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The Other Side of Suez (BBC Documentary)

Add to EJ Playlist  "This is a story of how the government of the United Kingdom decided to attack an Arab nation; of how, afraid its oil supplies were under threat, it embarked...

Two container ships collide on Suez Canal

Add to EJ Playlist  Two container ships collide on Suez Canal Love your viral videos? Click to subscribe to NewsflareBreaki ng now ewsflare Ship crash in the Suez ...

National Geographic - Suez Canal - Connects the Mediterranean sea to the Red sea - Full Documentary

Add to EJ Playlist  national geographic national geographic 2014 national geographic documentary documentary documentary 2014 documentaries documentaries 2014 bbc documentary di...

Suez Canal Time Lapse.mp4

Add to EJ Playlist  Time Lapse video of the Suez Canal North Bound from the Great Bitter lake to the Med.

Two container vessels crash in the Suez Canal 29/09/2014 in portsaid

Add to EJ Playlist  Two container vessels crash in the Suez Canal September 29, 2014, 11:37 AM|The 324-meter Colombo Express collided with the 332-meter Maersk Tanjong in the Su...

Suez Canal Crisis documentary

Add to EJ Playlist  Suez Canal links the Mediterranean and Red sea, which makes it a strategic point of movement of the world's oil. In 1956, this unique geographic location was...

Suez Canal, Egypt - Southbound passage through the Suez Canal HD (2013)

Add to EJ Playlist  Passage through the Suez Canal on the Serenade of the Seas. At 13:18, there are dolphins swimming along one of the boats. The Suez Canal is an artificial sea...

La crisis de Suez

Add to EJ Playlist  Tras la II Guerra Mundial, Egipto era un Estado soberano; el canal de Suez, sin embargo, seguía bajo control británico. En 1956, el presidente egipcio Nasser...

Suez - Trailer

Add to EJ Playlist  The son of a nobleman, engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps travels to Egypt and, while there, conceives of a canal which will connect the Mediterranean and Red Sea...

Collision between Colombo Express and Maersk Tanjong off Suez Canal

Add to EJ Playlist  The 324-metre container vessel Colombo Express collided with the 332-metre container vessel Maersk Tanjong in the Suez Canal off Port Said. The accident occu...

Panama Canal vs. Suez Canal

Add to EJ Playlist  My world Geography Project Sophomore Year 2011 Panama Canal vs. Suez Canal --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -------...

Battlefield 4 - All Collectible Locations (Dog Tags & Weapons) - Mission 7: Suez

Add to EJ Playlist  There are a total of 35 collectibles (Dog Tags & Weapons) in Battlefield 4. Finding all of them will earn you the Recon trophy / achievement and counts towar...

Egypt launches digging of second Suez canal

Add to EJ Playlist  Egypt's president has launched the digging of a new canal in the country which will will run in parallel to the Suez Canal. The military-run project is seen ...

Battlefield 4 Collectibles Guide (All Suez Dog Tags/Weapons)

Add to EJ Playlist  Finally! The last mission and its collectibles. Only 3 on this one and we want to say thanks for all of the support. These battlefield 4 collectibles have re...

Two container ships collide on Egypt's Suez Canal - no comment

Add to EJ Playlist  Two container ships collided at the northern end of Egypt's Suez Canal on Monday September 29, delaying traffic through a vital global trade route, shipping ...

Canal de Suez/Panamá

Add to EJ Playlist  Trabalho de geografia 3º E.M.

Suez 1956 : Story of struggling against colonialism - p(1/2)

Add to EJ Playlist  Suez canal nationalization & tripartite attack on egypt 1956. watch part 2: http://www.yout =hCoxwOwEJos.

Suez Canal Crisis (1956)

Add to EJ Playlist  Suez Canal Crisis (1956) . A Day that Shook the World. The Suez Crisis erupts on July 26, 1956 when Egyptian President Abdul Nasser nationalises the Suez Can...

Die Suez-Krise 1956

Add to EJ Playlist  Mehr Info: http://der-weg. org/nwo-und-ter ror/3-weltkrieg .html Die Suez-Krise 1956 - Oder: Wie die Regierung des Vereinigten Königsreichs beschloß, einen arab...

Vista aerea del canal de suez

Add to EJ Playlist  Vista aerea del canal de suez, una vía artificial de navegación que une el mar Mediterráneo con el mar Rojo, entre África y Asia, a través del istmo de Suez....

Battlefield 4 - All Collectible Locations (Weapons and Dogtags) - Mission 7 "Suez" ALL 3 ENDINGS

Add to EJ Playlist  Battlefield Hardline Spraypaint Trolling! v=jS6npocaSWk This is a guide on how to find all of the collectibles on the BF4 campa...

USS Enterprise Carrier Strike Group Goes Through Suez Canal | AiirSource

Add to EJ Playlist  USS Enterprise (CVN 65) and Enterprise Carrier Strike Group pass through the Suez Canal. Enterprise Carrier Strike Group is deployed in support of Maritime S...

Timelapse of sailing down the Suez Canal

Add to EJ Playlist  A timelapse video from a 2009 trip down the Suez Canal onboard a Maersk container vessel.

New Suez Canal .. مشروع قناه السويس الجديده

Add to EJ Playlist  New Suez Canal .. مشروع قناه السويس الجديده ( الفيديو الاصلى )

Egypt to build new lane for Suez Canal in US$4 billion expansion project

Add to EJ Playlist  Next Media Animation Egypt has began work on an extra lane for the Suez Canal, a project with an estimated cost of US$4 billion. The project is aimed to boos...

A man, a dream, a canal

Add to EJ Playlist  This film tells the story of the Suez Canal, massive project led by Ferdinand de Lesseps to build a waterway linking Asia to Europe, open to ships of all cou...

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