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Jackenstein solo with only Greens - Hammerlock DLC - Borderlands 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Someone complained my previous video was using only Legendaries, and therefore it wasn't representative of how to kill him. I just wanted to clear things up, so here's a kill using trash from the vending machines. The gear took about 12 minutes to get. I fast travelled to Sanctuary, checked Marcus and a weapon vending machine, then reloaded. I bought the first Jakob's Sniper, and shock and corrosive smgs that I found. Then went back to kill Jackenstein. I'd recommend an adaptive shield if you're having trouble with the electricity.

Omnd-Omnd-Ohk and the Twister - How to spawn and kill solo - Borderlands 2

Add to EJ Playlist  All Invincibles: 3z43 So, please read the description for more info. Spawning Omnd Omnd Ohk isn't actually that hard. Tedious, sure, but not hard. Head to Low Gut Rut, and kill savages, warriors and gunslingers until the badasses arrive. As long as there's at least one witchdoctor, they'll (generally) start to evolve the badass savages. Damaging them can help a little. Sometimes, the witchdoctors will stop upgrading, either because they're lazy, or they insist on making tornados instead. Just quit and take another crack. Evolution: Badass - Super Badass - Ultimate Badass - Omnd Omnd Ohk It took me 103 tries before I saw him at all. It's not guaranteed. Entirely random. I then got him 3 times in a row, during which he dropped 2 twisters.

Urine, You're out - Clean the pee - Scylla's Grove - Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt - Borderlands 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Playlist for Hammerlock DLC: fO0u Click 'Read More' for more info. Ok, the urine spots. You need to be here at nighttime. I cannot stress that enough. And then, find the 5 stains. Although, one is outside the actual circle, which is a bit lame. Heh. You're cleaning pee. There's a followup quest, but you can just go to Ardoton Station for that.

How to spawn Dexiduous and win the Chopper solo - Borderlands 2 - Hammerlock DLC

Add to EJ Playlist  All Invincibles: 3z43 Ok, so. Click 'read more' for more information. AND! Before asking questions. There's a chance it's already answered, and will be quicker than waiting for a reply. You can do this the moment you arrive in the DLC. No need to complete a single mission if you don't want to. Totems: 0:00 Tribals: 3:55 Dexi: 5:40 Chopper at 9:30. This is how to farm Dexiduous (Dexi). The whole process will take about 30 minutes solo, safely. You'll need 99 Eridium, I suggest farming the warrior in Playthrough 1 - he drops a lot and it's quick. That'll take another 30 minutes, probably. Then, you need to visit 4 totems, and drop the eridium at each of them. Then, pull a lever in the middle of the map. You might want to clear the area out first. If you quit the game, or leave the zone, the Eridium will reset. Using fast travel between Hunter's Grotto and Hunter's Grotto Lodge is ok, but anywhere else? No! 3 waves of Tribals (warriors, shooters, witchdoctors) will appear. Kill the first 2 quickly. On the third one, you can optionally try and spawn Omnd Omnd Ohk - there's a small chance he'll evolve from an Ultimate Badass Warrior and drop the Twister, a seriously awesome shock shotgun. I'll do a breakout video for that once I've developed a solid theory on it. You can die during the waves. No big deal. You can also die during the Dexi fight. Again, not a problem. Just don't leave the zone, or quit. Anyway, then Dexi spawns. He's pretty easy to kill. Jump in a boat, and strafe him to play it safe, or go with your guns if you can handle the poisoin. An alkaline shield will probably help a lot here. He drops the chopper - check 9:30

Big Feet - Rouge - Sir Hammerlock Big Game Hunt - Candlerakk's Crag - Borderlands 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Ok, so, how to follow the big feet trail. Find the glowing green footprint, click it, then follow them to the cliff. Head around to the right (as you face the cliff) and up to the Big Bluff, where you'll meet Rouge. Who needs killing. Good luck!

Stool Sample - Hunter's Grotto - Hammerlock DLC - Borderlands 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Hi! Read the description for quick links. All challenges: fO0u Stool Sample in Hunter's Grotto. Not even worth putting time codes for this one, I suspect.

How to kill Jackenstein solo - Two ways - Hammerlock DLC - Borderlands 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Click "Read more" for more info. This is a quick guide to defeating Jackenstein. Shoot the cylinders on his back (I believe they're susceptible to electric damage) then shoot the doors and the face in his chest when he roars. Two ways to kill him 1) slow and somewhat steady 2) Fast. And Deadly. He drops the Yellow Jacket, an e-tech smg which is all kinds of awesome. If you think that using legendaries is unfair, check this video: https://youtu.b e/lWRLf08J2Pk

Scylla's Grove - Cult of the Vault, Rakk's Beware the Clap, Human Barbecue - Borderlands 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Hi! Read the description for quick links. All challenges: fO0u 3 Badass Challenges in Scylla's Grotto - Borderlands 2. All together at last. Click the description for quick links. Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt DLC. It's awesome. Short, but awesome. Nest 1: 0:00 Sign 1: 0:12 Barbecue 1&2: 0:20 Sign 2: 0:45 Nest 2/3/4: 1:00 Beware the Clap: 2:10 Nest 5: 3:05 Barbecue 3: 3:30 Sign 3: 3:55 Barbecue 4: 4:27 Sign 4: 4:27 Badass Challenges: Rakk Forest: Shoot 5 Rakk's nests out of the trees Human Barbecue: Ignote the four bonfire puits in Scylla's Grove Cult of the Vault: Discover the four hidden vault symbols Beware the Clap: Make a fiery sacrifice to the Savage god.

Ardorton Station - Cult of the Vault, Horrible Assistants & Power High - Sir Hammerlock DLC

Add to EJ Playlist  Hi! Read the description for quick links. All challenges: fO0u 3 Badass Challenges in Ardorton Station - Borderlands 2. All together at last. Click the description for quick links. Sign 1 (skags): 0:00 Sign 2 (ardo farm): 0:25 Assistant 1 (ardo farm): 0:55 Assistant 2/Power High: 1:05 Symbol 3: 1:55 Power High (grid): 2:15 Assistant 3: 2:30 Symbol 4: 3:00 Badass Challenges: Horrible Assistants: Discover Nakayama's 3 previous lab assistantsPower High: Discover the Hidden Compartment Cult of the Vault: Discover the four hidden Vault Symbols

Professor Nakayama, I presume? - Mission 2 - Sir Hammerlocks' Big Game Hunt DLC Playthrough

Add to EJ Playlist  Part 2 of the Playthrough of the new Hammerlock DLC. Very enjoyable. Short,t hough. I finished it tonight. And then Veracidous ate my face.

Egg on your face - Find 23 eggs and kill Arizona - Hammerlock Big Game Hunt DLC - Borderlands 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Big game hunt all content: fO0u So, The big game hunt egg locations. I'm sure there are loads around, but here are 23 in case you're struggling. I also tossed in "Stool sample" as a freebie. Arizona is at 7:45 if you just need that. Note, she won't spawn 'til you have all 23 eggs. Arizona is kind of a buttpain. She's got lots of HP and does pretty much one shot kills. So I found a cheap way to deal with her. Hope it'll help you too. She also drops the elephant gun, a scopeless high-damage sniper rifle. Enjoy! Eggs: 0:00 Arizona: 7:45

It's a trap! Kind of.. - Hunter's Grotto - Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt - Borderlands 2-

Add to EJ Playlist  Find the traps in hunter's grotto. They're scattered around. I don't think there are more, but I might be wrong. Badass Challenge: It's a trap, Kind of: Destroy five of Nakayama's animal traps in the swamps Trap 1 (through the cave): 0:00 Trap 2 (Middle/Catch a boat): 0:35 Trap 3 (By a truck up a lift): 1:05 Trap 4 (Hammerlock's den): 1:50 Trap 5 (Bullymongs/Sou theast): 2:30

Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt - Mission 1 - Savage Lands - Borderlands 2 - Playthrough

Add to EJ Playlist  Just a simple walkthrough of the new DLC to give you an idea of what to expect.

Hunter's Grotto - Cult of the Vault - Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt DLC - Borderlands 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Hi! Read the description for quick links. All challenges: fO0u Find the 4 hidden Vault Symbols in Hunter's Grotto Sign 1 (by the entrance): 0:00 Sign 2 (Southwest): 0:10 Sign 3 (Lodge): 1:00 Sign 4 (By a lorry): 1:30

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