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3/20/2014 -- Global Earthquake Watch + United States Craton (plate) Displacement

Add to EJ Playlist  JUST AS EXPECTED .. A 6.5M earthquake has struck Sumatra Indonesia.... DIRECTLY inside the watch zone.. March 21, 2014. http://earthqua thquake...

The Early Earth and Plate Tectonics

Add to EJ Playlist  The Earth is formed by accretion of spatial particulates and large masses and eventually forms an outer crust. Video follows with speculation of early plates...

Craton - Malvados Freestyle (Video original) MeloF-films

Add to EJ Playlist  Craton - Malvados Freestyle 2014 MeloFlow - films & Graph.

THE CRATON SHIFTS/Quake and Solar Update.

Add to EJ Playlist  Solar and Quake Links at http://www.BPEa rthWatch.Com http://en.wikip aurentia.

1/04/2015 -- Global Earthquake Update -- NEW SCIENCE of Craton Pressure Displacement (links below)

Add to EJ Playlist  Feel free to run this by your teachers, professors, and even "professionals" in the industry. Time to rip out a hefty section of your text books, and learn s...

(preview oficial) Craton FT Young Melo Prod MeloF- Flims -

Add to EJ Playlist  Craton-YungMelo ( Woow Woow ) 2014 MeloFlow - films & Graph.


Add to EJ Playlist  Using Earthquake 3D Software I show Quake activity over the last 7 days along the North American Craton Continental Shelf! For more earthquake information go...

North American Craton & Deformed Craton Causing US Quakes

Add to EJ Playlist  I realized that I did not get my google Earth image in the frame, here is the link to the image that I reference starting at 3:10. http://conspira cychef.word...

North American Craton Earthquake Update 12-28 - 1-3-15

Add to EJ Playlist  Using Earthquake 3D I show you the earthquakes for the last week along the North American Craton Continental Shelf. For more information on Earthquakes, go t...

North American Craton Earthquake Update 1-14-15 to 1-22-15

Add to EJ Playlist  Using Earthquake 3D Software I show earthquakes for the last 7 days along the North American Craton Plate & Worldwide! Vanuatu, near New Zealand, SW side of ...

MANDOLIN CONCERTO No. 1 by JOHN CRATON premièred by the Dutch mandolinist Ferdinand Binnendijk

Add to EJ Playlist  Mandolin Concerto No. 1 in d minor by JOHN CRATON premièred by the young Dutch mandolinist Ferdinand Binnendijk on June 15th, 2006 in the concert hall of the...

Iron ore types at Weld Range, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

Add to EJ Playlist  Several different iron ore types all exist in the Weld Range greenstone belt of Western Australia. This movie describes their characteristics and relative ti...

La Ilusionista -Craton- 2014 RAP Romántico

Add to EJ Playlist  Basado en echos reales https://www.fac /yeltflow-y-sus -ratos/17353509 2715563?ref=hl.

North American Craton Quake Update 2-15-14

Add to EJ Playlist  I show, using Earthquake 3D, quakes for the last 2 weeks along the NA Craton plate. Go to my web site for more information about earthquakes: http://vaulterj ...

Personal Craton 2015 Rap Latino

Add to EJ Playlist  Este año nadie me para, Rap solo "Subscribete" amantes el hiphop Llego la hora.. RAP.

A paso firme Mc Beto Ft Craton y Mb (De lo que hago parte 2014)

Add to EJ Playlist  Bueno mi gente aquí un ft que siempre había querido realizar desde que conocí a estos dos colegas espero les guste y disculpen el ego ;)

2/14/2014 — 4.2M earthquake Strikes South Carolina — Expected Craton Edge Movement

Add to EJ Playlist  Full post linked below, with screenshots and the forecast / update from Feb. 8th, calling for an East Coast earthquake watch : http://dutchsin se.tatoott1009. ...

John Craton - 7 Variations on "What If a Day, Or a Month, Or a Yeare"

Add to EJ Playlist  7 Variations on "What If a Day, Or a Month, Or a Yeare" by John Craton for guitar solo played by Alex Timmerman. This wonderful set of 7 Variations on the we...

JOHN CRATON - Duettino in A - mandolin duo Pauline Ulderink & Ferdinand Binnendijk

Add to EJ Playlist  The 'Duettino in A' by the American composer John Craton. It was composed in 2009 and originally written for two violins. Here the three movements; Allegro m...

12/09/2013 -- Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm Underway -- craton pressure

Add to EJ Playlist  Full post here , along with information on the previous movement this week, information on Yellowstone's earthquake potential, as well as links for Earthquak...

2/12/2012 -- Utah earthquake swarm at dormant Volcanic Chain = Craton edge pressure

Add to EJ Playlist  Here is a full website post explaining what I think is going on .. plus a series of links you can use to monitor future earthquake activity: http://sincedut c...

Quakes, Tectonics, Seafloor Age, Pluton, Craton My best SCIENCE Vid Yet! Think, Discuss

Add to EJ Playlist  correction: I used the term archon instead of CRATON. sorry, my bad, when referring to the Canadian Shield formation) I'm too lazy to write, i just babbled ...

'Allegretto giocoso' - JOHN CRATON by the mandolin duo Pauline Ulderink & Ferdinand Binnendijk

Add to EJ Playlist  The 'Allegretto giocoso' is the 3rd movement of the 'Duettino in A' by the American composer John Craton. It was composed in 2009 and originally written for ...

Pantomime No. 1 for Two Mandolins (John Craton)

Add to EJ Playlist  This is the first movement from "Six Pantomimes for Two Mandolins", written in 2005 by the American classical composer John Craton. The score is available fr...

2/4/2012 -- Breakdown of West Coast earthquakes -- Vancouver, Oregon, and Craton edge

Add to EJ Playlist  Link to the most recent earthquake forecast/overvi ew (from 2/2/2012) -- covers north america, west coast, Canada and the craton edge: http://sincedut ch.wordp...

John Craton: Berceuse

Add to EJ Playlist  Berceuse (2012) for violin & piano, premiered by Sinella Aghasi, violin, and Kyle Wheaton, piano, at the University of Southern California-Stan islaus, 23 Apr...


Add to EJ Playlist  Desde España Un Mc Colombiano CRATON.

Geologia UFBA - Geologando no Craton Amazônico

Add to EJ Playlist  Voando do Crepori (PA) até Serra Verde - Geologia Sempre Hostil (geologando no inóspito).

Minecraft bemutatkozás!

Add to EJ Playlist  Sziasztok, csatornát csináltam vagy is videókat fogok feltölteni úgy, hogy IRATKOZZATOK fel, és lájkoljátok! :)

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