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Slipknot Craig Jone's Self Titled Samples Part 1.

Add to EJ Playlist  (Note: I might be off base with some of them, and also some of them are obvious and have already been established. Some of these might be guitar effects or work by Sid, but I'd really appreciate feedback either way. I doubt anyone would want to for any reason but please don't use this list without my permission. This list will be updated. Also please note some of these effects are hard to describe, so the best thing to do would be to listen to the track at the time that I've listed. These are just some things I've heard throughout the years I've listened to slipknot, i think Craig Jones is very underrated and I hope this shows everyone how vital he is to the band, and simply how great the effects are that he uses.)

Slipknot Craig Jones Self Titled Samples Part 2

Add to EJ Playlist  This is part 2 of Craig Samples from the S/T album (it covers Purity, LIberate, Prosthetics, No Life, Diluted, Only One, Scissors, Eeyore, and Me Inside.) My next video will be the Iowa samples, so subscribe and comment please. I would really appreciate some feedback. If anyone has any questions about the video or samples (including what Craig does in the band) feel free to comment about it or message me. Stay sic Maggots!!! (RIP Paul Gray)

Slipknot Craig Jones Iowa Samples

Add to EJ Playlist  All of the Samples From Slipknot's Iowa album. Any questions or comments please let me know. Also, please comment and rate and subscribe, I would really appreciate it. (If i made any mistakes, also please let me know.) Hope you enjoy! Stay sic maggots! (RIP Paul Gray. You will never be forgotten.)

Slipknot's Craig Jones (#5, 133) Volume 3 Samples

Add to EJ Playlist  This video includes all of the samples by Craig Jones (#5, 133) that are heard on Volume 3: (The Subliminal Verses). I apologize about only having 3 pictures, windows movie maker wasn't working great yesterday. Please comment and let me know what you think, rate and subscribe. Also please check out my slipknot fansite: www.3dblasphemy Stay Sic My Friends And Maggots!

Slipknot - Up To Our Necks (An Unauthorised Documentary) [2004] FULL MOVIE

Add to EJ Playlist  Pushing heavy metal to new and bizarre extremes seemed to be the remit when Slipknot burst out of smalltown America, and it's a belief they've rigorously applied to everything they've done since. This unauthorized documentary presents a profile of the band, culled from rare and unseen footage, alongside interviews with people close to the band. It all adds up to a fascinating story from a band of outsiders who have made some vital inroads into redefining the way heavy metal is perceived.

SlipKnoT - 'Til We Die (Bonus track)

Add to EJ Playlist  15. 'Til We Die (Bonus track) Well with this all album is complete. Stay (sic)!!

Slipknot Craig Jones (#5, 133) All Hope Is Gone Samples

Add to EJ Playlist  "Welcome Once Again My Friends to Iowa! This is what you've all been waiting for: This video includes all the samples in All Hope Is Gone performed by 133 Craig Jones Any questions or comments please let me know, please like and subscribe and check out my other slipknot sample videos! Stay sic my friends and maggots! R.I.P. Paul you will never be forgotten. *Sample List* 1..Execute.: Sample track by Craig 2. Gematria (The Killing Name) 2:05 - 2:14 3:58 - 4:10 (listen closely, you should hear some audio effects) 3. Sulfur 1:25 - 1:46 Vocal Effects throughout Chorus 4. Psychosocial 1:20 - 1:46 Keys During Gang Vocals 5. Dead Memories 3:06 - 3:22 Piano 6. Vendetta 1:33 - 1:46 3:41 - 3:55 Keys 7. Butcher's Hook 3:47 - 3:54 Listen closely for audio effects 8. Gehenna Keys and Samples Throughout (I compare this track to Vermillion, Craig is heard clearly throughout) 9. This Cold Black 2:30 - 2:40 Shooting Type of Effect 10. Wherein Lies Continue 1:01 - 1:04 1:14 - 1:16 11. Snuff :00 - :03 2:58 - 3:24 (Piano) Electronics throughout 12. All Hope Is Gone 4:00 - end Vocal effects and other electronics (Listen Closely) Hope you guys enjoyed, I love to hear your comments so please drop one! And also please let me know if i missed anything your input is greatly appreciated! Stay sic maggots! R.I.P. Paul we miss you!

Slipknot - Voliminal Inside The Nine [Full DVD] [CD 1]

Add to EJ Playlist  Slipknot - Voliminal Inside The Nine [Full DVD] [CD 1]

Rock In Rio - 2011 - Slipknot - Full Show

Add to EJ Playlist  Facebook, I subscribe : eenrique assinem ;d Twitter : lucascaraio

Slipknot Live At Big Day Out Full Concert.

Add to EJ Playlist  Show completo do Slipknot live big day out

Slipknot Signing in New York 2000

Add to EJ Playlist  2000.02.24-New York Instore. slipknot crowz mfkr mate feed kill repeat dotfest cuddles josh 1998 1997 1996 1995 rare corey taylor sic eyeless scissors surfacing mick thomson diluted liberate ross robinson ghost glow crash test clown dummy mask snuff korn interview fred durst icp tonkpils faith

Slipknot Snuff Live Jimmy Kemmel (With Lyrics)

Add to EJ Playlist  El vocalista Corey Taylor dijo sobre la canción, "Este es el lento. Se trata de otro personal. Una vez más, no dar nombres, se trata de alguien que me ayudó por mucho y pensé que ella sentía lo mismo que hice y entonces realmente Let Me Down. Al mismo tiempo, era bueno que ella lo hizo, porque fue ese empujón final para mí imaginar a mí mismo. Las letras son bastante fáciles de entender. " Shawn Crahan dijo sobre "Tabaco", "Es gracioso porque todo el mundo pregunta: '¿Está chicos va a hacer otro álbum como Iowa? Sin embargo, vamos a ver que todo el mundo el amor de una canción como "Tabaco". La gente va a entrar en ella, porque a todos nos gusta sentir triste. Todo el mundo puede sentir el dolor que está ahí. No es obligado a usted. he ahí innata. Feliz y triste son a la vez siempre en el interior. Cuando oyes una canción como "Tabaco" de una banda como Slipknot, no puede dejar de verse obligado a que el delirio. Eso va a ser una salida al tema para que te sientas solo malas también. Slipknot es una banda estadounidense de heavy metal de Des Moines, Iowa, formada en 1995. Slipknot está integrado por nueve miembros, los miembros de la banda actual se Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, Chris Fehn, Raíz de Jim Jones Craig, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson y Corey Taylor. Cada miembro de la banda lleva una máscara única. Slipknot se formó en 1995 y fue sometido a varios cambios de formación tras la publicación independiente de su primer demo Mate. Feed. Kill. Repetir. en 1996. Ese álbum incluyó vocalista original, Anders Colsefini. Su homónimo, disco debut, Slipknot, fue lanzado en 1999, con el vocalista permanente de coordinación nuevo, Corey Taylor, y fue seguido por Iowa en 2001 y vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) en 2004. El 25 de agosto de 2008, la banda volvió a lanzar su cuarto álbum de estudio, All Hope Is Gone, que debutó en el primer lugar en el Billboard 200. La banda ha lanzado tres DVDs, incluyendo Disasterpieces, que fue certificado cuádruple platino en los Estados Unidos.

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