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5 round breath holding challenge !

Add to EJ Playlist  Instagram : diya_shaho Snapchat: diyashaho Twitter: diya_shaho Elyan's channel : elyan shwan Please like,comment,su bscribe me ! Luv ya guys ! XOXO.

Heart beat and breath holding sample video.

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a sample of my heart beat and breath holding videos which are for sale on my web site. Please visit my store to see more. I have close up visual hear...

Deep water breath holding camp - Red Bull High Performance

Add to EJ Playlist  More adventure just a CLICK away: aXUVRM Red Bull athletes from surf, snow, motorsports and even a professional gamer push through their menta...


Add to EJ Playlist  Trina's channel - http://www.yout MANAQUAPHILE She is not freediver, she is just a model. Do not take it too seriously breath-holding. For her ...

5 minute breath holding

Add to EJ Playlist  Held breath for five minutes! Not too crazy, but hey.

Breath holding or suicide

Add to EJ Playlist  Breath holding or suicide Almost drown Skip: 03:40 if you bored.

brazilian underwater breath holding contest

Add to EJ Playlist  music Sailing On The Silk Blue Sea (Asha) program from brazilian tv called proba a tubo questions man and woman, the losser, have hold your breath underwater.

Breath Holding Training - Surf Survival - Red Bull Performance USA

Add to EJ Playlist  See more surfing at hHYFqs Red Bull Performance USA's surf survival team sets out to teach athletes breath holding skills that they will need ...

4-minutes breath holding try in Water of Mermaid Sophia

Add to EJ Playlist  I never got pro-free diving training about holding breath, pls maybe my way is not right , so don't make my breath holding as reference for anyone... this ti...

Underwater breath holding - Bernice personal record 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Bernice Chitiul - Underwater breath hold personal record 2. I had not the best cameraman around, but you catch the idea :) My previous record here: http://ww...

David Blaine's Recording Breaking Breath Hold

Add to EJ Playlist  David Blaine holds his breath and breaks a guinness world record on O.

Breath holding or Suicide

Add to EJ Playlist  Almost drown Skip: 03:40 if you bored.. The video uploaded in m other videos, here. News,news letter,news 2013,news 2014,news today,news chann...

Breath Holding Spell

Add to EJ Playlist  This video may be disturbing to watch, so be prepared. My youngest son suffers from Breath Holding Spells. We have found the best thing to do when he does th...

Easy 3-minutes breath holding under water of Sophia

Add to EJ Playlist  thank my neighbor for taking this video for me ...he was really good at cutting my head from camera...anyway , still can see that sophia holds a 3minutes bre...

How Long Can I Hold My Breath Underwater?

Add to EJ Playlist  HIGHLY, HIGHLY REQUESTED!!! Here it is :) Easily the questions I am asked the most are: “How long can you hold your breath for?” and “How do you open your ey...

4 minutes breath holding of Sophia underwater

Add to EJ Playlist  only 2 seconds to 4 minutes...3:58 minutes. sophia in free diving training. 03-12-2014 in AIDA2 course.

Breath Holding Practice

Add to EJ Playlist  Practicing breath holding after limited (3-4 breaths) hyperventilatio n.

Philippines' Longest Breath Holding and Sustained Notes While Singing

Add to EJ Playlist  Enjoy the talent of the Filipino Singers.. :D By the way, please help me find more clips (especially for male artists) about this video so that we can displa...

Survivor season 1 breathholding

Add to EJ Playlist  Breatholding contest underwater.


Add to EJ Playlist  http://divinerh Breath Holding, Heartbeat, Underwater, Stomach sounds, Doctor Exams.

brazilian underwater breath holding contest 1

Add to EJ Playlist  music Breathe Underwater (Diving Reflex) program from brazilian tv called proba a tubo questions man and woman, the losser, have hold your breath underwater.


Add to EJ Playlist  subscribe plzzzz TODAY WE ARE HOLDING OUR BREATH UNDER WATER.


Add to EJ Playlist  We try and verse each other in a breath holding challenge thank you for the suggestion please suggest more leave a like /comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!!

David Blaine: How I held my breath for 17 min

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.ted. com In this highly personal talk from TEDMED, magician and stuntman David Blaine describes what it took to hold his breath underwater for 17 m...

Static breathholding session

Add to EJ Playlist  Not too static actually. Includes proper body moves in the course of the process. Decreased duration, but increased impression.

2014 04 24 BH 3 03min UW BREATHHOLDING

Add to EJ Playlist  have been so lazy to train well :(

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