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Sauer 38H in 32 ACP (7.65) made in Nazi Germany - Amarok Arms

Add to EJ Playlist  You can find most everything you need at my Amazon A store at http://astore.a reali-20 Please visit my web page www.survivalrea or www.amarokarms. com You can also find...

WWII Relic Hunting on the Eastern Front - P38 Luger P08 Sauer 38H (HD)

Add to EJ Playlist  In this battlefield research video we show you some interesting war relics that we found in our last visit on the eastern front. Such as medals, rifles, some pistols and other things that were...

Sauer 38H

Add to EJ Playlist  Firing her late uncle's Sauer 38H that was captured during D-Day, 1944. This is the first time it had been fired since World War II. Ammunition was Sellier & Bellot .32 ACP. The pistol is...

Sauer & sohn 38H info

Add to EJ Playlist  this is a short informational video about the Sauer & Sohn 38H. there were very few if any videos on this gun so i felt i should make one. it shoots a 32acp round. holds 8 in the magazine +1...

Custom Fitting Grips on the "H", a Sauer 38H cal 7.65 ((32acp)

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a vintage German 7.65 semiauto hadngun. (32acp) It is the Sauer 38H, known as "the H" for hammerless. I had to custom fit a set of grips because the owner did not have any grips for...

JP Sauer and Sohn 38H shooting and review: WWII pistol

Add to EJ Playlist  Here is a video on the JP Sauer and Sohn 38h. This is a WWII pistol produced from 1938 to 1945. It's chambered in 32 ACP. It features a loaded chamber indicator, a manual safety, a de-cocking...

Sauer 38H pistol firing

Add to EJ Playlist  Three shots with a WWII Sauer 38H pistol.

WWII Pistol: Sauer 38H and Story

Add to EJ Playlist  In this video I show a pistol that was captured and used by my grandfather during World War II. In WWII he served in the 87th infantry division. In France, he captured a German officer and...

Shooting Sauer and Sohn 38H

Add to EJ Playlist  Sorry about the lack of sound!


Add to EJ Playlist  SAUER 38H 32ACP EARLY HIGH POLISH AT MARENGO GUNS #3124 http://www.mare

German weapons of WW2

Add to EJ Playlist  Nazi Germany Handguns Walther P38 Luger P08 Walther PP, PPK Sauer 38H Mauser HSC Dreyse M1907 - late war use as emergency measure Mauser C96 Volkspistole Rifles Gewehr 41 Gewehr 43 ...

Rare German Pistols of World War I

Add to EJ Playlist  Rare German Pistols of World War 1 1914 – 1918 Sources - Luger Artillery Pistol - http://www.warr luger-p08-forum /wwi-unit-marke d-lp08-artiller y-luger-lots-ot her-stuff-13416 /...

Walther PPK Replica Denix Spain ZIB Militaria

Add to EJ Playlist  A PPK replika nickel finish by Denix/Spain bought at ZIB Militaria Germany. Vernickelt. Magazin entnehmbar. from wikipedia: Walther PP Type Semi-automatic pistol Place of origin...

BF2 Forgotten Hope 2 ► All weapons

Add to EJ Playlist  PISTOLS=== 00:00 Colt M1911 (US Army/British Army/Canadian Army) 00:09 Colt M1917 (US Army) 00:20 Webley MkVI (British Army/Canadian Army/Second Australian Imperial Force/Long Range ...

German Gewehr 43 Rifle WW2 Weapons Demo

Add to EJ Playlist  For even more information, visit our website at Firearms Expert and Collector George Dillman discusses the Russian Tokarev SVT M1938,... This is my playthrough of Sniper Elite V2 without...

Forgotten Hope 2 Alle Deutschen Handfeuerwaffen

Add to EJ Playlist  Endlich mal ein Video mit Qulität ;) Gewehre K98 0:03 K98 ZF 41 0:24 K98 ZF 0:51 G43 1:44 G43 ZF 2:24 Maschinenpistol en MP40 2:53 Sturmgewehr 44 3:09 Sturmgewehr 44 ZF 3:33 ...

Desert Eagle CO2 Airsoft Gun in Action

Add to EJ Playlist  In this video some waterballoons were shot at with a Desert Eagle BB Gun. See the balloons bursting in slow motion! If you pay attention you can see the pellet. All shots taken at 600 Frames...

desert eagle

Add to EJ Playlist  my friend shooting 2 desert eagle 44 mag......more shooting 2 desert eagles .44 magnum handguns. 8 shots in each gun. im shooting at a 2' by 2' board and about 15 yards. i put 13...

Пистолет Макарова ПМ

Add to EJ Playlist  9-мм пистоле́т Мака́рова (ПМ, индекс ГАУ — 56-А-125) — самозарядный пистолет, разработанный советским конструк...


Add to EJ Playlist  First is normal speed. X1 slower. X2 Slower. X4 Slower. Double Action: Astra 600a 900 Baby Eagle Baikal IZH-35M Beretta 80 92 93R M1934 M951 Borchardt C93 Bren Ten CZ 75 Calico M950 ...

Every Pistol

Add to EJ Playlist  List of every Pistol and Derringer. Music- Back in Black by ACDC all rights to them. 9 mm., Saturday-night special, Uzi, blaster, cannon, difference*, equalizer, flintlock, forty-five,...

Roth-Sauer Automatic Pistol at RIA

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.rock islandauction.c om/viewitem/aid /63/lid/1435 The Roth-Sauer is a rare early automatic pistol designed by Karel Krnka, financed by Georg Roth, and manufactured by J.P. Sauer &...

7.65.!! :D

Add to EJ Playlist  This is my First video so It's a short one.

H2O 114


JP Sauer & Sohn Model 1913

Add to EJ Playlist  A look at a vintage pistol made in Germany prior to WWI the JP Sauer Model 1913 in 7.65 (.32acp)

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