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London 2012 Olympic Zionist Ritual

Add to EJ Playlist  Many are feeling something is wrong, a pressure building up, a feeling that something big is about to happen. This is simply our subconscious mind knocking on the door of our till now, perceived reality, for IT understands the lacking in humanity, IT understands the gaping chasm between us & nature's ever evolving patterns, the One mind that is the accumulation of all minds, knows mankind has allowed it's glorious crown of freedom & freewill to be stolen, to be devoured by those who covet humanities power. It has been long said that, as we move through these historic times of Earthly, Planetary & Universal extreme energy flows, there will be many who'll go mad, insane, suicidal & murderous. The previous then can now be easily seen as outward expressions of ignoring our inner wish for expression & innovation, the universal need for evolution though this little understood inner conflict, that conflict which is acting out within one and all, that is, unless one has become a completely soulless individual. We are living through this "Big Thing" right now, and, every day of our lives, yet the majority still refuse to listen to the bells ringing in their hearts, souls & subconscious, at the very crossroads of human existence on this planet. Serpent Sculpture Mt. Nebo in Jordan. The Serpent Statue in Jordan is profound. Moses was supposedly stopped at this spot, which is given much significance in Zionist narrative.. The Promised Land... Thanks to http://www.zeng en-serpent-roth schild-zi-olymp ic-scam-exposed / for images. Music: Swimming In The Waterfall .. From: Michel Dezanger : http://www.yout cheldezanger Read the Protocols http://www.igc. org/ddickerson/ protocols.html

Gods of Money Act of 1871

Add to EJ Playlist  Gods of Money Act of 1871 The Columbia Organic Act of 1871 READ Originol Act Here http://memory.l ampage?collId=l lsl&fileName=01 6/llsl016.db&re cNum=0454 Historical Facts, 1st: In 1863, Lincoln instituted martial law. He ordered that the states (people) either conscribe troops and provide money in support of the North or be recognized as an enemy of the nation. This martial law Act of Congress is still in effect today - what it means is that the President has dictatorial authority to do anything that can be done by the government in accord with the Constitution of the United States of America. This is the foundation of Presidential Executive Orders. 2nd: The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 created a private corporation (hereinafter "Corp. U.S.") owned and operated by the actual government for the purpose of carrying out the business needs of the government under martial law. This was done under the constitutional authority for Congress to pass any law within the ten mile square of Washington, District of Columbia. 3rd: In said Act, Corp. U.S. adopted their own constitution (United States Constitution), which was identical to the national Constitution (Constitution of the United States of America) except that it was missing the national constitution's 13th Amendment. The national constitution's 13th, 14th and 15th amendments are respectively numbered 14th, 15th and 16th amendments in their constitution. 4th: The corporation began to generate debts via bonds etc., which came due in 1912, but they could not pay their debts so the 7 families that bought up the bonds demanded payment and Corp. U.S. could not pay. Said families settled the debt for the payments of all of Corp. U.S.' assets and for all of the assets of the Treasury of the United States of America. 5th: As 1913 began, Corp. U.S. had no funds to carry out the necessary business needs of the government so they went to said families and asked if they could borrow some money. The families said no (Corp. U.S. had already demonstrated that they would not repay their debts in full). The families had foreseen this situation and had the year before finalized the creation of a private corporation of the name "Federal Reserve Bank". Corp. U.S. formed a relationship with the Federal Reserve Bank whereby they could transact their business via note rather than with money. Notice that this relationship was one made between two private corporations and did not involve government; that is where most people error in understanding the Federal Reserve Bank system-again it has no government relation at all. The private contracts that set the whole system up even recognize that if anything therein proposed is found illegal or impossible to perform it is excluded from the agreements and the remaining elements remain in full force and effect. 6th: Almost simultaneously with the last fact (also in 1913), Corp. U.S. passes and adopts (as if ratified) their own 16th amendment. It must be noted that this amendment has nothing to do with our nation, with our people or with our 14th, 15th and 16th amendments, which already had its own 16th amendment. The Supreme Court ruled that it did nothing that was not already done other than to make plain and clear the right of the United States (Corp. U.S.) to tax corporations. We agree, considering that they were created under the authority of Corp. U.S. From: trustee@teamlaw .org video http://www.yout =JFZGMWJUc4I&fe ature=plcp F William Engdahl's Website http://www.engd ahl.oilgeopolit Read All at: cus/f-news/8138 40/posts

Ireland Watch This its not too late

Add to EJ Playlist  Ireland Watch This it's Not Too Late Hugo Salinas-Price is a successful retired businessman who lives in Mexico & about to jet off to Greece with Max Keiser in an effort to bring about a Silver Currency, for the people there, with the hope of regaining not just a more stable fiscal policy, but returning some sovereignty, savings & pride. Hugo has written three books in Spanish on how and why silver should be instituted as money in Mexico, in parallel with paper money & numerous related articles in both English and Spanish. Here he appeals to Alexis Tsipras to propose bringing a silver standard to Greece. Watch & learn, Ireland too could use this financial method & say goodbye to the bankers who're incrementally stealing Ireland's wealth, especially now the sleeping & fearful there have voted for fraud & loss of sovereignty. Keiser Report Episode 295, view the entire video at: rograms/keiser- report/episode- 295-max-keiser http://maxkeise

Orwellian 4th July

Add to EJ Playlist  Orwellian 4th July Alex Jones www.Infowars.Co m, Lyndon LaRouche www.Larouchepac .Com, Gerald Celente Trends Research Institute www.TrendsResea rch.Com, News at www.RT.Com President ...

America Saves The World.

Add to EJ Playlist  America Saves The World & Can Save Itself IF The Glass Steagall Bill Is Re-Enacted Now Wars Could End Bad Debts Created By The Banks Will Be Returned To THEM Bringing Freedom From The ...

Debt Free

Add to EJ Playlist  Debt Free The return to what Lyndon LaRouche describes as the "Glass-Steagall standard" is an essential component of any successful effort to pull the United States out of its second Great...

Silver Liberation Army

Add to EJ Playlist  Silver liberation army buying Silver this not only helps us to rise above "deflation and inflation but also brings high yields & profits in return, anyone buying silver 14 months ago has seen...

Fukushima Worldwide Radiation

Add to EJ Playlist  Fukushima Worldwide Radiation cover up and deceit that's been going on for years, while Humankind receives more and more doses of fallout, with ever rising man made background levels of ...

Rothschilds Fortune History

Add to EJ Playlist  Rothschild fortune history & family wealth. The Rothschild family known as "The House of Rothschild" or simply, the Rothschilds whom in the19th century, possessed the largest private fortune...

Max Keiser Blair Sucks Up Mubarak

Add to EJ Playlist  Max Keiser & Stacey Herbert the Keiser Report 119 Cleptocrat Tony Blair sucks up to Egypt's Mubarak big stash billions hived off Iceland recovery reminds us of true Capitalism a recollection...

Warning Beware the Others

Add to EJ Playlist  Warning Beware the Others they will hurt your mind & make you think, put an end to this madness now lobby your MP or representative.

Wall Street Excrement says Max Keiser

Add to EJ Playlist  Keiser Report Episode 117, Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert talk about Wall Street Excrement & Emails that show Bear Stearns cheated clients out of £$billions. Max talks to Nomi Prins, author of...

How To Pay No Tax Legally

Add to EJ Playlist  How To Pay No Tax Legally.

David Cameron Selling Forests

Add to EJ Playlist  David Cameron is seeking to pass laws that will enable UK & English Woodlands & Ancient Forests to be sold to Corporations and other parties. These woodlands, which are at this time in the...

People United

Add to EJ Playlist  The people together can overcome all the odds, the people united have & will win out, and continue to be the real power in this world. The Times are changing, a new age, a new chance.

Deep Debt

Add to EJ Playlist  More debt to repay, will we ever learn, why do we not see that our actions cause all the trouble in our lives. Open eyes and love your family for real !!! Peace.

Bankers Gifts for You

Add to EJ Playlist  Bankers Gifts for You From The IMF Banksters & Friends, Not Sending You Toys, A New TV or Domestic Appliances, but Confusion, Distraction, Fraud, Debt Feudality, Deflation, Lower, Less Wages,...

Grab Your Money Eric Cantona Bank run 7th December

Add to EJ Playlist  Eric Cantona is calling on protesters against cutbacks and pension reforms in France to start a real revolution by mass bank withdrawals, and thousands of French & others on the Internet are...

Big Profits In Silver Blow JP Morgan

Add to EJ Playlist  Crash JP Morgan Max Keiser of the Keiser Report 1: JP Morgan Nil Thinking people around the globe are seeing the light & purchasing Silver coins & bars, while hedging their life savings...


Add to EJ Playlist  UFOs ORBs Military "Black Helicopter" 2nd September 2010 The Links Golf Course Extract From Original Video www.Youtube.Com /Moondogzzz http://www.yout =EO1M6xc0zRY ...

Population Control Eugenics

Add to EJ Playlist  Eugenics Population Control Pt4 Science has confirmed that in many cases, Mycoplasma, found in Chemtrail material Is causing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus,...

The Most Powerful Man In The World

Add to EJ Playlist  The Most Powerful Man In The World, So, who is the Most Powerful man, No! not these Trillion, Billion & Millionaires, No! not The Bankers, Nor these Politicians Or Their Parliaments. Who...

Tony Blair supports war on Iran

Add to EJ Playlist  Tony Blair "The west should use force against Iran if it continues to develop nuclear weapons", aligning himself with US hawks who have called for strikes against Iranian nuclear sites. Keiser...

Max Keiser financial tyranny

Add to EJ Playlist  Keiser Report #75 Markets, Finance, Scandal Max Keiser talks with Stacy Herbert about the scandal of insider trading "the weather in healthcare" and how it is that the American System is based...

No American Constitution?

Add to EJ Playlist  No American Constitution Marc Stevens talks about the American Constitution at the Liberty Forum in New Hampshire. No State No Citizens No Constitution No Obligation to pay taxes. View the...

2nd American Revolution Gerald Celente

Add to EJ Playlist  Gerald Celente The 2nd American Revolution The Wallstreet Shuffle 2.8.2010 talking on CNN Trends Journal: www.trendsresea Twitter: aldcelente 500 dollar Homes...

Max Keiser 3 financial terrorism

Add to EJ Playlist  Max Keiser Report - Markets! Finance! Scandal! Keiser Report is a no holds barred look at the shocking scandals behind the global financial headlines. From the collusion between Wall Street...

Max Keiser 2 depression hyper inflation

Add to EJ Playlist  Max Keiser Report - Markets! Finance! Scandal! Keiser Report is a no holds barred look at the shocking scandals behind the global financial headlines. From the collusion between Wall Street...

Max Keiser 1 think the unthinkable

Add to EJ Playlist  Max Keiser Report 1 - Markets! Finance! Scandal! Keiser Report is a no holds barred look at the shocking scandals behind the global financial headlines. From the collusion between Wall Street...

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