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Breath holding

Add to EJ Playlist  Breath holding in tub (trying to beat her old record). Comment if you want more videos.

Vivian underwater breath holding scene

Add to EJ Playlist  Footage on Vivian breath holding underwater.

Underwater breath holding - Bernice personal record 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Bernice Chitiul - Underwater breath hold personal record 2. I had not the best cameraman around, but you catch the idea :) My previous record here: http://ww...

Breath Holding Practice

Add to EJ Playlist  Practicing breath holding after limited (3-4 breaths) hyperventilatio n.

Breath holding challenge

Add to EJ Playlist  Thanks for whaching is almost die. Subscribe to epa19 ~Instagram~ Olivia: @that_blondechi ck859 Karolina: @flippin_002 Email: oliviakhallin@y SUBSCRIBE!!

Static breathholding session

Add to EJ Playlist  Not too static actually. Includes proper body moves in the course of the process. Decreased duration, but increased impression.

Lost Girl "Mirrors, Mirrors" Bathtub Breath Holding Scene

Add to EJ Playlist  The girl has to hold her breath in the bathtub and nearly drowns.

Freediving How to hold your breath longer - Dry static

Add to EJ Playlist  This is the first video in my "breathing technique series". This is a dry static (on land) practice video There are several other ways of doing this, but thi...

Guinness WR breath holding

Add to EJ Playlist  Stig Åvall Severinsen holds his breath for 20 minutes 10 seconds in the tropical shark tank of Kattegatcenter, Denmark. - http://www.brea - FREE ...

Breath Holding Spell

Add to EJ Playlist  This video may be disturbing to watch, so be prepared. My youngest son suffers from Breath Holding Spells. We have found the best thing to do when he does th...


Add to EJ Playlist  THANKS TO @EPA195 FOR INBOXING ME THIS CHALLENGE! I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY! KEEP INBOXING ME challenges! if you need any of my info contact me through the inbox!!

life guard girl underwater breath holding 3

Add to EJ Playlist  A life guard girl breath holding training underwater.

brazilian underwater breath holding contest

Add to EJ Playlist  music Sailing On The Silk Blue Sea (Asha) program from brazilian tv called proba a tubo questions man and woman, the losser, have hold your breath underwater.

Five Round Breath Holding Challange

Add to EJ Playlist  Hi guys!!! In this video our friend Hanieh is joining us for our challenge... Hope you enjoy the video... Don't forget to like... Subscribe... And comment do...

Pro free diver Mermaid Melissa breath holding 4 minutes underwater 4:18

Add to EJ Playlist  http://MermaidM World famous mermaid & aquatic shows, underwater performers, & traveling mermaid tanks for hire! Mermaid Melissa Videos: http://go...


Add to EJ Playlist  some hanging underwater breathholds with Malick Ndir's underground African music, awesome, you should have it Avatars & Inmortality -

Breath holding sequence

Add to EJ Playlist  I feel this one is for the hardcore enthusiast of breath holds as this video has 4 breath holds.The first one is edited to show the actual struggle of doing ...

Julie Underwater Breath holding 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Julie Underwater breath holding scene.

Julie Underwater Breath holding

Add to EJ Playlist  Breath Holding scene featuring Julie.

bath tub breath holding practice and headstand 9AUG2011 dead or alive haha

Add to EJ Playlist  just practice no time involved ... my headstand sucks btw - i've been focusing more in the gym in a daily early work out with lots of weights - maybe this we...


Add to EJ Playlist  i definitely need to be able to see the time going on in the watch or anything that shows time while doing breathholdings ... and without goggles i am blind ...

Very visible heartbeat with empty lungs breath holding

Add to EJ Playlist  My heartbeat was veeeeeeery visible today... All my friends noticed it and I felt a bit embarassed...

Shannon Scott - "4minute Breath Hold"

Add to EJ Playlist  Professional (Free diver/Mermaid) Shannon Scott holds breath 4minutes. For more of my free diving, acting, singing, modeling, dancing, etc: please subscribe ...

Philippines' Longest Breath Holding and Sustained Notes While Singing

Add to EJ Playlist  Enjoy the talent of the Filipino Singers.. :D By the way, please help me find more clips (especially for male artists) about this video so that we can displa...

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