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蔡琴國語老歌(2) Chinese Old Songs

Add to EJ Playlist  蔡琴國語老歌(2) Chinese Old Songs.

old classic Taiwanese song.

Add to EJ Playlist  classic chinese song. oldies but goodies.

Taiwan folk SONG!

Add to EJ Playlist  Concert held in Taiwan at Tainan National University of the Arts Music Department. 0:00:00 = Introtalk 0:03:17 = 01. 白牡丹A White Peony (a song created during the Japanese colonization).. .

TAIWAN OLD SONG : 六月茉莉 - 李碧華

Add to EJ Playlist  作曲: TAIWAN FOLKS 作詞: 許丙丁編曲: 陳志遠演唱: 李碧華1988年.

Jay Chou : The Best Love Song

Add to EJ Playlist  Copyright © JVR Music / Jay Chou [I do not own this music and cover artwork] **All the rights belong to their respective owners** MORE INFOS: http://www.jvrm http://jaychous tudio.c...

"Rice Ball Vender" by ワナナバニ園 Taiwanese Pop played by the band feat. Ribbon Controller

Add to EJ Playlist  ちまき売り(賣肉粽、Rice Ball Vender) performed by ワナナバニ園 Wananabani Garden written by 張邱東松 arranged by ワナナバニ園 Wananabani Garden Tadashi Kumada(熊田央)...

Old Taiwanese Classic Song - Fine Wine Plus Coffee - peter suk sin chan sing live - Taiwan Election

Add to EJ Playlist  In this video, you will see myself Peter Suk Sin Chan singing a popular old mandarin song live. i hope you enjoy my singing and my video 大家好我是畫家陳叔善( peter suk sin chan...

Taiwan Ukulele Kid Songs - Old McDonald

Add to EJ Playlist  Singing "Old McDonald" on the ukulele to my favorite Taiwan baby, A-Hao and his awesome family in Taipei City, Taiwan after a great traditional Chinese dinner in December 2013!

Taiwan song

Add to EJ Playlist  old song from taiwan.

Adorable 3 year old is very happy to dance!

Add to EJ Playlist  Adorable 3 year old is very happy to dance! Click Here to Subscribe: 0TNEL1 Click Here for the Full Article: qkC33d.

Taiwan - An Expat's Old Introduction

Add to EJ Playlist  This video was created in around 2002 as a going-away present for friends who were leaving Taiwan, where we'd all been living for at least a year or two. I uploaded it in about 2007. The...

Cpop Chinese Song "Sister" (Taiwan Music 2013)

Add to EJ Playlist  CPop Chinese Song "Sister"《姐姐》by Jeannie Hsieh「謝金燕」(Taiw an Music 2013) 1080p. English translations can be enabled/disable d by checking the "Subtitles" button at the bottom...

台湾のゴミ収集車の歌 Taiwan Garbage Truck Song

Add to EJ Playlist  This is the song that the garbage trucks in Taiwan play. 台湾のゴミ収集車の歌です. 這是台灣垃圾車的歌. It's based off an old song called "Maiden's Prayer" according...

Frozen's Songs Covered by a 10 years old girl and she is from Taiwan,Taipei!

Add to EJ Playlist  Hello,everyone. My name is Jasmine. I am from Taiwan,Taipei. I am 10 years old. Today,I'm going to sing some songs in Frozen. First,is"Let It Go." Second,is"Do You Want To Build A Snowman."...

CPop Chinese Song 2015 "Wanna Be Rich" (Taiwan Music)

Add to EJ Playlist  CPop Chinese Song 2015 "Wanna Be Rich"《要發達》by Jeannie Hsieh「謝金燕」(Taiw an Music) . English translations can be enabled/disable d by checking the "Subtitles" button at the bottom...

Taiwan China trade conflict: A song for students sit-in legislature

Add to EJ Playlist  Students occupied Taiwan's Legislative Yuan on March 18, 2014 in opposition to their country's impending trade pact with China. On March 23, they occupied the Administrative Yuan and the...

葛蘭-台灣小調The Taiwan Song

Add to EJ Playlist  The Taiwan Song 姚敏作曲易文作詞葛蘭(GeLa n。GraceChang)唱1 959年香港國泰公司電影《空中 小姐》插曲The Taiwan Song 葛兰-台湾小调.

彭于晏 Eddie Peng ( Taiwan ) & Love Song / Fides / Lesiëm ( Lyrics )

Add to EJ Playlist  EDDIE PENG , March 24 1982 Taiwan Penghu, Canadian, Taiwanese actor, singer. Eddie with his family emigrated to Canada 13 years old, entered the University of British Columbia, majoring in...

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