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WWI in Serbia

Add to EJ Playlist  First battle of Great War was won by Serbia in august 1914 at Tser "Cer" mountain.

© 2011| Serbian Heroes of world war 1 | HD | Created by SRBdevis2000

Add to EJ Playlist  Attention: All footage/clips and music are the property of their respective owners/creators . --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------ This video is for educational and non profit use and soundtrack and all footage shown are not mine, and they are property of respective owners! "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------ MUSIC - "Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth -Black Blade - Da Diggler / Daddy P / Spike T-Reach For The Light - Nick Phoenix / Thomas Bergersen-Hunte r's Moon ALL THE RIGHTS BELONG TO THOSE COMPANIES!

WW1 Combat in Colour 1914-1918

Add to EJ Playlist  a video showing WW1 warfare in and arround the trenches, rare colour film world war 1

WW1 Mud, Blood and Death 1914-1918 (read description, first shot fired.)

Add to EJ Playlist  On 22nd Aug 1914 in the little village of Casteau a troop of German Uhlans was seen by C Sqn 4th Royal Irish Dragoons under Command of Major Tom Bridges, Bridges ordered his troop to dismount ready for action, He then ordered 1st troop, mounted behind under Capt Hornby to draw swords ready to go. The Uhlans rode down the road at a leisurely pace, the leading officer in front smoking a cigar, sensing trouble the German's turned back, Capt Hornby was sent after them, 1st troop attacked using their sabres scattering the Uhlans, Capt Hornby gave the order "dismounted action" as the troops sheltered their horse's near the village's Chateau, Trooper Fred Thomas quick and athletic leaped into action, four hundred yds away Thomas saw a German Cavalry officer standing in his stirrups yelling orders to his men to take up firing positions, Thomas took aim and squeezed his trigger and the officer fell from his horse and lay on the road dying..... Unknowingly Thomas had just fired the first rifle shot of the British Army of WW1. Thomas survived the war was promoted to Sgt and awarded the M.M. eventually retiring from the army in 1923. The tune although from the American Civil war was known in WW1 and was no doubt the thoughts of many a man, Just Before the Battle Mother, I am thinking most of you. Average of 6125 soldiers from all sides died every day of the Great War, Allies dead 5,700,000 Central Powers dead 4,010,241...... ........ brutal.


Add to EJ Playlist  Traditional Serbian song about Serbian soldiers in WWI Serbs in WWI fighting for the king and fatherland lost 60% of male population but at the end they won a lot more powerful Austro Hungarian and German occupying forces! Serbia in WWI was lost 30% of the population. 1.25 million from a total of 4.6 million. It is a precedent in the history of warfare.Serbia is among the few if not the only country in history not to have accepted an ultimatum. On average (considering the population) Serbian sacrificed more than any other nation of the world in defeating the Central Powers in World War I,from which it never recovered. Major Gavrilovic will be remembered for his speech he gave to his soldiers - defenders of Belgrade in 07.10.1915. at 14:30 pm, just before the infantry charge in which he was heavily wounded: "Soldiers! Heroes! The supreme command has erased our regiment from its records. Our regiment has been sacrificed for the honor of Belgrade and the Fatherland. Therefore, YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO WORRY FOR YOUR LIFES - THEY DO NOT EXIST ANYMORE. SO,FORWARD TO GLORY!FOR KING AND HOMELAND!Long live the king! Long live Serbia!" Serbian victories in WWI amazed the world,even the enemys. Probably the only such example in the world monument erected in honor of the brave Serbian soldiers of the enemy army:German commander Mackensen erected a monument to the Serbian soldiers who died defending Belgrade, saying, „We fought against an army that we have heard about only in fairy tales..." The real heroes and definitely bravest people in the world even at the time of death .. literally fight to the last man alive... Austrian-Hungar ians thought that another war wil destroy Serbia, unaware that it will be the last one for their Empire! Retreat of the Serbian Army (November 1915 - January 1916), also known as "Serbian Golgotha through Albanian gorges" was carried out in the conditions of strong frost, hunger, fatigue, illness and almost every day battles against Bulgarians, Austria-Hungary and Albanians. Some 100,000 soldiers and refugees lost their lives during this legendary march-maneuver of the Serbian Army, which was compared by various historians with Napoleon's and Suvorovs crossing the Alps.


Add to EJ Playlist  It began on October 2, 1918, when the men of the U.S. Army's 77th Division, 308th Battalion had surrounded by German troops in the Argonne Forest. Without food, water or reserve ammunition, cut off from supply and communication lines, and subjected to constant assaults and bombardments, they managed to hold off the enemy until they had finally rescued after five days of desperate action. This A&E Original Movie brings their harrowing ordeal to life. Directed by Russell Mulcahy (Ricochet, Highlander), THE LOST BATTALION stars Rick Schroder (NYPD Blue, Crimson Tide) as Major Charles Whittlesey, the civilian-turned -soldier who won the Congressional Medal of Honor for keeping his outnumbered troops alive and fighting in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

The Great War - Hell Cannot Be So Terrible (Episode Eleven) Part 1/4

Add to EJ Playlist  Iconic BBC WW1 documentary. Company: British Broadcasting Corporation 1964.

WW1 GWHS reenactment

Add to EJ Playlist  world war one battle reenactment in So Cal by the Great War Historical Society - ww1

Battle of Belleau Wood Re-enactment

Add to EJ Playlist  A short news clip showing a portion of the re-enactment of the WWI Battle of Belleau Wood for the National Museum of the Marine Corps. The Battle of Belleau Wood was fought between June 1 and June 26, 1918, and was part of the German Aisne offensive. This video will be used for a new museum exhibit opening in the Spring 2010.

WW1- Hell in the Trenches!

Add to EJ Playlist  A short colorized video of original film taken during WW 1.

World War One

Add to EJ Playlist  *** Rate Comment Subscribe*** Here is a video of World War One battle or what it was like. Hope you like it and enjoy Video from the movie "All Quiet On The Western Front" ( 1930 ) Song by Iron Maiden : Trooper

Serbia in World War One ( Srbija u Prvom svetskom ratu )

Add to EJ Playlist  Documentary about Serbian army during WWI http://www.yout ay_list?p=4F8A8 D092681DE74 A brief history of WWI Serbian battles The Serbian army, coming up from the south of the country, met the Austrian army at the Battle of Cer on 12 August. The Serbians occupied defensive positions against the Austrians. The first attack came on August 16, between parts of the 21st AustroHungarian division and parts of the Serbian Combined division. In harsh night-time fighting, the battle ebbed and flowed, until Stepa Stepanovic rallied the Serbian line. Three days later the Austrians retreated across the Danube, having suffered 21,000 casualties as against 16,000 Serbian. This marked the first major Allied victory of the war. The Austrians had not achieved their main goal of eliminating Serbia, and it became increasingly likely that Germany would have to maintain forces on two fronts The Battle of Cer (August 12-24. 1914) was one of the most glorious in the military history of Serbian people. Victory achieved by the Serbian Army in this battle was the first allied victory in the First World War (1914-1918). In the crucial part of the operation, on the Mt. Cer, Austro-Hungaria n Fifth Army was defeated and pushed back across River Drina. The Battle of Drina (September 6. - November 11. 1914) was the most difficult battle waged by the Serbian Army in WWI, particularly battles around middle flow of River Drina, battles of Gucevo and Mackov Kamen. It also stopped the second offensive of Austro-Hungaria n Army on Serbia. The Battle of Kolubara (November 16. - December 15. 1914) and the victory of the Serbian Army contributed to Serbian respect among the allies. In the final phase of the battle, in only 13 days, the Serbian Army managed to expel the enemy from the country and re-establish the fronts on Drina and Sava rivers. The Battle near Mojkovac (January 6-7. 1916), in which Montenegrin Sandzak Army successfully defended itself against Austro-Hungarin offensive, significantly alleviated the operations of the Serbian Army, enabling it to withdraw its troops trough Montenegro towards Albania. Albanian Golgotha - Retreat of the Serbian Army (November 1915 - January 1916), also known as "Serbian Golgotha through Albanian gorges" was carried out in the conditions of strong frost, hunger, fatigue, illness and almost every day battles against Bulgarians, Austria-Hungary and Albanians. Some 100,000 soldiers and refugees lost their lives during this legendary march-maneuver of the Serbian Army, which was compared by various historians with Napoleon's and Suvorovs crossing the Alps. Thessaloniki front (1916-1918) encompasses battles waged by the Entente forces against Central forces on the territory from the Orfan Bay, across Greece and Albania, to the Ionian Sea. In September 1916, the Serbian Army took part in the allied offensive, occupying Kajmakcalan after fierce struggle against Bulgarian forces. Breakthrough of the Thessaloniki front and allied offensive in autumn 1918, in which the Serbian Army played a crucial role, belong to the most successful operations of the WW I. Its participation in the WW I Serbia paid with more than million people (some 22% of the population, 58% of male population) and Montenegro lost around 50,000 people (1/8 of the entire population). From 707.000 mobilized men during the war, only less than 130.000 returned home at the end of the war. Nikola Tesla "I admire the wonderful energy and heroism of our (Serbian) army, always feeling proud that I'm springing from agricultural, knightly nation, which deserved the honor and respect of the whole World in its permanent battle for its ideals and European culture." Србија у првом светском рату

WWI British Vickers Machine Gun

Add to EJ Playlist  The latest addition to the WWI collection. This one is British made by Vickers & Sons in 1918, and is not Austrailian made like most you will see. High humidity kept fogging the lens up, sorry.

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