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Shaka Zulu

Add to EJ Playlist  Shaka zulu in a moment of realization. The song is sung by MARGARET SINGANA. Very soul felt clip.

The Making of Shaka Zulu

Add to EJ Playlist  From the Shaka Zulu dvd box set. How interesting that this was all during apartheid. There is a interesting reference to the Cosby show in this video which is a testament to our media images going around the world!! Everyone should have this in their collection. Buy It!!! The actress who played shakas mother Nandi is Beautiful and Dignified. Get the box set on amazon.



Shaka Zulu - Sandals

Add to EJ Playlist  Future king is ordered to "Put on your Sandals!"

Shaka's first battle

Add to EJ Playlist  shaka zulu first battle

Shaka Zulu - Thirst for Revenge

Add to EJ Playlist  In this absolutely brilliant scene, [Emperor Shaka] goes on a rampage, cleansing the countryside of all those who opposed him. Here we see a man totally dedicated to the creation of a new people and a new dynastic period similar to that of pre-dynastic Ancient-Africa (Nile Valley of Egypt).

Shaka Zulu - Ready to Take Throne

Add to EJ Playlist  [King Shaka] prepares for his divine destiny by the sacred cleansing waters. Like the past great kings of Ancient-Egypt to the north, the Zulu's maintain the sacred ancient traditions to that of their exiled patriarchal Ancient-Egyptia n forefathers.




Add to EJ Playlist  MARGARET SINGANA - We Are Growing (1986) Theme song from the tv series'' Shaka Zulu''

Shaka Zulu: Nandi's Theme

Add to EJ Playlist  I'm surprised no one has posted this. This is such a beautiful and haunting song. This is from the Shaka Zulu soundtrack. The artist is Mallie Kelly. The composer is Dave Pollecutt who composed many songs on the soundtrack. It's interspersed with clips from the movie, emphasizing the "Queen of Queens".

Shaka Zulu Songs (4)

Add to EJ Playlist  Shaka Zulu, The Series

Shaka Zulu Songs (3)

Add to EJ Playlist  Shaka Zulu, The Series

Shaka Initiation

Add to EJ Playlist  Initiation of Shaka Zulu. Read more at http://panafric

Shaka Zulu Songs (1)

Add to EJ Playlist  Shaka Zulu, The Series

SHAKA 4 LIFE ~ The Untold Struggle

Add to EJ Playlist  NU EDUTAINMENT ~ ENTERTAINING WITH EDUCATION http://nuedutai Some historians offer that Shaka (1787 - 1828) was as child of prophecy, destined to conquer and then to lead the previously unknown Zulus to unite the tribes of South Africa, through bloody spears and shields, into a strong economic co-existence... a military nation, all under a single, brilliant ruler... the warrior King... Shaka. Shaka Zulu​'s journey from his mother's (Nandi) unwed pregnancy, by young Zulu Chief Senzangakhona.. . the young chief trying to avoid political conflict, denying responsibility by stating "perhaps she is simply bearing iShaka (an intestinal beetle)... to Nandi and unborn Shaka's virtual banishment... to Shaka becoming a young man, fighting as another tribe's common soldier, his innovative leadership eventually enabling him to quickly surpass his military trainers, teaching them new strategies and devising new weapons... Becoming the master, he led his new army to return and conquer both his birth land and his father, where Shaka fulfilled his compelling destiny to create and lead new, dominant armies to conquer rival tribes and fold them into his newly supreme, Zulu empire.

Shaka Zulu- First Europeans Arrival at Capital

Add to EJ Playlist  After a week long trek across the Empire, they finally get to meet [King Shaka kaSenzangakhona ].

Senzangakhona wooing Nande

Add to EJ Playlist  Senzangakhona, the father of Shaka, attempts to woo Nande, soon-to-be mother of Shaka, in his youth. Copyright belongs to someone else. but I don't know who...

Shaka Initiation

Add to EJ Playlist  Initiation of Shaka Zulu. Read more at http://panafric

Shaka Zulu - Death of His Father

Add to EJ Playlist  In this scene, Emperor Shaka laments at his father's death, well sort of...

Shaka Zulu - Rises Again

Add to EJ Playlist  Shaka recovers from an assassination attempt.

Death of the Emperor Shaka

Add to EJ Playlist  After the death of "The Great Female Elephant" Shaka's Mother, it drives the great emperor to insanity and he lets his stepbrothers kill him while his armies are away.

Secrets Of The Dead - The Mystery Of Zulu Dawn

Add to EJ Playlist  We are all familiar with the famous story of a handful of British redcoats fending off thousands of Zulu warriors, made famous by the film starring Michael Caine, but this did well to mask another battle just a few miles away where 1,300 British were slaughtered by the natives in just two and a half hours. This fascinating programme looks at what went wrong for the British Empire builders on that fateful day.

SHAKA ZULU - The Death of Nandi

Add to EJ Playlist  Shaka had made enough enemies among his own people to hasten his demise. It came relatively quickly after the death of his mother Nandi in October 1827, and the devastation caused by Shaka's subsequent erratic behavior. When Nandi died of dysentery, Shaka put on his war regalia and proceeded to scream his anguish. The entire tribe of 15,000 Zulus erupted into wailing and shrieking. On Shaka's orders, several people were executed on the spot, and a general massacre broke out. Tradition held that upon the death of someone of Nandi's stature, several servants and attendants would be wounded or killed, but in this case, the event became a cover for many people to settle old scores. An estimated 7,000 people died in the massacre. According to Donald Morris, in this mourning period, Shaka ordered that no crops should be planted during the following year, no milk (the basis of the Zulu diet at the time) was to be used, and any woman who became pregnant was to be killed along with her husband. At least 7,000 people who were deemed to be insufficiently grief-stricken were executed, although the killing was not restricted to humans: cows were slaughtered so that their calves would know what losing a mother felt like.

Crowned Queen

Add to EJ Playlist  Nandi a zulu Queen waited over 20 years to be acknowledged and crowned queen, At that time she could have had some of her biggest enemies removed and or even killed, But she showed the heart of a real woman by humbling herself and forgiving those enemies, And in the end they had to bow down to her because she was now Queen Of Queens. Please be advised that Nandi is from the Tribe Of ELangeni, Nandi married into the Tribe Of Zulu, so for all the people that send me messages about how the Zulu's stole their land and did a lot of negative acts Nandi wasn't raised by Zulu's, But hold the integrity of whom she was raised by- HER PARENTS :HER MOTHER Mfunda AND FATHER Bhebhe, a past chief of the ELangeni Tribe 'Bheki' .

Shaka Zulu: Nandi's Funeral

Add to EJ Playlist  From the Shaka Zulu soundtrack. Just as haunting as "Nandi's Theme", it mourns and serenades the Queen of Queens as she transitions. Just like other songs from the soundtrack, it was composed by Dave Pollecutt. (c) 1986, South African Broadcasting Corporation; Angela Music (publisher)

Shaka Zulu -We are growing

Add to EJ Playlist  The theme song for Shaka Zulu the movie.Done by Margaret Singana.

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