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Add to EJ Playlist  Animation of chronic diseases at http://www.heal thjourneysuppor Pediatric circumcision animation. http://www.nucl cal-animations This 3D medical animation shows the anatomy...

The Real Reason You're Circumcised - Adam Ruins Everything

Add to EJ Playlist  If You're Not Jewish, and You're Circumcised, You Need to Watch This Video. See more http://www.coll LIKE us on: http://www.face ehumor FOLLOW us on: ...

Pukpok Tuli (Circumcision)

Add to EJ Playlist  Ang pagiging “tuli” ng isang binatilyo ay pagpapatunay na isa ka ng ganap na lalaki, kalimitan ay ginagawa ito mula edad sampu hanggang labing-lima, pero meron din yung mga sanggol pa lang...

I LOVE FORESKIN (wtf circumcision?)

Add to EJ Playlist  uh oh teh controversiez! lotsa links below join the twitter conversation - http://www.twit 18 Tumblr with me all week! - http://lacigree Facebook - http://www.face book....

How Does Circumcision Affect Your Penis?

Add to EJ Playlist  Many babies around the world get circumcised, but what is it actually doing to your penis? Read More: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Circumcision http://news.dis n/health/circum c...

Reversing Female Circumcision: The Cut That Heals

Add to EJ Playlist  On the International Day for Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, VICE News reports on a little-known surgery that restores sexual function to the clitoris for women who had their...

13. Circumcision - Operative Surgery - Dr. Vaidya

Add to EJ Playlist  See full description for download link and other surgery videos. Operative Surgery for Undergraduates by Dr. Ghanashyam Vaidya Download this video- ...

It's More fun in the Philippines circumcision .

Add to EJ Playlist  Traditional way of circumcision in the Philippines. Pukpok tule!!

Africa Male Circumcision WARNING!!! GRAPHIC~EXPLICIT :O

Add to EJ Playlist  Source: http://en.wikip ondo_film e=mc².

Fox's Megyn Kelly gets pawned by anti-circumcision activist

Add to EJ Playlist  Megyn Kelly gets her talking points knocked down by anti-circumcisi on activist Lloyd Schofield on Fox daytime. Love how uncomfortable she is!!

Circumcision, Drunk Driving, Instagram | The Point with Ana Kasparian

Add to EJ Playlist  Drew Carter, Kim Horcher and Ana Kasparian talk about menstrual blood, drunk driving, standardized testing, circumcision and sending packages to your enemies on this weeks episode of The Point....


Add to EJ Playlist  Yesterday's Vid - v=AZBOxISEyYU Support my Patreon - http://www.patr mpson Send mail here 4335 Van Nuys Blvd Suite #305 Sherman Oaks,Ca ...

Forced ritual circumcision of 12 men kicks off Kenya's Circumcision Season!

Add to EJ Playlist  Twelve men in the western Kenyan town of Moi's Bridge were apprehended by a mob and frog marched through a traditional circumcision ceremony. The forced foreskin removal coincides with the...

Circumcision Video 3D Surgery - Circumcision Ceremonies & Rites

Add to EJ Playlist  Circumcision Video 3D Surgery - Circumcision Ceremonies & Rites How Circumcision is done? It's a common scenario, but one that most of us don't think about until faced with the decision:...

Is Circumcision Compulsory in Islam? By Dr. Zakir Naik

Add to EJ Playlist  Is Circumcision Compulsory in Islam? Watch Dr. Zakir Naik answering this question.

Christopher Hitchens Goes After Rabbi Harold Kushner re: Circumcision

Add to EJ Playlist  This Forum now available http://www.thef Connecticut Forum panelists, Rabbi Harold Kushner, Rev. Peter Gomes and Christopher Hitchens answer the question, "Why do good things...

Doctor Discusses Circumcision Controversy

Add to EJ Playlist  James L. Snyder, M.D., F.A.C.S., Past President of the Virginia Urological Society discusses the controversy around infant circumcision. Conversation recorded in San Francisco, California July...

Atheist Experience #551: Circumcision

Add to EJ Playlist  Jen talks about the religious basis of circumcision. The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin, Texas geared at a non-atheist audience. The Atheist Experience...

Laser circumcision hong kong, circumcision surgery video, - circumcision clinic hong kong

Add to EJ Playlist  Redundant foreskin means the loose fold of skin covering the glans of penis (foreskin) is too long under the absence of penis erection. Phimosis means the foreskin is as tight as not able...

Actor Gerard Butler and Howard Stern penis talk - why circumcision is wrong !

Add to EJ Playlist  Each and every one of us has an important contribution to make in the fight against circumcision. We come from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds, and beliefs. United we are by our vision...

Oh Boys... Circumcision?

Add to EJ Playlist  Knowledge is power, and when you know better, you do better. So here's everything you did and did not want to know about circumcision! :) I honestly, truly hope I don't come off as judgemental,...


Add to EJ Playlist  Male circumcision is performed on an estimated one out of six male newborns worldwide. Over 60 percent of male newborns were circumcised in the United States in 1992. Circumcision in adults...

Jim Gaffigan King Baby Circumcision

Add to EJ Playlist  Was trying to find this specific clip on youtube, and couldn't find it, so I decided to upload it!!! Pretty damn funny. if you would like to know more about intactivism, and keeping our future...


Add to EJ Playlist  The Eastern Cape Province of South Africa is home to the Xhosa people, one of the nation's largest tribes. They live in the modern world, but they maintain ancient customs—includi ng one by...


Add to EJ Playlist  This video uses statistics & research to review circumcision and the necessity of or lack thereof the procedure performed on the minority of newborns in the United States. Celebrities Against...

Video proses Khitan / Sunat sunda | Circumcision

Add to EJ Playlist  video circumcision, Muslim ceremonies. every Muslim man you are required to perform this ceremony. intended to dispose of unclean or dirt. and the opening of the holy spirit. Based on the regulatio...

Renowned Psychologist Condemns Child Circumcision

Add to EJ Playlist  Professor Gregory Boyle speaks frankly in condemning forced genital cutting of children, revealing his personal struggles with this issue and his observations about the psychological motivations...

CIRCUMCISION CARE | Baby Care with Jenni June

Add to EJ Playlist  Host and mom of four, Jenni June, is back with useful information to care for your little guy after circumcision and to make things a little more comfortable for him, should this procedure...

Circumcision Myths & Facts

Add to EJ Playlist  http://mamanatu MYTH: Almost all men are circumcised - FACT: Not so much. Globally, fewer than a third of all men are circumcised [World Health Organization, 2008].. And in the...

Лазерно обрязване при фимоза, Хил клиник Laser Circumcision

Add to EJ Playlist  Д-р Георги Георгиев от Хил клиник показва перфектно лазерно обрязване /циркумцизия/ на пациент с фимоза...

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