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**(Updated)** 5-Round Breath Holding Challenge

Add to EJ Playlist  We actually did it correctly this time. Check out our other video of the breath holding challenge. Check out our channels. If you like my channel then click ...

Underwater breath holding - Bernice personal record 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Bernice Chitiul - Underwater breath hold personal record 2. I had not the best cameraman around, but you catch the idea :) My previous record here: http://ww...

Breath holding sequence

Add to EJ Playlist  I feel this one is for the hardcore enthusiast of breath holds as this video has 4 breath holds.The first one is edited to show the actual struggle of doing ...

Ayiana and Olivia breath holding challenge!

Add to EJ Playlist  Any more challenges? We love doing stuff for you guys!

Breath Holding Challange

Add to EJ Playlist  Welcome To Our Channel! We make new videos every friday so make sure to subscribe! Leave a comment down below or email us some video ideas! Modern Clique: In...

Breath holding challenge!

Add to EJ Playlist  Info: Channels: Tori's Channel: /user/totallyto ri247 Abby's Channel: /user/awesomeab bline247 Name: Tori and Abby Video camera: ...

Breath holding challenge

Add to EJ Playlist  Thanks for whaching is almost die. Subscribe to epa19 ~Instagram~ Olivia: @that_blondechi ck859 Karolina: @flippin_002 Email: oliviakhallin@y SUBSCRIBE!!

Breath Holding Challenge: Tickle Version

Add to EJ Playlist  Thanks so much for watching! Hope you liked the breath holding challenge :) Share with your friends ;)

Philippines' Longest Breath Holding and Sustained Notes While Singing

Add to EJ Playlist  Enjoy the talent of the Filipino Singers.. :D By the way, please help me find more clips (especially for male artists) about this video so that we can displa...

Breath Holding Practice HD Fishing video

Add to EJ Playlist  Hunting[edit] Alaska is a popular hunting destination. Hunters come from all over the world to hunt big game animals such as the brown bear, black bear, moos...

Breath holding

Add to EJ Playlist  This is the fuller version with the 2 of us doing a longer breathold. Although its not true to time due to editing which is more for show, we got up about 1m...

Birth of a Sea Siren HD - Complete Film of Mermaid Hunter Films - Nikki du Plessis Top Model

Add to EJ Playlist  Birth of a Sea Siren HD - Complete Film of Mermaid Hunter Films - Nikki du Plessis Top Model Thank you to Ed for Sharing, here under a description of his wor...


Add to EJ Playlist  sorry guys but i have to admit i have been extremely lazy and still haven;t recharged batteries or taken the time to do breathholdings ... this was a 2.26 on...

Breath holding or suicide

Add to EJ Playlist  Breath holding or suicide Almost drown Skip: 03:40 if you bored.

Static breathholding session

Add to EJ Playlist  Not too static actually. Includes proper body moves in the course of the process. Decreased duration, but increased impression.

Breath holding competition?!

Add to EJ Playlist  Thank you to fellow you-tuber jsm 19 for requesting the breath holding challenge. We also decided to incorporate two other challenges! Hope you enjoy- and se...

Breath Holding Contest!

Add to EJ Playlist  Heyy! I can't Teeya and Tanya today lol :P Anyways breath holding contest! OMG Suu exciting! Love you all! Thanks for all the tweets and comment and its so a...

brazilian underwater breath holding contest

Add to EJ Playlist  music Sailing On The Silk Blue Sea (Asha) program from brazilian tv called proba a tubo questions man and woman, the losser, have hold your breath underwater.

breath holding challenge requested by epa19

Add to EJ Playlist  thx epa19 for this i am going to do another one with deanna.

Siblings drown playing breath holding game

Add to EJ Playlist  A young brother and sister competing to see who could hold their breath the longest have drowned while their foster parents watched on unaware. The four-year...

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