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porky eso es todo amigos en español

Add to EJ Playlist  Porky eso es todo amigos en español

RCTV theme - Renny Presenta Opening - Renny Ottolina's Trademark Whistle

Add to EJ Playlist  Renny Ottolina, "The Number One" (1928-1978) was Venezuela's finest television host. Here you can watch the opening sequence of his well remembered variety show of the 1960's "Renny Presenta". That's Renny's signature at the beginning. I also included the classic RCTV (1 Broadcasting Caracas) march composed by Carlos Bonnet, And right and the end, Renny himself with his trademark whistle. Espero les guste!

El Zorro Opening Español Latino

Add to EJ Playlist  Este es el opening en español que se vio en guatemala de la serie de TV "EL ZORRO", disfrutenlo

Mr Magoo Opening Theme

Add to EJ Playlist  The theme to the all time Classic

Heidi: Opening in Spanish Lyrics

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a sing-along I made to my two grandpas who already past away. I really love them I and hope they're watching me from the Heaven. I'm sorry about the sound quality, it isn't that good. Well enjoy! Lyrics in english below the portuguese info. _______________ _______________ _________ Este é um video com letra que eu fiz para os meus dois avôs que já faleceram. Eu adoro-os e espero que me estejam a observar do Céu. Bem, apreciem. Letras em Português abaixo das em Inglês. _______________ _______________ _________ Granpa, tell me you What sounds are those that I hear Granpa tell me you Why in the cloud I go Tell why does the air smell like this Tell me why I am so happy Grapaa... Of you I will never move away! Granpa, tell me you What does the winds say in it's song Grandpa,tell me you Why it rained, why it snowed Tell me why everythings white Tell me why I am so Happy Grandpaa... Of you OI will never move away! _______________ _______________ _________ Avôzinho, diz-me tu Que sons são os que oiço Avôzinho diz-me tu Porquê eu na nuvem vou Diz-me porque cheira o ar assim Diz-me porque sou tão feliz Avôzinhoo... Nunca eu de ti me afastarei! Avôzinho, diz-me tu Que diz o vento na sua canção Avôzinho, diz-me tu Porque choveu, porque nevou Diz-me porque tudo é branco Diz-me porque sou tão feliz Avôzinhoo... Nunca eu de ti me afastarei!

the flintstones (theme song)

Add to EJ Playlist  flintstones theme song with picture.

Wacky races (autos locos) intro. En español

Add to EJ Playlist  Míticos Autos Locos. Sin duda, unos de los mejores dibujos animados de la historia. El mejor personaje de todos: "Pierre Nodoyuna"

capitan centella intro

Add to EJ Playlist  serie de los 70 80 dibujos animados capitan centella

Lost in Space Theme

Add to EJ Playlist  The theme to one of the greatest si fi tv shows ever made. some people do not know this but John Williams composed this.


Add to EJ Playlist  Flipper wer kennt ihn nicht

Impossibles & Frankenstein Jr. - Opening Titles

Add to EJ Playlist  Intro to the 1966 Saturday morning cartoon


Add to EJ Playlist  Serie de television de antaño

Starsky and Hutch - Intro de la serie de tv

Add to EJ Playlist  Cabecera de la serie de tv Starsky and Hutch

Fantastic Four - 1969

Add to EJ Playlist  Generique du cartoon de 1969

Hanna-Barbera's Birdman

Add to EJ Playlist  Birdman got this from www.toonamiarse

Daniel Boone

Add to EJ Playlist  abertura de Daniel Boone


Add to EJ Playlist  Intro to The Classic Show Which Is The 2nd Greatest Theme Song Of All Time I Think

i dream of jeannie

Add to EJ Playlist  i dream of jeannie video


Add to EJ Playlist  Lassie TV Intro 1967


Add to EJ Playlist  opening intro to Bewitched

Banana Splits

Add to EJ Playlist  Early Saturday morning TV show in 1968 to 1970

Super agente 86 opening

Add to EJ Playlist  Opening de la famosa serie

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