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Shooters World-Tampa, FL

Add to EJ Playlist  Read me: To purchase Firearms or Suppressors email me: NFAReview@gunsh What better way to spend the day that Obama goes public and states he wants "assault weapons" banned. Myself, my wife, and some friends set out to go check out the new ShootersWorld shooting range in Tampa,FL and proceeded to sling some lead from our legally owned firearms. My Noveske 10.5" barreled SBR AR15 IS NOT A FUCKING ASSAULT RIFLE! AND I'LL KEEP MY FUCKING 30rd MAGAZINES! I bought some more STANDARD CAPACITY magazines today just to slap the white house in the face. Any law passed that goes against the US Constitution is NULL AND VOID and is NOT LAW! Glad I got THAT off my chest. lol. So this range was tits, it was the nicest range I've EVER been to. Period. They even had a damn milkshake machine in the "lounge" hahahahaha. WTF. The staff was super friendly and the place was HUGE! Checkout their website for pictures and range details. http://www.shoo efault.aspx Thanks for watching! Visit my FACEBOOK Fan Page at https://www.fac viewchannel

Bree unedited audio

Add to EJ Playlist  Suppressed Walther P22, suppressed M16 SBR-22, Tommygun-22, UZI-22, M4-22, new M-16 AA mount-22, pyro target

M&P 22 w/ SWR Warlock

Add to EJ Playlist  M&P 22 w/ SWR Warlock........ .....NFAtalk.or g

Range Day @ FFA (Florida Firearms Academy)

Add to EJ Playlist  Read me: To purchase Firearms or Suppressors email me: NFAReview@gunsh Read me: I want to thank FFA for giving me full permission to film and full rights to use my footage on my youtube channel. FFA has a great state of the art shooting facility and is located at 13317 West Hillsborough Avenue Tampa, FL 33635 (813) 221-3473 The range is located behind the NAPA auto parts building in Oldsmar just East of Racetrack Rd. Note: The full auto 10/22 and the FA AR15 lower was built by the gunsmiths at FFA. Thanks for watching! Visit my FACEBOOK Fan Page at https://www.fac viewchannel

Susan shooting Sig Mosquito with Silencerco Sparrow

Add to EJ Playlist  CCI Blazer standard velocity. As you can see it cycles reliably. The gun has a polished feed ramp with properly bedded spring.

Shooting Suppressors July 4th 2012

Add to EJ Playlist  http://gunright This video is associated with the Gun Review Podcast episode "Shooting Suppressors with Bill from Michigan". http://gunrevie

Susan Shooting Buckmark Whisper with Silencerco Sparrow

Add to EJ Playlist  Susan firing my suppressed Buckmark pistol. Sorry for all the loud unsuppressed rangetards firing in the other stalls.... Info on the pistol: Browning Buckmark Whisper in 22lr - 5.5" threaded factory barrel Rusty22 1911 grip conversions VZ Operator 1911 Slim Grips Hiviz Front Sight Tactical Solutions Integrated Rail System Silencerco Sparrow SS Suppressor Ammo: CCI Subsonic 22lr

Ghost suppressor by GPI sending rounds down range.

Add to EJ Playlist  Excellent GPI Ghost .22 on a Ruger MIII with a cheap dot scope. Works perfect!

Ruger MIII with Ghost suppressor by GPI.

Add to EJ Playlist  Great suppressor. The brass hitting the wall sounds louder than the gun. Not as quiet as when its mounted to a ATI 1911-22, but excellent overall package.

Silencers Are Legal Shoot - Dallas, TX - See more at

Add to EJ Playlist  The SHWAT™ Team was at the first ever Silencers Are Legal Shoot at Elm Fork Range in Dallas. Were you? April 28, 2012. This video has .22s, SAW full auto, and a 50 S&W. And more! See more at

DFW Gun Range - Natalie England

Add to EJ Playlist  Natalie England shooting an HK USP Tactical 9mm with Gemtech Tundra suppressor. May 1, 2012

DFW Gun Range - Jordan Goff

Add to EJ Playlist  Jordan Goff shooting an HK USP Tactical 9mm with Gemtech Tundra suppressor. May 1, 2012

DFW Gun Range - Natalie Jenkins

Add to EJ Playlist  Natalie Jenkins shooting HK UPS Tactical 9mm with Gemtech Tundra suppressor May 1, 2012

Lola's suppressed Sig 226 Dark Elite w AAC TiRant

Add to EJ Playlist  TiRant 45 with 9mm piston - very quiet. Running wet with wire gel

How to Buy a Silencer - Part 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Halli talks about what to expect after you've purchase a suppressor from www.SilencerSho

Shooting Handguns before the Super Bowl 2012

Add to EJ Playlist  Tammy got a new pistol from our favorite Toy Store Lock-N-Load Tactical, a Springfield Armory Compact Micro Operator 45. No its not an EMP, as they are in 9 and 40. After she proved she could shoot it we tried a few of our other guns. Including our Sig Sauer P220, Heckler and Koch Mark 23 (HK Mk23 Mod 0) with AAC TiRant 45 suppressor and customized Glock 34 with AAC ECO-9 suppressor. More T-Time

Walther p22 handgun pistol suppressed silencer shot by hot chick HOT DONNA

Add to EJ Playlist  Hot Donna shooting a Walther P22 with a suppressor or Silencer for your movie buffs. If you listen good all you here is the hammer clicking... Totally Awesome weapon. The silencer for this .22 Caliber pistol screws onto the front of the barrel. Its a really fun additon to your outdoor fun. always be sure to check with local law enforcement before trying to buy this things

Shooting P-22 suppressed with Gemtech

Add to EJ Playlist  Walther P-22 suppressed with Gemtech Multimount with standard supersonic ammo.

Allison Firearms - FNH FNP 45 Tactical with yhm cobra m2 suppressor

Add to EJ Playlist  Allison Firearms - FNH FNP 45 Tactical with yhm cobra m2 suppressor


Add to EJ Playlist  SIG SAUER GSR Advanced Armament Corporation TiRant 45

Fun With Silencers at Whistling Pines Gun Club.m4v

Add to EJ Playlist  We decided to try out our new Advanced Armament Corp Silencers at Whistling Pines Gun Club. First we shot the FNP 45 Tactical with and without the AAC Tyrant then we shot the Ruger Mark III 22/45, also with and without the silencer.

Advanced Armament TiRant 45 Suppressor Test

Add to EJ Playlist  Finally got the Form 4 approval for my Advanced Armament TiRant 45 for our HK Mark 23. After picking up the silencer from Lock & Load Tactical and the right piston for a Mark 23, we decided to give it a quick shake down test before sunset.

Last T-Time for 2011

Add to EJ Playlist  Tammy wanted to try out her Christmas and Anniversary presents, Springfield M1 Garand and a British Enfield No.4 Mk1. Also I got a call from my favorite gun store Lock and Load Tactical. My form 4 finally came in for my AAC TiRant 45. So we broke out my favorite 45ACP, HK Mark 23 to break in the TiRant 45

A NC Christmas Outing - Going Quiet....

Add to EJ Playlist  Bowling with bullets. An sbr ar15, ruger mkII, and silencerco sparrow suppressor.

Shooting a 22 Silencer (SWR Spectre)

Add to EJ Playlist  A Walther P22 with a SWR Spectre (Silencer) on the end of it. Items included are: Walther P22 (find it anywhere) CCI Standard Velocity .22LR Tactical Innovations thread adapter (.5x28 TPI) SWR MFG Spectre rated for (.22LR, 5.7mm, 17HMR, 22WMR) hot wife =)

.45 Glock with Surpressor Desert Shooting

Add to EJ Playlist  My oldest daughter shooting a .45 Glock with Surpressor in the Arizona Desert.

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