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Add to EJ Playlist  LINKS: Restart Page: http://www.ther LIGHTS: http://lights.e m/ Perfect Eyesight: http://www.addi puzzle-games/pe rfect-eyesight- game.jsp FIRST hour of MTV: http://www.yout t?list=PL12813D 74635E9DA0 CGPGrey's Favorite Videos: http://www.yout t?list=PL54F5B7 14853F4524&feat ure=mh_lolz Game Show Fails: http://www.yout alNintendo/vide os 911 calls, explosions, apple ads, and 2012: http://www.yout nterFDavis/vide os 28 Video Game System commercials IN ORDER: http://www.yout t?list=PLC60C50 B14020A060 Nuclear blasts in order of yeild: http://www.yout Beanmachine17?f eature=mhee#g/c /00D7B001CDBB43 2A Driving Videos: http://www.yout eewayjim?featur e=watch#g/p AND http://www.yout eewayTitan/vide os?view=pl Maddog53 covers his favorite videos of 2011: http://www.yout t?list=PL22481E 1885D851FE PEOPLE ARE AWESOME PLAYLIST: http://www.yout t?list=PLF71CA3 80CDBAFA72&feat ure=plcp EPIC MUSIC playlist: http://www.yout t?list=PLD57115 C30CF5CF47 As Seen On feeds I like: http://www.yout blog/reddit http://www.yout blog/boingboing http://www.yout blog/cuteoverlo ad http://www.yout blog/kottke-org http://www.yout blog/hgI1c4iklb E Sword DANCING: http://www.yout =Xcs3OwrkcR4 Temperature3's FEED: http://www.yout mperature3 Kevin Lieber's FEED: http://www.yout vinLieber/feed Jake Chudnow's FEED: http://www.yout udzMcKenzie/fee d BONUS DONGS: huge tetris: http://gprime.n et/game.php/tet oris make your own word tag pictures (very cool and free while it's in BETA!): http://www.tagx l

FIRST Photo on the INTERNET ... and other things too.

Add to EJ Playlist  FOR MORE INFO: Parasites: http://www.ncbi bmed/21118945 and: http://en.wikip arasitic_worm#I ntestinal_helmi nths The Great Famine: http://en.wikip reat_Famine_(Ir eland) breathing earth: http://breathin Anne Hathaway is very pretty in my opinion: http://annehath Shakespeare also liked that name: http://en.wikip nne_Hathaway_(S hakespeare) First photographs: http://en.wikip istory_of_photo graphy colorized photo: http://www.luna zed-boulevard-d u-temple-daguer re/ First image on the internet: http://en.wikip es_Horribles_Ce rnettes Gangkhar Puensum: http://en.wikip angkhar_Puensum CGPGrey on continents: http://www.yout =3uBcq1x7P34

BEST BANNED Video Game Ads -- FAK #3

Add to EJ Playlist  Kevin's Channel - http://www.yout eber ***LINKS*** Resident Evil 4 BreastFeeding Ad http://www.yout =HEVCW8oMN5M Maniac Mansion Censorship http://www.croc d/maniac.html Guitar Hero Heidi Klum Commercial http://www.yout =OLeZAGLEzcU Guitar Hero Heidi Klum Banned Commercial http://www.yout =tpQCjJ4_XHA Banned XBox Life/Death Commercial http://www.yout =uu8456pVSLI Banned Serena Williams Top Spin 4 Commercial http://www.yout =T2SHM8UhJxA Banned Xbox 360 Ad http://www.yout =qNuRQmvykwk Banned Stranglehold Ad http://www.guar a/video/2008/ja n/16/strangleho ld Dead Island Cover http://www.geek 3/americans-cen soring-dead-isl and/ Dead Or Alive Dimensions http://www.3dsg 1/03/dead-or-al ive-dimensions- slightly-censor ed-in-north-ame rica/ Left 4 Dead http://www.geek .com/articles/g ames/left-4-dea d-cover-art-cen sored-in-japan- and-germany-200 81226/ Banned In The USA ntendo-banned-i n-the-usa/a-200 907221053449760 67/p-3 Ring King http://www.ency clopedia-obscur or.html


Add to EJ Playlist  sorry the video's a bit dark ... recording in your hotel room alone ftw! LINKS for more info: Music by: http://soundclo now Earth Sandwich: http://www.zefr h/ Find the point OPPOSITE you on earth! http://www.zefr h/tool.html More on antipoints: http://en.wikip ntipodes Three Gorges Dam: http://en.wikip hree_Gorges_Dam Three Gorges Dam and earth's rotation: http://www.thee m/node/11435 Angular Momentum demo: http://www.yout =yAWLLo5cyfE Hydrophobes: http://en.wikip ydrophobe Lotus Effect: http://www.yout =LJtQ6dvcbOg VIDEO: nano glass and hydrophobia: http://www.yout =Rl35HS-3Mrc&fe ature=related Rabies: http://en.wikip abies VIDEO of rabies and fluid: http://www.yout =OtiytblJzQc

How Much Money is LOVE Worth?

Add to EJ Playlist  SOURCES: music: http://soundclo now Triangular theory of love: http://en.wikip riangular_theor y_of_love Measuring passionate love paper: http://www2.haw h/71.pdf Limerence (great article if you want to nerd-out about love): http://en.wikip imerence Easy to print PLS: http://www.elai Passionate%20Lo ve%20Scale.pdf Value of first hearing "I love you" from someone: http://www.guar entisfree/2009/ jul/19/victoria -coren-brainjui cer-lottery-stu dy Value of being married: 0/magazine/magb r_valentines_lo veandmoney_0502 / GDP vs. Other Stuff: http://www.frea 08/04/25/the-ec onomics-of-happ iness-part-6-de lving-into-subj ective-well-bei ng/ Love vs. GDP: http://www.frea 08/02/14/the-ma croeconomics-of -love-a-valenti nes-day-analysi s/ Hedonic Treadmill: http://en.wikip edonic_treadmil l Another great article on the Hedonic Treadmill: http://money.ho /gross-national -happiness2.htm $$$ vs. happiness: http://www.theo /5174 Marriage and life expectancy: http://www.dail ail/article-135 1287/Marriage-k ey-better-life- Study-finds-tyi ng-knot-means-i mproved-health- longer-life-exp ectancy.html?IT O=1490 GDP and life expectancy: http://tinyurl. com/79sksjh Vasopressin / Oxytocin LA Times article: http://articles 10/feb/08/healt h/la-he-love8-2 010feb08 BONUSES: article about scientifically finding the happiest man in America: http://www.nyti /06/weekinrevie w/06happy.html? _r=2 Gallup / Healthways well-being index: http://www.well / Value of a human: http://www.huma Our fb: http://www.Face Gaming Our twitter: @tweetsauce


Add to EJ Playlist  Rinry's Channel: http://www.yout megame#p/u/0/44 mxT_ruxlI Catmario: http://www.kong s/mrstealth/cat -mario-demo Class 3 Outbreak: http://www.clas Draw a Stickman: http://www.draw Ugly Dance: http://theuglyd Rinry's List: Parasite: http://www.nitr arasite/ Small Worlds: http://armorgam 0/small-worlds Wonder Putt: http://www.notd erputt.php MAZE: /game/242/3d-Ma ze.html NEON MAZE: http://armorgam 8/neon-maze TRIANGLES: http://emiliogo GULATIONBLOG/in teractive/trian gulation/ ml Man in the Dark: http://www.mani The Disagreeing Internet: http://thedisag reeinginternet. com/ Hacker Typer: http://hackerty do nothing for 2 minutes: http://www.dono thingfor2minute

Fun GEEKY Games -- and more! [DONG]

Add to EJ Playlist  Just a quick video today while I hide from Irene. Less-geeky games at the end. music by: http://www.Jake pixelblast: http://www.bore /695/Pixel_Blas t.html birth year: http://whathapp enedinmybirthye SPORCLE: http://www.spor SPORCLE fonts: http://www.spor xDUNE/fabulous_ fonts SPORCLE FLAGS http://www.spor uropeflags.php drag and drop state http://www.shep m/states_experi ment_drag-drop_ Intermed_State1 5s_500.html STATETRIS: http://www.mapm atetris/europe/ dogs: http://www.whic ztype: http://www.phob / captcha invaders: http://www.e4.c om/game/captcha -invaders/play. e4 retroshoot: http://retrosho ot360.php monotone (ball on bungee): http://freegame /monotone.html splitter: http://www.kong s/EvgenyKaratae v/splitter gravity guy: http://www.soci /gravity-guy/gr avity-guy.html 4 second frenzy: http://www.addi arcade-games/4s econdfrenzy.jsp things you can do on youtube now guys: car/people manipuation: http://laughing s-of-giant-hand s-guiding-peopl e-cars-by-june- bum-park/ Poop machine: http://www.yout =iSFe91XlwYQ

15 AWESOME YouTube Tricks

Add to EJ Playlist  *** LINKS *** Skittles Touch Ads-- Cat: http://www.yout =eDlaJlb1ezg Cage Cop: http://www.yout =Oech5Rpom2g freddiew WIDESCREEN: http://www.yout =FEm8PZ_lUh8 Oscars Find-The-Differ ence: http://www.yout =6Zj45rmDXWI Mario Slot Machine: http://www.yout =9gqS8p4tCac MGM Piano: http://www.yout =OtcpO4vipNU kokokaka Piano: http://www.yout =oD-sSolVDiY Electric Bass with your keyboard: http://www.yout =Tm90BM8-4Fs LEGO choose-your-own -adventure: http://www.yout =QtG6yw2IrlI Mixable Dancer: http://www.yout =kUPVGyqjWPQ YouTube Magic Trick: http://www.yout =tbEei0I3kMQ Street Fighter Interactive Game: http://www.yout =LPQ1XrllZmA MGM hidden annotations announcement: http://www.yout =dH6n2HO5WS0 BooneOakley site: ‪ m‬ Hunter/Bear Interactive: http://www.yout =4ba1BqJ4S2M

How Much Does The Internet Weigh?

Add to EJ Playlist  Thanks to @lakefield83 and @zconsortium for these facts! all music by Jake Chudnow: http://soundclo now READ MORE: Weight gained from e-books: http://www.nyti /25/science/25q na.html?_r=1&ad xnnl=1&src=tp&a dxnnlx=13199041 65-PvwPMwuILjGN Eh8dgt7zAA Gadsby: http://www.amaz ct/1466216735/r ef=pd_lpo_k2_dp _sr_1?pf_rd_p=4 86539851&pf_rd_ s=lpo-top-strip e-1&pf_rd_t=201 &pf_rd_i=089968 4459&pf_rd_m=AT VPDKIKX0DER&pf_ rd_r=17TJJR8V4N 8E9W2QNVMQ Flash Memory: http://en.wikip lash_memory Map of the Internet: http://www.opte .org/ Size of the internet: http://www.mart 8/size-of-the-i nternetdata-gro wth-info-overlo ad/ Weight of all electrons in motion that make up the internet: http://adamant. tz/2006/10/weig hing_the_we.htm l Weight of all information on the internet: http://discover 07/jun/how-much -does-the-inter net-weigh/artic le_view?b_start :int=0&-C= Smallest sand particles: http://science. /6039/Sediment- Sedimentation-S ml

Add to EJ Playlist  More Windows and Mac pranks and tricks to scare noobs :) Remap a desktop icon to this location to make it restart a computer when clicked: %windir%system3 2shutdown.exe -r -t 00 Copy/Paste this javascript into your browser RIGHT NOW to make everything spin around (undo by refreshing): javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.get ElementsByTagNa me("div"); DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i-DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='a bsolute'; DIS.left=(Math. sin(R*x1+i*x2+x 3)*x4+x5)+"px"; os(R*y1+i*y2+y3 )*y4+y5)+"px"}R ++}setInterval( 'A()',5); void(0);

Mario's SECRET BALLS ??!! Mind Blow 4

Add to EJ Playlist  Check out Kevin's channel http://www.yout eber Button Pressing Game (Japanese) - http://www.huds l006/omake/tr16 /index.html Hidden Mickeys - http://www.hidd enmickeysguide. com PeanutButterGam er's Mario Balls - http://www.yout =mToilLPT3SQ SEGA Urinal Game - http://www.pops article/2010-12 /segas-new-urin al-based-gaming -interface-lets -you-pee-points Check-Powered Steadicam - chicken-powered -steadicam Toshuyuki Takahashi - http://www.yout =oJ4lmAFB7d4 http://www.yout =A6MoEj_Hs7Y Giant Storks - http://www.msnb 577049/ns/techn ology_and_scien ce-science/ Drunk Grandma - http://www.brob drunk-grandmoth er-grinds-dirty -at-the-usc-ucl a-tailgate Stallone Pr0n - http://www.brob sly-stallones-l ong-lost-porno- italian-stallio n-sold-for-412k -on-ebay Golden Axe Film Connection - http://www.yout =cyZNIeho_bQ http://www.yout =D9d6nYvlzqE Johnny Cage and Jean-Claude Van Damme - http://en.wikip ohnny_Cage

BIGGEST Game Collection Ever... and More! -- Mind Blow 5

Add to EJ Playlist  Kevin's Channel - http://www.yout eber Santa Kick Game 28/super-santa- kicker-1yzj Beer filling from bottom. http://www.yout =wiu_IX14wLI Final Fight was originally Street Fighter '89 http://en.wikip inal_Fight Poison is a transgender enemy in Final Final http://en.wikip oison_%28Final_ Fight%29 Ace Ventura - http://www.yout =PSPtSEIlp8A Sonic in Crusader Of Centy (Soleil in Japan) - http://www.yout =6spwjMBb0gQ Super Mario RPG has secret cameos from Link, Samus and Star Fox and F-Zero. /2395/226185650 2_ca6de20b61_o. gif Zelda: Ocarina of Time has cameos of Mario Luigi and Bowser http://i28.tiny .jpg Chung Li in Breath Of Fire http://www.flyi reviews/snes/sc reens/bofchunli .gif http://www.yout =iAKpWmt0-fM Fed Ex arrow, Amazon A to Z , Toberlone Bear http://www.tric ks-and-illusion mazingly-clever -logo-illusion. html A-style Logo http://logoblin t/uploads/2009/ 06/a-style-logo -real.jpg Batman Illusion http://www.moil 6/04/batmans-lo go-illusion.htm l Hydrogen Peroxide and dry yeast explosion http://www.wond -to-make-crazy- foam-explosion- science-experim ent-271328/ 50 Cent - In Da Club http://www.yout =5qm8PH4xAss Most ridiculous game collection ever http://kotaku.c om/5716630/this -could-be-the-g reatest-retro-g ame-collection- in-the-world BryceCorp3 Videogame Collection - http://www.yout ycecorp#p/c/697 C20F0D004B146 Sonic in Rad Mobile http://en.wikip ad_Mobile http://www.soni /games/cameos/ Genesis Guitar http://www.yout =uQeQ9F3cpj0 NES Guitar http://www.yout =2WUNyImfBPQ O Fortuna http://www.yout =xscsuuKF6ZE

Homemade FLAMETHROWER: Mind Blow 6

Add to EJ Playlist  Kevin's Channel - http://www.yout eber VSauce Facebook - http://www.face Gaming Keylight Music Game - audio rhythm experiment /experiments/ht ml5/keylight/03 / Water Gun Flamethrower http://www.yout =kP4lzhxTsFg Lyre Bird http://www.yout =VjE0Kdfos4Y Metroid: One of the first games with multiple endings http://en.wikip etroid_%28video _game%29 FF7 N64 http://www.lost 10/ http://www.yout =VVrid_terJg 13 cartidges 1-game-facts-th at-will-rock-yo ur-world/a-2008 111216394340201 5/p-3 Michael Jackson Sonic 3 http://www.yout =JbVM-l2Oku4 http://kotaku.c om/5418198/yes- michael-jackson -did-work-on-so nic-the-hedgeho g-3 Mega Man and Journey http://www.yout =KrLThSLBQv8 Chrono Trigger - Robos Theme is Rick Roll http://www.yout =eOWf_T0jdgQ http://www.yout =AmMu6HGt14A Green Lake http://www.yout =GI3RlgNJRtA Dragon Tree http://www.divi 22244/97949-tre e-bleeds-red-sa p-dragon-s Gigantic Vietnam Cave http://ngm.nati onalgeographic. com/2011/01/lar gest-cave/jenki ns-text Vans Sneaker Illusion http://www.moil 0/04/vans-playi ng-tricks-with- our-head.html Food Defect Action Levels http://www.fda. gov/food/guidan cecompliancereg ulatoryinformat ion/guidancedoc uments/sanitati on/ m

Mega Man's GUTS!!! Mind Blow 7

Add to EJ Playlist  Kevin's Channel - http://www.yout eber Lasers - Most powerful you can legally own! Buy here: kedlasers Sculptures By Jason Feeny http://web.mac. com/moistproduc tion/flash/inde x.html Custom Statues By Kody Koala http://www.kody Wooly Mammoth Clone http://www.tele ence/science-ne ws/8257223/Mamm oth-could-be-re born-in-four-ye ars.html Flooded McDonalds http://www.yout =Sir-IfaGkoM Videogame Look-alikes http://www.vide ogamelookalikes .com/ Stewie Boston Market Logo http://cantbeun as-been-seen/po pular/41736-why -the-do-people- writ LG Pacman Logo http://cantbeun as-been-seen/po pular/19410-wok a-woka-woka-wok a-woka-wo Frank Zappa Toyota Trucks Logo http://totallyl ookslike.icanha m/2009/03/30/to yota-trucks-log o-totally-looks -like-frank-zap pas-moustache/ Dodge Ram Logo ticoctopus/dodg e-ramfemale-vag ina-u4o In N Out 100x100 Burger http://www.supe /food/article.p hp/200601250504 38458 Secret Fast Food Menu http://www.coup k-coupon-sherpa /secret-restaur ant-menus-revea led/ Popcorn with Laser http://www.yout =ii9A0ZJ5BbU History Of Gaming In 4 Minutes m/18743950 MegaMan Statue http://www.flic koala/519998945 3 PacMan Burger http://kotaku.c om/5735971/does -this-count-as- playing-with-yo ur-food Motorcycle Illusion http://www.yout =BzG-aQc0nTQ Buzzfeed - Turn Your Mouth Into A Speaker http://www.yout =WGAq6nQ2mi8 Lola's Six Fingers http://www.achi m/forums/showth read.php?t=8322 3

BANNED Sega Ads!!!: Mind Blow 8

Add to EJ Playlist  Kevin's Channel - http://www.yout eber Lifehacker 8-bit Gaming Wallpapers http://lifehack go-retro-with-t hese-8+bit-and- old-school-vide o-game-wallpape rs Meat Flavored Water http://dinnerin Banned Sega Ads http://www.ukre 2006/03/segas-b izarre-early-19 90s-viz-adverts .html Mario Parody in Alex Kidd http://www.smsp lexkidd_in_shin obi_world-mario h.jpg Street Fighter 2 Hadoken Hands http://www.cant stopthebleeding .com/img/hadoke n.jpg Street Fighter Kinect http://www.yout =RCOwNT2mZuU 3D moving holographic cube - http://www.moil 0/03/video-proj ected-3d-illusi ons.html Omni-Directiona l Treadmill http://www.yout =BQw1tsgrJOs Painstation http://www.yout =3cH5dGyFxIs Videogame Museum in Berlin, Germany http://www.comp uterspielemuseu Robot Babies http://www.crun /03/04/meet-bab y-humanoids-m3- synchy-and-m3-n eony/ Charlie Chaplin Hollow Face Illusion http://www.yout =S_vtZXELRK8 IPhone GunApp http://gizmodo. com/5744894/app gun-turns-your- iphone-into-an- augmented-reali ty-rifle-sight LED Grills enning/led-gril ls-are-japans-n ew-hotness

AMAZING CD BUBBLE!!! -- Mind Blow 9

Add to EJ Playlist  *** LINKS *** Invisible Paperclip http://www.smh. gy/sci-tech/ama zing-scientific -breakthrough-p aper-clip-made- invisible-20110 203-1af2g.html Real Buster Sword from FF7 http://www.yout =VNc7kHADtUw Mega Man Buster Schematic http://www.etsy .com/listing/66 827070/mega-man -buster-schemat ic-print Sega Vs SNES Toughness http://www.yout =dmfVbzUmhNw Pea Butter, Pea Juice And Bagel In A Glass http://www.pops gy/article/2011 -01/fifty-pound -cookbook-emerg es-laboratory TV Hat Guitar Hero 3 Female World Record http://www.yout =sRBh-44Osw8 Solar Death Ray http://www.yout =TtzRAjW6KO0 CD Bubble http://www.yout =JVl1NgSQmrQ Game Covers as Classics http://kotaku.c om/5140732/if-o nly-game-covers -were-as-classy -as-book-covers http://kotaku.c om/5145909/a-se cond-serving-of -classic-reimag ined-game-cover s http://kotaku.c om/5738524/clas sic-video-games -deserve-classy -box-art Most Clothes Pegs On Face http://www.japa /08/02/world-re cord-most-cloth es-pegs-clipped -on-face/ Evangelion Room 360/xbox-360/ne ws/first-neon-g enesis-evangeli on-themed-hotel -room-opening-o n-march-1/a-201 101311827173000 67/g-2006032113 2945404017

IMPOSSIBLE Waterfall!: Mind Blow 11

Add to EJ Playlist  Kevin's Channel - http://www.yout eber DuBlox Puzzle Game http://hoodamat lox.php Toilet Flushes Golf Balls http://www.aoln /18/hotel-intro duces-super-str ong-toilets-abl e-to-flush-golf -balls/ Celebrity Real Names /celebrities-yo u-may-have-not- known-changed-t heir-n deadmau5 Modular Castlevania http://www.yout =oTFpMYhRbkQ Escher Waterfall http://www.moil 1/02/escher%E2% 80%99s-waterfal l-brought-to-li fe.html 3D Paper Sculptures http://www.bert oto/paperworks/ JakPak - Jacket Sleepingbag http://www.yout =l8c1F-RlzuQ Tanooki Suit Kills Orbs/Fire http://www.yout =T4QVeVXyFMM Rygar and Dr Jekyll Music http://www.yout =KXWRk2nVn8Y Robot Plays Violin (New Video) http://www.yout =HEASP8Pe-9Y BrainDriver - Mind-Controlled Car http://www.yout =iDV_62QoHjY Bendable Organic Microprocessor http://www.pops gy/article/2011 -02/bendable-mi crochips-worlds -first-organic- microprocessor- unveiled Shadow Sword Fight http://www.yout =0nfPDR3gGQc

ZOMBIE Bugs!!!: Mind Blow 12

Add to EJ Playlist  Kevin's Channel - http://www.yout eber Disappearing Spoon http://www.disa ppearingspoons. com/ http://www.yout =kIbYiO5BRYk Videogame Demake Fan Art http://kotaku.c om/#!5601850/22 -high+caliber-d emakes-of-moder n-favorites/gal lery/22 Sphere Brothers Illusion http://www.moil 1/02/crazy-sphe re-brothers.htm l NES Breathalyzer http://www.yout =KYNoPeRqidY PEWPEWPEW - Voice-Activated Game m/19687592 Secret Stash Short Film berry/secret-st ash-216i Dogbrella gbrella--Design --Gear.html DubStep Dance Team http://www.yout =8vCoVWzT67I World's Fattest Contortionist http://www.yout =HmMl3qV63OA Yoshi Island - Zombie Glitch http://www.yout =woD_ue-cibw Move-Controlled Robot http://www.yout =JN9AETAB7L8 Sonic Suicide http://www.yout =48_S5WpHIXE Zombie Ant http://www.pops gallery/2011-02 /gallery-terrif ying-real-life- zombies-walk-ea rth?image=1 Killer Insect Fungi http://www.yout =XuKjBIBBAL8 Paras And Parasect http://bulbanew s.bulbagarden.n et/wiki/On_the_ Origin_of_Speci es:_Paras_and_P arasect Goliath Tiger Fish http://www.yout =7Tkl4ziRNVU

What IS THIS???? Mind Blow #13

Add to EJ Playlist  Mega Man Vs Gundam and Transformers http://www.yout =hEudCCPeVo0 Kevin's Channel - http://www.yout eber Wooden Path 2 http://www.kong s/Remivision/wo oden-path-2 Electronic Origami m/20683518 Origami Robot http://www.flic 4798440@N02/= Piggy Bank Pet http://www.toda t/2011/03/10/th e-future-piggy- bank/ Smirnoff And Pringles http://cheezbur 10324992 Homemade Pulse Laser Gun http://www.yout =RUXXGbNS8oY Wristwatch Motorcycles http://www.oddi ics/the-wristwa tch-motorcycles -of-jose-gerald o-reis-pfau.htm l Picture of Sun http://blogs.di scovermagazine. com/badastronom y/2011/03/08/se riously-jaw-dro pping-picture-o f-the-sun/?utm_ source=feedburn er&utm_medi um=feed&utm _campaign=Feed: +BadAstronomyBl og+%28Bad+Astro nomy%29 Extraterrestria l Life n Meteorite? YES!!! http://www.cbsn 1465_162-200396 58-501465.html Extraterrestria l Life In Meteorite? NO!!!! http://www.pops article/2011-03 /nasa-scientist -claims-see-ali en-life-meteori tes Super Mario Bros. Modern Sounds http://www.yout =u9wp6cz0A1o Other Gaming Modern Sounds http://www.yout =qukCulDOJzg Wu Tang Gameboy Color Commercial m/20086657 Racing Dinner Table http://www.pops cle/2011-02/din ner-go-nitrous- injected-dining -table Android Man http://www.yout =eZlLNVmaPbM Waterslide In Bedroom http://nation.t 2010/05/undergr ound-mansion-in -cheshire-has-b edroom-to-pool- waterslide/

Stuffed GIRL'S HEAD? -- Mind Blow #14

Add to EJ Playlist  FACEBOOK: ‪http://www.Fac eGaming‬ ** LINKS ** Build An NES In A Cartridge http://www.inst d/NES-in-a-Cart ridge/ Play Classic Handheld Games http://www.pica Blockdrop - Puzzle Game http://www.bloc ockdrop.asp Water-Powered Jetpack http://www.yout =CiUNe5908FA Stuffed Girl's Heads http://chzhisto riclols.files.w 11/03/33be817a- f575-4961-b2db- g Super Genintari http://www.geek /09/hybrid_gami ng_systems_the_ supe.php Recycled Book Desk http://decorhac library-book-de sk/ Treepods http://www.mymo files/blogs/coo l-concept-co2-t o-o2 Marlboro Soup In Grams Electric Swordfight http://www.yout =8kjyg1lHFo8 Bubble Tree Tent http://bubbletr cine/ p?lang=2 http://www.yout =E2E7csoxFSc Marble Machine http://www.yout =3NJ7Fr6VrPU Magenetic Gels http://www.pops article/2011-03 /video-magnetic -gels-swim-shim my-and-walk Shoulder-Mounte d Telecommunicati on Avatar http://www.yout =4doyLws0zC0 Videogame Deaths http://www.yout =gJ6APKIjFQY

Nintendo FURNITURE??? -- Mind Blow #15

Add to EJ Playlist  VSauce Facebook: http://www.face Gaming FAK #3: http://www.yout =Y7Ib6783r1Q ***LINKS*** Pong Coffee Table http://www.inst d/Super-Pong-Co ffee-Table/ Zelda Treasure Chest http://www.yout =huY8ZiuG_qg Bathroom Toe Door Opener http://www.toep M Is For Megaman http://www.flic 2814237@N04/144 6588836/ CD Erased with Photonicinducti on http://www.yout =Zi_bMYFmFGg Tiny Crossbow http://www.yout =dfOyE5b2jh4 Dancing Robots http://www.yout =9CNSaNKZPfc Crazy Side Shooter Game From Cave http://www.yout =NrweAa3NiOc Kinect Driven Chair http://www.yout =RewJHNkjog0 New NES Controller Coffee Table http://kotaku.c om/#!5790818/th is-coffee-table -is-a-giant-wor king-nintendo-c ontroller/galle ry/6 Super Coffee Table http://www.yout =2c3q9K4cHzY NES Console Coffee Table http://www.yout =APMqtxI5CBo RC Car Powered With Soda Can Tabs m/20311112 Dual-Chambered Slurpee Cup http://consumer /new-double-cha mbered-slurpee- cup-keeps-the-m ountain-dew-apa rt-from-the-fan ta-orange-until -just-the-r.htm l Little Rockman's Book Price Euthanasia Coaster http://www.di.r uk/content/home # Pocket Chair http://www.yout =wu37pXqrZQc Robo Exoskeleton http://www.yout =iMm0BHUWZ2Q Secret Garage http://www.yout =KaOKUos0-Iw Car That Runs On Garbage http://www.yout =3XPH3fV1Fd4


Add to EJ Playlist  Weirdos Of The Month #2 -- http://www.yout =lIEfmyysqoM VSauce Facebook -- http://www.face Gaming Kissing Machine http://www.yout =PspagsTFvlg Real FPS Display http://www.yout =z629I7tQUh0 Easy Chair Cycle http://www.pops icle/2011-04/co llege-student-r oars-around-cam pus-motorized-e asy-chair Folding Chair http://www.yout =g-OOGDeZjMk Recycled Circuit Chair http://blog.mak ve/2011/04/recy cled-circuit-ch airs.html Subwoofer Chair http://www.geek 000-watt-subwoo fer-chair-video -28-04-2011/ New Jetpack http://www.pops gy/article/2011 -04/video-marti n-jetpack-sets- new-endurance-r ecord-staying-a loft-seven-minu tes 270,000 Legos http://www.offi 11/05/photos-27 0000-lego-brick s-sculpture-by. html Thunderstorm Clip Capacity District 9 Lego Gun http://www.flic egohaulic/ N64 Koala http://img.imgc jpgdu.jpg Thermochromic Urinal http://tumblr.m /post/490370094 6/thermochromic -urinal-way-coo ler-than-this-o ne NERF Thunderstorm http://arstechn news/2011/05/su per-soaker-intr oduces-a-new-wr inkle-to-squirt -guns-magazines .ars Toothpick City http://blogs.ex /tinkering/2011 /04/15/a-video- tour-of-rolling -through-the-ba y/ Bubble Man Stage Music Box http://www.yout =OdpSKQCzGQQ Bubble Man Original http://www.yout =E1J6M9pkQ3c Mega Man 2 - BubbleMan Stage http://www.yout =YruCYWffiiM Mario Bros. Figure Skating http://www.yout =XO7pD4hzA7E Guy Gets Struck By Lightning http://www.yout =hDlvHtTe378 Record Beatmania Performance http://www.yout =UI4PJGPycy8

BRA GUN??? -- Mind Blow #17

Add to EJ Playlist  Facebook: http://www.face Gaming *** LINKS *** Razor Bogo Pogo http://www.yout =7DCc5046qKE http://www.yout =89UlVfFNRAc Hopping Robot (KURMET) http://spectrum aton/robotics/r obotics-softwar e/kurmet-bipeda l-robot-can-hop -over-obstacles Gummi Bear Videogames http://www.yout =IJcUiAR8YeY Electromagnetic Balls m/23155536 Super Slingshot http://www.yout =mfFAjaymQM0 Multi-touch Force Field http://www.yout =cq2Ng14dV6E Hugging Robot http://www.yout =DB2dboklZ8A Telepresence Balloon http://www.pops gy/article/2011 -05/video-telep resence-blimp-p rojects-your-bo sss-face-menaci ng-floating-bal loon Bra Gun Holster http://www.yout =h8r6CY5UZyw Converse Screen http://www.yout =HLNyJtbSzao John Nolan Animatronics http://www.yout =HyNh3AXegxw McGurk Audio-Video Illusion http://www.moil 1/05/mcgurk-eff ect-audio-video -illusion.html SlowMo Breakfast m/22469541 French Basketball Practice http://www.yout =oqLnghZ0P0E MacGuyver Recipes http://fathom.i nfo/macrecipes/ MacGyver Coffin Jet Ski http://www.yout =LTWEh2mcdsg

Human Cow BREAST MILK??? -- Mind Blow #18

Add to EJ Playlist  *** LINKS *** Cows Produce Human Breast Milk http://www.yout =rQCF5m-3SbA Futuristic DJ Desk - Reactable http://www.yout =Mgy1S8qymx0 Zelda Tesla http://www.yout =kP-GW-fXxCc Hula Hoop Camera http://www.yout =3GVrO1VYAOI Sun Eruption http://www.yout =Hyi4hjG6kDM World's Tallest Lego Building http://www.yout =E6yB3yd3oBI Armored Glove http://www.pops cle/2011-05/201 1-invention-awa rds-stunning-de velopment Amphibious Ice Cream Van http://www.yout =LE2ybpAUJKI Xploderz Water Gun http://www.yout =BL8NSRsJgRw http://www.yout loderzone Flamethrower Trombone http://www.yout =76J6k9dfc4Y Hyperflesh Charlie Sheen Mask http://www.yout =ruu9BD2JR44 Rainbow Road Song http://www.yout =FuX5_OWObA0 Robot Beer Can http://www.yout =7hag6Zgj78o Vending Machine Toy Capsule Wall http://blog.mak ve/2011/05/deco rate-a-wall-wit h-vending-machi ne-toy-capsules .html Rainbow Walkway http://www.aros .dk/page.asp?ob jectid=2934&zcs =3B90D6DA911140 908C271FC96AED1 043

Travel INSIDE a Black Hole

Add to EJ Playlist  Black holes, light speed travel, and the center of the universe! Watch Numberphile discuss a "Googol": UfoWo LINKS: All music by Jake Chudnow: http://www.soun Chudnow Einstein Ring (a special type of gravitational lensing): http://en.wikip instein_ring Earth orbiting black hole (gif): http://jila.col /insidebh/lense f Visual distortion caused by massive gravity: http://apod.nas gifcity/nslens_ effects.html What would it be like to travel into a black hole? (text): http://math.ucr .edu/home/baez/ physics/Relativ ity/BlackHoles/ fall_in.html INTO A BLACK HOLE (with videos): http://jila.col /insidebh/schw. html Black Hole view from behind: http://www.spac /expeditionsl/e xpeditionsl.htm l Spaghettificati on: http://hubblesi astronomy/black _holes/encyc_mo d3_q16.html Dumbhole: http://spectrum pace/astrophysi cs/a-sonic-blac k-hole more on the dumbhole: m/blog/arxiv/23 625/ what it would look like to approach the speed of light: http://jila.col /insidebh/4dper spective.html pinhole camera demo of "seeing behind yourself": http://www.spac /aur/node2.html More on visual changes while approaching lightspeed: http://www.four aberration.html Where is the center of the universe? http://math.ucr .edu/home/baez/ physics/Relativ ity/GR/centre.h tml Expansion layer demo: http://www.expl ubble/tools/cen ter.html

FLAME GLOVE -- Mind Blow #37

Add to EJ Playlist  *** LINKS *** 27 Pound Lobster http://www.dail s/article-21057 07/Maines-bigge st-lobster-retu rned-Atlantic-O cean-27lb-monst er-caught-Rober t-Malone.html Aire Breathable iPhone Energy http://www.psfk .com/2012/02/ch arge-iphone-bre ath.html Flame Glove http://www.yout =C4KuDBkWw2o The Prometheus Device Video: http://www.yout =z2oEP3RWppA Site: http://picasawe erett.Bradford/ Prometheus# Musical Instrument Contact Mic (Mogees) http://www.yout =erz-9f4M9B4 Physical Archive Of The Internet http://blog.arc 6/06/why-preser ve-books-the-ne w-physical-arch ive-of-the-inte rnet-archive/ Global Seed Vault http://www.regj ep/lmd/campain/ svalbard-global -seed-vault/fre quently-asked-q uestions.html?i d=462221 Soap Slivers (Stack) http://www.kick jects/162704647 4/stack-soap-ba rs-that-combine -no-wasted-or-b roken-p Automatic Bookmark (Albatros) Video: m/37070907 Pre-order: http://www.indi ros-bookmarks-1 Tree Lobsters Story:http://ww uk/sciencetech/ article-2108736 /Extinct-tree-l obster-alive-cl inging-Pacific- rock-taller-Emp ire-State-Build ing.html Video: m/14413689 Japanese Robot American Football Tournament http://www.yout =BjI_KwN_Utg Pyramid Crystals On LCD Screen - Prismatica by Kit Websiter Site: http://kitwebst ca/ Video: m/37388088 World's Largest Corkscrew http://www.yout =31cl8Obftdg Enormous Optimus Prime Snow Sculpture http://laughing ous-transformer s-optimus-prime -snow-sculpture /

Amazing Art and MORE! IMG! #49

Add to EJ Playlist  Follow us @tweetsauce Share IMG!s, DONGs, and more at http://www.Face Gaming music at the end by http://www.Soun Chudnow bearded babies: http://worldwid omponent/joomga llery/funny/bab ies-with-beards /baby-facial-ha ir-222.html#joo mimg cup of kitty: http://fuckyeah st/18855419678/ cat-tea-time-bu nnyfood take it easy: http://www.duma feel-like-not-d oing-anything/ lose control: http://www.sada mage.php?n=798 tree ring gif: http://dvdp.tum 516162400/relie f-prints-of-tru nk-woodcuts-by- bryan-nash-gill minecraft dog: http://www.arti 40 bread crumb bird feeder: http://your-dai ly-dose.tumblr. com/post/104861 3016?utm_source _medium=referra l&utm_campaign= wahoha leg illusion: http://shitbrix .com/mindfuck/r ecent/87178-you ng-love hidden scary face: http://shitbrix .com/mindfuck/r ecent/87163-the -window pacman skull: ror/the-anatomy -of-pac-man-3z9 9 information is beautiful analyzed horoscope: rmationisbeauti zations/horosco ped/ earth's terminator time lapse: http://dvdp.tum 593080965/hundr eds-of-pictures -of-earth-each- taken-at-about puke ribbons: http://i.imgur. com/rVlfW.gif face-lifting cream: http://www.arti 42 parking lot lines: http://3.bp.blo dMb60VY/T1l6auU b5OI/AAAAAAAAL6 I/tXPJXOOwdsM/s 1600/Amazing+St reet+Art+%2815% 29.jpg craig allen portraits: http://www.bore le-pixel-portra its-craig-alan/ loooooong cat: http://www.sada mage.php?n=794 cat mess: http://www.sada 011/11/cats-doi ng-evil-things/ Kerry Sarbakka falling: http://www.sout 0/02/top-12-ext reme-falling-pi ctures.html?utm _source=wahoha. com&utm_medium= referral&utm_ca mpaign=wahoha Seth casteel: DOGS falling: http://www.sada 012/02/dogs-und er-water/ Robert Downey Jr. Pin-up: http://pinuprdj Sistine Chapel tour: http://www.vati cappelle/sistin a_vr/index.html add cats to art: http://www.sada 012/01/famous-p aintings-improv ed-by-cats/ moving dots illusion: http://illusion contest.neuralc 10/two-sinusoid s-6-%E2%80%93-1 -perceptions/ Barbra and Michael Leisgen: horizon arms: m/blogless/post s/mimesis walking coaster: http://www.phae ex-e.html walking coaster PDF: http://www.phae pressrelease-e. pdf chocolate chart: http://ilovecha post/1901282344 0/chocolate-the threefoldgirl#n otes palindrome: http://www.bord 46/Palindrome http://www.Face Gaming Suzy Lelievre furniture art: http://www.suzy vres/contorsion s-talbes-choque es Kusama sticker room: http://www.this 2012/01/yayoi-k usama-obilitera tion-room/ Room of heights: http://www.this 2010/11/roman-o ndaks-room-of-h eights/ Helium balloon art: http://www.this 2011/08/a-heliu m-filled-kineti c-drawing-sculp ture-by-karina- smigla-bobinski / camel towing: http://www.bord 12/Camel_Towing Tortise trick: /gag/3250396 Star Wars by Dr. Seuss: http://nedhardy .com/2012/03/05 /what-if-dr-seu ss-created-star -wars-5-pics/ Cecilia Paredes: http://www.moil 2/03/cecilia-is -a-bit-of-a-wal l-flower.html Liu Bolin: http://sid1982. b/Camouflage-By -Liu-Bolin-The- Invisible-Man contour illusion: http://illusion contest.neuralc 10/counter%E2%8 0%90intuitive-i llusory-contour s/ Gif stairs: http://dvdp.tum 76664333/110731 gif waves: http://dvdp.tum 621796897/12012 7

TREE Record Player and more... -- BiDiPi #11

Add to EJ Playlist  *** LINKS *** http://www.face Gaming BUILD IT Paperclip Machines Video: http://www.yout =MeQGaQTtZLg Site: http://www.inst d/Building-Mach ines-From-Paper clips/ Jellyfish In A Bottle Video:http://ww atch?v=hWRd12G6 FtQ Site: http://bhoompla /2011/09/09/diy _jellyfish_eng/ Glass Floor Supported by 180,000 Plastic Figurines http://www.mymo files/blogs/the -floor-do-ho-su h Ping Pong Ball Launcher Video1: http://www.yout =QR5ErY772eM Video2: http://www.yout =RFDM0WiaJtw Site: http://colvins. ca/?p=170 DRAW IT Paint Drops Machine http://www.yout =-OuaBr8Rn8c Minimalist Icons m/a/TYfWa#7 Alex Pardee Monster Heroes http://www.blon degrizzly.bigca ry/original-art Famous TV Stores Reimagined - Unreal Estate http://superpun /2012/01/illust ration-roundup_ 30.html PLAY IT Dicken Feat. Milah & Korben: Depeche Mode Strangelove Cover http://www.yout =Yk2ZrS0ZS6g The bitbuf Video: http://www.yout =NV6IFOVY-go Site: http://www.linu tbuf/ Music From Tree's Rings m/30501143 The Inner Light / Star Trek (TNG) / Theremin http://www.yout =7XQN9XDnRm4 USER BiDiPis YouTube Annotation Art: Super Mario http://www.yout =puiG29-9Goc Animation: The Hardcore Swiss http://www.yout =NTHa1ozZMHc Sands Of Fire - BF2 http://www.yout =HQxJhXWWv2M LoZ: Skyward Sword Fi's Theme Dubstep Remix - dj-jo http://www.yout =9QFH12ej8qQ Packing Tape Speed Art of Obi-Wan Kenobi http://www.yout =fR1n4d66twU


Add to EJ Playlist  LINKS to LEARN more: My video with Todd: http://www.yout =RL2Rqn5vlAs Todd's Channel: http://www.yout on @tweetsauce http://www.face Gaming Exellenct wrap-up of English language histroy: http://en.wikip istory_of_the_E nglish_language "Uncleft Beholding": http://groups.g /alt.language.a rtificial/msg/6 9250bac6c7cbaff How did early colonists speak: http://www.nich olasjohnpatrick .com/post/76735 4896/did-americ ans-in-1776-hav e-british-accen ts American dialects: http://pandora. da/ling201/test 3materials/Amer m Extinct Bo Language: th_asia/8498534 .stm Great book on English history (linked to part about british/america n accents): http://books.go id=ia5tHVtQPn8C &pg=PA71&lpg=PA 71&source=bl&ot s=sKoutoLjVn&si g=H9BLiHPSMisgl 93Yqk_3Lp77m9I& hl=en&ei=KdIvTK aEItG2nged17CKB A&sa=X&oi=book_ result&ct=resul t&resnum=2&ved= 0CBUQ6AEwATgK#v =onepage&q&f=fa lse Westinghouse Time Capsule VIDEO: http://www.yout =L3Cke2wm6T8 Really cool video of "fake" English (makes no sense, but 'sounds' right): http://www.yout =Vt4Dfa4fOEY

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