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PhantomX Quadruped Mark II Preview

Add to EJ Playlist  Product Page: http://www.tros /quad Interbotix Labs is proud to introduce the 2nd revision of our Quadruped robot kits, the PhantomX Quadruped ...

How to do the Quadruped exercise with Total Woman

Add to EJ Playlist  Beth and Cynthia of Total Woman Gym & Day Spa demonstrate proper form when doing the Quadruped floor exercise. ... As with any exercise program, consult ...

CPT4 Assist: eTeach -- Core Stabilization Training: Quadruped Progressions

Add to EJ Playlist  Sample Application Video from NASM's CPT4 Assist: eTeach. Featuring NASM's Director or Advanced Education, Eric Beard and NASM CPT and CES, Beth ...

Quadruped robot long step walking

Add to EJ Playlist  New video quadruped robot with black design http://www.serv /quadruped/

WLAN controlled Quadruped Robot / Roboter - Smartphone (Android)

Add to EJ Playlist  Die Steuerung des Roboters erfolgt via Computer, Smartphone oder Tablet...

Quadruped Leg Swings

Add to EJ Playlist  This video details how to perform bodyweight quadruped leg swings (hip transverse abduction and hip extension). In addition, ankle weight loading is shown, and also ...

Arduino Quadruped Robot

Add to EJ Playlist  I know the gait isn't smooth. It has no IK ( Inverse Kinematics ), and the servos jitter too much. But this is my first microcontroller project. So this is it... For more ...

Back Pain Relief with Core Exercises, Quadruped (On All Fours) - Ask Doctor Jo

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.AskD Doctor Jo shows you some simple stretches and exercises you can do on all fours to help strengthen your core and prevent back ...

Arduino Spider Quadruped Robot Kit with Servo Control Board

Add to EJ Playlist  Sunfounder crawling robot kit is coming soon. This kit is based on Arduino, completely open source and provide free technical support. This kit includes: All the ...

OKQ1 Quadruped Robot - Motion Management

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is a demonstration of some simple motion management I have programmed for OKQ1. When ever the robot does not have a travel request from the ...

Aracna: An Open-Source Quadruped Robotic Platform

Add to EJ Playlist  Aracna is a new, quadruped robot platform which requires non-intuitive motor commands in order to locomote and thus provides an interesting challenge for gait ...

Space Engineers: giant quadruped release - The Ivory Queen

Add to EJ Playlist  Workshop: http://steamcom edfiles/filedet ails/?id=384548 559 Partner with TGN: http://bbtv.go2 ...

PhantomX Quadruped Demo

Add to EJ Playlist  Interbotix Labs is proud to introduce the PhantomX line of Quadruped robot kits! http://www.tros /p/PhantomX-AX- px These kits ...

How to build Quadruped Robot / using an Arduino

Add to EJ Playlist  Arduino Quadruped Robot // Made by Teslaundmehr // 8 Servos (12 coming soon) 1 Ultrasonic sensor // Music: v=lP0D5u3EMfA ...

Hardest Quadruped Progression Ever

Add to EJ Playlist  Join http://brentbro to get instant access to 260+ videos, 180+ articles, and 80+ panel discussions in our fully integrated online platform ...

2013 Colorado QUADRUPED - Mens Open Finals - Disc Dog

Add to EJ Playlist  2013 Colorado QUADRUPED - Mens Open Finals - Disc Dog Hosted By Colorado Disc Dogs http://www.colo m/ Broadcast sponsored by The ...

Locomotion Skills for Simulated Quadrupeds

Add to EJ Playlist  ACM SIGGRAPH 2011 paper Project page with executable demo: http://www.cs.u rs/2011-TOG-qua druped/ ml We develop an integrated ...

Core Series -- Quadruped Hip Extension

Add to EJ Playlist  This core exercise emphasizes the abdominals and glutes. The abdominals work with other core muscles to stabilize the lower back and pelvis while the glutes ...

Pilates Enthusiasts : S2E34 : Variations on Quadruped

Add to EJ Playlist  Chantill Lopez goes over a few variations of the traditional "all fours position" to strengthen the lower back and lower abdominals.

HyQ - IIT's Hydraulic Quadruped Robot - Balancing and First Outdoor Tests

Add to EJ Playlist  HyQ is a new versatile quadruped robot with hydraulic+elect ric actuation developed at the Department of Advanced Robotics at the Italian Institute of ...

Quadruped Rigging In Blender Part 1: Forward Kinematics Rig

Add to EJ Playlist  My first blender tutorial and Part 1 of my quadruped rigging in blender series. This part focuses on creating a basic forward kinemtatics rig in blender. The tutorial ...

Making of Spider Quadruped Robot Arduino

Add to EJ Playlist  A homemade spider like quadruped robot. It is powered by 12 towerpro servo's. Arduino is calculating the feet end positions by Inverse Kinematics. It can walk ...

Quadruped Hip Extension

Add to EJ Playlist  The Quadruped Hip Extension is a precursor to McGill's Bird Dog. In the Quadruped Hip Extension the emphasis is only on the hip. The biggest key to ending ...

Arduino Quadruped Robot - Walking - Trot Gait and Creep Gait - Stalker V1.3

Add to EJ Playlist  Project page: http://blog.osc uino-quadruped- robot-stalker/ Updates: 1. Trot Gait 2. that's all! :-p Note: As usual, I will share my source code and ...


Add to EJ Playlist  Turns out that four legs are twice as much a pain in the ass as having only two. Who would have thought...

Quadruped Extension Rotation Tips From Eric Cressey

Add to EJ Playlist  New Balance Fitness Ambassador and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Eric Cressey, discusses the importance of upper back mobility exercises, ...

BigDog Beta (early Big Dog quadruped robot testing)

Add to EJ Playlist  Subscribe to our channel at http://youtube. com/pantlesskni ghts The hilarious, somewhat flawed predecessor to Boston Dynamics' infamous Big Dog Robot.

SweClubberz - Quadruped (Original Mix)

Add to EJ Playlist  SweClubberz social medias - https://www.fac ubberz https://www.sou clubberz https://www.ins lubberz.

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