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i caught u staring at my wrinkled soft sole feet

Add to EJ Playlist  i forgive i hope you can forgive me...sweet dreams now & ever after xx

skinny jeans tease sheer mature feet soles toes

Add to EJ Playlist  tight sexy skinny leggings jeans msgoldsole poses in hot black high heel sandals then removes for floor foot pov... leggy tease soft sheer feet soles toes & who knows!

wiggling toes mature bare feet dishin' savory

Add to EJ Playlist  up to old foot antics again-- quirky ms goldsole's savory snack barefoot feet tease pov in your face talkin blue streak... toes wiggling propped up... wrinkled mature soles so soft & cute slender crunchy chips makes you wanna nibble & drool sweet thaang ;)

nylon foxy feet pretty polly legs dress & strappy heels

Add to EJ Playlist  mature foxy lady goldsole thigh high stockings putting on my sweet dress & showing you pretty polly 10denier sheer soles up close & in your face xx

hot bare foot flip flops reoccuring obsession

Add to EJ Playlist  50+ tease and deny sure to mesmerize & please a few special feet guys... goldsole antics pretty toes veiny tops & sweet thongs to help you along your way...mercy make it a great day xx

trying on sheer to waist panty hose & pumps

Add to EJ Playlist  posing talking in mirror slipping on silky 15 denier italian white pantyhose stockings... glossy CDR Sevilla's...str ong veiny mature legs pretty feet and soft soles fit white pumps or pink mules... which pair do you like best on ms GoldSole who is wife 50+ and your kind comments are appreciated.

barefoot time mature feet in my hammock again

Add to EJ Playlist  happy goldsole bare foot pov tease & talk...

glossy pantyhose legs & feet msGoldSole poses

Add to EJ Playlist  sweet dreams are made of these...glossy sheer to waist Celia de Rafael Sevilla 15 brand spanking new first time wearing summer nylons color Circuela purple with my well worn Barefoot Original italian pumps...goldsol e 50+ antics & chat.

mature bare soles... i wonder how this book ends?

Add to EJ Playlist  ms goldsole reads excerp from romance novel... this is how i imagine some of you would choose to greet me at my window some day lol

big bare foot no escape

Add to EJ Playlist  leggy skirted goldsole giantess bare sole pov

smelly nylon toes encouragement

Add to EJ Playlist  always original ms goldsole giantess has you under foot spell awhile smell my cute black socks and scent nylon toes stay ups tiny skirt oh my leggy..clean talk and mature show...

destroy thick black tights... granny's dark school

Add to EJ Playlist  while wearing...oh my from perfect opaque stocking school girl tights to spanking & bare soles...mature audiences

oiled mature bare soles side by side

Add to EJ Playlist  barely oiled smooth translucent soles side by side toes flexed back so you cannot see my toes or feet veins don't complain cause you didn't read this first...sorry my light throwed vid off

granny bluejeans & flip-flops

Add to EJ Playlist  veiny feet tops goldsole in flip flops kick a little... don't expect much...i procrastinated about uploading this to begin with...what the hey hey you'll give me feedback anyway...have a super...

stocking soles shades of grey after a long day

Add to EJ Playlist  what u do while i'm talking is your biz...shimmery sheer pantyhose feet propped up pov wide angle...nice new french pedi too...merry to all from ms goldsole...

black pantyhose witch feet

Add to EJ Playlist  old strict witch wearing destroyed pantyhose with rips & holes... double nylon delight slender soles, red toenail polish & pumps high heels, ms goldsole roleplay.

luscious toes bare soles lips licking

Add to EJ Playlist  mmm sights & sounds...someti mes slurp tongue lil' bit licking lips mature feet pov ms goldsole highlights bare slender soles & long red ringed toes in sunny window light for bright footboy's...

glazed royal toes POV oiled soles donut face

Add to EJ Playlist  slippery bare soles & toes close up with msgoldsole...'l et's talk' is the royal sinful purple blue nail polish color to tantalize & excite... check ur volume sweet thang... oops my mic was...

stepping out in my black mules tiny stuffie

Add to EJ Playlist  take back what you said about granny's black mule shoes or else...hard & soft sole foot crush...lame so leave it alone pleez...

aunty's stinky feet socks & bare soles tea

Add to EJ Playlist  mature bare soles & wiggling toes veiny tops...after sweaty run... smelly socks brew 4u...

mature bare soles massage encouragement

Add to EJ Playlist  clean encouragement for u.... classic goldsole antics in hot stirrup tights...55+ aunty pure natural nails soles propped up in your face. lucky i had some extra in me for this marc my words...;)

all doubled up with garters panty hose tease

Add to EJ Playlist  garter lady is back in black secrets in lace over hanes pantyhose..doub le the pleasure...watc h msgoldsole trying on taking off show hot backside mature hose fun is all slinky winky goood.

pink oiled soles SWEET THANG

Add to EJ Playlist  wow them shiny wrinkles are back scrunching hard for your pleasure...deep folds mature bare soles rubbing...sweet feet in your face talking...class ic GoldSole antics.

purple passion for deFEET

Add to EJ Playlist  recipe talk to make you hungry for lady goldsole stocking feet & legs in the kitchen...lovel y lavender stay-ups tease...heel popping shoeplay & sum sole fun.

black fishnet feat trick or treat

Add to EJ Playlist  oh dear just a puddle of oil left after smooshing that tiny buugg...msgolds ole has 'thunk' of everything to cover her tracks... clone you so mom won't know....pov fantasy tease in fishnet stayups.

black socked lady squeezes

Add to EJ Playlist  50+ lady shapely thighs in hot tights & black socks squeeze to please a special leg man...foot-age in socks & bare feet.

holey black sock & barefoot sole tease

Add to EJ Playlist  'eat your heart out' bare soles & candy black toes 4U... always original incomparable msgoldsole face talking trick-or-treat. .. ;)

white keds shoeplay 'Replacement Ref'

Add to EJ Playlist  after all that sweating & running around msgoldsole airs her bare feet ...smelly shoes go on/off as she talks...toe tally fun role play true to form goldsole antics.

aunty's black slipper sole tease

Add to EJ Playlist  foot tease & denial... aunty puts her black ballet slippers on and off repeatedly so as not to tempt nephew who has a bare feet obsession...cla ssic msgoldsole quirky antics.

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