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Audra and World Wide Hearing

Add to EJ Playlist  Social entrepreneur Audra Renyi talks about World Wide Hearing and the Global Social Benefit Institute's 2014 Accelerator program.


Add to EJ Playlist  Social Entrepreneur Sanga Moses talks about his mission with Eco Fuel Africa and the 2014 GSBI Accelerator.

The GSBI Accelerator

Add to EJ Playlist  Social Entrepreneurs from around the world discuss the benefits of working with Santa Clara University's Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) and their 201...

2014 GSBI Investor Showcase Welcome

Add to EJ Playlist  Thane Kreiner, PhD, executive director, welcomes you to the 2014 GSBI Accelerator Investor Showcase.

Webinar #2 in our Governance mini-series: Best Board Practices: Behind Closed Boardroom Doors

Add to EJ Playlist  As a social enterprise leader, your board can be a huge asset and ally for you. For that to be the case, you need to have the "right" people, be able to mana...

Module 8 Webinar Presentation Skills 7 2 14, 7 01 AM

Add to EJ Playlist  GSBI Presentation Coach, Michael Duarte, covers the 4 rules for world changing presentations.

GSBI Online Fall 2014-Business Model Presentation Jiro-Ve

Add to EJ Playlist  Jiro-Ve Our delivers renewable energy based on solar charged lights to the rural population of Madagascar (approx. 70%) with no access to electricity. This i...

GSBI Online Fall 2014-Business Model Presentation-MicroGraam

Add to EJ Playlist  MicroGraam is an online platform that enables social investors to lend funds to borrowers in rural India. MicroGraam partners with local NGOs and MFIs in rur...

GSBI Online Fall 2014-Business Model Presentation-Twothirds Water Inc.

Add to EJ Playlist  Twothirds Water'sTapp is an extremely simple and user-friendly household water filter for families in developing countries. This water filter is able to remo...

GSBI Online Fall 2014-Business Model Presentation-Village Energy (Uganda) Limited

Add to EJ Playlist  Village Energy develops, markets and sells integrated packages of solar products and services. It combines local product development and manufacturing with t...

GSBI Online Fall 2014-Business Model Presentation-Tadreesna

Add to EJ Playlist  Tadreesna is a collaborative e-Learning platform, targeting internet-savvy students in the Middle East 18-35 years with a focus on women. The Tadreesna platf...

GSBI Online Fall 2014-Business Model Presentation-STAMP

Add to EJ Playlist  STAMP developed the Energy Conserving Stove (ECOS), a fuel-efficient biomass stove featuring an innovative built-in jacket that can be filled with 7 liters o...

GSBI Online Fall 2014-Business Model Presentation-SpellAfrica Initiative

Add to EJ Playlist  SpellAfrica Initiative's Mobile Vocabulary (mV) is a mobile education-based solution that is designed to help improve English vocabulary in Africa using mobi...

GSBI Online Fall 2014-Business Model Presentation-RISE

Add to EJ Playlist  RISE provides entrepreneurs with education, access to capital, and access to the necessary business services. Through entrepreneurial training programs RISE ...

Engineering Social Innovation

Add to EJ Playlist  In March 2014, Santa Clara University's Center for Science Technology and Society (CSTS) hosted ESI (Engineering Social Innovation). Major social innovators ...

Best Practices of Crowdfunding Brenna DiGiammarino, Cause Director at IndieGoGo

Add to EJ Playlist  Breanna DiGiammarino, Cause Director at IndieGoGo, teamed up with the Global Social Benefit Institute for a presentation and Q&A session on best practices fo...

Groupsite Tutorial

Add to EJ Playlist  Tutorial for setting up and using Groupsite - the online collaboration platform for the 2014 GSBI Accelerator.

GSBI Alumni Impact Investing Webinar 1/16/14

Add to EJ Playlist  John Kohler, director of Impact Capital for the Center for Science, Technology, and Society explains the ins and outs of Impact Investing for alumni of the c...

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