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Freediving How to hold your breath longer - Dry static

Add to EJ Playlist  This is the first video in my "breathing technique series". This is a dry static (on land) practice video There are several other ways of doing this, but thi...

Girl dry breathholding

Add to EJ Playlist  mädchen,mädchen mädchen,bushido ,ladyboy,lady boy,boy to girl,transexual ,underwater, girl, girls, hot girl, bikini,girl fights,girl fight,american girl,pretty...

Breath holding or suicide

Add to EJ Playlist  Breath holding or suicide Almost drown Skip: 03:40 if you bored.

Underwater breath holding - Bernice personal record 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Bernice Chitiul - Underwater breath hold personal record 2. I had not the best cameraman around, but you catch the idea :) My previous record here: http://ww...


Add to EJ Playlist  http://divinerh Breath Holding, Heartbeat, Underwater, Stomach sounds, Doctor Exams.

Breath holding sequence

Add to EJ Playlist  I feel this one is for the hardcore enthusiast of breath holds as this video has 4 breath holds.The first one is edited to show the actual struggle of doing ...

Deep water breath holding camp - Red Bull High Performance

Add to EJ Playlist  More adventure just a CLICK away: aXUVRM Red Bull athletes from surf, snow, motorsports and even a professional gamer push through their menta...

**(Updated)** 5-Round Breath Holding Challenge

Add to EJ Playlist  We actually did it correctly this time. Check out our other video of the breath holding challenge. Check out our channels. If you like my channel then click ...

breath holding challenge

Add to EJ Playlist  Breath holding challenge Please subscribe and give us thumbs up and follow us on facebook, twitter , instagram and google + Twitter: Anna: https://twitter .co...

Underwater Breath Holding Challenge

Add to EJ Playlist  Me and my friend compete to see who can hold there breath the longest :)

5 round breath holding challenge

Add to EJ Playlist  Me and Mackenzie flowers do the 5 round breath holding challenge thanks to epa190 go follow them and like and subscribe for more videos.

Gochiusa ~ breath-holding contest

Add to EJ Playlist  Clip from the anime, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Episode 8. Enjoy!

Static breathholding session

Add to EJ Playlist  Not too static actually. Includes proper body moves in the course of the process. Decreased duration, but increased impression.

Breath Holding Spells

Add to EJ Playlist  Dr. Oller talks about breath holding spells in children.

First attempts in breath holding

Add to EJ Playlist  First tries of breath holding. Here Lukas (12.5 years old) held his breath less than 30 seconds. June 2009.

Vivian underwater breath holding scene 1 HD !!

Add to EJ Playlist  Aquagirl is the name of several fictional characters featured as superheroines in the comic books and other media produced by DC Comics. Contents [hide] 1 Ea...

Breath Holding Contest !!!

Add to EJ Playlist  Well Lets Just Say We Didn't Finish It Because Of Leon :D We Also Probably Did It Wrong Too :D Thanks To jsm19 For Requesting This Challenge :) Sorry If It D...

5 Round Breath Holding Challenge

Add to EJ Playlist  Enjoy! AND go SUBSCRIBE,not follow, epa19 !! :3.

Breath holding spell 21-3-10

Add to EJ Playlist  Kai 14 months 7.08pm trigger lightly bumped head on chair, did not appear bite his tongue. Very knocked around from this one, it was his bedtime anyway but h...

Breath Holding Challenge

Add to EJ Playlist  I challenge you to beat me. No cheating!

brazilian underwater breath holding contest

Add to EJ Playlist  music Sailing On The Silk Blue Sea (Asha) program from brazilian tv called proba a tubo questions man and woman, the losser, have hold your breath underwater.


Add to EJ Playlist  sorry guys but i have to admit i have been extremely lazy and still haven;t recharged batteries or taken the time to do breathholdings ... this was a 2.26 on...

Ayiana and Olivia breath holding challenge!

Add to EJ Playlist  Any more challenges? We love doing stuff for you guys!

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