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Crosman 1377: The Most Expensive Pellet Gun Ever

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a look at the ever popular Crosman 1377. Why is this $50 gun the most expensive airgun you'll ever own? Just watch and you'll see.

Crosman 1377 disassembly

Add to EJ Playlist  I pull apart my 1377 so I can replace the air chamber, pump cup and transfer port seal. Check out miketheknife2's video at: /aLSnFP1hSEU Many parts can be purchased through...

Crosman 1377 Airgun Review by AirgunWeb

Add to EJ Playlist  Please scroll down for more information and links to products used on this video: When it comes to Classic Airguns, there are few more classic than the Crosman 1377 multi-pump pneumatic pistol....

Crosman 1377 American Classic .177 Pellet Pistol Review

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.Repl - Crosman 1377 American Classic .177 Pellet Pistol Review. -Pneumatic Multi-Pump -.177 caliber lead pellets -495 FPS -Single shot bolt action -Single Action Only...

Crosman 1377 piston and valve mods

Add to EJ Playlist  my friend asked me how they work.

Crosman 1377 American Classic

Add to EJ Playlist  Here's a look at the Crosman 1377 American Classic Air Pistol. The 1377 is a single shot bolt action pump pistol that shoots a .177 pellet. Average velocity with 10 pumps is 600 fps. I find...

Crosman 1377 vs. 1322

Add to EJ Playlist  Both are great little pellet guns. Which one do you prefer and why? Leave a comment. Don't forget to "Like" this video please. Thanks to all who have subscribed, and if you've seen this and...

Crosman 1377 multi-pump air pistol - AGR Episode 75

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.pyra Crosman_1377C_P C77/198?utm_sou rce=youtube&utm _medium=social& utm_campaign=13 77c-pc77 ...

Crosman 1377 steel breech installation

Add to EJ Playlist  I'm installing a steel breech on my old 1377. What I've learned since posting this video is that I need different barrel. My pistol is a phase 2 or second variant made from 1981 - 1998. ...

Crosman 1377 Review

Add to EJ Playlist  A full review of the pistol and of its possible accessories.

Crosman 1377 pump air pellet pistol - first test

Add to EJ Playlist  Trying out an awesome gift from my Significant Other, a Crosman 1377 air pistol. It's a multi pump design using .177 (4.5mm) pellets. My first impression is definitely positive. Fairly high...

Crosman 1377 Penetration Test featuring RWS HyperMAX, Beeman FTS and H&N Coppa Spitzkugel

Add to EJ Playlist  Fairly extensive accuracy and penetration test using a stock Crosman 1377 and the following pellets: H&N Excite Coppa-Spitzkuge l, Beeman FTS, and the alloy RWS HyperMAX. Targets include ...

Обзор пневматического пистолета Crosman 1377 American Classic

Add to EJ Playlist  Цена и наличие: http://rozetka. american_classi c_1377c/p180057 / Видеообзор пневматического пистолета Crosman 1377 American Classic...

Crosman 1377 Modding Project - The 1322 Rifle - PART 1

Add to EJ Playlist  This is my latest project, my new 1377 rifle coversion project creating a .22cal pump rifle. Crosman Backpacker 1389 lookalike! Parts List ======== - Crosman 1377 (originally) - 20" .22CAL...

Crosman 1377 American Classic Review

Add to EJ Playlist  My Crosman 1377 American Classic Review with grouping test at 20 meters and penitration test at close range. Enjoy Steve from nobrain reviews...

Crosman 1377 Pellet Pistol Chrony Test

Add to EJ Playlist  My buddy Hoss and I test out the Crosman 1377 Air Pistol on my chrony to see how well the claims of it shooting up to 600 fps are. Were shooting Crosman Premiere .177 pellets.

The Crosman 1377 Air Pistol Part One of Two

Add to EJ Playlist  In this video Jack from The Survival Podcast (http://www.the survivalpodcast .com) reviews the Crosman 1377c Air Pistol. This video is part one of a two part series so make sure to watch part...

Стрельба из Crosman 1377 на 30 метров (air pistol Crosman 1377 shooting on 30 meters)

Add to EJ Playlist  Решил пострелять из крыса на дальние дистанции. Пистолет пристрелян на 20 метров, поршень стоковый. Не думал...

crosman 1377 HIGHLY MODIFIED!!! chrony test

Add to EJ Playlist  Very accurate dime size groups at 25 30 yards. Good power for pest control/hunting . 12 pumps gets up into the mid 700's. well placed head shot at 20 to 25 yards will drop squirrels all day....

Crosman 1377 - Brasil

Add to EJ Playlist  Impressões iniciais da pistola de pressão Crosman 1377.

Making a Crosman 1377 Pump Arm Pt. 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Just like the title says! You can join me as I make a pump arm out of wood for a Crosman 1377 pellet pistol! In this video I show how I made a blank for making the pump arm. If you already...

Crosman 1377 teardown

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is about the 1377 and 1322 teardown to replace seals and the piston cup. More info is at the blog here; northwestairgun

Crosman 1377 КИТ от Yrka

Add to EJ Playlist  Забыл сказать про хомут.Он тоже входит в КИТ.

Light upgrade Crosman 1377

Add to EJ Playlist  Видео-инструкци я по лёгкой доработке пневматического пистолета Crosman 1377.

Crosman 1377 disassembly

Add to EJ Playlist  I hope this helps some of you guy's. Im no pro but i tryed.alot of you asked for this.BTW it's a .050 allen key for the breech screw not .05.

Crosman 1377 American Classic Mods

Add to EJ Playlist  Overview of my Crosman 1377 American Classic pellet pistol.

Crosman 1377 mods

Add to EJ Playlist  Crosman 1377c American Classic crosman 1377 mods shoulder stock backpacker style pump forearm steel breech 18 inch barrel barrel band six-inch muzzle break flat top piston and Modded valve ...

Crosman 1377/1322- Just for fun.

Add to EJ Playlist  Just some fun this time. Some new found hobby, I use to eliminate house sparrows, European Starlings (both invasive species to US) and our growing skunk problem. .22 caliber works good on...

Review Clevercraft Picatinny Weaver Scope Mount for Crosman 1377 & 1322 Pistols

Add to EJ Playlist  Clevercraft Picatinny Weaver Scope Mount for Crosman 1377 & 1322 Pistols.

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