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Bunker Tour Part 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Before my last open day I made a video tour of the above and below ground bits of the bunker. Hopefully I covered everything but if I missed something or if ...

Man builds $65 thousand doomsday bunker

Add to EJ Playlist  CNN's Gary Tuchman takes a tour of a remote bunker a Utah man has prepared for the end of the world.

Ultimate Tour of a Doomsday Bunker, Inside the Luxury Survival Condos

Add to EJ Playlist  The Luxury Survival Condos & doomsday bunkers are built to protect against a catastrophic event while offering privacy and comfort for its residents. Our cha...

bunker garage construction vid 1

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.keev erandassociates .com - Custom builder constructing an underground our "bunker" garage in Bellevue, WA on Cougar Mountain. The garage isn't comp...

Abandoned/Decommissioned Nuclear Bunker --- Underground

Add to EJ Playlist  Decommissioned 1980's Nuclear Bunker. It's cool that the electricity is still on, but I only turned the lights on on the way out incase it triggered an alarm...

Bunker Living in Modern World

Add to EJ Playlist  A WW II listening-post bunker is converted into a three-bedroom U.K. home.

Norwegian underground bunker

Add to EJ Playlist  Norsk underjordisk bunker med overbygde løpegraver og skyte/observasj ons stillinger. I begynnelsen ser vi to posisjoner for forsvar av adkomsten til øvre inn...

Underground bunker home, Vegas-style

Add to EJ Playlist  Accessed by a hidden entrance in a boulder, this home was built to be a nuclear fallout shelter. Below ground, it boasts features like a backyard complete wi...

back yard cold war era underground nuclear bunker

Add to EJ Playlist  Not sure of the history of this fall out shelter, but it is well built and solid. This would be the place to hide during a nuclear war. If I was going to bui...

Rising S - Steel Underground Bunker

Add to EJ Playlist  Video rendering of a Rising S steel bunker. This bunker is 10'w x 50'l x 7'h. Made from 100% steel; these units offer several upgraded features such as NBC a...

El bunker de Hitler - Canal Historia

Add to EJ Playlist  Documental sobre mundos subterraneos, El bunker de Hitler emitido por el Canal Historia Idioma: Español de España ( castellano)

Bunker (2001) Full movie

Add to EJ Playlist  full movie full film full video teljes film teljes video movies bunker hitler Seven German soldiers are enclosed in one bunker during the Second World War. T...

Der Bunker unterm Holzhaus

Add to EJ Playlist  Fanpage: http://www.face Vergangenes-nic ht-Vergessen/27 6946699089434 Visit my Channel: http://www.yout 0one Bauwerksdaten: -Bau M...

Hitlers U-Boot-Bunker "Valentin" in Bremen-Farge [DOKUMENTATION]

Add to EJ Playlist  Es gibt Bauwerke, die verweigern den Umgang. Der Bunker Valentin in Bremen gehört dazu. Monströs die Ausmaße, finster die Geschichte. Er ist der größte Bunke...

Underground shipping container bunker

Add to EJ Playlist  READ: i must say that the guy on the video never said it cant be done, just that it wasnt safe..... Our Unfinished underground shelter made of three 40ft shi...

Sample Bunker | Doomsday Bunkers

Add to EJ Playlist  Scott Bales, owner of Deep Earth Bunkers, gives his son a tour of a completed underground bunker. For more visit http://dsc.disc gn=ydsc1.

"Survival Mattin" erkundet alten Hitler-Bunker und gruselt sich.

Add to EJ Playlist  Survival Mattin sucht und findet einen alten Hitler Bunker. Steigt hinunter und schaut sich im Bunker um. Mit schaurig schönem Ende.

Los Bunkers "Llueve Sobre La Ciudad"

Add to EJ Playlist  Los Bunkers - Vida de Perros - i6495X Amazon CD: k0ZsvO.

Bunker - Doku

Add to EJ Playlist  Neue Videos auf den Kanal ! Als Bunker werden geschützte Bauwerke, die die Insassen oder die Umgebung vor direkter Gefährdung schützen, bezeichnet. Hierzu ge...

The Bunker (1981)

Add to EJ Playlist  Hitler ordering chief architect Albert Speer to implement scorched earth policy.

The bunker (1981) Full movie

Add to EJ Playlist  full movie full movies full video full film teljes film teljes video In 1945, The Third Reich is in its death throes with the Allies relentlessly attacking t...


Add to EJ Playlist  KC, MO Area: $550000.00 or OBO Comes with almost all the furniture and decor. Hardened Underground Bunker-Home on 10.5 acres/ml. A 1960s nuclear war-proof c...

Los Bunkers · Ángel Para Un Final

Add to EJ Playlist  Vídeo del tercer sencillo del sexto álbum de estudio, "Música Libre" de Los Bunkers. 2010. Autor: Silvio Rodríguez http://www.losb

THE EPIC COSMIC SILVERBACK BOSS!!!▐ Custom Zombies on Zombie Bunker Part 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Call of Duty: World at War ▻store.steampow 090/ Join the NGT Zombie Horde! ▻ oinNGTZombies THE EPIC COSMIC SILVERBACK BOSS!!!· C...

ZOMBIE BUNKER ★ Call of Duty Zombies Mod (Zombie Games)

Add to EJ Playlist  The #1 source for Left 4 Dead 2, Call of Duty Zombies, Mods & other Scary games. We post new Custom Zombies videos every day, and enjoy playing other Zombie ...

Como construir um bunker - JB10 - Sobrevivência urbana. Parte 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Diversos posts sobre segurança doméstica no blog, várias discussões e idéias nos fóruns, assimilamos tudo, colocamos no mixer e mostramos pro engenheiro. Com...

Bunker Wittenberg / Eupe GSSD Troposphärenfunk

Add to EJ Playlist  2etagiger Bunker der GSSD bei Wittenberg den wir auch vermessen haben und gerade einen Plan erstellen.

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