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Could We Be The Last of Us?

Add to EJ Playlist  THE VIDEO IS SPOILER FREE! SUBSCRIBE: 5NrBqa *** CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR LINKS *** Video on Spanish Flu: 2Ab6 Article on Cordyceps: oJYI Amazing BBC footage of Cordyceps: MLTYf Study on the origins of human disease: xgzR Origins of AIDS article: 20bP Bushmeat Theory for transfer of HIV/AIDS: HKzZ Archive Farm Footage: j5co 'Guns, Germs, and Steel' by Jared Diamond: NzZH Really interesting WWI Footage: VMWF GLEAMviz: wWYa Pandemic 2 (awesome flash game): iYdl National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza (PDF): tGCb Portuguese captions by RafaelBC: HX3I *************** *************** *************** *************** *********** Vsauce Links Facebook: http://www.face 3 Steam: http://steamcom ps/vsauce3 Twitter: http://www.twit hree T-Shirts: http://www.dist sauce Music By Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout kechudnow Vsauce Animation by Rickonami: http://www.yout ckonami Vsauce: http://www.yout Vsauce2: http://www.yout Vsauce3: http://www.yout WeSauce: http://www.yout

Why Do We Kiss?

Add to EJ Playlist  The scientific study of kissing is "philematology" Follow Michael Stevens: http://www.twit uce Sources and links to learn more: Kissing facts: http://www.psyc /blog/let-their -words-do-the-t alking/201212/o dd-facts-about- kissing Longest kiss: http://www.guin nessworldrecord /longest-kiss/ general info on kissing: http://anthropo 3/09/why-do-we- kiss/ http://intro2ps ych.wordpress.c om/2009/05/13/t he-evolution-of -a-kiss/ http://en.wikip iss birds kissing ("billing"): http://en.wikip eak#Billing http://en.wikip iss kiss researcher interview [video]: v=mun5nXXy6II pac man's shape: http://pacmanmu y/Toru-Iwatani. php premastication: http://en.wikip remastication http://en.wikip ourtship_feedin g Alicia Silverstone premastication video: /c6tEKLT5G2M history of baby food: odbaby.html old baby food instructions: http://digital. jects/cookbooks /display.cfm?ID =ldnw&PageNum=4 37 infant vision: http://www.aoa. org/x9420.xml Pareidolia: http://en.wikip areidolia Being watched: http://www.psyc /blog/the-narci ssus-in-all-us/ 201102/how-you- know-eyes-are-w atching-you Scopophobia: http://en.wikip copophobia Gaze papers: http://www.scie cience/article/ pii/S0960982213 003321 http://www.ncbi bmed/11322803 http://www.ncbi bmed/10827445 psychic staring effect: http://en.wikip sychic_staring_ effect Harry Harlow [video]: http://www.yout =OrNBEhzjg8I Harry Harlow links: http://en.wikip arry_Harlow http://en.wikip it_of_despair 6kj1Sw Hess ducklings: http://www.musk h/psycweb/histo ry/hess.htm imprinting: http://www.ency pic/imprinting. aspx Attachment links: (TEXT BOOK scans) 6kj1Sw http://psycholo %203.htm http://www.ibam .com/pubs/jbam/ articles/vol12/ no2/3%20-%20Bak er%20and%20Cars on.pdf description of puppy experiment: 3K6XWr puppy experiment in Guy Murchie's book: 1U5ih7 acceptance of uncertainty: http://www.clea /geert-hofstede -cultural-dimen sions/uncertain ty-avoidance-in dex/ http://en.wikip ofstede's_cultu ral_dimensions_ theory *************** ** music by: http://www.yout dnow Vsauce on facebook: http://www.Face Gaming Euronews Knowledge channel: 0JFu6L

What If The Sun Disappeared?

Add to EJ Playlist  Check out MinuteEarth: kxwmu Become a Vsaucer: OIaN7 For cool things every day: http://www.twit uce Tools & Links: Gravitational force calculator: http://www.wsan ord/calculators /gravity-calcul ator.html Solar Scope: http://www.sola m/ Gravity simulator: http://www.nowy /gravity/gravit y.html Celestia (3D space simulator): http://www.shat ia/ Quantum Tunneling (MinutePhysics) : http://www.yout =cTodS8hkSDg Gravitational force between people: http://www.redd ence/comments/1 5q9tx/which_has _more_gravitati onal_pull_on_me _girl/ How the sun might ACTUALLY die [VIDEO]: http://www.yout =21RkSui1cG8 Sun disappearance links: http://www.pops 98 http://scienceb withabang/2010/ 07/12/q-a-how-l ong-would-we-ha ve-if/ http://unitedca m/2008/07/24/wh at-would-happen -if-the-sun-dis appeared/ http://curious. astro.cornell.e du/question.php ?number=707 og/lastword/200 4/05/put-that-l ight-out.html http://www.phys howthread.php?p =4079676 Light travel-time between planets: http://www.pbs. org/seeinginthe dark/astronomy- topics/light-as -a-cosmic-time- machine.html Ahad (light from galaxy): http://images2. wikia.nocookie. net/__cb2009070 9115119/firstar ktoalphacentaur i/images/7/76/A hads_constant_r efereed_paper.p df A Pail of Air STORY: http://www.baen ters/0743498747 /0743498747___6 .htm Hydrothermal vents VIDEO: v=RaUcJ3CdTSE Extremophiles in general: http://en.wikip xtremophile Neil Degrasse Tyson book that includes a discussion of Earth's geothermally resiliant life: http://www.amaz Black-Hole-Cosm ic-Quandaries/d p/0393330168 *********** MUSIC BY: http://www.YouT dnow

Why Do We Play Games?

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch "Could you boomerang a football?": 4eVBgj Special cameo from my buddy at http://www.yout RskillSchool MUSIC BY: http://www.yout dnow @tweetsauce !! Association football: http://www.thef tball-associati on/history SOCCERNOMICS book: http://www.amaz nomics-England- Australia-Turke y-And-Iraq-Are/ dp/1568587015 How to define a "game": http://en.wikip ame#Chris_Crawf ord WordARound game: http://www.thin roduct/wordarou nd,123,9.htm Origin of the word "nerd": http://www.elda NerdCorner/nerd .html etymology of "jock": http://www.etym x.php?search=jo ck&searchmode=n one How to be named the world's greatest athlete: http://en.wikip portsperson#.22 World.27s_Great est_Athlete.22 NYT Magazine artcile about play: http://www.nyti /17/magazine/17 play.html?pagew anted=all Maslow's Hierarchy: http://en.wikip aslow's_hierarc hy_of_needs Games and needs (good article): http://www.gama feature/2289/th e_psychology_be hind_games.php BIRG / CORF: http://en.wikip asking_in_refle cted_glory SECONDSKIN documentary (soooo good): http://www.seco Excellent Numberphile videos about football statistics: http://www.yout =YJuHC7xXsGA http://www.yout =GyN-qpVfOWA

Why Do We Wear Clothes?

Add to EJ Playlist  CLICK HERE to follow us to Vsauce2 -- 8elqv Intro cameo by my 1 tru luv Hannah Hart: zjPtU SOURCES: history of clothing: http://mbe.oxfo content/28/1/29 .full Etymology of embarrassment: http://en.wikip mbarrassment#Et ymology The fear of nudity: http://en.wikip ymnophobia SINA and other pranks: http://www.yout =J3xXys3n3xc Embarrassment: http://www.psyc /blog/intense-e motions-and-str ong-feelings/20 1112/embarrassm ent Brain and embarrassment: http://psychcen 011/04/17/embar rassed-its-a-go od-sign-of-brai n-health-as-we- age/25399.html Embarrassment experiment: http://www.lear /835121/88601b9 06eca070a1bacdf c565863f4d/fein bergwillerkeltn er2012 Embarrassment and trust: http://www.huff 2011/09/29/emba rrass-trustwort hy_n_987381.htm l Embarrassment and flirting [PDF]: http://greaterg ood.berkeley.ed u/dacherkeltner /docs/keltner.a nderson.darwin. 2000.pdf Havelock Ellis "evolution of modesty": http://www.mirr ites/ftp.ibibli books/gutenberg /1/3/6/1/13610/ 13610.txt BBC article: azine/7915369.s tm Megapode: http://en.wikip egapode Development of human babies: http://en.wikip ncidence_of_Mon ogamy#Evolution _in_animals Brain size and body size: http://brainmus on/paleo/index. html EQ: http://en.wikip ncephalization_ quotient VSAUCE TWITTER: http://www.twit uce MUSIC BY http://www.yout dnow VSAUCE FACEBOOK: http://www.face Gaming

Are Rocket Jumps Possible?

Add to EJ Playlist  Click here to follow us to Vsauce: o5sLe Subscribe! It's Free: 5NrBqa ***CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR LINKS*** TV Tropes Rocket Jump Article: qJA0 Freddie W Rocket Jump Video: r3c0 RPG-7 Army Training Guide: O4iE High Jump World Record Video: pVFL More info on Blast Waves: n5aZ Footage from Bomb Tests: OrDi xkcd's What If?: VciC What Acceleration Would Kill You?: t47c Rocket Belt Footage: R6iU George Dyson's amazing TED talk: d3wx Cassini Video of Saturn: a4u4 *************** *************** *************** *************** *********** Vsauce Links Twitter: http://www.twit hree Facebook: http://www.face 3 Steam: http://steamcom ps/vsauce3 T-Shirts: http://www.dist sauce Music By Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout kechudnow Vsauce Animations by Rickonami: http://www.yout ckonami Vsauce: http://www.yout Vsauce2: http://www.yout Vsauce3: http://www.yout WeSauce: http://www.yout

Bacteria Killing WINGS -- Mind Blow #60

Add to EJ Playlist  Click To Follow Us To Vsauce3: 3TVp66 Subscribe (It's Free): 0nP7dg *** CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR LINKS *** Door Bot http://www.dvic smart-doorbell- lets-you-answer -front-door-you r-phone m/55969778 Mico Neurowear - Brain-Controlle d Mood Headphones http://www.yout v=JyiXQgj_Nfk http://www.yout =TGlUNL7z990 TeleSound - Emoticon Speaker http://www.kick jects/readiymat e/telesound-the -sound-messenge r Insect Wings http://sci-s03. ins-info/ m#Clanger /news/2013-03-c icada-wing-bact eria-contact-vi deo.html http://www.yout v=eIwj_ThMf4Q Volvos Break For Cyclists nology-21688765 http://www.eart 013/03/volvo-te aches-cars-to-b rake-for-cyclis ts/ http://www.yout v=XuVjtPC8gNw Treadmill Gaming http://www.yout v=FxwknXZ_fR0 http://www.yout v=AmukXVHW6F4 http://www.pcga /01/skyrim-beco mes-the-latest- game-to-receive -a-vr-hack-this -time-with-a-tr eadmill/ Hummingbird Moth http://www.arki /02/the-amazing -hummingbird-ha wk-moth.html Mycestro - Mouse Finger http://www.kick jects/mycestro/ mycestrotm-the- next-generation -3d-mouse?ref=c ategory http://www.yout =o8ml1m0OJCs http://www.yout =xIhNplrvd88 Instant Cast /news/2013-03-e mergency-immobi liser-accident- victims.html#jC p http://www.yout v=81am7XDy0WQ Ski Slope Power Plant 63100/exclusive -bjarke-ingels- to-build-a-comb o-ski-slope-and -power-plant Kymera - Electric Body Board http://www.kick jects/kymerajet /kymera-electri c-jet-board http://www.yout v=adjSsMajP74 Choros - Experimental Film m/35770492 Tadpole Eye Tail http://www.pops article/2013-02 /tadpoles-get-t heir-eyeballs-m oved-their-tail sand-can-still- see Animals catching prey in slow mo http://www.wire nce/2013/03/pre y-capture/ Veiled Chameleon Shooting Its Tongue by Stephen Deban http://www.yout v=YXbgRU4k3O8 Slingjaw Wrasse by Peter Wainwright http://www.yout =pDU4CQWXaNY *************** *************** ******** Vsauce Links T-Shirts: http://www.dist sauce Facebook: /V62afx Twitter: 6N1dk Music By Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout keChudnow Ending Song - Going Down: http://www.yout =_Q_47b507vg Vsauce Animations by Rickonami: http://www.yout ckonami Vsauce: http://www.yout Vsauce2: http://www.yout Vsauce3: http://www.yout WEsauce: http://www.yout

PIKACHU?! -- Game LÜT #8

Add to EJ Playlist  Vsauce3 Twitter: fQO8X Vsauce3 Facebook: /10FyOKb ***CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR LINKS TO LÜT *** Watch this episode in Japanese! /cVjwsdBT5w4 Wake Up John Bracelet: KiyC Game Boy Watch: CN8x Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun: p8dr DIY Tissue Boxes: stef Pre-made Tissue Boxes: JiEx Final Fantasy Sword Necklace: NHg2 Spandex Suits: 9PLi Assassin's Creed War Axe: 89q6 Skyrim Potion Ingredients: mjX2 DIY Zelda Chest: G5kA Video of Zelda Chest: bEUe Guts Man Operation Game: fq5A Dictionary Prints by Deniz Thetis: rMCh Companion Cube Dice: fEJp Mario Chess: Tf3O Tetris Connect Four: ma5q *FREE* Zineth: 76k9 Zineth Trailer: Jm0i Minecraft Periodic T-shirt: 2wzp Skyrim Map Skirt: 9Dnc Ni No Kuni Cookie Cutters: cgPv BioShock Bunny Splicer Mask: jNWZ Smallest DDR Pad: 9oKK Ugly Pokémon: rhL7 Hello Kitty Street Fighter: 44q0 Morgan Freeman GTA4 Mod: bbXU Morgan Freeman Mod Video: qleM Mass Effect Shoes: 5GUX 8bit Evil Dead Shirt: 0ZhB Nintendo Furniture: NlXA Video Game Movie Posters: NK6a Katana Book Ends: s9cS Hugs Are the Best Power Up T-shirt: Zowf *************** *************** *************** *************** *********** Vsauce Links Steam: http://steamcom ps/vsauce3 Facebook: http://www.face 3 Twitter: http://www.twit hree T-Shirts: http://www.dist sauce Music By Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout kechudnow Vsauce Animations by Rickonami: http://www.yout ckonami Vsauce: http://www.yout Vsauce2: http://www.yout Vsauce3: http://www.yout WeSauce: http://www.yout

Should You Eat Yourself?

Add to EJ Playlist  I answer 5 questions you guys asked over twitter. http://www.twit uce Google Science Fair: glesciencefair. com VSAUCE2: http://www.yout VSAUCE3: http://www.yout Music by Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout dnow eyebrow man: http://www.ptle sp?SectionID=36 &SubSectionID=5 5&ArticleID=151 19 gravity anomalies: http://www.bgs. AndMag.html ring on reddit: http://www.redd dit/comments/s4 ki4/if_a_giant_ ring_was_built_ on_mile_high_su pports/ notch: https://twitter .com/notch rope around Earth puzzle: http://www.davi ncyclopedia/R/r ope-around-the- ml word record for longest hair: http://www.guin nessworldrecord air-(female)/ eye floaters: http://en.wikip loater Wikipedia size in volumes: http://en.wikip ikipedia:Size_i n_volumes

Real Monsters...? -- FAK #21

Add to EJ Playlist  Subscribe (It's Free): 0nP7dg Vsauce2 Facebook: /V62afx *** CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR LINKS *** Encantado (0:03) http://www.heli 88824-the-encan tado http://karlshuk /2012/06/encant ado-sinister-we re-dolphins-of. html Kraken (0:39) http://www.unmu .htm http://lozanox. art/Kraken-roug h-4-337405948 Chupacabra (1:10) http://randomac tsofartwork.tum 398967649/chupa cabra-de-mayo http://animal.d -shows/lost-tap es/creatures/ch upacabra-histor y.htm Mongolian Death Worm (1:49) http://www.aoln /24/mongolian-d eath-worm-legen dary-creepy-cra wley-desert-kil ler/ http://crimzonl ogic.deviantart .com/art/Betwee n-a-Rock-and-a- Death-Worm-3242 09856 http://www.yout =VrvpsbF1iWA Vinegaroon (2:10) http://www.yout =o16jYGZwmyw Bootlace Worm (2:12) http://www.apho rm_lineus_longi ssimus_bootlace .html Electric Eel (2:15) http://www.yout =RP-kWY-URG4 Werewolf (2:22) http://aznkyuub m/art/Werewolf- transformation- 285771019 http://alam25.t 12-werewolves.h tml Loup Garou (3:00) http://www.myth icalcreaturesgu up+Garou Bigfoot (3:13) http://newsfeed 02/21/bigfoot-d na-evidence-is- published-but-m ore-questions-a re-raised/ http://www.bigf ootencounters.c om/ All Of The Giant Ape Monsters (4:00) http://www.crys foot.html http://www.para normal-encyclop oot/ 6-bigfoot-cousi ns-claimed-coun tries.html Mothman (4:28) http://www.yout =78qG8eCfSng http://www.mons ortfolio/color/ mothman.html http://www.envi ronmentalgraffi news-legacy-mot hman http://mothmanf Wendigo (5:22) http://www.yout =GFMakWe6QD8 http://appariti m/exposition/fa ntastical-oddit ies/ http://www.gods -and-monsters.c om/wendigo-lege nd.html Vampires (6:03) http://www.tele tory/9647904/Bu ried-with-a-sta ke-through-a-he art-the-medieva l-vampire-buria l.html http://www.oddi ics/the-vampire ml 74-vampires-rea l-history.html http://news.nat ionalgeographic .com/news/2012/ 07/pictures/120 724-vampire-ske leton-toothless -bulgaria-scien ce/ http://www.foxn 012/12/01/serbi an-villagers-st ock-up-on-garli c-in-fear-vampi re-rumor/ Yara-ma-yha-who (7:12) http://fetus-ma m/art/Yara-ma-y ha-who-12037517 0 http://www.bogl yhawho.html http://treebeer /04/02/alphabea sts-y-is-for-ya ra-ma-yha-who/ Yara-Ma-Yha-Who by Blanca Martinez de Rituerto m/12554098 http://www.yout =2Up7yXGvT3E *************** *************** *************** *************** ********* Vsauce Links T-Shirts: http://www.dist sauce Facebook: /V62afx Twitter: 6N1dk Music By Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout keChudnow Vsauce Animations by Rickonami: http://www.yout ckonami Vsauce: http://www.yout Vsauce2: http://www.yout Vsauce3: http://www.yout

Is Your Red The Same as My Red?

Add to EJ Playlist  Subscribe to Vsauce: OIaN7 Follow Michael Stevens: http://www.twit uce http://facebook .com/VsauceGami ng All music by Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout dnow Tommy Edison (Blind guy on YouTube): jyX7q Color Blindness: http://www.colo urblindawarenes indness/ and http://colorvis what%20colorbli nd%20people%20s ee.htm Qualia: http://en.wikip ualia We experiences are subjective: http://en.wikip ubjective_chara cter_of_experie nce Explanatory Gap: http://en.wikip xplanatory_gap Mary's Room and the Knowledge Argument: http://en.wikip nowledge_argume nt Who Asked the First Question? [PDF]: http://www.poly s/whoaskthefirs t.pdf Theory of Mind and Sally-Anne Task: http://en.wikip heory_of_mind Koko the talking gorilla [VIDEO]: http://www.yout =Pmuu8UEi2ko Questioning Behaviour: http://en.wikip uestion Synesthesia coupled with color blindness: http://www.scho ticle/Synesthes ia#A_color_blin d_synesthete.3B _.22Martian_col ors.22 Do blind people DREAM images? http://www2.ucs brary/kerr_2004 .html

A Defense of Comic Sans

Add to EJ Playlist  𝕴𝖓 𝕯𝖊𝖋𝖊𝖓𝖘𝖊 𝕺𝖋 𝕮𝖔𝖒𝖎𝖈 𝕾𝖆𝖓𝖘 Even the geniuses at CERN use Comic Sans: -photo-presenta tion-boson-higg s-cern.jpg Gunnarolla's AWESOME Comic Sans SONG: http://www.yout =OBibXwwLBts David Kadavy's "Why You Hate Comic Sans" [great read]: http://kadavy.n et/blog/posts/w hy-you-hate-com ic-sans/ David Kadavy's video: /4X4f83C8ANg ALL music by Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout dnow http://www.soun Chudnow Great book about type: Simon Garfields JUST MY TYPE: http://www.amaz y-Type-About-Fo nts/dp/18466830 25 Ban Comic Sans: http://bancomic Funny site to send people who use Comic Sans: http://www.comi csanscriminal.c om/ Comic Sans alternatives: http://bancomic page_id=98 Kill Comic Sans game: http://www.agen ll-comic-sans.h tml McSweeney's humor article from the perspective of Comic Sans: http://www.mcsw cles/im-comic-s ans-asshole David O'Reilly T-Shirts: http://skreened .com/dumbstuff Typeface Periodic Table: http://artworks design.files.wo 9/10/periodic_t able_of_typefac es.jpg Type rules 101: http://www.deni /tipo101/ History of typefaces and handwriting: http://en.wikip ile:Evolution_o f_minuscule.svg Basic articles on Comic Sans: http://mashable .com/2012/10/03 /comic-sans-his tory/ zine-11582548 http://www.ther 011/01/31/verit y_stob_comic_sa ns/page2.html http://www.guar nddesign/2010/j un/20/in-defenc e-comic-sans-fo nt Connare's own presentation on Comic Sans (I saw him deliever this at LOLcon in NY): http://www.conn mic.pdf Story of Comic Sans with interview with Vincent Connare: http://www.font earning/fyti/ty pefaces/story-o f-comic-sans Comic Sans ART: http://comicsan sproject.tumblr .com/ Comic Sans deisgn criticism: http://kleinlet omic-sans-font- examined/ Uncanny Valley: http://en.wikip ncanny_valley Interesting piece on Helvetica vs. Arial: http://www.font earning/fyti/ty pefaces/arial-v s-helvetica Comic Sans in weird places: http://comicfri gginsans.wordpr /23/something-b out-comic-sans/


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What's The Most Dangerous Place on Earth?

Add to EJ Playlist  Subscribe to Vsauce. It's FREE! OIaN7 My watch is from: http://www.toky Michael Stevens on Twitter: https://twitter .com/tweetsauce Music by Jake Chudnow: https://soundcl dnow Vsauce2: http://www.yout Vsauce3: http://www.yout Falling into lava video: /kq7DDk8eLs8 Flowing lava video: v=aAymSMrOlOQ What death by lava would actually be like: http://www.wire nce/2011/12/the -right-and-wron g-way-to-die-wh en-you-fall-int o-lava/ Where you can find a lava lake: http://en.wikip ava_lake How percentage of people are still alive? http://what-if. Hypothermia: http://en.wikip ypothermia Mariana Trench: http://en.wikip ariana_trench AMAZING xkcd chart showing depths to scale (click for larger pic): /1040/ Influenza: http://en.wikip nfluenza Black Death: http://en.wikip lack_Death Malaria total fatalities: http://www.aaas .org/internatio nal/africa/mala ria/gwadz.html Global Peace Index: http://www.visi onofhumanity.or g/gpi-data/ Cabot Cove murder rate: http://www.dail s/article-21919 90/Murder-capit al-world-Quiet- seaside-town-Ca bot-Cove-named- dangerous-place -Earth.html Most dangerous cities by murder rate: http://www.busi /most-dangerous -cities-in-the- world-2012-10?o p=1 Dirtiest cities: http://www.pops ent/gallery/200 8-06/worlds-dir tiest-cities Lake Karachay: http://www.dail encetech/articl e-2215023/Is-po lluted-place-Ea rth-The-Russian -lake-hour-beac h-kill-you.html Chernobyl as haven for wildlife: http://www.wire 2011/04/ff_cher nobyl/all/


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The Science of the Friend Zone

Add to EJ Playlist  Subscribe to Vsauce and follow @tweetsauce for knowledge points! MUSIC BY: https://soundcl dnow Wild Sex episode: NLpGl My episode about how much money love is worth: O91ZJ Can guys and girls just be friends? VIDEO: O8R4H Jenna Marbles on "nice guys" [NSFW language]: OdpIa FRIENDS episode about the Friend's zone: .com/title/tt05 83579/ Clip of friend zone moment on FRIENDS: 0iUITd Know Your Meme on the friend zone: http://knowyour /241341-friendz one Limerence: http://en.wikip imerence Bateman's Principle: http://en.wikip ateman's_princi ple Assortative mating: http://en.wikip ssortative_mati ng Homogamy: http://en.wikip omogamy_(sociol ogy) Marshall Fine description of the friend zone: http://www.huff marshall-fine/h uffpost-review- ijust-wri_b_569 896.html Scarcity principle and attraction: http://www.psyc /blog/the-attra ction-doctor/20 1204/does-playi ng-hard-get-mak e-you-fall-in-l ove Escaping the friend zone (includes Ben Franklin effect): http://www.psyc /blog/the-attra ction-doctor/20 1112/escape-the -friend-zone-fr iend-girlfriend -or-boyfriend Good article on other reasons we desire what we can't have: http://arabia.m e/valentine/164 91/why-men-want -women-they-can t-have/ BOWLING ALONE book: http://bowlinga Sad article about friendship decline: http://usatoday /news/nation/20 06-06-22-friend ship_x.htm Cyberbalkanizat ion: http://www.wise s-cyberbalkaniz ation.htm

This Is Only Red

Add to EJ Playlist  START THE LEANBACK: vTZJH OTHER Land Effect example images: 2fNbT and mNQxC United Nuclear: 7isAD Totally rad jet bike: wOWIl Mathsgear: WLspD Grand-illusions : gz4y LAND EFFECT IMAGE: glguh Color Constancy: EgpMH Another good color constancy site: b0xPQ Other illusion: a4eXm Shape of raindrops: http://1.usa.go v/GTbrfr How many raindrops have fallen? IpFvF Stolen Moon rocks WIKI ARTICLE (very interesting): PqBbi Book about the couple who stole moon rocks: 12YuWSH Moon dust paintings: wujQ Watch me in an emotistyle haul video (I am very fashionable /sarcasm): wPX30 sideview generator: xHDRP census dots: JRhTM searchable calvin and hobbes: 4gVNL Science Mnemonics: 2YgpG Kaniza Square: iYo5z magnifying glass optical illusion (choose the perception track): 8hhyN scale of the solar system website: UBgRj Another good solar system scale site: p0bVO emergencycompli emnt: GHfiW geosketch: 0R6PX gravity: CAS3C

Why Don't We Taxidermy Humans?

Add to EJ Playlist  Click here to subscribe to Vsauce (it's free!): OIaN7 LINKS TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TOPIC: Big thanks to my friend at Order Of The Good Death for info: http://www.yout deroftheGoodDea th Music by: http://www.yout dnow Song at end of video [direct link]: http://www.yout =_Q_47b507vg Taxidermied animal from "Unnecessary Otter": http://www.yout =tiJZ47G78XQ Space Burial: http://en.wikip pace_burial Get yourself space-buried: http://www.cele es.asp Cat body turned into diamonds: http://online.w SB1000142412788 732402080457814 9662961901842.h tml?mod=djemITP _h CHUCK TESTA: http://www.yout =LJP1DphOWPs Taxidermy cat quadcopter: http://www.geek /06/weirdo-turn s-his-taxidermi ed-cat-into-a.p hp Creative taxidermy: http://www.incr m/lists/taxider my-gone-wild/ http://morbidan atomy.blogspot. bsessed-taxider my-rachel-poliq uin.html http://www.geek /12/man-arreste d-for-taxidermy -ing-together.p hp http://en.wikip alter_Potter Interesting article on displaying human bodies: 94-body-worlds- human-taxidermy .html Jeremy Bentham "mummy": http://en.wikip eremy_bentham 3D Jeremy Bentham: http://www.ucl. roject/who/auto icon/Virtual_Au to_Icon Get mummified: http://www.summ ation/enshrinem ent.shtml Galileo's Middle Finger: http://www.atla aces/galileos-m iddle-finger Taxidermy on Wikipedia: http://en.wikip axidermy Skin facts [PDF]: http://www.part m/docs/technica l_briefs/TB_3.p df Freeze-drying your pets: http://wefeelth epainforanimals /2012/02/i-dont -know-what-to-s ay-about-this-b ut.html http://www.perp ice/ Abraham Lincoln's moving body: http://rogerjno n13.html http://books.go s?id=n0EEAAAAMB AJ&pg=PA87&redi r_esc=y#v=onepa ge&q&f=false Embalmbed guy on motorcycle: http://www.dail s/article-12698 46/The-quick-de ad-Embalmed-bik er-sits-astride -motorcycle-fun eral-home.html Lenin video [gross]: http://www.yout =JMDwXnAWja0 After We Die [BOOK]: RlX0h How plastination works: http://isp.plas licone.html How to be plastinated [PDF]: http://www.body loads/Temp/Amst erdam12/BoDo/KS P_Broschuere_EN _EU.pdf Ways of preserving your body compared: http://www.tran tination.html What parts of your body do you own? http://www.smar g/rethinking-he althcare/which- body-parts-shou ld-you-be-allow ed-to-sell/9390 Who owns a dead body? http://www.slat news_and_politi cs/jurisprudenc e/2002/03/habea s_corpses.singl e.html#pagebrea k_anchor_2 Who owns a dead body and Anthony-Noel Kelly: http://www.guar ety/2001/jan/30 /1 Pet taxidermy video [kind of gross]: http://www.yout l=GB&hl=en-GB&v =-2UvYTXiaxw

A New Way To Eat? -- Mind Blow #54

Add to EJ Playlist  *** LINKS TO EVERYTHING IN THIS VIDEO *** 3-D Figures http://www.spoo 12/11/09/worlds -first-3d-print ing-photo-booth -to-open-in-jap an/ http://omote3d. com/index.html Caviar Vending Machine dink/2012/11/be verly_hills_cav iar_a_taste_o.p hp Textured Utensils http://www.deze 18/tableware-as -sensorial-stim uli-cutlery-by- jinhyun-jeon/ http://jjhyun.c om/ Tiny Transformers at MIT Video: http://www.yout v=AQf0qsRTsoA Site: edu/newsoffice/ 2012/reconfigur able-robots-tur n-into-anything -1130.html Giant Skidome http://archinec cle/61462406/wo rld-s-biggest-s ki-dome-anyone- design-by-cebra http://www.bust hp/article/worl ds_biggest_ski_ dome_anyone_des ign_by_cebra/# Personal Luxury Sub http://www.uboa lorer_5.dhtml?l an=ENG Solid Chocolate Baby Heads http://evilcake 1/29/hyper-real istic-solid-cho colate-baby-hea ds-must-see/ Cadbury's No-Melt Chocolate http://www.dail s/article-22380 16/Cadburys-Wil ly-Wonka-invent ion--chocolate- doesnt-melt.htm l First DNA Strand Pic From Electron Microscope http://www.thea hnology/archive /2012/11/what-d na-actually-loo ks-like/265713/ ticle/dn22545-d na-imaged-with- electron-micros cope-for-the-fi rst-time.html Litographs - Books on T-Shirts http://www.lito s/about http://www.kick jects/772573430 /litographs-ent ire-books-on-po sters-and-t-shi rts Book-Reading Robot - BFS-Auto: High Speed & High Definition Book Scanner Video: http://www.yout v=03ccxwNssmo Site: http://www.k2.t vision/BFS-Auto / Jammed Short Film by M-I-E m/51686357 Robot Playing Catch by Disney Research http://www.yout v=83eGcht7IiI Spider Making Web by Jean-Michel m/54087004 *************** *************** *************** ************ Vsauce Links T-Shirts: http://www.dist sauce Facebook: http://www.face Gaming Twitter: http://www.twit wo Music By Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout keChudnow Ending Song - Going Down: http://www.yout =_Q_47b507vg Vsauce Animations by Rickonami: http://www.yout ckonami Vsauce: http://www.yout Vsauce2: http://www.yout Vsauce3: http://www.yout

11 Nintendo Facts

Add to EJ Playlist  *** LINKS *** History Of Nintendo http://en.wikip istory_of_Ninte ndo Nintendo Hanafuda Cards rds-details/a/1 Donkey Kong Was Originally A Popeye Game http://www.offi cialnintendomag 84/donkey-kong- was-originally- a-popeye-game/ Nintendo Statistics http://www.stat nintendo-compan y-statistics/ Nintendo Owns The Seattle Mariners http://en.wikip eattle_Mariners Nintendo Trademarks "It's On Like Donkey Kong" http://www.wire 2010/11/donkey- kong-trademark/ D-Pad Cross Shaped Origins http://en.wikip -pad Nintendo Phone http://www.nint ws/2010/08/nint endo_teamed_up_ with_nokia_to_d evelop_phone_co ncept Totaka's Song (Hidden Nintendo Song) http://www.yout =eLMAgcGA8Dw Kirby's Origins http://www.1up. com/features/or igins-kirby *************** *************** *************** *************** *********** Vsauce Links T-Shirts: http://www.dist sauce Vsauce3 Facebook: http://www.face 3 Vsauce3 Twitter: http://www.twit hree Music By Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout kechudnow Vsauce Animations by Rickonami: http://www.yout ckonami Vsauce: http://www.yout Vsauce2: http://www.yout Vsauce3: http://www.yout The Wii U console was given for free by Nintendo as part of the Wii U Challenge.

Is The 5-Second Rule True?

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch me lift a car (and then drop it) with phone books! x6cd2 Vsauce video on "touch" and why bananas are radioactive: focQL Vsauce on THNKR (4-part interview with me!): wsah2 http://www.twit uce http://www.face gaming All music by http://www.yout dnow 5-second rule facts: http://www.snop nted/ p http://science. howstuffworks.c om/science-vs-m yth/everyday-my ths/five-second -rule.htm http://en.wikip ive-second_rule Applied Microbiology: http://onlineli /store/10.1111/ j.1365-2672.200 6.03171.x/asset /j.1365-2672.20 06.03171.x.pdf? v=1&t=h9zjxcsg& s=ae4a166c50e80 507642181594ab2 2a12dd7c7831 Jillian Clarke: http://www.howa /releases/2004/ m Mythbusters: http://dsc.disc ows/mythbusters /videos/five-se cond-rule-minim yth.htm minutephysics on "touch": http://www.yout =BksyMWSygnc Electrons as waves: http://www.rhyt /Gabriel_LaFren iere/matter.htm Adhesion: http://www.coat articles/the-bo nds-that-bind.a spx http://en.wikip dhesive_surface _forces http://en.wikip uantum_mechanic al_explanation_ of_intermolecul ar_interactions http://books.go s?id=cuyaHsui1Z UC&printsec=fro ntcover#v=onepa ge&q&f=false Intermolecular Forces: http://www.chem ms/bonding/vdw. html http://ww2.chem istry.gatech.ed u/~lw26/structu re/molecular_in teractions/mol_ int.html http://hyperphy sics.phy-astr.g emical/waal.htm l#c1 Molecule speed (interactive): http://aspire.c abs/gas_particl es/ Molecular Dynamics: http://en.wikip olecular_dynami cs#Short-range_ interaction_alg orithms Phone book friction: /Phonebook%20fr iction.pdf Orders of Magnitude: http://en.wikip rders_of_magnit ude_(numbers)#1 030 Germ facts: http://etiquett Smartphones/a/C ell-Phones-Are- Personal-Items. htm http://www.huff 2012/10/18/bank -card-fecal-bac teria-contamina ted-germs_n_197 1609.html http://www.geek ter-Mouse-Keybo ard-Each-Have-O ver-700-Germs-P er-Square-Inch- 3023797 Oatmeal Cell Phone Germs QUIZ: http://theoatme ne_germs/go The best way to clean your computer screen: http://www.yahe reenclean.swf Produced by: http://www.yout tvideos Directed by: http://www.yout ckhoward Cinematography: https://twitter .com/luffwoto

Will We Ever Run Out of New Music?

Add to EJ Playlist  Click here to subscribe to Vsauce (it's free!): OIaN7 Follow Michael Stevens: https://twitter .com/tweetsauce Links Below: Axis of Awesome 4 Chords: http://www.yout =oOlDewpCfZQ Interactive video demonstrating common meter: http://www.yout =4ZqR_M20Y48 Everything is a Remix: http://www.ever ythingisaremix. info/watch-the- series/ Stairway to Gilligan's Island: http://www.yout =KTCYLbFxTpI WeSauce: http://www.yout JAKE CHUDNOW's channel: http://www.yout dnow Covered in Bees calculates the number of possible 5 minute CD-quality audio files: http://www.cove ode/264 ferrouslepidopt era calculation: http://everythi ow+many+melodie s+are+there+in+ the+universe%25 3F yerricde calculates with only 3 note-lengths allowed per melody: http://everythi es%21+We+have+n o+bananas%21 Sounds Just Like: http://soundsju songs that sound like other songs [StraightDope forum]: http://boards.s /sdmb/showthrea d.php?t=604234& page=2 Common Meter on TV Tropes: http://tvtropes .org/pmwiki/pmw iki.php/Main/Co mmonMeter Compression and song enjoyabliility: slittlemysterie -makes-music-en joyable.html Compression and song enjoyability [PDF]: http://www.biom ontent/pdf/1756 -0500-4-9.pdf My Sweet Lord vs He's So Fine: http://en.wikip y_Sweet_Lord#Pl agiarism_suit Why are octaves divided into 12 intervals: http://thinkzon ic/12Tone.htm

What is Vsauce?

Add to EJ Playlist  Michael Stevens, creator of the popular YouTube Channel Vsauce, gives you a peek inside of his very curious brain. WATCH VSAUCE HERE: http://www.yout EPIPHANY is a series that invites impassioned thought leaders across all disciplines to reveal the innovative, the improbable, and the unexpected of their worlds. Subscribe to THNKR: B0HM Like THNKR on Facebook: http://www.face v Follow THNKR on Twitter: http://www.twit Or check out our favorite Internet things on Tumblr: http://thnkrtv. The views expressed in this video only represent those of the participants. They do not necessarily represent the views or endorsement of LLC or any other party involved in the production and distribution of THNKR.

What Can You Do Without a Brain?

Add to EJ Playlist  Vsauce3: E3Q0R BACKYARD BRAIN CHANNEL: Electrical impulses from di-embodied limbs: VtE39 BackyardBrains INSANE squid axon reactions to music: JLyw3 Frog legs move when salted VIDEO: FGHg6 Music by Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout dnow Mike the headless chicken: http://www.mike theheadlesschic http://en.wikip ike_the_Headles s_Chicken Cockroach's can live without heads for a while: http://www.scie ntificamerican. com/article.cfm ?id=fact-or-fic tion-cockroach- can-live-withou t-head Speed of a sneeze: http://dsc.disc tes/mythbusters /db/human-body/ sneeze-travel-1 00-mph.html Reflexes: umanbody/body/f actfiles/reflex es/reflexes.sht ml "Why can't I consciously make my heart stop beating?" http://boards.s /sdmb/archive/i ndex.php/t-6431 7.html More on the frogs and electricity and muscles in general: http://blogs.ho /2009/12/21/how -twitching-frog -legs-work-a-li ttle-gross-yes- but-fascinating / http://en.wikip lectrophysiolog y Skin cells after death: http://science. howstuffworks.c om/environmenta l/life/human-bi ology/ m

Headcrab Hat And More! -- Game LÜT #1

Add to EJ Playlist  *** LINKS BELOW *** SUBSCRIBE for more sauce! GDml Mario Mustache Mug: Sxn3 GoldenEye Watch: vHlg DIY - Make your own: Xp3G Minecraft Foam Sword: T6zS Creeper Beanie: k7ai Headcrab Hat: mo1n Black Mesa - Half-Life Mod: R87W 8-bit Heart Necklace: Sjcr Adam Syringe: kZiF WednesdayWolf prints: Q3eu Replica Portal Gun: RoVF Make your own: dZ8w Portable SNES: pmhj Game Boy T-shirt: AXl2 Nintendo All-Star Shoes: 2BsP Game Boy flash drive: tlsZ Super Mario Bombs Candy: JgSG Super Skyrim Bros. - Skyrim Mod: 8rMv Master Chief Crochet Doll: lz8u EPOC Neuroheadset: ZYQa TEDTalk about EPOC: Xhpa Zelda Flask: CEqU TF2 Sniper Rifle Replica: OKOZ Gears of War Shot Glass: QWZW Desktop Gremlins FREE Papercrafts: sh59 Portal Bookends: FIPj Achievement Unlocked Stickers: AP33 Thanks for watching! *************** *************** *************** *************** *********** Vsauce Links T-Shirts: http://www.dist sauce Facebook: http://www.face Gaming Twitter: http://www.twit uce Music By Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout kechudnow Vsauce Animations by Rickonami: http://www.yout ckonami

Why Are Things Cute?

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch puppies LIVE on YouTube: f37g6 Thanks to my AWESOME mom for scanning and sending pictures of myself when I was younger. You RULE, Mom! "cute" etymology: http://www.etym x.php?term=cute Konrad Lorenz: http://en.wikip onrad_Lorenz CUTE human baby: http://www.yout =N9oxmRT2YWw MARCEL THE SHELL: v8Y5o Cute hammer, face, and cat (interactive): http://www.expl ind/judgment/cu teify/v1/ Daniel Dennet TED talk about cuteness (and more!): http://www.ted. com/talks/dan_d ennett_cute_sex y_sweet_funny.h tml cute and psychology: http://www.psyc /blog/under-fri endly-spell/200 803/cute-the-br ain Nucleus Accumbens: http://en.wikip ucleus_accumben s Mickey got cuter [PDF): http://www.monm in/mickey.pdf puremrz ART: http://www.pure mrz.deviantart. com Neoteny: http://en.wikip eoteny Animals by order of domestication: http://archaeol d/dterms/a/dome stication.htm **The modern dog as technology** http://ngm.nati onalgeographic. com/2012/02/bui ld-a-dog/ratlif f-text http://www.scie egment/05/15/20 09/the-modern-d og.html http://www.pbs. org/wgbh/nova/e volution/potpou rri-pooches.htm l Articles on the science of cute: http://en.wikip uteness http://www.gizm nce-of-cute/237 07/ http://www.nyti /03/science/03c ute.html?pagewa nted=all http://arstechn /2006/01/2292/ http://www.huli e-baby-animals- and-babies-trig ger-pleasure-hu man-brain-thats -addicting *************** *************** *************** *************** *********** Vsauce LINKS: T-Shirts: http://www.dist sauce Facebook: http://www.face Gaming Twitter: http://www.twit uce Music by Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout dnow


Add to EJ Playlist  LINKS TO ALL DONGs: Random Idea http://random-i Traffic Light Game s/I-Love-Traffi c_3649.html Watch CyberAttacks Around The World In Real-Time http://map.hone Make Everything Okay http://make-eve Gloopies http://www.onem me/amorphous Music Maker http://labs.din / You Rather http://yourathe Interactive Wikipedia Map Of The World http://visual.l y/wikipedia-map ?view=true Clock http://www.cybe s/stories/swf/c locks/ringclock .swf Soundcloud Comment Visualization http://mrdoob.c om/lab/javascri pt/commentsvisu aliser/ DEFORMATIONS http://mrdoob.c om/124/plane_de formations Ball droppings http://balldrop Ragdoll http://www.ragd dollavalanche/ Origami http://www.inst / Escape http://www.kong s/IncredibleApe /escape Slogan Maker http://sloganma sub reddit: Old School Cool http://www.redd oolCool sub reddit: Channel Watch http://www.redd lwatch/ sub reddit: Internet Is Beautiful http://www.redd etisbeautiful sub reddit: videos http://www.redd / *************** *************** *************** *************** *********** Vsauce Links T-Shirts: http://www.dist sauce Facebook: http://www.face Gaming Twitter: http://www.twit uce Music by Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout dnow Vsauce3 Intro Animation by Rickonami: http://www.yout ckonami

How Much Does a Shadow Weigh?

Add to EJ Playlist  Veritasium SLINKY video: GD73o Veritasium channel... SUBSCRIBE: oMMH7 A great Veritasium episode about using video to teach: OsZVx Vsauce2 LEANBACK about shadows: Ot8rP Vsauce3 explains how realistic SimCity is... SUBSCRIBE: MThlp ALL MUSIC BY: http://www.soun Chudnow Jake's YouTube channel: udnow Vsauce on Twitter (lots of extra mindblows): http://www.Twit uce Vsauce on Facebook (your chance to blow MY MIND): http://www.Face Gaming Hand shadow book: http://books.go s/about/Fun_wit h_Hand_Shadows. html?id=UhjBUYI UmO0C&redir_esc =y Light "pushes" us: http://www.stra lumns/read/2987 /do-shadows-wei gh-anything Solar Sail: http://www.jspe ivity/ ml solar sail GIF: http://www.jspe ivity/images/ik aros/pic_10.gif Venutian Shadows: http://www.digi enus/shadow-of- venus.html Speed of light in different materials: http://cadlab6. iki/anchor/inde x.php?title=Spe ed_of_light_in_ vacuum%2C_air%2 C_glass sonic boom demonstration: http://demonstr ations.wolfram. com/WavesFromAM ovingSource/ Cherenkov radiation: http://profmatt rticles-and-pos ts/particle-phy sics-basics/cer enkov-radiation / and: http://en.wikip herenkov_radiat ion Photonic booms in your eyes: http://en.wikip osmic_ray_visua l_phenomena Pushing a lightyear-long object: http://www.phys howthread.php?t =386687 compression / longitudinal waves: http://en.wikip ongitudinal_wav es cool site for putting things in perspective (this link is for 1 sq. inch): m/measureofthin gs/doShowResult s.asp?comp=area &unit=in2&amt=1 &sort=pr&p=1 Also this is important: http://animalsb ost/23101742089 /clean-get-away

How Hot Can It Get?

Add to EJ Playlist  TEMPERATURES! Links to everything: http://www.twit uce http://www.face Gaming Thanks to http://www.yout hysics and http://www.yout dcomics for their guidance on this video! All music (except for the classical in the beginning) by Jake Chudnow: http://www.soun Chudnow Human body temperature: http://antranik .org/regulation -of-body-temper ature/ GreenPowerScien ce: http://www.yout =svAPyyUJUCo wbeaty's videos: http://www.yout eaty/videos?vie w=0 sun and pinhead fact is from this book: http://www.amaz erse-Teacup-Mat hematics-Beauty /dp/0151003238 PLASMA IN MICROWAVE inside my temperature leanback: http://www.yout =HVb7XzTbl2k&fe ature=BFa&list= PL5B111EE10D69C D6E Calculate wavelength based on temperature: http://hyperphy sics.phy-astr.g en.html WR 104: http://blogs.di scovermagazine. com/badastronom y/2008/03/03/wr -104-a-nearby-g amma-ray-burst/ These are great discussions of absolute hot if you want to read more: http://forums.x ic.php?f=18&t=3 9799 http://www.wise s-the-highest-p ossible-tempera ture.htm http://www.phys howthread.php?t =384571&page=2 http://www.then akedscientists. com/forum/index .php?topic=9467 .0 Temperature wikipedia: http://en.wikip emperature kugelblitz: http://en.wikip ugelblitz_(astr ophysics) Are you brighter than the sun?: http://blogs.di scovermagazine. com/badastronom y/2009/12/30/ar e-humans-bright er-then-the-sun / BONUS: check out the Hagedorn temperature: http://en.wikip agedorn_tempera ture ****Awesome Russian Guest Stars**** sashok74 http://www.yout shok74 PolinaRepik http://www.yout linaRepik blushsupreme http://www.yout ushsupreme katsiaryna00 http://www.yout tsiaryna00 OnlyFightingRu http://www.yout lyFightingRu MWaytv http://www.yout aytv 10ELISS http://www.yout ELISS KiselevSash http://www.yout selevSash NinaNonsimple http://www.yout naNonsimple pymathru http://www.yout mathru energytima http://www.yout ergytima And also negative ABSOLUTE temperatures: ticle/mg2082789 3.500-how-to-cr eate-temperatur es-below-absolu te-zero.html http://cryo.gsf oduction/neg_Ke lvin.html

Could Cloud's Sword Be REAL?

Add to EJ Playlist  Joey's Channel - http://www.yout hegraywolf *** LINKS *** "Claymore spin" by Sapatros - http://www.yout =8ttZ9t23a34 "Tameshigiri 10 mat roll Odachi" by SystemOfStrateg y - http://www.yout =F6xPbC2x310 "Montante simple rule V" by ModernSwordsman - http://www.yout =khrZBraMv34 "My Cloud's Buster Sword in 3D" by cristhorn67 - http://www.yout =0gaRuJiZWtA "Grabbing Edge During Half-Swording" by ranpleasant - http://www.yout =7rqP1F36EMY "REALer Buster Sword" by michaelcthulhu - http://www.yout =VNc7kHADtUw *************** *************** *************** *************** *********** Vsauce Links T-Shirts: http://www.dist sauce Facebook: http://www.face Gaming Twitter: http://www.twit uce Music By Jake Chudnow: http://www.yout kechudnow Vsauce Animations by Rickonami: http://www.yout ckonami

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