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Rama Setu - An Engineering Marvel of 5076 BCE

Add to EJ Playlist  The Government of India has decided to go ahead with its plans for building a shipping channel by breaking the Rama Setu, the oldest man-made bridge of our c...

Ram Sethu Travel By Boat

Add to EJ Playlist  సముద్రం మధ్యలో వాళ్ళు ఎట్లా నీళ్ళలో నిలబడ్డారో ! రామ సేతు అనేది నిజమా కాదా ?

Ram Setu

Add to EJ Playlist  This Documentary is based on historical facts,it very ancient bridge,now there is ruins of was build by god Rama, It is situated at rameshwaram. this d...

Ghost Town Dhanushkodi & The RAMA SETU- A Documentary (HD)

Add to EJ Playlist  This Documentary is a re-created version showing the Adam's Bridge and the 1964 cyclone affected area of Dhanushkodi in Tamil Nadu, India. Adam's Bridge also...

10 Incredible Facts about RAMA Setu you should know.

Add to EJ Playlist  10 Incredible Facts about RAMA Setu you should know. RAMA Setu is also known as Adan's Bridge. No. 10 History Of RAMA Setu Epic Ramayana Says, Rama Setu was ...

RAM SETHU FROM 20,000 feet!!!

Add to EJ Playlist  RAM SETHU (ADAM's BRIDGE) FROM 20000 feet on board Air India.

Ram Sethu and floating stones used to build this bridge

Add to EJ Playlist  See the Holy Ram Setu Shot from an aeroplane . It links India with Sri Lanka , Lord Rama crossed India on this bridge made by Nal and Neel , see alse the flo...

Ram Sethu (Shot From Train)

Add to EJ Playlist  ALLAH v/s BHAGWAN video v=7GRZiEfyVGY There is no meaning to religion without God and since the entire religion is build upon t...

Floating stones in Ram Setu - Scientific validation

Add to EJ Playlist  Ramayana and scriptures mention about the floating stones used by Hanuman and other Vanara Sena to build the Ram Setu connecting India and Srilanka at Ramesw...

Ram Setu-Nasa Confirmed it

Add to EJ Playlist  This news is from south.NASA confirmed is very old bridge,lord rama constructed is very valuable for hindus.this news is by is silent doc...

Ram Setu A Construction Engineering Wonder - Rajiv Dixit

Add to EJ Playlist  Official website : http://rajivdix NASA के सैटलाइट से लिए गए श्री राम सेतु के फोटो से पता चलता है के सेतु S आकृति में बनाया गया है और इसमें लाखो सा...

Govt dare not touch Ram Sethu: Subramanian Swamy

Add to EJ Playlist  Meanwhile, the original petitioner in the Ram Sethu case, Subramanin swamy has said that this is a cowardly time buying ally appeasing act of the govt. He al...

Dr Subramanian Swamy talks about the Hidden truth of Ram Setu case on Sudarshan News TV

Add to EJ Playlist  Dr Subramanian Swamy talks about the Hidden truth of Ram Setu case on Sudarshan News TV.

Save Ram Setu Save Bharat

Add to EJ Playlist  देखे कितना महत्वपूर्ण है रामसेतु भारत के लिये | यह हमारी संस्कृति का प्रतिक है |

Rameswaram Floating Stone

Add to EJ Playlist  http://Yuvahere .com This is really mind blowing for some real religionist. It is mentioned in the epic Ramayana that Ram Setu was built by the son of Lord Vi...

Ram Setu-NASA`s Confirmation

Add to EJ Playlist  This documentary is based on God Ram`s Setu, NASA Called it Adam`s Bridge, they took pictures of it from satelite. they confirmed it. they send pictures also...

DhanushKodi - Ram setu point

Add to EJ Playlist  Ram setu was supposed to be built here. This is the nearest point to sri lanka from india. From the last Highway point 8 Km earlier, only Mahindra jeeps and ...

Ram Sethu controversy:25/02/13 - Studio N

Add to EJ Playlist  StudioN gives you the Latest News, Breaking News, Sports, Entertainment and News Headlines in Telugu from all over world. To download StudioN Telugu News Cha...

The 'Ram Setu' Conspiracy: Hindus Under Siege!!! Dr Subramaniam Swamy

Add to EJ Playlist  SUBSCRIBE this channel for regular updates on Indian Politics at this link eus8u.

Ram Sethu bridge controversy

Add to EJ Playlist  Ram Sethu bridge controversy.

NDA: Will not damage or destroy Ram sethu

Add to EJ Playlist  Government will not break “Ram Sethu” for the proposed Sethusamudram shipping canal project and will make efforts to see that the navigation system is put in...

America Wants To Distroy (RAM SETU) & his Agent Manmohan Singh Helping him Exposed By Rajiv Dixit

Add to EJ Playlist  Official website : http://rajivdix श्री राजीव भाई कहते है श्रीमती इंदिरा गाँधी ने जब परमाणु बोम्ब ब्लास्ट किया था तोह अमेरिका ने भारत को इउरेनियम द...

America Wants To Destroy (RAM SETU) and his agent Manmohan Singh Helping him exposed By Rajiv Dixit

Add to EJ Playlist  Every Indian Must Must must get shocked to know conspiracy behind it. VISIT RAJIV DIXIT JI OFFICIAL WEBSITE ! http://rajivdix

NDA government to revive Ram Sethu project

Add to EJ Playlist  Union Surface Transport and Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday said there was no question of demolishing 'Ramar Sethu' while implementing the Sethusa...

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