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Add to EJ Playlist  Jibu functions as both a franchisor and bank to equip co-invested entrepreneurs to launch successful safe water businesses. This innovative approach, which provides seed-financing for turn-key...

Emerging Cooking Solutions

Add to EJ Playlist  Emerging Cooking Solutions manufactures and sells cooking pellets made from rice, wheat husks, straw, peanut-shells, saw-dust or maize stoves to replace wood in cooking stoves. The product...

Water for Good

Add to EJ Playlist  Water for Good is an organization which drills, maintains and services hand pumps in the increasingly violent region in the Central African Republic. Currently in CAR, it is estimated that...

South Vihar Tribal

Add to EJ Playlist  South Vihar Welfare Society for Tribal (SVWST) runs programs that provide entrepreneurshi p/cooperative opportunities for victims of human trafficking. They also run preventative programs to...

Jacaranda Health

Add to EJ Playlist  Jacaranda Health is building a network of private maternity clinics in resource-poor settings. They are innovating in areas such as mobile technology, and electronic medical record keeping...


Add to EJ Playlist  Learnifi is a Social E-Commerce platform. It's primary function is to sell parts of textbooks to Indian university students. The platform doubles as a learning social network in which students...


Add to EJ Playlist  IRDA produces and markets clean, zero carbon monoxide and smoke emissions cookstoves that are fueled by a biofuel produced from the stalk/stover of hybrid so...

Wisdom Stoves

Add to EJ Playlist  Wisdom Stoves sell clean cook-stoves that utilize gasificaiton technology to decrease cooking costs and increase health.


Add to EJ Playlist  Jibu functions as both a franchiser and bank to equip co-invested entrepreneurs to launch successful safe water businesses. This innovative approach, which p...


Add to EJ Playlist  Estufa Doña Dora's mission is to maximize access to efficient, clean, and safe wood-fired cooking devices for rural and peri-urban Guatemalan families with h...

Wana Energy Solutions

Add to EJ Playlist  WANA Solutions is a Uganda-based business founded to fill the existing gap of supplying clean and thermally efficient energy in rural and peri-urban markets ...


Add to EJ Playlist  Social Entrepreneur Caitlin Powers discusses One Earth Group and GSBI's 2014 Accelerator program.

Audra and World Wide Hearing

Add to EJ Playlist  Social entrepreneur Audra Renyi talks about World Wide Hearing and the Global Social Benefit Institute's 2014 Accelerator program.


Add to EJ Playlist  Social Entrepreneur Sanga Moses talks about his mission with Eco Fuel Africa and the 2014 GSBI Accelerator.

2014 GSBI Investor Showcase Welcome

Add to EJ Playlist  Thane Kreiner, PhD, executive director, welcomes you to the 2014 GSBI Accelerator Investor Showcase.

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