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Raven SemiCustom Army playmobil

Add to EJ Playlist  This an playmobil many of them changed their isignia and logos to create a custom Raven Army with various Factions in it. Its an compined effort by me and my 7 year old son.


Add to EJ Playlist  In 1961, the Kennedy administration ordered a "Top Secret" study to determine what problems the United States would face if the world moved from an era of wa...

M46 Partton World of Tanks

Add to EJ Playlist  A nice battle in world of tanks which a lot of collaboration won the game.

Digital speed inks fun :D

Add to EJ Playlist  Digital inking testing a new tablet .


Add to EJ Playlist  Just fooling around with my buddy cheers:D.

Oι Μαχητες της Ειμαρμένης Δ Λιακοπουλος 7 1 2013

Add to EJ Playlist  Δημοσθενης Λιακοπουλος radio.

PowerProphecy - H Δύναμη της Προφητείας

Add to EJ Playlist  Παραγωγή Redavv a.k.a PanagoS1337 Η Ταίνια αυτή βασηστικε κατα το μεγαλυτερο μερος της στη σείρα βιβλίων "Γιατί και Πώς Ζουν Ανάμεσα μας" του Δημοσθένη Λιακό...

Baby Parts For sale

Add to EJ Playlist  I think the title says it all. Warning you may see pictures that will disturb you.

Illuminati in Hollywood movies exposed with Alex Jones

Add to EJ Playlist  Description: In this movie Alex Jones will take a closer look at the following movies: * The Dark Knight Rises * Prometheus * The Hunger Games * A Clockwork ...

Λιακο ραδιο - Το Βουνο Κ2.wmv

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.liak adio/ art and edit (PanagoS1337)

Λιακο Εκπομπή- Η Μαχη της Λευκής Πυραμίδας.wmv

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.liak adio/ Art and edit PanagoS21337 aka Redavv.

Λιακο Eκπομπή - Η Εκστρατεία του Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου

Add to EJ Playlist  Λεπτομερειες για την πραγματικη φυση της εκστρατειας του Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου.... http://www.liak adio/ Art and edit PanagoS1337.

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