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WKYC news opens

Add to EJ Playlist  The following video features various news and talent opens from WKYC in Cleveland from 1979 to present. Here's what you can see in this video: (0:04-1:03) "A...

WKYC News Flashback: mid-70s - 2008

Add to EJ Playlist  A look back at the news opens and talent from more than 30 years at Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC. The videos are ganked from a number of different YouTube vi...

Mardi téléphoniquement drôle rêve des youtubeuses de wkyc

Add to EJ Playlist  titre à rallonge! mon twitter: @graciouslyus ma chaîne: /graciouslyus si vous avez des suggestions de thèmes, des recommandations ou quoi que ...

WKYC - 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1998 - part 1 of 4!!

Add to EJ Playlist  Taped in November, 1998, here is the 50th anniversary celebration of WKYC-TV, Ch. 3, in Cleveland, Ohio! Basically a good show, but I would have liked to hav...

Robin Swoboda's Last WKYC Channel 3 News at 7 (2-28-2014)

Add to EJ Playlist  I was surprised to not see Jim Donovan on this newscast. I would have thought he would want to be there on Robin's last day at Channel 3. Anyway, even though...

WKYC 1100 Aircheck

Add to EJ Playlist  Jack Armstrong (a.k.a "Big Jack") on WKYC/1100 in Cleveland, Ohio. This aircheck is from 1967. For more airchecks of great northeast Ohio radio stations, vis...

WKYC-TV3, Cleveland - Action News with Judd Hambrick - 1982

Add to EJ Playlist  From 1982, here is a short news aircheck of Judd Hambrick when he was on WKYC, Ch. 3, Cleveland, after he had left WJKW-TV8. At the beginning is a quick glim...

10/24/1995 WKYC Channel 3 News at 11:00 (Part 1)

Add to EJ Playlist  Due to the length of that night's World Series game, this newscast actually aired in the early hours of October 25. All copyrights acknowledged.

Seth Chwast WKYC "Autistic Artist: A Colorful Voice" March 1, 2007

Add to EJ Playlist  Seth Chwast's United Hospitals Exhibit Preview WKYC "Autistic Artist: A Colorful Voice" -Kristen Anderson March 1st, 2007.

WKYC Ch. 3 Cleveland - Portions of their 11:00 Newscast from late 1981!

Add to EJ Playlist  Here are portions from the 11 PM News from WKYC, Ch. 3 in Cleveland, from September of 1981!

Donor Breast Milk Shortage (WKYC)

Add to EJ Playlist  Jennifer Grow, MD, a neonatologist at Akron Children's Hospital, discussed the current shortage of donor breast milk, including the impact on the infants in ...

WKYC/Turn to 3 Promo #2

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a classic Channel 3 "Turn to 3" Promo featuring the WKYC anchor team of Judd Hambrick, Doreen Gentzler, Joe Conway and Jim Mueller circa 1985, courte...

WKYC Anthem #2

Add to EJ Playlist  Updated with Viewer Photos! How do you See the Possible in Northeast Ohio? Have you returned here to start a business? Have you come here to create a new lif...

WKYC - See The Possible Winter

Add to EJ Playlist  Promo spot featuring Channel 3's Prime Time Anchors plus an assortment of friends from around the city of Cleveland, Ohio.

12/12/2002 WKYC Channel 3 News at 11:00 Clip

Add to EJ Playlist  Most of the A-block on this newscast highlights the national debut of a then-little-kno wn Lebron James. I don't recall ever seeing this meteorologist in the ...

Aaron Hendra Project: WKYC NBC3 LIVE TV Interview & Performance

Add to EJ Playlist  Aaron Hendra Project: WKYC NBC3 "Live on Lakeside" LIVE TV Performance LIVE TV PERFORMANCE by Aaron Hendra Project on WKYC NBC3 "Live on Lakeside" show May 9.

WKYC-TV3, Cleveland - "Action News" intro, Sept., 1978

Add to EJ Playlist  From Sept. 20, 1978, here is the Action News intro from WKYC-TV3, Cleveland. The late Jay Miltner announces the beginning.

Esquire Magazine Top Bars 2012 VTR Channel 3 WKYC

Add to EJ Playlist  Cleveland's WKYC Channel 3 News covers Esquire magazine's inclusion of the Velvet Tango Room into its Top Bars of 2012. Interview with owner Paulius Nasvytis.

WKYC 1969 Radio Jingles Chuck Blore

Add to EJ Playlist  Famous WKYC Chuck Blore Jingles - Cleveland Radio.

WKYC/Cleveland Challenge

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a classic Channel 3 Promo for the "Cleveland Challenge" series featuring a young Stefani Schaefer circa 1985, courtesy of the "Director's Cut Blog wi...


Add to EJ Playlist  J'ai passé une merveilleuse journée avec vous merci encore ! Merci à Dorine et Manon mes deux géniales camera(wo)men :p musique : Chilly Gonzales - You can D...

5-6-2001 NBC Commercials (WKYC Cleveland)

Add to EJ Playlist  Commercials aired during part one of The Judge. -Sponsored in part by... -Chrysler -Radio Shack (Howie Long and Teri Hatcher) -Taco Bell -Riesen -Michelob Li...

Memories of you Rick Bogart Quartet WKYC TV 3

Add to EJ Playlist  Jazzed in Cleveland - a jazz history by Joe Mosbrook - a special WMV Web News Cleveland series - Part 93 - The Theatrical Grill - Story filed January 13, 200...

Cleveland Memory Grenade: WKYC "Be There" 1983

Add to EJ Playlist  Channel Three's ad campaign from back then.

10/31/1999 WKYC Channel 3 News at 11 (Part 1)

Add to EJ Playlist  Anchored by Steve Miles and Monica Robins, weather with meteorologist Brian Allen, and sports with Chuck Galeti. All copyrights acknowledged.

Newborn Twins Holding Hands Goes Viral (WKYC)

Add to EJ Playlist  Dr. Mohammed Elkhwad, a neonatologist at Akron Children's Hospital, was featured in this story about the rare mono mono twins born to Sarah and Bill Thistlet...

Concours wkyc | Meet up 23/10

Add to EJ Playlist  Les 9 lots gagnés durant le concours: - 2 kits elf (http://www.eye - Bon d'achat romwe de 50$ (http://www.rom - 3 polabox (http://www.p.. .

Does the Thundershirt Work? NBC 3 Wkyc

Add to EJ Playlist  NBC 3, WKYC, examines the Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment to see if it really works... we like the results! http://www.thun

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