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Tocantins River

Add to EJ Playlist  Aerial shot of The Tocantins River, Brazil. Shot for "Bruce Parry's Amazon" with Indus Films and the BBC in 2008. All shots were taken from a Cessna 206 light ...

Tocantins River - Crossing the bridge from Brejinho de Nazare to Porto Nacional, Brazil

Add to EJ Playlist  Here we take the Avenue E bridge (Tocantins state highway 255) from Brejinho de Nazare to Porto Nacional, Brazil. You can see how wide the Tocantins river ...

Viagem Cabulosa - Pirates of Tocantins River

Add to EJ Playlist  Viagem Cabulosa: http://www.viag emcabulosa.word

Crossing the Tocantins River by Georgete Pereira

Add to EJ Playlist  In 2006 I took a ferry boat from Lajeado to Palmas cities to cross the Tocantins, a Brazilian river that is born in the state of Goiás. After covering 1.6 a thousand ...

Survivor: Tocantins - Reward Immunity Challenge

Add to EJ Playlist  In the first challenge of the season, the new castaways of the Timbira and Jalapao Tribes fight to win fire and immunity in 120-degree heat.

Lago de Palmas - Rio Tocantins

Add to EJ Playlist  Indo da Praia da Graciosa, em Palmas, pelo rio Tocantins, até a ilha da canela de barco. Aniversário da Luiza com toda família. Departing from Praia da ...

River Tocantins


Survivor: Tocantins - Erinn Falls in the Water

Add to EJ Playlist  Too much heat, lack of food, or just plain clumsy? Watch as Erinn takes an unexpected dip in the river.

Commercial Farms And Farmland For Sale In Tocantins Brazil

Add to EJ Playlist m/commercial-fa rms-and-farmlan d-for-sale-in-b razil - Commercial farms and farmland for sale in Tocantins Brazil can be found in certain areas of ...

Pirarara II Rio Javaés Tocantins Catfish

Add to EJ Playlist  Lindo exemplar de pirarara capturado no rio Javaés em Tocantins. Aproximadamente 25 min de muita briga e adrenalina. Beautiful specimen of pirarara catfish ...

Sierra Reed ( Survivor Tocantins )

Add to EJ Playlist  A video for Sierra Reed :) One of my favourite player, beautiful and strong girl .... I hope you enjoy it ! :)) Music : Yiruma - River Flows In You All rights belong to ...

Longest rivers in the world top 20 || longest rivers in the world

Add to EJ Playlist  Longest rivers in the world top 20 || longest rivers in the world v=FgKTF8e-ccM Nile River River in Africa Amazon River River in ...

Rios + 20 Amazon Dialogue 2: O Rio Tocantins Fala atraves do Zequinha e Carolayne de Cabelo Seco

Add to EJ Playlist  "Rios + 20 Amazon Dialogue 2.1: RBA Entrevista: O Rio Tocantins Fala atraves do Musico Zequinha e da Jovem Lideranca Carolayne de Cabelo Seco / The ...

Inia Araguaiaensis, Nueva Especie de Delfín de río encuentrado en Brazil, Nuevos Delfines, Novos

Add to EJ Playlist  http://megalegi estrial/ Inia Araguaiaensis, Nueva Especie de Delfín de río encuentrado en Brazil, Nuevos Delfines. Enero 22, 2014 Nova espécie ...

Blue Peacock-bass, Azul, Cichla Piquiti, Rio Tocantins, Pitanga

Add to EJ Playlist  100% catch from wild, origin from Araguaya rivers Brazil, videos shown fry length 6 to 7 inch and the top high of body is 2 to 3 inch and for sure its have 5 black ...

Pink Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis)

Add to EJ Playlist  Pink Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) * Family: Iniidae, * Superfamily: Platanistoidea, * Genus: Inia, * Species: I. geoffrensis, * Phylum: Chordata, * Class: Mammalia, ...

Old Ladys Waterfall Cachoeira da Velha and the New River Rio Novo in Jalapao park, Tocantins, Brazil

Add to EJ Playlist  An amazing, vast waterfall and rapids in Jalapao park in Tonatins, Brazil. Formed by the New River Rio Novo.

The Biggest Snake In The World

Add to EJ Playlist  GO TO THIS LINK: http://www.anim Photographed July 4, 2012 in the Tocantins Quadrant of the Amazon River's basin. Rough estimates are a 75 foot ...

How SIGG Water Bottles is Destroying this Planet

Add to EJ Playlist  SIGG bottles are made of 99.9% virgin Aluminum. The Swiss Government will not allow SIGG to use recycled Aluminum to make their bottles. SIGG used to give ...

Jackson Kayak Cuda 14 crystal river in Brazil

Add to EJ Playlist  Jackson kayak fishing expedition with 14 cuda, crystal clear river in the state of Mato Grosso Brazil, natural beauty and fishing for bass peacook Venha fazer ...

The King Tiger Pleco L066 - Hypancistrus sp.

Add to EJ Playlist  Common/ Trade Name: King Tiger Pleco Scientific Name : Hypancistrus sp. Family : Loricariidae Location : Lower Amazon River - Tocantins, Xingu Max. size: 5 ...

Mountain's Hawk - an amazonian indigenous song

Add to EJ Playlist  Chief Paiaré, leader of the Akrãtikatêjês, sings traditional indigenous folk music in Timbira language... Recorded at the indigenous territory "Mãe Maria", ...

Rio Caiapó - Caseara - TO - BRAZIL

Add to EJ Playlist  Na regiao da bacia do araguaia se encontra um de seus afluentes, o rio caiapo, diversas espécies selvagens da amazonia brasileira sao encontradas.

Encontro das Águas - Rio Araguaia e Rio Tocantins

Add to EJ Playlist  Encontro das Águas - Rio Araguaia e Rio Tocantins.

Terras do Tocantins Grandes Fazendas #185 Região Central TO

Add to EJ Playlist  Características do imóvel Área Agricultável , Casa Sede, Casa / Vaqueiro, Energia Trifásica , Excelente Localização, Galpão / Depósito, Lago / Piscicultura, ...

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