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From the Arctic Circle

Add to EJ Playlist  On a business trip to Barrow, Alaska. No flying this time due to wind but hope to come back.

10 Seconds From Disaster

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a twin-motor foamboard plane I built to try some long-duration flights. It would carry up to 30,000 mAh worth of battery (15 aH in each motor nacelle) and I estimate it would fly 1.5 hours, maybe 2 hours. The wing is 90" (three Armin wing sections, 9" chord) and the fuselage was 70" long. Control by APM and Dragonlink. FPV was 1.3GHz. Landing gear was fiberglass helicopter blades and foam wheels. It flew great....for a moment. The main cause of error was my assumption that the plane was past that light pole, having launched my much-faster Ansley Peace Drone on this identical departure path 50+ times. By this time interval the APD would be well past and above the light poles and ready to circle around and put into a loiter until I could put on my FPV goggles. Too bad this time!

RC Donkey - Details and Dimensions

Add to EJ Playlist  This video shows the main dimensions of the EA Donkey RC airplane design. It uses the standards building techniques of the Armin Wing and the foamboard fuselage tube, plus landing gear and cargo bay door. You can email me any additional questions at experimentalair Parts: Micarta aka FR4 G10 fiberglass reinforced plastic One source is ePlastics, with great prices but outrageous shipping costs. See this link but do shop around before you order. http://www.epla ic?search=black +g10 Carbon Fiber Plate I usually buy this from eBay, what I assume to be cutoff scraps from somebody else's larger projects. The 2mm seems to be the most versatile although sometimes you will want 1mm, or 3mm for when real stiffness is needed. Search "carbon fiber plate" or click http://www.ebay .com/sch/i.html ?_from=R40&_trk sid=p2050601.m5 70.l1313.TR10.T RC0.A0.H0.Xcarb on+fiber+plate. TRS0&_nkw=carbo n+fiber+plate&_ sacat=0 m Carton sealing tape aka packing tape. http://www.tape lored-Carton-Se aling-Tapes-s/2 18.htm Outdoor vinyl tape http://www.tape pe-Brothers-3-M il-Colored-Outd oor-Vinyl-Tape- s/457.htm Servos Here is a digital metal gear servo I like to use where good speed, acceptable torque, and reliability is important, especially for the elevator and ailerons. Many, many other good options do exist. Motor Any decent brushless motor that delivers 300w or better power is OK but this is the one I like. It has plenty of power, is reasonably efficient, and turns a manageable prop - not too big not too small. http://www.hobb king/store/__14 342__NTM_Prop_D rive_Series_35_ 36A_1400Kv_550W .html http://www.hobb king/store/__11 854__Corona_919 MG_Digital_Meta l_Gear_Servo_1_ 7kg_12_5g_0_06s ec.html

Explosive Hand Injury - After The Reconstruction

Add to EJ Playlist  At age 31 I suffered a severe hand injury due to an explosion resulting from my own ignorance in trying to construct a "better smoke grenade" for skydiving. Bad idea. In this video I describe the outcome of the accident, the surgical reconstruction, the rehabilitation, and some of the things I can do with my hands. This video is meant to satisfy the curiosity of subscribers to my channel who watch me detail RC airplane construction techniques on the bench, prominently showing my weird hand. I hope this can also serve as an inspiration for anyone who has doubts about their own recovery from a devastating injury, in seeing that a person can really do quite a lot with motivation and determination. My hand surgeon, to whom I owe the most incredible gratitude, is Dr. Jozef Zoldos in Phoenix.AZ. He did expertly performed the original salvage, the pollicization, and many other surgeries, including several to correct mistakes made by a second surgeon I saw in a different city and who I will not name here. Chris Reynolds of Desert Hand Therapy in Phoenix was my hand therapist and earns my immense appreciation for his care and diligence in helping me work up to the point I am today. My wife, my mother, and my sister were incredibly supportive and kept me going through my recovery adventure.

APD main wing

Add to EJ Playlist  A detailed video on the construction of the Ansley Peace Drone rear, main wing. It is recommended that the builder have a good grasp on the Armin Wing building technique. With two 30" wings constructed in their basic form, the APD main wing can be constructed with a spar, elevons, and winglets. m links: Colored Packing Tapes: http://www.tape lored-Carton-Se aling-Tapes-s/2 18.htm Outdoor Vinyl Tapes: http://www.tape pe-Brothers-3-M il-Colored-Outd oor-Vinyl-Tape- s/457.htm Carbon Fiber tubing source: http://www.radi ory/Carbon-Rod- Hollow-410 Servo idea - this is a relatively fast, economical, digital metal gear servo I have used with good success. Please keep in mind there are many options which may suit your particular needs. I do recommend metal gear. Otherwise analog vs. digital and brand are at your discretion. Do your homework and pick what is right for you. http://www.hobb king/store/__11 854__Corona_919 MG_Digital_Meta l_Gear_Servo_1_ 7kg_12_5g_0_06s ec.html 3M Extreme Packing Tape - There are many sources for this versatile tape but here is the manufacturer page: /portal/3M/en_U S/ScotchBrand/S cotch/Products/ Catalog/~/Scotc h-Extreme-Shipp ing-Strapping-T ape?N=4335+5584 761+3294603042& rt=rud

APD Canard Wing Construction

Add to EJ Playlist  Detailed construction video on the forward, canard wing for the Ansley Peace Drone. It is recommended that you watch the main Armin Wing construction video first, and there is a link to it within this video. m links: Outdoor Vinyl Tapes: http://www.tape pe-Brothers-3-M il-Colored-Outd oor-Vinyl-Tape- s/457.htm Colored Packing Tape: http://www.tape lored-Carton-Se aling-Tapes-s/2 18.htm

10 Ansley Peace Drones from around the world

Add to EJ Playlist  This scratchbuilt collapsible foamboard plane I designed for FPV has turned out to be a great workhorse for long duration "cruising around" flights. It makes a fun parkflyer for those builders who just want to try something unconventional. When paired with an Ardupilot APM flight controller it is especially easy to fly. Here are 10 APDs from the US and other places around the world. It's nice to see other builders customizing the concept to meet their own needs. The build video series is partly done. The main wing and canard wing videos are forthcoming. Email me with any questions at experimentalair . I would be happy to help you build your own Ansley Peace Drone. Once again the soundtrack was heard first on SAME Radio Show, hosted by Steve Anderson. Podcast is free, and this song can be bought from iTunes. http://www.stev eandersonmusic. com/index.php?p age=radio The song is the Blood Groove and Kikis remix of "Holding Hands" by Nafis.

Drone Candy Drop 2014

Add to EJ Playlist  Candy canes dropped by quadcopter to my son's first grade class. The flight was made autonomously from our house to the school a few blocks away. FPV video was used to monitor the flight and a spotter was present onsite and on the phone at all times. Prior permission was obtained from the school administration and the flight was practiced multiple times during the weekend. Soundtrack is "SAturn 2014" by Steve Anderson, remixed by Shingo Nakamura. If you like trance and progressive you will love SAME Radio Show - two hours of fresh music every week. Find the podcast on iTunes. Buy the album here: www.samerecordi System Specifications: H-frame quadcopter made from G10 Micarta 2mm, aluminum tubing motors - Turnigy NTM 900KV 2830 ESCs - Turnigy Afro Slim 20a flight controller - APM 2.5.2, Ardupilot from UAV Objects RC control - DragonLink v2 FPV camera - Pixim Seawolf CMOS VTx - 1.3GHz 400mW OSD - MinimOSD VRx - 1.3GHz ReadyMadeRC

EA-Style Building with Depron by Andrew Newton

Add to EJ Playlist  Andrew is a very skilled YouTube buddy of mine who has really refined the EA building techniques using Depron and made some excellent airplanes, with nice videos to match. Slope soaring at the beach is his specialty but he flies at the field as well. He has made noteworthy examples of several EA designs and many of his own. Worth a look and a subscribe whether you build with Dollar Tree foamboard or Depron. ndyandvirg ewton/

LiPo Parallel Connectors

Add to EJ Playlist  A brief description on some of the uses and advantages of using lipo battery packs in parallel and a complete tutorial on how to make XT60 parallel connectors for 2, 3, and 4 packs in parallel. Disadvantages include increased weight and bulk of extra wire leads and connectors. Advantages include more flexibility on configuring pack layout inside aircraft, variable battery loads for each aircraft and each flight, and versatility of a single-size fleet pack used for a variety of applications.

DONKEY RC Cargo Plane

Add to EJ Playlist  A long-overdue tricycle gear high wing single motor cargo plane. I hope this will be my all-rounder parkflyer, fun for dropping stuff but also just flying around, doing short takeoffs and touch-and-go's. The 12oz can dropping idea was designed with the though that at some point I might as a novelty deliver beer for actual consumption. But I will probably transition to dropping water balloons for accuracy drops at the park. There will be no plans or stepwise build video but I will make a detailed bench video of all of the construction techniques so a builder wishing to make a similar plane could get some ideas. The basic airframe is all EA foamboard techniques plus some basic balsa parts. The cargo bay and door and landing gear do add some complexity so I would recommend this for an intermediate builder and up. Mad Dog LiPo pack: http://www.2dog batteries-86/3s -mad-dog-lithiu m-polymer-batte ries.html ePlastics Micarta. This stuff comes in all thicknesses and sheet sizes. I used the .060", which is 1.5mm thick. The shipping is silly expensive but I was in San Diego and picked it up.: http://www.epla ic/G10_FR4_Glas s_Epoxy_Sheet/N AME Turnigy NTM Prop Drive 3536 1400KV motor "The Powerhouse". Note this 10x7 3-bladed prop generates enormous thrust for takeoff but it overprops this motor. Very conservative power settings must be used in flight to avoid overheating. A 10x5 2-bladed prop is a better choice for general use for this motor. http://hobbykin /store/__14342_ _NTM_Prop_Drive _Series_35_36A_ 1400Kv_550W.htm l TapeBrothers OUTDOOR vinyl tape. This stuff is awesome. Be careful not to get the vinyl "marking tape". http://www.tape pe-Brothers-3-M il-Colored-Outd oor-Vinyl-Tape- s/348.htm

Drone Parachute Candy Drop - flown with DragonLink

Add to EJ Playlist  For Christmas and for my son's birthday shortly afterwards I designed a mission to be flown with my quadcopter to deliver a package of candy canes to his kindergarden class at the school three blocks away. The mission started at my house, proceeded following roads to the school, made a short pass overhead, dropped the candy, and returned home. I maintained FPV (first person view) as well as line of sight contact with the copter and had the capability to retake control of it at any time using long range RC control. I had permission from the school and had a spotter on-site who was on the phone with me. I had programmed and tested this mission eight times prior to this so my confidence was high. This is a very reliable quadcopter with about 200 total flights and no mishaps. This was just a fun event to add to the festivities of Christmas and a birthday. There are clearly countless more uses of UAVs and much more to be figured out as to rules and regulations as we go. I should say that I personally prefer the term UAV or UAS, but I face the reality that the rest of the non-pilot world calls these drones, so I guess we'll have to live with it.


Add to EJ Playlist m grand prize $100 Here are the brave challengers for the seaplane scratchbuilding contest to make a foamboard plane that would operate off of water. There are 5 builders, 3 of whom successfully met the requirements with 4 planes among them. The winners will receive: Grand prize - $100 store credit with m A huge supply of amazing packing and other tape, essential for EA construction 2nd prize - Turnigy NTM Prop Drive 3536 1400KV motor plus ESC and prop "The Powerhouse" http://www.yout =81IzfoTQ29Q 3rd prize - Turnigy XP 2836 1100KV motor plus ESC and prop "The Workhorse" http://www.yout =j17m5AhMmd0 4th prize - Turnigy 2826 2200KV motor plus ESC and prop "The Pocket Rocket" http://www.yout =Xy8az2-yyiQ Winners please PM me your address and email and I will get your prize to you ASAP.

EA Seaplane Prototype - "EXOCET"

Add to EJ Playlist  Here is my seaplane creation to parallel the seaplane contest. I had some parts laying around and wanted to see what I could come up with. I started kind of late and only had time to test fly it from dry land and taxi test it in the pool, but did not have the opportunity to operate from water, which is a relatively large undertaking in Arizona. It taxied well and flew pretty well, though I'll probably add some wingtip extensions. I might have considered de-papering some areas of the foamboard and taping directly to the foam to save weight. Although this reduces durability it would have helped save some weight. The actual entries for the seaplane contest are in a separate video to follow very shortly. The "official" Experimental Airlines seaplane for the core fleet will likely be a blend of the better ideas from among the Exocet and the other airplanes you will see. In the video thumbnail you will see Armin doing what 5-year-olds do - being a goofball.


Add to EJ Playlist  Here are the step by step instructions for constructing the Ansley Peace Drone fuselage from tape pre-covered foamboard. Different options for wing mounting and motor mount block are discussed. Please see previous videos for more details on the plane overall. Future videos will include wing and canard construction, electronics, and final setup. 1 wing tiedown mounts 2 hatches 3 internal reinforcement 4 tapering rear fuselage 5 motor block 6 insert wing tiedowns 7 motor mount 8 install lower hatch 9 install reinforcing bulkheads 10 final closing adjustment


Add to EJ Playlist  Some video experimentation with my 3D Robotics Y6 multicopter, flying around the southeastern butte in Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona, fall 2013. The buttes are comprised of reddish sedimentary mudstone with a variety of embedded rocks. The video was shot just after sunrise using the low-angle incident light to accentuate the shadows and contours of the butte. Also some video of local flora and of the pilot operator. The aircraft is a 6-motor multicopter, the 3D Robotics Y6, using the APM autopilot computer, and flown variously in stabilized, altitude hold, and loiter modes. The camera is a GoPro Hero2 at 1080p, 30 fps, medium field of view. Stabilizer is an RCTimer brushless gimbal using Martinez control board. SONG: "TEARS" BY DARREN TATE SUBSCRIBE TO SAME RADIO SHOW: http://sameradi

EA HQ & CAMP, Black Rock City, Burning Man 2013

Add to EJ Playlist  Here is a quick tour around my camp spot at Burning Man 2013, a little video of me flying my 3D Robotics Y6 hexacopter, and a quick taste of some aerial video. I camped out alone, inside my pickup truck, but surrounded by many friendly and interesting neighbors. I actually went pretty minimalist from a camping standpoint with but one bin of clothes, one bin of food, a sleeping bag, and therma-rests. But with me came 3 bins and 2 cases of RC gear, 3 planes, and 2 multicopters. Most of this was not used. I am most proud of the fact that I received the Y6 copter, Turnigy 9XR, Dragonlink, and RCTimer brushless gimbal all within one week of departing for the event and miraculously managed to get it all working in time for the video that I did get. To travel light and save time, I subsisted on plenty of ramen, Clif bars, and beer, plus the generosity of neighbors for the occasional hot meal. The Black Rock Desert playa is a brutally hot and dusty place, difficult to stay cool and impossible to stay clean. Yes, you will see me wearing a sarong, in the style of a bath towel, as it is cool, stays clean, is good as a lens cloth, and well - you can wear a sarong at Burning Man and nobody will look twice at you.


Add to EJ Playlist  Important note on the seaplane contest - YouTube has eliminated the "video response" function that I originally specified as the means of entering the contest. Instead, please send me a PM through YouTube including the URL to your video. I will respond to your PM confirming receipt. If you do not get a response don't assume I received it, so send again. If you previously created a video response, please resend your video by PM. As always I will compile excerpts of each entry into a "final entries" video, then will announce the winners soon thereafter. The deadline is midnight PST 9 October 2013.

Burning Man 2013 Aerial Drone Tour

Add to EJ Playlist  www.burningman. com song: "1000 Oceans" by Sunlight Project This is my aerial perspective of some of the more interesting parts of Black Rock City 2013 from three radio-controlle d unmanned aerial vehicles I operated each morning from Monday to Saturday. I used a fixed-wing foamboard plane, a quadcopter, and a Y6 hexacopter. All video taken with a GoPro Hero 2. The aircraft were controlled via FPV (first person view) with video transmitted back from the aircraft to video goggles. I did not bring any trinkets, stickers, or gifts to Burning Man this year but I hope this video will remain as a small keepsake and memoir for other burners who can watch again as time goes by. There were too many amazing moments and people for me to remember but some of my favorite people and places are featured and noted in the video. Thank you for making my experience what it was, in the unique way that you did. All of my video is open and free and encouraged for non-commercial uses. Send me a note if you use it so I can also enjoy your work. If you need raw video send me a PM and I will direct you to a download site. If you like trance and progressive please check out the most excellent 2-hour weekly SAME Radio Show with Steve Anderson. It is all fresh, amazing, and free! Find the podcast at iTunes or visit: http://www.same Sunlight Project - I hope it's cool I used your song, which I heard on SAME Radio. It hit me as the perfect tune as I drove away from Burning Man. Many, many thanks for this beautiful and fitting piece. BURNING MAN: This was my fourth time at Burning Man and it gets no easier to describe each time. It is a weeklong temporary city of about 60,000+ participants (in 2013) who are all self-reliant and well-equipped to camp out in this most harsh, hot, dusty, dry lakebed but also interconnected and interdependent in a way that is really unique, tangible, but impossible to define. Foremost, it is unmistakably a huge party. There is a very large element of art of every medium and concept, plenty of music, and people generally doing the creative thing that they love to do, freely and for the enjoyment of the city, from cooking bacon to hula hooping to building amazing art cars to flying UAVs. Nothing is for sale but ice and coffee. Aside from that, Black Rock City is like capitalism in reverse. Rather than exploiting each other or looking for ways to optimize income and consumption, most BRC citizens go out of their way to give to you, to help you, to provide for your existence and your feelings in a true and meaningful way. FPV (First Person View) and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles): FPV is a method of operating a radio-controlle d aircraft (fixed wing or helicopter) by using a camera mounted on the aircraft which transmits a live video stream back to the pilot via a small video transmitter. The video is received a the "ground station" and viewed through video goggles or an LCD monitor. This gives the sensation of being in the cockpit when flying the craft. My aircraft were a 48" wingspan foamboard creation of my own design I call the "Synapse" with a 20 minute duration, a four-rotor "quadcopter" with 9 minute duration, and a six-rotor "Y6 copter" with a 6 minute duration. Each uses a GoPro to record 1080p hi-definition video. The Y6 has an additional camera which serves as the FPV camera, whereas the other two use the GoPro for this purpose. All use lithium polymer batteries (LiPo) for power and I used 100% solar power to charge them at Black Rock City. I use the DragonLink 433MHz UHF long-range control system which about 5 miles of safe, reliable control. I never flew more than 1 mile away at BRC. The multicopters are equipped with the APM Autopilot which stabilizes flight and will return them autonomously to their launch point in case of lost video or radio control. In compliance with requirements this year my craft were registered with Media Mecca and I wore a Media pass each flight. I flew only during daylight over open playa and never at night or over crowds. Some other operators unfortunately chose to fly at night over crowds, much to my dismay. We pilots prefer the term "UAV" though many people call them "drones". TECHNICAL: DragonLink UHF for long-range control GoPro Hero 2 at 1080p, medium field-of-view LiPo battery power of 2200mAh or 4500mAh, charged by solar power onsite 1258MHz FPV video link 5.8GHz ground station repeater to FatShark video goggles flight times are reduced at Burning Man due to high density altitude of about 7000' by 10am

COBRA HD FPV CAMERA by Boscam, from HobbyKing

Add to EJ Playlist  Here is an FPV camera with onboard recording function, manufactured by Boscam and sent to me by HobbyKing for review. The price and release date were not given. In summary, this camera has surprisingly excellent standard definition FPV feed (via Boscam 5.8GHz gear), very good onboard HD recording, simple and adequate controls, and a sketchy ribbon cable harness for connecting the camera head to the recorder module. I foresee this camera best being used for applications where the recorder module could be buried flush and the camera head mounted at the leading edge of the wing, particularly a flying wing design. I would be very uneasy subjecting the ribbon cable to any regular pan, tilt, or other motion. Given the variety of all-in-one onboard recording FPV cameras available, including one by Boscam, I could see this one having some trouble catching on.


Add to EJ Playlist  Here is an easy way to make inexpensive, light, durable fuselage tubes from Dollar Tree (Readi-Board) foamboard, Depron, or any light light foamboard where the paper can be easily removed. This is an updated version of this technique with some variations you can consider for your builds, including embossing (depressing) the inside corners instead of removing the paper from the foamboard, and some additional adhesive choices. The tubes are typically used for fuselage construction but can be used for motor nacelles, power pods, FPV "backpacks", pontoons, biplane wing joiners, couplers, etc. Construction requires foamboard, packing tape (aka: carton/box/ship ping tape), and an adhesive to join the tube. White Gorilla Glue and 3M 77 spray adhesive are favorites, though hot glue or CA will work. Depron users: Please see WayneRC on YouTube http://www.yout w40 He is a pioneer in using Depron for this building technique.

MAKER HANGAR - Start-To-Finish RC Scratchbuilding Series

Add to EJ Playlist  Where Experimental Airlines leaves off in plans and details on RC electronics, Maker Hangar picks up. This is a good introduction and step-by-step guide into the RC scratchbuilding and flying sport. I think this will be especially good for beginners who need more explanation of what's what in an RC plane and for guys who prefer to build from printed plans rather than the modular free-form EA design philosophy. Check it out and use the best of both! MAKER HANGAR Playlist: http://www.yout t?list=PLwhkA66 li5vCTL5lUm0zoC BBY4LNPTGeO MAKE MAGAZINE: http://makezine .com/makerhanga r/ MAKER HANGAR latest video: http://www.yout =yoa3iKZi9_w MAKE MAGAZINE YouTube Channel: http://www.yout kemagazine


Add to EJ Playlist  Internal resistance is a very useful measurement of the health and quality of a lipo battery pack. Manufacturer-st ated "maximum C discharge" ratings do not seem to have any uniform standard, and each battery's discharge rate at a given voltage will degrade over time anyway. Internal resistance is a preferable way of benchmarking a new battery pack as well as tracking its loss of performance over time, through normal use and unintentional abuse. It must first be said that internal resistance measurement is highly sensitive to a number of variables such as the testing equipment and setup, pack capacity and cell count, temperature, and test load. Using a particular IR testing setup on a particular set of batteries to check their degradation over time is fairly accurate however be cautious about expecting accuracy between IR measurements of different battery sizes and with other users who may have different setups. The absolute internal resistance for a given battery pack at a certain temperature with a certain test rig is a very reliable comparison when retested later. The per-cell normalized IR is a good but not perfect way to compare between packs of different cell counts. The 1C normalized IR is a very rough measure between packs of different capacities, but there is not a linear relation between C discharge rate and actual IR, so use this with caution. All that is needed is the battery packs to be tested, a wattmeter, a calculator, and a test load. 12v halogen bulbs on a suitable base work well. I used a 100w (at 12v) test load to provide good resolution in the voltage drop measurement. It also approximates a low-to-medium draw RC powerplant, so I will know if a pack has a noticeable voltage drop at 100w, it is not fit for flying use! Instead of using a calculator you may use the spreadsheet linked here to make all the computations for you. Download or save to your Google Drive. https://docs.go sheet/ccc?key=0 AtSZzrsraF1-dDZ LVTJNejJxaWNRdn lZTHFXc0hyQ1E&u sp=sharing My personal spreadsheet log is here if you wish to have a look: https://docs.go sheet/ccc?key=0 AtSZzrsraF1-dEV ERlBrdFF3bmdSeU x0cGtteTA0NWc&u sp=sharing For the test load it is only essential that there is some constant and safe means of resistance. 12v halogen bulbs singly or in parallel are a good option for testing 3S packs. These may also be used for 1S and 2S packs, though they will not deliver the rated wattage. The wattage is convenient to know but is absolutely not a crucial parameter. For a 4S pack a 12v bulb is probably OK, though a two bulbs in series would be safer. For a higher load connect four bulbs two series by two parallel. Use this arrangement for up to 6S. If you are using a higher cell count than that then you can probably afford a nice factory IR checker ;)


Add to EJ Playlist  This is a 100% foamboard (Dollar Tree plus some Hobby Lobby foamboard) airframe that I built in 2010 with one of the original Armin Wings and an underpowered twin motor powerplant setup. I've now re-equipped it with four 2830 1000KV motors with 9x4.7 propellers and it has nearly a 1:1 thrust to weight ratio. This plane flies very much like a scale plane. The nearest approximation would be the Super Twin Otter, one of my favorite skydiving jump planes and legendary for its STOL and fast climb-to-altitu de capabilities, however the Twin Otter is of course a twin motor. I equipped this plane with ample ailerons, flaps, rudder, and an all-moving tailplane partly for pitch authority and partly as a foamboard engineering experiment. Low speed flight and short takeoffs and landings are impressive and easily controlled thanks to the large flaps placed in the inboard motor prop blast and the gyro installed on the aileron channel. The inboard part of the flaps are intentionally cut away to allow clean airflow to the horizontal and vertical stabilizers even with full flaps and at high angle of attack. This helps avoid "blanking" of the stabilizers in high alpha. Flight times are 12 minutes with 3x2200mAh 3s packs in parallel, with aggressive maneuvering. The wing structure includes a full-span carbon arrow shaft spar joined at the center with fiberglass RC helicopter blades as the struts. The struts actually bear the vast majority of the forces rather than the true wing roots. This provides a very strong, rigid arrangement with minimal parts and hardware. There is probably no practical application to this design other than it being pretty cool and scale-like. Cargo drops are a possibility but not a priority, as I have a dedicated twin-motor Skyvan for this purpose. Thank you to Airman 1958 for the motors, to Ruben for the excellent video, and to Trilucid and Alex Collings for the soundtrack!

LiPo BREAK IN, plus Turnigy charger efficiency and accuracy testing

Add to EJ Playlist  Here is the first part of my case-control study for breaking in LiPo battery packs. I take 5 Turnigy NanoTech 2200mAh packs and break them in by charging and discharging at 1C for 3 cycles, then charging and discharging at 2C for 2 cycles. Another 5 identical battery packs will be charged fully and used immediately without breaking in. After randomly using these 10 packs for general use among my fleet for 100 cycles each I will assess the internal resistance of each pack as well as monitor for any failures or deviation from normal service. In breaking in these packs I also test a method of using one pack to charge another while discharging itself, plus measuring the efficiency of mAh in vs. mAh out for this charger, and the relative accuracy of the charger vs. the power meter. Stay tuned for the future video where I will re-evaluate these 10 packs to see if breaking in makes any difference in internal resistance.


Add to EJ Playlist  See down below for discount on Horizon FPV Antennas and other products! Here is a way to use the long range, improved penetration, and decreased multipathing of the 1.3GHz (or other non-5.8GHz) band while still enjoying the convenience of the FatShark video goggle's wireless 5.8GHz internal receiver. 1.3GHz works best for my particular needs in my flying environment but I did not want to let the internal 5.8GHz receiver in my Attitude and Predator goggles go to waste. I connected the video feed from the 1.3GHz receiver to a 5.8GHz transmitter as a wireless repeater. I originally used the 250mW transmitter that came with the Attitude but it was unnecessarily over powered and heated up a bit as well, so I acquired a 25mW transmitter that serves just fine. Doing this frees me from the constraints of wires and cables between the ground station and the goggles. Previously I had to situate the ground station in such a way that I would not entangle the wires with myself or the aircraft during hand-launch, and I had to orient the whole assembly in a way that allowed upwind launch through an obstruction-fre e departure climb out. More than often this left me the pilot in a suboptimal position with regards to the sun direction, landing approach, comfort, etc. Using the wireless repeater allows placing the ground station where it can operate optimally and I can position myself where I am most comfortable after launching the aircraft from the best spot. I can also use multiple goggles as needed on a given 5.8GHz channel to give "rides" to people without worrying about video splitters or the riders possibly interfering with the physical ground station. I currently only have two goggles, but always wish for more. Of course the introduction of an additional piece of hardware can increase the overall odds of failure of the video link, however I consider each element of this system to be pretty reliable and therefore worth the risk. The signal degradation in re-transmitting the video feed is small but existant and is something to consider. The video goggles do need their own battery if used wirelessly. Please visit Horizon FPV and check out the Nimrod and Blackhawk antennas and other products. For a 10% discount on anything in the store use the code: ANSLEYPEACEDRON E The website is http://horizonf pvantennas.mybi


Add to EJ Playlist  ** ENTRIES DUE BY 9 OCTOBER! ** **VIDEO RESPONSE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED BY YOUTUBE - SEND LINK TO YOUR VIDEO TO ME VIA PM** Here is a real challenge - scratchbuild a working seaplane from foamboard! Seaplanes are unique in so many ways so it should be really satisfying to design and build your own. This contest has a grand prize of $100 store credit from m, plus additional prizes of some of Experimental Airlines' favorite powerplants (motor, ESC, prop) from Rules: Make three successful takeoffs and three successful full-stop landings shown on video. Show design and operation in as much detail as possible. Design must use at least one Armin Wing section and one folded-fuselage tube component. Readi-Board (Dollar Tree) foamboard, Depron, and other foamboard is acceptable. Multiple unique design entries are OK. Submit video response to this video by 9 October 2013. Builders from anywhere in the world are welcome! Judging will be by Experimental Airlines on the overall design, operation, characteristics , and detail of the winning planes. Innovative use of materials and building techniques are highly desirable. Amphibious operation or other cool missions or tricks your plane can do would be a bonus. Please PM me any questions, and be sure you do not have YouTube message block turned on so that I can respond. Comments are welcome but don't rely on them for reliable response. Winners may be responsible for cost of shipping of prizes depending on your geographic location and customs fees. Alternate prizes might be possible depending on your circumstances and location. I can't promise anything, but I'll try to work something out. Get busy!


Add to EJ Playlist  What happens when you leave a foamboard RC airplane out in the sun when it's 119 degrees outside? I put the Arizona FuglyJet to the test by leaving it out on this brutally hot Arizona day for 30 minutes. The surface of the plane reached 138 degrees. The hot glue became a bit soft but did not fall apart. The duct tape wrinkled but held on. The packing tape held perfectly strong. The control surface hinges and wing joint (trailing edge) remained intact. The 3M heavy-duty mounting tape softened a little but held the servos in place. Overall there was no permanent damage to the plane and the soft glue and tape firmed up when I returned it to normal temperature, ready for the next flight. Still I would not recommend flying this plane in the state of being overheated as it was. Had the wing and vertical stabilizer been held on other than by hot glue, then maybe...


Add to EJ Playlist  On the spreadsheet linked below is a complete listing of all the findings of this testing, as well as some powerplant combinations tested previously: https://docs.go sheet/ccc?key=0 AtSZzrsraF1-dDJ zNGVEMnZnRzNzMk Jab2dfRjlxMnc&u sp=sharing This is the powerhouse of the Experimental Airlines fleet, used on the larger foamboard aircraft I build like the Synapse and Ansley PD. It has great power for affirmative launches and authoritative maneuvering during flight. I have used this with props of 10-11" diameter and pitches from 4-6. I prefer Master Airscrew propellers due to their good balance, durable tips, and stiffness. There are certainly other options, some of which may have better characteristics for the individual builder. I have usually used a 10x5 Master Airscrew for better low-speed performance and slower planes and the 10x6 for zippier planes. After testing I may consider preferentially using the 11" version as it seems to have better efficiency. This motor is $19 as of mid-2013 and is tested with the Turnigy Trust 55a ESC. The Turnigy Trust 55a ESC has a 3a switching BEC and so is good for models with 5-6 9g servos, with a reasonable reserve. This ESC is $22 in mid-2013 and comes equipped with generous cooling fins for prolonged, reliable cooling operation. Note the electric "specific thrust" for each power scenario as expressed as the grams of thrust per electrical watt. This is a good benchmark for comparing the efficiency of different motor and propeller combinations. 4 grams per watt is considered pretty good. Over 5 grams per watt is excellent. By comparison EDFs are often in the 1.5g/w range. I am sorry that this powerplant testing video series is merely an introduction to and evaluation of some of my favorite powerplant combinations and is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis of all the available powerplant components in every operation parameter such as static vs. dynamic test conditions, different flight speeds, elevations, etc. This is but a very small set of scenarios that could factor in to powerplant choice. Please use the data in any way that benefits your enjoyment of the RC flying hobby. Turnigy NTM Prop Drive 35-36A 1400KV motor: http://www.hobb king/store/__14 342__NTM_Prop_D rive_Series_35_ 36A_1400Kv_550W .html Prop Adapter: http://www.hobb king/store/__14 501__NTM_Prop_D rive_35_Series_ Accessory_Pack. html Turnigy Trust 55a ESC: http://www.hobb king/store/__12 190__TURNIGY_TR UST_55A_SBEC_Br ushless_Speed_C ontroller.html Master Airscrew Propellers: http://www.hobb king/store/RC_P RODUCT_SEARCH.a sp?strSearch=ma ster+airscrew&x =0&y=0

D2836/8 1100KV POWERPLANT TESTING - "The Workhorse"

Add to EJ Playlist  On the spreadsheet linked below is a complete listing of all the findings of this testing, as well as some powerplant combinations tested previously: https://docs.go sheet/ccc?key=0 AtSZzrsraF1-dDJ zNGVEMnZnRzNzMk Jab2dfRjlxMnc&u sp=sharing This is the workhorse of the Experimental Airlines fleet, used on more of my aircraft designs than any other motor. It is great for models in the range of 700-1200g AUW. It's moderate KV rating gives it a good blend of efficiency and power. I have used this with props of 8-11" diameter and pitches from 3.8-6. It has a surprisingly good specific thrust (thrust per watt consumed) with certain propeller choices. For lower-speed planes the 11x4 Master Airscrew gets my vote as the favorite, with the maximum thrust of 1300g produced at a very respectable 5 grams per watt. This was my selection for the J*SCOTT STOL cargo dropping plane I built for FliteTest. I would use a 10x6 as an all-around prop choice. This motor is $12 as of mid-2013 and is tested with the Turnigy Plush 40a ESC. Any reliable ESC of 25a rating or up is good. The Turnigy Plush 40a has a 3a switching BEC and so is good for models with 5-6 9g servos, with a reasonable reserve. My other choices would be the Turnigy Plush 30a or TY-P1 "HEXFET" ESCs. Note the electric "specific thrust" for each power scenario as expressed as the grams of thrust per electrical watt. This is a good benchmark for comparing the efficiency of different motor and propeller combinations. 4 grams per watt is considered pretty good. Over 5 grams per watt is excellent. By comparison EDFs are often in the 1.5g/w range. Turnigy D2836/8 1100KV motor http://www.hobb king/store/__18 969__Turnigy_D2 836_8_1100KV_Br ushless_Outrunn er_Motor.html Turnigy PLUSH 40a ESC http://www.hobb king/store/__21 65__TURNIGY_Plu sh_40amp_Speed_ Controller.html Turnigy PLUSH 30a ESC (not tested here but known to work well) http://www.hobb king/store/__21 64__TURNIGY_Plu sh_30amp_Speed_ Controller.html Turnigy TY-P1 "HEXFET" 25-30a ESC http://www.hobb king/store/__17 135__Turnigy_TY _P1_25Amp_HEXFE T_Brushless_Spe ed_Controller.h tml MASTER AIRSCREW propellers http://www.hobb king/store/RC_P RODUCT_SEARCH.a sp?strSearch=ma ster+airscrew&x =0&y=0 Turnigy Nano-Tech 3S battery packs http://www.hobb king/store/uh_l istCategoriesAn dProducts.asp?i dCategory=378&L iPoConfig=3&sor tlist=&CatSortO rder=desc

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