunity. Even in cricket, the players only look for next ball. Inspirational entrepreneur is Ray Crock, the founder of McDonald. His life success is based on fundamental of this theory only. His famous inspirational quote is When you're green, your growing. When you're ripe, you rot. As long as you are moving you are growing. If you stand still, you are like a rotten fruit. Ray Crock started his career as an ambulance driver, the a paper cups sales man, a radio DJ, a milk shake machine sales man and finally McDonald. When he died in 1984, he was having 7500 McDonald outlets in 31 countries and a personal fortune of US 500 million $ dollors. His another inspirational quote is Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get. His life itself is a lecture of inspiration. Thanks for watching this hindi video clip on inspiration and motivation. Stay motivated and stay inspired. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

दोस्तों तथा अनजान लोगों को प्रभावित करने की कला । How to win Friends and influence People

Add to EJ Playlist  Best 130 Life Changing Videos of TS Madaan, visit http://www.tsma How to win Friends and influence People in modern times, is a success training video explaining wonderful ideas of winning friends and influencing people. On every meeting, you can either create a wall or make a bridge. You have a choice of destroying already built bridges or breaking the erected walls. The choice is yours. The distance between two people while communicating should be followed. The distance of less than 1.5 feet is an ideal distance between husband and wife and lovers. The distance of 1.5 feet to 4 feet is between brother sisters and close friends. The distance of 4 ft to 12 ft is considered best between less known people, neighbors or business and professional associates. When you are speaking in public, the minimum distance of 12 feet should be maintained. Give a confident hand shake while meeting people. The grip should be firm and tight. But in case a male is shaking hands with females, the the grip should be soft. The females also should not give a tight hand shake. They should extend a soft hand. When two persons of opposite gender meet, the right of shaking hand is with females. Like wise between two persons of different ages, it should be older one and between two positions, it should be the senior one. When you introduce two persons of opposite gender, introduce male first so that the female can decide on shaking hands. Like wise younger one should be introduced first and the junior one should also be introduced first. Do not sit or stand in authoritative posture in front of any one. Do not talk sarcastic. Do not tount either. It hurts and increase the distance. Call people by name. The sweetest word for anyone in life is his / her own name. When you see some people, his face seems known but you can not recall his name. The main reason of forgetting the name is, you never asked it. Ask the name, ask him to repeat if not understood. Ask him to spell. She will love to speak her name again and again. This is specially true while talking to strangers. Be a good listener. Great catches win the matches. Listeners win. Only concentrate on speaker. Encourage him or her with special words like nice good wonderful excellent right great. Keep your mobile phone always on silent mode. To respect a caller, you unintentionally disrespect the person in front of you. You can call back the callers at any time. Do not look at your watch, wallet, mobile phone, only look directly into the eyes of talker. The communication is 7% verbal and 93% non verbal. Out of this 93%, 38% is your body language and 55% is your body language. Whatever you speak, your feelings get transferred through your eyes, face, body and tone of voice. So you have to have good nice feelings about your friends and people. You will not be able to pretend. Try to find good points in your friends and the people in general and give compliments on those points. This success video in Hindi is to motivate you, inspire you and train you for your personality development. This video clip is being dedicated to Shri Pramod Batra, whose book, Management Wisdom got me lot of success and happiness. I am personally thankful to Sandeep Maheshwary and Him eesh Madaan for spreading happiness. I have specially quoted few lines from Amir Khan's 3 idiots. Behti hawa sa tha wo, udti patang sa tha wo. Kaha gaya usse dhoondho. TSMadaan Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

From Failure to Success - A Motivational Inspirational Training Video (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  From Failure to Success is a Success Training Video. Unlike Snake and Ladder game, Life's game is played by training, skill, talent, hard work, commitment, planning, experience etc. where as in snake and ladder game, your moves depend upon the chance only. You find various opportunities to move upward and downward. In this training video, I have tried to give you certain traps where you can fail and also given suggestions how to overcome those chances of failure and move to success. First factor which can fail you is your own circumstances, your possesions etc. Your potential goes waste only because you surrender yourself to your poverty, your clothes, your shoes and such other things. You can become a better sales man, but as you do not have the right dress, you do not move out. You do not go to interview only because you do not have good pair of shoes. This means your personality is depended on your clothes, shoes, jewellery, bike, car etc. In this video I have explained a story of one of my uncles, Shri Dharam Paul Jain from Amritsar. How he got thirteen signatures from members of DAV management committee to get her daughter admitted in DAV college for women. His pyjama, his cycle and his dress never become obstacle in his journey to success. If I have this, I will do this. If I have that, I will do that does not matter while moving from failure to success. The only thing matters in becoming successful is your self confidence. If I have a rocket, I might have moved to moon. When I was in Ahmedabad to train a batch of aspiring air hostess and cabin crew, I noticed a trainee sitting sad. I asked her what happened. She said that she appeared in an interview and chances are she may be rejected. I asked whether interviewer said so. She replied that interviewer did not say anything but he made a face that I could collect that he rejected me. In this success video, I have explained how you fail because of other's funny faces. The chances are they are reacting to some other thoughts. So please in your journey to success do not let the faces of others the reason of failures. The various other factors which can stop you to become success are when you read forecast in newspapers, websites or you listen to such forecasts in radio and television. I have full faith in astrology, but astrology can not divide the whole man kind in 12 parts only. I am a scorpion and prince Charles is also a scorpion, do we have any similarity. My date of birth is 14 november and the date of birth of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was also 14 November. After becoming Prime minister of India, he has gone to heaven and I never dreamed of becoming prime minister. So do not let the forecast become an hurdle in your way to success from failuer. This Hindi Motivational Inspirational Success Video Clip is being dedicated to Milkha Singh, the flying sikh whose incident I narrated in this movie. I am also dedicating this video to Sandeep Maheshwary and Sister Shivani, who are contributing their lot to make this world succeed. My gratitude to Shiv Khera and Rajesh Agarwal and Priya Kumar for their good work for helping people move from failure to success. I will be failing in my duty if I do not mention the names of some journalists who are active enough for your success despite the various odds in political system of India. They are Arnab Goswami, Barkha Dutt, Vinod Dua and Radeep Sirdesai. Thanks to you all my viewers for watching my videos and sparing time to like, share and comment on them. My best wishes for your success and happiness. TSMadan Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

दूध फटने से घबराहट होती है तो पनीर बनाना सीखो । Motivational Success Video in Hindi

Add to EJ Playlist  This video clip gives an idea how to convert your failures into success. Every successful person was a failure once. If you want to succeed, you need to face the failures. Multiplying failures mean multiplying success. Success rate is directly proportionate to rate of failures. This Hindi motivational video clip is my own story between 1980 to 1986. This is not my biography but an effort to help you succeed after your initial failures. I was interested to become rich and famous since my childhood. even when I drove my cycle, I used to drive it 4 feet away from other vehicles, so that I can have a feel of a car. I used to speak horn language instead of cycle bell. I faced failures in my life so many times and equal number of times, I enjoyed successes. I started my studies in an English speaking public school where only rich people's children studied. I used to look at their sophisticated communication. Their drivers were coming to drop them and their tiffins were brought by their servants. My father and my mother, though both were educated yet under the pressure from other relatives changed my school to an ordinary school. At that time, in our lower middle class type families, to think and to dream of success or richness was considered like a sin, a crime. In that ordinary school, I learnt the filthy language from my teacher. I started my career of motivational speaker, inspirational speaker and personality development trainer in 1980. Because of terrorism in those days in Punjab, India, my profession could not get kick on. A failure in start. I joined my papa's business of paint manufacturing industry to earn my bread and butter, and even that did not take off, due to bad time of terrorism there. I wanted success, I did not want failure so I with my wife, Pinky Madaan and my son, Awal Singh, shifted to Delhi. Here my both the occupations, the profession of a life skill trainer and paint business, grow leaps and bounds. But in 1984 on 31st October, after the death of Indira Gandhi, every thing vanished. I was never scared of failures. I went back to Amritsar and started another business of renting out movies. In nut shell, every time I failed, I took one more step to success. today I am the most expensive speaker and trainer in India. This is not my ego but a pride. If you have an interesting story too, which can motivate, which can inspire, do come to me. I will record it in my studio and will upload on my youtube channel. If you don't want to get it recorded, you can still send me the story. I will record it in my voice on your behalf and using your name. Let us serve the society by helping them touch the heights of success even after failures. I am sure, this video will motivate you will inspire you and will help you succeed. Do not afraid of failures. Success is surely to come to you. This motivational video clip in Hindi is being dedicated to Milkha Singh, Farhan Akhtar, Rakeysh Omparkash Mehra, Sonam and entire cast and crew of Bhag Milkha Bhag. My thanks to all motivational speakers and personality development trainers for helping society to succeed esp. Shiv Khera, Santosh Nair, Him eesh Madaan, Rajesh Agarwal, Sandeep Maheshwary, Chirag Patel, Minocher Patel, Simerjeet Singh, Asit Ghosh and BK Shivani and many more. Namastey, Sat Sri Akal, Khudfa Hafiz and Good Bye. My best wishes, may you get more Success and more Happiness. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

Power of Self Confidence (Hindi) What, Why and How?

Add to EJ Playlist  Self confidence motivational training video in Hindi is the result of my study and research of successful persons in all walks of life. People with high self confidence do what they believe to be right, even if others mock or criticize them for it. They are willing to take risks and go the extra mile to achieve better things in life. They admit their mistakes, and learn from them. They extol their own virtues as often as possible to as many people as possible. They accept compliments graciously by saying Thank you, I really worked hard on that . I am pleased you recognize my efforts. Your words of compliments make me move. Where as people with low self confidence govern their behavior based on what other people dictate. They stay in their comfort zone, fearing failure, and so do not take risks. They work hard to cover up mistakes, and hope that others will appreciate despite all the negatives. They waiting for others to congratulate on accomplishments . What is self-confidence ? It is like umbrella in rain which can not stop the rain but gives us the courage to stand in rain. Same way high self confidence may not bring success in life but gives us the courage to face the challenges in the journey to success. This video clip gives the ideas of enhancing self esteem for happiness and building self confidence excercises. This self confidence video lecture and lesson also suggests men, women, children, teenagers, youth, students, boys, girls, etc. the development ideas. The mantras for building self confidence has also been described by story techniques The NLP tips also help you gain, improve, increase and build high self confidence. Your success and becoming rich is dependent upon your level of self confidence. My dear youtube viewers, I am thankful to you for watching my videos. I am dedicating this video to my sister Aruna @ Dimple, whose high self confidence helped me to grow and succeed. I am also dedicating this movie clip to Brian Tracy, the man who pioneered Self Confidence subject in world. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma

सफलता की राह में ज़रूरी Happy Fathers Day (Hindi Success Video)

Add to EJ Playlist  Happy Fathers Day is on 16th of June. Kids, Sons and daughters celebrate this day all over the world. A father is so special to every child irrespective of cast, creed, gender, religion, region, color, complexion, built etc. On this auspicious father's day, children sing songs, send cards, send ecards etc. Some of them give gifts and presents to their fathers. This Hindi videos is a success video clip for your motivation and inspiration. Use quotes and quotation to pay regards to your papa on this father's day. Why always Mummy.......... .. Daddy this time... HOW A SON THINKS ABOUT HIS FATHER AT DIFFERENT AGES: At 4 Years My daddy is great. At 6 Years My daddy knows everybody. At 10 Years My daddy is good but is short tempered At 12 Years My daddy was very nice to me when I was young. At 14 Years My daddy is getting fastidious. At 16 Years My daddy is not in line with the current times. At 18 Years My daddy is becoming increasingly cranky. At 20 Years Oh! Its becoming difficult to tolerate daddy. Wonder how Mother puts up With him. At 25 Years Daddy is objecting to everything. At 30 Years It's becoming difficult to manage my son. I was so scared of my father When I was young. At 40 Years Daddy brought me up with so much discipline. Even I should do the same. At 45 Years I am baffled as to how my daddy brought us up. At 50 Years My daddy faced so many hardships to bring us up. I am unable to manage A Single son. At 55 Years My daddy was so far sighted and planned so many things for us. He is One Of his kind and unique. At 60 Years My daddy is great. Thus, it took 56 years to complete the cycle and come back to the 1st Stage. Realize the true value of your parents before it's too late. Happy Father's Day Dedicated to my father Late Sardar Jagjit Singh Madaan T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma

Fathers must watch this Emotional Motivational Story (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  A emotional, inspirational and motivational story of a father and daughter that will make you cry. One day the father noticed that his 3 years old daughter is using his most precious gold paper to wrap a gift box. He got annoyed as already there was a shortage of money and it was difficult to make both ends meet. He called her and scolded her like any thing. Next morning there was the Indian festival of Deepawali. The little girl went to her father and presented that gold paper wrapped gift to him. "Papa this gift is for you" the cute girl said. The father immediately hugged her and apologised for her behaviour last night. AS he opened that gift box, it was empty. He immediately got angry and started shouting on her. Dont you know when you present a gift to any one it should contain something. The girl started crying and said, Papa this box is not empty. I have poured my kisses into it. All for you. This time the father felt verty small and took her into his arms. It is said that the father retained that box for whole of his life and whenever he was depressed, frustrated or tired, he opened that box and took one of those kisses and put it on his cheek. My dear fathers and mothers, in our life the most precious gifts ever given to us is a box full of love, affection, care, respect. This gift is our biggest possession. I am dedicating this video to my late father Sardar Jagjit Singh Madaan and my mother Sardarni Daljit Kaur Madaan. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma

दर्द में भी यह लब मुस्करा जाते हैं Success Video Inspirational in Hindi

Add to EJ Playlist  दर्द में भी यह लब मुस्करा जाते हैं Dard mein bhi ye lab muskura jate hain - is an idea about agony and pain of my life. The motive is to let you know that you need to smile despite all odds. If you smile people smile with you, if you laugh people laugh with you and if you cry you will have to cry alone. You may have a past of failure but a future of success. This video clip is an inspirational talk giving you motivation to laugh. This success video is being dedicated to Larry Page, the founder of Google, who despite his vocal cord paralysis, smiles and runs a super successful company. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.TSMa

हर फिक्र को धुंए में उड़ाता चला गया How to handle tension (Hindi) Success Video

Add to EJ Playlist  Tension and worry is part of life. If you handle your worries and tensions well, you can achieve success very fast. This video clip defines the song 'har fiqr ko dhue mein udata chala gaya". You must have listened this song hundred of times, but have you tried to go into deep meaning behind this movie song. This motivational inspirational life changing success video in Hindi is being dedicated to Sahir Ludhianvi and Dev Anand. TSMadaan Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

How can you pretend !!! Hindi Motivational Clip

Add to EJ Playlist  You can not pretend. You are known by the company you keep and by the company you avoid. By the kind of books you read and by the kind of books you avoid. By the kind of jokes, movies, food, drinks, dress and so on. How can you pretend !!! A rich person need not tell others that he is rich, if he has to that means he is not. An honest person needs not tell others that he is honest, if he has to this means he is not. If you want to be known as great you will have to be great. This motivational inspirational life changing hindi success video clip is being dedicated to Mr. Chander Mohan and Mr. Arvind Mohan of Battery Directory. TS Madaan Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur http://www.tsma

Failure to Success Motivational Video in Hindi

Add to EJ Playlist  One is either successful or failure. No body is little bit of successful. Little bit of success is no story, it is not a right statement. A person is either honest or dishonest. He can not be a little bit of honest. This motivational video clip is from my full day positive attitude training workshop held at Dargah-E-Hakimi at Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh. This video is being dedicated to Dhiru Bhai Ambani, who created a success story. TSMadaan Freelance Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

People Decide Your Income (Hindi) Success Video

Add to EJ Playlist  People you may have with you may not be the best ones. How you use them decide your income. People are important. People are awesome. People are amazing. People are in the image of God. Value them above every thing but God. Respect them, respect their feelings. A success video in Hindi is the excerpt from a full day positive attitude training workshop. This video clip is being dedicated to Aamir Khan, the great Actor. and Sh. Pradeep Jain, Chairman of Parsvnath Developers Limited. TSMadaan Freelance Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

संजय दत्त क्यों रोया Sanjay Dutt Crying in Interview. Crown of Glory comes with Diamonds of Sorrows

Add to EJ Playlist  Sanjay Dutt cried in the press conference. He got disturbed by his 5 years sentence by honourable Supreme Court of India. Sanjay Dutt was in Jail in 1993 too for 18 months. His movies and songs will be stalled. His new movies in 2013 are in the making. This video is a motivational and inspirational video. I have tried to explain the sorrows and grief coming with Glory and Happiness. This happens with all. After watching this motivational video, there may be a positive change in your attitude. I have used mainly Hindi with a little bit of English, This is my 100th Video on Youtube. Watch and Share. TSMadaan Freelance Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

बंदा बन जाओ - Be a Person - Hindi Motivational Video

Add to EJ Playlist  If we want to be a good Businessman, Professional, Employee, Student, Teacher, Politician, A Father, A Husband, A Wife, A Friend.... we would have to be good Person. This is not a subject of training but an attitude. Start now. Journey of thousand miles start from Zero only. This success mantra video is being dedicated to Mother Taresa and Bhagat Puran Singh ji. TSMadaan Freelance Motivational Speaker, http://www.tsma

Learn Love Mantras From Dogs - Hindi Motivational Video

Add to EJ Playlist  Why Dogs live a short life? Why Human beings live longer life. God wants us to learn loving people whereas Dogs already know the language of love. They need not learn the language of love. That is the reason Dogs need not live long life. If we consider Dogs our trainers. We can learn to love humanity. This motivational video clip is in Hindi. Let us learn language of love from dogs. Meet people enthusiasticall y but warmly. Encash every opportunity of joy ride. If you are happy, transfer the feelings by your behaviour. keep digging till the success is achieved. Sit along your family members if they are feeling low and sad and pray for their happiness. DOG, oops, GOD bless you. TSMadaan Freelance Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

Time Management Videos in Hindi

Add to EJ Playlist  This small video clip of Time Management is just a reminder for you. Your success or failures depend on the usage of 86,400 seconds in each day. You are provided with 86,400 seconds on each day and you are authorised to use or misuse them on that particular day only. No balance can be carried forward nor any time can be brought forward. This motivational video in Hindi is dedicated to all those successful people who made best use of the available 86,400 seconds in each day. The time available to Barrack Obama, Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukherjee, Shahrukh Khan, Bill Gates, Ram Lal, Shyam Kumar, Promila, Gul Panang, Rajesh Agarwal and all such people is same. TSMadaan Freelance Motivational Speaker http://www.tsma

Life Changing Success Thought Capsule - 20 Seconds

Add to EJ Playlist  20 Seconds of watching this deep success thought may alter your thought process. This will serve as a capsule. Watch,Observe, Analyse, Discuss and share. Do you like this idea of 20 seconds capsule. Please comment.

Powerful and Effective Keynote Speech at Rotary International (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  This video clip is from a powerful and effective keynote speech in an audience of 1500 people from different walks of life. This keynote speech was delivered at Rotary District Conference of Rotary International District 3020, Hemantham Lo Vasantham at SunRay Village. The conference was hosted by Rotary Club Visakha Port City. The conference Chairman was Rtn. PP. KS Narayana, and Conference Secretary was Rtn. VV Narayana Rao. Rtn. DG Ch. Surya Rao, Rtn. IPDG Amjad Ali (Immediate Past District Governor), R.I.President's representative. Aide Rtn. W.Srinivas was a nice host to me. The various dignitories included Past District Governors (PDG), District Governor Nominee (DGN), past Presidents, Presidents, Secretaries, Office Bearers, new and old members, Innerwheel members, rotaract club members, interact club members of different Rotary Clubs of Distt. 3020 comprising of Rotary Clubs of Amalapuram, Kakinada, Eluru, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Kothapeta, Tuni, Waltair, Srikakulam, Machilipatnam, Sompeta, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Vuyyuru, Peddapuram, Samalkot, Bhimavaram, Kakinada, Gudivada, Anakapalle, Tanaku, Jangareddigudem , Vizag, Razole, Ichchapuram, Kuchipudi, Challapalli, Nidadavole, Mummidivaram, Malikipuram, Penugonda, Koyyala Gudem, Gannavaram, Maruteru, Narasapur, Amudalavalasa, Palakol, Konaseema, Gajuwaka, Nuzvid, Narsipatnam, Rajam, Kondapalli, Ksheerapuri etc. All the new and old members of these clubs appreciated this Hindi Motivational Keynote Speech on Relationship. I tried to explain that we are connected with each other technologically but are disconnected mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Ours is the most connected society with most disconnected people. I tried to make them smile with lots of celebrations. This video clip is being dedicated to Rtn. DG Upkar Singh Sethi, Rotary District 3070 for his contribution in my professional and personal life. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma Previous Description: This Life Changing Seminar Excerpts are from TSMadaan's keynote at Rotary District Conference at Vishakhapatnam. The Unique, humorous, powerful and effective delivery style of T S Madaan, top motivational speaker in India, makes him distinct amongst various conference speakers. TS Madaan is a freelance motivational speaker since 1980. He has already conducted his sessions for a number of different verticals viz. Industry, Auto, Retail, Real Estate, Pharma, MLM, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Schools, Colleges, Rotary, Lions, etc. pan India. He delivers in Hinglish, a mix of Hindi and English. The Punjabi tadka is beyond any comparison. His specialisation is in Motivation, Attitude, Positive Thinking, Interpersonal Relations, Anger Management, Stress Management, Grief Management, Behaviour, Time Management, and various other soft skills. He is very popular with people from all ages and genders. He designs his sessions keeping in mind the needs, concerns, interests and expectations of the organisers. A versatile personality, TS Madaan is blessed with a powerful voice. If you are planning to organise an event / conference / convention / seminar without him, then you are going to snatch an opportunity to grow more from the people in your organisation. This success video is being dedicated to Stephen R. Covey, the great author and my children Awal Eesh, Him Eesh and Sakshi. To know more about TSMadaan, visit his website Follow him at m/tsmadaan

Powerful Effective Famous Motivational Speakers in India

Add to EJ Playlist  Powerful Effective Famous Motivational Speakers in India, T S Madaan is one of them. Multiplying productivity and performance of People since 1980. Visit to invite him for his motivational sessions (Hindi) in your next conference / convention / seminar in your organisation.

Youth Motivational Speaker in India (Punjabi / Hindi) - A Powerful Message by T S Madaan

Add to EJ Playlist  This video clip in Punjabi gives you an important motivational and inspirational message. If you want youth motivational speakers for your next conference / seminar / convention in your college, university, school, institute, you can call me. I conduct the motivational seminars in Punjabi / Hindi pan India. My delivery style is interactive, funny and powerful. I am dedicating this video to my daughter-in-law Sakshi Khattar Madan. TSMadaan Motivational Speaker & Personality Development Trainer http://www.tsma

How to set Priorities ? A Motivational Video by T S Madaan (Hindi)

Add to EJ Playlist  I assure you of a good piece of suggestion in this video. Setting priorities daily is not a child's play. I am trying my best to contribute in the journey of your personal and professional growth. In my own journey of motivational seminars in india, I am setting my day according to these suggestions. Dedicating this video to my sons Awal Eesh Singh and Him eesh Madaan, who are moving forward at reasonably good speed. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker and Life Coach http://www.TSMa

सड़क पर शेखीबाज़ी दुःख की खबर देती है

Add to EJ Playlist  Follow Traffic Rules. Violation thrills but gives a bad news to the family. I have uploaded this not so called motivational video but an important message to inspire you, motivate you. This hindi video is a tribute to all those who fell to fatal road accidents, due to their own errors. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker and Life Coach http://www.tsma

Watch if you face Ups and Downs in your Life (Hindi Motivational Video)

Add to EJ Playlist  Majority of you are regularly facing ups and downs of life. You wonder why it happens to you only. This small and crisp motivational and inspirational video can get you a powerful thought. This video is being dedicated to my dear friends Manmeet Singh and Sunmeet Kaur. T S Madaan Motivational Speaker & Life Coach http://www.tsma

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