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Samoa (Western Samoa)

Add to EJ Playlist  A Trip to the Lovely People & Landscapes of Samoa! (2002)

Savaii Samoa - Into Water & Beyond, holiday travel guide part 3/4

Add to EJ Playlist  We caught the ferry over to Savaii to spend a few days. There are fales dotted all along the coastline so we thought that the best way to get in and experience the local lifestyle was to actually...

RARE FOOTAGE - Western Samoa Teacher's Group 1976

Add to EJ Playlist  The Western Samoa Cultural Group was first formed in 1971 to perform in the First South Pacific Festival of Arts which was held in Suva, Fiji (1972). This first group was made up of all teachers....

Rugby Union, 1991 Quarterfinal Scotland vs Western Samoa.

Add to EJ Playlist  Rugby Union, 1991 Quarterfinal Scotland vs Western Samoa at Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh.

Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - West Of Samoa

Add to EJ Playlist  From The Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant Collection (Vol. 2)

Golden Moments: RWC 1991 WAL v W SAM

Add to EJ Playlist  W Samoa shock Wales during RWC 1991 as they beat them on home soil 16-13.


Add to EJ Playlist  On May 9 1961 the people of Western Samoa voted for Independence from New Zealand. From the end of World War I until 1962, New Zealand controlled Samoa as a Class C Mandate under ...

Western Samoa Teachers Cultural Group Taualuga

Add to EJ Playlist  Copyright disclaimer! I do NOT own this video. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only. This is a short video...

Western Samoa

Add to EJ Playlist  From the http://www.Vide Global Village Travel Guide and DVD, "Islands of the South Pacific". Stock footage available from http://videosou html Transcript: The...

(Western) Samoa Excerpt for 1976 South Pacific Arts Festival

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a small excerpt on (Western) Samoa and the Teachers Training College Cultural group performing at the South Pacific Arts Festival in Rotorua in 1976.

Samoa (1949) (W3471/16BW236)

Add to EJ Playlist  Western Samoa, Lotus Land of the Pacific, is administered by New Zealand under United Nations trusteeship. The Administration brings to the Samoans those European services which will benefit...

Australia vs Western Samoa - Rugby 1991

Add to EJ Playlist  Subscribe http://www.yout eLegends for more rugby vids Australia Samoa Pens Lynagh 3 Pens Vaea Team 15 FB Marty Roebuck 11 W David...

Cruising Western Samoa Upolu

Add to EJ Playlist  Cruising the island of Samoa with my cousins. Sosefina by FIJI.

American Samoa To Western Samoa - Sailing South Pacific Pt.4 - The Voyage Of Emerald Steel

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a short clip of sailing from American to Western Samoa. Emerald Steel is a 38' steel gaff rigged cutter. We, Jules and Suzie, built her in 1985-87. Suzie did all the welding. We left...

Cyclone Evan - Western Samoa 13/12/12

Add to EJ Playlist  Cyclone Evan at 8.30am in Vaigaga, Western Samoa on 13/12/12 as a Category 2 cyclone with winds of 50-60 knots.

Western Samoa 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Western Samoa, Polynésie, Pacifique Sud. La capitale Apia.

Ray Mears World of Survival - Savaii Western Samoa Pt1

Add to EJ Playlist  Ray Mears World of Survival - Savaii Western Samoa bushcraft.

(Western) Samoa Teacher's Group Impromptu Performance at Auckland Airport 1976

Add to EJ Playlist  This was the impromptu performance by the (Western) Samoa Teacher's Group as they arrived in Auckland for the South Pacific Festival of Arts in 1976 to be held in Rotorua. Many families, friends...

Western Samoa Teacher's Group - Faiga ole Taufolosami (1976)

Add to EJ Playlist  A video of the best Sāmoan dancing/cultura l group in history - the (Western) Sāmoan Teacher's Cultural Group in Rotorua, performing at the South Pacific Arts Festival 1976. Much of the songs...




Add to EJ Playlist  western samoa anthem sang by Pacific soul, mostly fliccs and clips, enjoy..fa laia..if u don't like it..soooo :-)

On a samoan bus! Holy Mass in Tafitoala - Western Samoa

Add to EJ Playlist  I really love these people! Praying and sleeping at the same time during the sermon. A preacher on the Arch, facing white angels singing their love to Jesus. So touching... I miss'em all!!!...

Gospel Western Samoa 2004

Add to EJ Playlist  A Rafael Gray Film - filmed in Vaipuna, Apia, Western Samoa in March 2004.

New Zealand Propaganda on Western Samoa History 2014

Add to EJ Playlist  New Zealand has in the last 5 years begun to push into media, propaganda on surrounding islands. New Zealand was helpless after the Japanese Empire invaded Australia, and after Nazi Germany...

Ray Mears World of Survival - Savaii Western Samoa Pt2

Add to EJ Playlist  Ray Mears World of Survival - Savaii Western Samoa bushcraft.

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