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old classic Taiwanese song.

Add to EJ Playlist  classic chinese song. oldies but goodies.

TAIWAN OLD SONG : 六月茉莉 - 李碧華

Add to EJ Playlist  作曲: TAIWAN FOLKS 作詞: 許丙丁編曲: 陳志遠演唱: 李碧華1988年.

Old Taiwanese Classic Song - Fine Wine Plus Coffee - peter suk sin chan sing live - Taiwan Election

Add to EJ Playlist  In this video, you will see myself Peter Suk Sin Chan singing a popular old mandarin song live. i hope you enjoy my singing and my video 大家好我是畫家陳叔善( peter ...

Taiwan Ukulele Kid Songs - Old McDonald

Add to EJ Playlist  Singing "Old McDonald" on the ukulele to my favorite Taiwan baby, A-Hao and his awesome family in Taipei City, Taiwan after a great traditional Chinese dinne...

Taiwan - An Expat's Old Introduction

Add to EJ Playlist  This video was created in around 2002 as a going-away present for friends who were leaving Taiwan, where we'd all been living for at least a year or two. I u...

The Tips to Keep Your Kidney Healthy- Old Folk Song, New Translation

Add to EJ Playlist  High prevalence and low awareness is known as the characteristic of chronic kidney disease (CKD) population in Taiwan, especially the farmer-based counties (...

Old Concert music Remix(自編版)--Taiwan製作--

Add to EJ Playlist  Thank you for watching. Old Concert music懷舊流行音樂會Rem ix(自編版)○YUEH--T aiwan製作-- FB搜尋:台灣物品小舖(感謝您 的蒞臨參觀) 我們會不定期的上傳最新襪子、小 物、包包等等... https://www.fac ntgs...

Taiwan Philharmonic (NSO) - "The Power of Sheng" w. Super Mario 超級瑪莉

Add to EJ Playlist  Lecture of Sheng - the ancient Chinese instrument NSO 講座「古老、傳統又現代的中國樂 器~笙」 play by the young Sheng player Li-chin Li 現場示範演奏:台灣青年笙演奏家 ─李俐錦For making audience t...

Taiwan song

Add to EJ Playlist  old song from taiwan.

Watch this 7 year old sing an Italian Song at the Confucius Temple in Taiwan

Add to EJ Playlist  7 year Old Elizabeth loves to sing and has learned a new song. Her Italian needs help but her voice is beautiful. She performs in Taiwan. And this performanc...



台湾のゴミ収集車の歌 Taiwan Garbage Truck Song

Add to EJ Playlist  This is the song that the garbage trucks in Taiwan play. 台湾のゴミ収集車の歌です. 這是台灣垃圾車的歌. It's based off an old song called "Maiden's Prayer" according to another Yo...

Cpop 2012 "Yue Wan Wan" by Jeannie Hsieh (Chinese Taiwanese Song)

Add to EJ Playlist  "Yue Wan Wan" Chinese Mandarin + Taiwanese Hokkien song by Jeannie Hsieh Released: 18 Nov 2011 More Jeannie Hsieh ... http://www.yout rldTour09...

牛犁歌陣 , 頭譜 ( Plow 's Song, a traditional folk show in Taiwan, overture )

Add to EJ Playlist  Plow's song In the early age, Taiwan farmers plow rice fields by water buffalos. Plowing is a very hard work therefore sometimes farmers sing simple folk son...

Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

Add to EJ Playlist  View more inspirational videos at: http://theinter / p The Interview With God @ http://www.thei nterviewwithgod .com One cannot help...


Add to EJ Playlist  TAIWAN " OLD ASS " BAND MUSIC VIDEO ~ 妳是我最愛的人.

60+ years old rocker from Taiwan perform Deep Purple in Shanghai Int'l Music Faire

Add to EJ Playlist  Came across a performer in the yearly Shanghai Int'l Music Faire. Singing "Smoke on the water" and "Highway star" (Deep Purple). The Taiwanese rocker is over...

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