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Fast drive in Thessaloniki, Greece? Only with time-lapse! A guide to main roads.

Add to EJ Playlist  It usually takes 20-30 minutes to drive a distance of of 4,5 kilometers. Metro is still under construction and only dedicated bus lanes exist. The historical center is ...

Under Construction (Thessaloniki's metro)

Add to EJ Playlist  video created by Toula Karvouniari in flash. photographs by Dumitru Harsenie.

U.S.B. at the Thessaloniki Metro Station for Concert.

Add to EJ Playlist  Made by the EVS volunteers through the European voluntary Service program founded by "Erasmus+" "Thessaloniki's State Symphony Orchestra" concert at a ...

Archaeological findings in the Thessaloniki Metro - Macedonia, Greece.

Add to EJ Playlist  Archaeological findings in the Thessaloniki Metro - Macedonia, Greece. Major findings of high archaeological interest have been uncovered during excavation ...

Excavations at Thessaloniki Metro - Macedonia, Greece.

Add to EJ Playlist  Excavations at Thessaloniki Metro - Macedonia, Greece. A trip back in time to the era of the mid-third to the early 7th century, we are able to do this coming ...

Thessaloniki , Metro Construction and Archaeological Finds

Add to EJ Playlist  Images from Thessaloniki,me tro construction and archaeological finds.( "Dimokratias" square, -"Neos Sidirodromikos Stathmos"). Photos to F4v video file format.



Thessaloniki's Railway Station (1080p HD)

Add to EJ Playlist  Thessaloniki's Railw Thessalonikiay Station is located on Monastiriou str., very close to Democracy Square, the city centre and the port. It's the biggest RS in ...

Fairchild Metro III SA227 Landing in Thessaloniki LGTS

Add to EJ Playlist  Me landing a Metro III SA227 in Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport Rwy 34 in the very early hours of a beautifull sunday morning. Goodbye Metroliner, (for now), ...

Ο σταθμός του Μετρό στο Νέο Σιδηροδρομικό Σταθμό

Add to EJ Playlist  Visiting Thessaloniki's Metro Construction Site Επίσκεψη στο εργοτάξιο του Μετρό στο Νέο Σιδηροδρομικό Σταθμό. Άνοιξε σήμερα...

Tour Bus Through Egnatia [Thessaloniki 2014][6]

Add to EJ Playlist  I never normally take tour buses on holiday but I wanted to go up to higher ground areas of the city so I tried this. It was great. Loved it so much I did it again a few ...

Bus Istanbul to Thessaloniki

Add to EJ Playlist  9/2 Monday We don't have any trouble grabbing a taxi on our corner to take us to the tram station. We use the last of the money on our smartcards to get us to the ...

Drum Solo 12-9-2015 Live at Souroti (Thessaloniki) by Daniel Charavitsidis

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a drum solo I did back in September of 2015. SUBSCRIBE: aniilcharavitsi dis Official website: ...

Dimitris Mitropanos mix Zeimpekika

Add to EJ Playlist  Dimitris Mitropanos mix Zeimpekika compiled by Vardou7.

J.S. Bach Air on the G String (Suite No. 3, BWV 1068), Bach in the Subways 2016

Add to EJ Playlist  21-3-2016 Metro Station 'Panepistimio', Thessaloniki Dimitris Chandrakis violin, Orchestra of the Department of Music Science and Art, University of Macedonia, ...

Thessaloniki Walls

Add to EJ Playlist  9/4 Wednesday Kostas meets us at our street, and takes us up the block to catch a city bus. He's very excited to be giving us this private view of his city, ...

Thessaloniki Travel

Add to EJ Playlist  Thessaloniki Travel - Immensely likable Thessaloniki (thess-ah-lo-ne e-kih) has never been more fun, cultured or affordable than it is right now. Greece's second ...

Dimitris Mitropanos - Roza (live)

Add to EJ Playlist  From the TV show "Al tsantiri news with Lakis Lazopoulos" that aired at 30-Sep-2008 at Greek TV channel "Alpha" "Dimitris Mitropanos" singing live "Roza" ...

Cab Ride. Greece. Katerini - Thessaloniki

Add to EJ Playlist  Site: - train video Site: - auto video I invite everyone to take part in completing the database links to rail video. Who has links to videos ...

Thessaloniki, the inside track

Add to EJ Playlist  Thessaloniki, historically one of Europe's oldest and most multiethnic cities, widely considered as the cultural capital of Greece, is truly unique in the sense that it ...

SEPTIC FLESH - Full Concert - Thessaloniki 7-3-2015

Add to EJ Playlist  Industry Kills Channel presents: SEPTIC FLESH with BLACKDRAWN (GR) & NEGURA BUNGET (RO) live in Thessaloniki Greece - Sat.7/3/2015 @ 8ball Live ...

i/c 70 cab view from Thessaloniki to Serres - Greece

Add to EJ Playlist  To σιδηροδρομικο ταξιδι με το i/c 70 στη διαδρομη Θεσσαλονικη - Σερρες, οπως προβληθηκε σε ντοκυμαντερ στη γερμ...

Train-Spotting at Thessaloniki new railway station (20/12/2013).

Add to EJ Playlist  One day in Thessaloniki station, the weather was beautiful and I really like it!

Athens Metro: From Airport to Syntagma and reverse (Part 1: From Airport to Syntagma)

Add to EJ Playlist  This is tutorial of how you can redirect to Syntagma by the metro. If you go for first time in Greece, just watch this video and remember these steps. I guarantee ...

View Airport MACEDONIA Greece Thessaloniki

Add to EJ Playlist  The International Airport "Macedonia" (Thessaloniki Airport) in Greece Thessaloniki Airport is the second biggest airport in Greece, located 14 km of the city ...

Metro of Athens Greece line 1 cab ride

Add to EJ Playlist  Kifisia - Piraeus Most of the route is ground.

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