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Tutorial: How to Unicycle

Add to EJ Playlist  Are you a wannabe unicyclist? Here are some basic tips for how to learn to ride a unicycle. My unicycle is the Torker LX 24" Wheel. 48 spokes makes it extra ...

Unicycle Freestyle

Add to EJ Playlist  Music by my friends Scott & Brendo: "Little Voices". Download this song in the links below! iTunes: 8kzeEp | Amazon: 1o0JZmq And ...

Electric Unicycle "Uni Wheel" - $410.28

Add to EJ Playlist  Electric Unicycle 'Uni-Wheel' - 350 Watts, 35000mAh Samsung Lithium Battery, Up To 20km/h, 90 Minutes Charge Time You may buy this product here ...

Xtreme Unicycle - Paul Sergent

Add to EJ Playlist  Paul Sergent is a french unicycle rider doing championships around the world and shows with ShowWheels. This video has been filmed in one day in Marseille ...

Learn How To Ride A Unicycle (Tutorial)

Add to EJ Playlist  Coach Bob shares several helpful tips for learning to ride a unicycle. SUBSCRIBE and check out the other Coach Bob How-to Videos! G53XR ...

How to Ride a Unicycle (Part 1)

Add to EJ Playlist  This is the first part of a four part beginner unicycle riding tutorial.

Unicycles vs. Tricycles || 3v1 Wheel Fails Compilation by FailArmy

Add to EJ Playlist  The great debate rages on... what is worse 3 wheels or 1? We've collected the best odd-wheeled fails and put them together in an epic fail compilation.

Unicycle science - Why so many wheel sizes?

Add to EJ Playlist  The unicycle is a pretty simple device: a seat, some pedals, a crank and a wheel. You wouldn't really think that the idea of gears plays a role in unicycles.

Introducing Mobbo Electric Unicycle | New must have gadget of the metropolis

Add to EJ Playlist  Mobbo is the future of urban electric transportation New favorite for commuters and busy city going Its fun, practical, cost efficient and even green. Therefor ...

Freestyle Trials Unicycling - Taiwan 台灣

Add to EJ Playlist  Bet you didn't know you could ride a unicycle like this. Subscribe! tLVDYk Click to Facebook: /1zmyWcq Click to Tweet: ...

Mad Max Schulze Showing HUGE Unicycle skills

Add to EJ Playlist  Max Schulze - Unicycle Rider Taran Egner - Ground Cam John LeSage - Heli Cam, Edit.

How to Ride a Unicycle: Basics

Add to EJ Playlist  The unicycle can be embraced both as a hobby and as a mode of transportation. http://www.Watc gets an introductory lesson from a pro on how to get ...

The ABC of Unicycle Tricks

Add to EJ Playlist  Hugo Emile and Ed school you on unicycle tricks, from A to Z. Trick names will be added soon. Don't take this too seriously. ;)

GoPro: Unicycling Moab

Add to EJ Playlist  John LeSage and 18 other unicyclists take to the mountains of Moab for a day of what some would consider unnecessary recklessness. Shot 100% on the HD ...

Tested: Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

Add to EJ Playlist  We've been testing the Focus Designs Self-Balancing Unicycle, which you may have seen Adam ride on an episode of Mythbusters. The latest V3 model can ...

Beer Bottle Unicycle Record Holder // On The Road (Ep19)

Add to EJ Playlist  Oli White meets the record holder for unicycling - over BEER BOTTLES! SUBSCRIBE and stay in tune for more ▻ WROMG Lutz Eicholz is an ...

EXTREME UNICYCLE TRICKS - Street Unicycling - Chris Huriwai

Add to EJ Playlist m/HippoUnicycle s www.hippounicyc Chris Huriwai of New Zealand doing some street unicycling Vid # 1 of the new era Social ...

Extreme Mountain Unicycling

Add to EJ Playlist  Click CC for Subtitles! Stephanie Dietze and Lutz Eichholz unicycling down a 3011m high mountain in the dolomites. Every meter off the descent challenged the ...

People Try An Electric Unicycle For The First Time

Add to EJ Playlist  "Wants to kill your dick machine.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! Tbuzzfeedblue1 MUSIC “Ten Finger Boogie/Electric Future Ride" ...

Unicycle Fail Compilation

Add to EJ Playlist  Unicycle Fail Compilation 2014. The videos used are made by various people. If I should refer to you or make a link to the original video, please contact me.

Firewheel F779 - Electric Unicycle First Impression

Add to EJ Playlist  I'm so excited that even if I'm totally sick I know I had to meet Chuck Chia that I know on Facebook to review the "Firewheel F779" Self Balancing Electric ...

The self-balancing unicycle is here - Verge Update

Add to EJ Playlist  SBU unveiled a self-balancing unicycle, so we took the segway-like uni out for a spin in Central Park. Read more: ...

Unicycle Fails

Add to EJ Playlist  I do not own any of these clips or the music. I do not take credit for either of them.

How To Ride A Unicycle - Unicycle: Looking at My World (1976) - Rare Documentary

Add to EJ Playlist  How To Ride A Unicycle - Unicycle: Looking at My World (1976) The world of 15 year old unicyclist Tony Marienthal includes visits to assist the elderly, learning ...

beginner unicycle tricks (Flatland/street riding)

Add to EJ Playlist  Some beginner/basic tricks if you want to start riding flatland or street ;) (or medium/hard tricks if you just started riding)


Add to EJ Playlist  Tim Desmet 2012 video I tried my best to make a good vid, I hope you enjoy it. like, comment, share, subscribe,.. Music: Urban Cone - Urban Photograph ...

Unofficial Moab Mountain Unicycle Weekend 2015

Add to EJ Playlist  It wasn't an event, we just all showed up! Moab, Utah. March 20-22, 2015.

36er Unicycle: Trials, MUni and BIG Stair Jump!

Add to EJ Playlist  On my 58th birthday I decided to try some 36er unicycle trials and then jump "whoops" at the trail. Trials includes my longest grind ever and first time gapping a 7 ...

The old factory - Unicycle act by Mushegh Khachatryan

Add to EJ Playlist  I was planning to do some performance like this for last years. Let me know what you think, what should i add or change.. feel free to comment! Hope you like it ...

Unipal The Himalayas Unicycle tour 2015 -Nepal-

Add to EJ Playlist  Unicycling the Annapurna trekking route. Filmed on April 2015, just few days before an enormous earthquake hit Nepal. Dedicated to Nepal and Nepali people.

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