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Christline singing "Ifo maia lou ao" by Alofa Tunoa ministries.

Add to EJ Playlist  From left to Right: Pastor Natia Pa'aga, Jeremiah Pa'aga, Iosia Pa'aga n Iapesa Pa'aga. Song was written by Sa'u of Alofa Tunoa Seattle, Wa. Band: Lead keyboard- Junior Pa'aga 2nd Keyboard- Vao Milford 3rd Keyboard- Frank Vaomu Bass- Emile Milford Drums- Nepo Fotualii

Peace Chapel - Ua E Manumalo (Demo Version)

Add to EJ Playlist  Peace Chapel - Ua E Manumalo: A Song of there 3rd Album "Ua E Manumalo" To buy the album visit "www.tanoasamoa .com"




Add to EJ Playlist  I want to thank my 8 year old son, Uelese, for making this video possible with his gift as my camera man. And most of all I want to thank God for blessing me with the message through the thoughts and words of this song.

Ua e Manumao the Va'as

Add to EJ Playlist  LT.BROWN'S family service at Worship Center in Tafuna, Am.Samoa

Good Samaritan Worship Center "Tala Mai Le Lagi/E Paia"

Add to EJ Playlist  Singing a medley of 2 Samoan Worship Songs. Tala Mai Le Lagi: Sa'u Tafa E Paia: Elijah Tavai

Good Samaritan Worship Center "Ia Alalaga"

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a song we sing that I got from Alofa Tunoa in Am.Samoa. Awesome Samoan Worship Song.

Samoan Praise & Worship - Lili O Le Vanu

Add to EJ Playlist  Bethel Community Church Blacktown NSW Australia - Sana, Cardyff, Sefa & Daisy practicing for Sunday!

Ua e manumalo_Peace Chapel.mp4

Add to EJ Playlist  This was a fun video that we put together of our experiences as we recorded our theme song for the third album "UA E MANUMALO", in New Zealand The proper music video will be done in the near future, but for now...this will have to do. enjoy :D Pastor Alesi says, "I was going through a very desperate moment as we prepared to do our Women's Conference - DAUGHTERS OF THE KING for the first time in 2006. I was totally overwhelmed and at a loss as to how to bring this to pass. It was hard for me to see or hear God as the weight of the conference was so heavy on my heart. This song came out of that desperate moment - as I declare with this song that despite my darkness, my lack and inexperience, He is my song in the night, my strength in weakness, my source and inspiration in all things."

sisii ia ou lima (SGT)

Add to EJ Playlist  sisii ia ou lima (SGT) ordinary CE pese ma viiga i le Atua praise and worship nafatali & asrea legion sisdac got talent MV ispy

you are awsome in this place (SGT)

Add to EJ Playlist  you are awsome in this place (SGT) pese ma viiga i le Atua praise and worship nafatali & asrea legion sisdac got talent MV ispy

you are awsome in this place (SGT)

Add to EJ Playlist  you are awsome in this place (SGT) pese ma viiga i le Atua praise and worship nafatali & asrea legion sisdac got talent MV ispy

Tina amio lelei

Add to EJ Playlist  vasapasefika home of the samoan culture

ulufale MV speacial item

Add to EJ Playlist  ulufale MV speacial item nafatali combine

samoan singing mix worship songs

Add to EJ Playlist  hosannah's band in sacramento singing and worshiping our father above.....

samoan performing created to worship

Add to EJ Playlist  hosannah's youth from sacramento performing created to worship up in reno...

samoan performing one of kirk franklin song

Add to EJ Playlist  hosannah's youth in sacramento performing up in reno's church...

SCF Vavega Praise & Worship Team - Always & Forevermore

Add to EJ Playlist  After church, singing and playing. Too bad not everybody came for this service though. Video from February 28, 2010 (evening service). My last Sunday before leaving to the RMI again. Members in the video: Piano: Fiti Mu'a, Jr. Bass: Monroe Samifua Drums: William Brokaw Soprano: Etevise Le'iato Alto (L to R): Trish Leuelu, Mercy Vaomu Tenor: Mark Taumua Videographer/Ba ckground Vocals: Malaelupe Samifua, Jr. Those MIA: Matt Taumua, Le'ele Noa, Fa'apo Leapai, Agnes Leapai, Doreen Taumua, Lisangipame Muasau, Florence Mageo and Iosia Pa'aga

nafatali sisdac special item

Add to EJ Playlist  nafatali sisdac special item praise & worship viiga i le Atua

E Paia

Add to EJ Playlist  A beautiful worship song by Elijah Tavai. Roughly translated " You are holy, you are marvelous, and you are highly exalted." Praise God.

Pe a mavae le ola

Add to EJ Playlist  Vasapasefika Home of the Samoan Culture

Tribute to Samoa "Praying for You" by The Katinas

Add to EJ Playlist  The Katinas sing a tribute song, "Praying for you" in honor of the tsunami devastation in Samoa.

E Paia (e mamalu) by:Elijah Tavai and Alofa Tunoa Seattle

Add to EJ Playlist  E Paia by Elijah Tavai sung with Seattles Alofa Tunoa Be Blessed! July 5, 2009

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