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Sundalong Way Itlog

Add to EJ Playlist  Interpreted by Max Surban.Composed by Yoyoy Villame.

Max Surban - Kuntis Sa Hambog

Add to EJ Playlist  di gyud ni mag daog bisan unsaon! lol

Binilanggo Sa Paghigugma

Add to EJ Playlist  Visayan Cebuano Song,taken at Tartaro River, San Miguel, Bulacan


Add to EJ Playlist  Visayan Cebuano Song,Taken at Sagbayan Peak, Sagbayan, Bohol

Ulipon Sa Gugmang Giatay

Add to EJ Playlist  Visayan Cebuano Song,taken at Sta Ines, San Miguel, Bulacan


Add to EJ Playlist  Baleleng,Taken at Sta.Ines,San Miguel,Bulacan

Bisan Pa

Add to EJ Playlist  Jude Gitamondoc and Eugene D Tan's Cebuano composition. Finalist to 2008 Cebu Pop Music Festival. Performed by Arceli Bullo

Matud Mo

Add to EJ Playlist  Visayan Cebuano Song,taken at Tartaro River, San Miguel, Bulacan

Tubod Sa Naughang Sapa (Luz Loreto) /w English Translation

Add to EJ Playlist  Prelude: "It was an occasion that will be forever etched in our memories as long as we live. Everyone of us were glued to our seats as this gifted singer from Bohol serenaded us from one song to another. Many Thanks Luz!!! From the maker of 'Matud Nila-Immortaliz ed by Pilita', shares another Visayan epic sung by a gifted artist from Bohol, Luz Loreto. Although, this contributor has no direct knowledge of the singer, I think many of you will agree that she would give more celebrated younger breed of Visayan Singers nowadays a good run for their money. My somehow indirect information of her came from an acquiantance who happened to be a close relative and a neighbor of Luz in their home province known for its famous Chocolate Hills. I learned that she used to sing in the old 80's noontime show Student Canteen and was once a favorite gala show entertainer in Cebu City. She's in her mid-40s now, taking active role in community functions and always willing to entertain her province -mates with her compelling voice during social gatherings or reunions. She still sings occassionally in hotels and pubs. In one occasion, I was tagged along by my friend for Boholanos reunion somewhere in Manila and this humble singer was among them. I didn't know her then, I thought she was just any ordinary mortal like me. To my surprise, everyone especially myself were glued to our seats as she serenaded us with a variety of Visayan ( Matud Nila, Usahay, Bisan sa Damgo Lang ), Tagalog and English hits. I was speechless and mesmerized. Thus it seems I directly knew her. Nevertheless, I feel proud to feature here ''Tubod Sa Naughang Sapa'' where I first heard live from the original singer herself in that so unforgetable occasion. This is just one of her lovely songs in this self-made music video fashioned in similar manner to one of my previous uploaded vids ''Matud Nila- Immortalized.. where Cebuano lyrics are shown together with its English translation in karaoke - videoke transition. Of course, the English captions offered here is not to demean the intelligence of my beloved Visayan audience, rather to let our equally esteemed non-Cebuano/Vis ayan Youtube community viewers to better appreciate the meaning and message portrayed in this rare and very touching Cebuano song by Ms. Luz Loreto. The song is an original version of Luz Loreto. It's a sad song in deep Visayan lingo and the singer is filled with intense energy interpreting it. Allow her to serenade you while you relax and enjoy!

Mibalik Ako

Add to EJ Playlist  Mibalik Ako, taken at Sagbayan Peak, Sagbayan, Bohol


Add to EJ Playlist  Visayan Cebuano Song, taken at Tartaro, San Miguel, Bulacan


Add to EJ Playlist  Panamilit-song dedicated to a friend who inspired me singing Visayan Classic Songs.

Bisan Ang Kalibutan Magdumili

Add to EJ Playlist  Bisan Ang Kalibutan Magdumili, taken at Sagbayan Peak, Sagbayan, Bohol

Igo na day

Add to EJ Playlist  Performed by : Pepte Pepte Entertainers Starring : Lake Icao Eddie Saberon Introducing RianLake Icao Music by: Max Surban Lake Production LMV Lipsync Music Video Visit my site at : ogs.friendster. com/my_blog/

Pasumpa sumpa ka pa

Add to EJ Playlist  Pasumpa sumpa ka by kristina

Ulipon Sa Gugmang Giatay

Add to EJ Playlist  Visayan Cebuano Song,taken at Sta Ines, San Miguel, Bulacan


Add to EJ Playlist  Taken at Chocolate Hills, Carmen, Bohol


Add to EJ Playlist  Visayan Cebuano Song, taken at Tartaro, San Miguel, Bulacan

Kinsa Siya - Luz Loreto's Timeless Cebuano Classic

Add to EJ Playlist  "Kinsa Siya" is typical Visayan version of a Kundiman. The lyrics are stuffed with strong emotions deploring an unfaithful partner. This type of song is very common in Visayan musical culture where the betrayed lover used this form of medium to express his/her wounded feelings, and Luz Loreto is one particular singer whose voice could perfectly do justice to the true meaning of the song. It's a self-made video-karaoke presentation where the author tried to harmonize the lyrics and the video segments. Please enjoy and share your comments.

Luz Loreto : Bisan Sa Damgo Lang--Cebuano Classic Love Song

Add to EJ Playlist  Music Video of the Song Bisan Sa Damgo Lang (Even in my Dream) with transition lyrics. The singer who interpreted this song, Luz Loreto, is from Bohol. The audio was one of the songs from her album with Alpha Records (1999). She might not be as popular with Pilita ( Matud Nila ) Dulce ( has version too of Matud Nila ) or the other young breed of Cebuano/Visayan singers, but she too has her own distinct and compelling style.

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