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Zoom g2.1u review

Add to EJ Playlist  The first pedal with a USB audio interface, and still the best in its class!

G2.1u demo

Add to EJ Playlist  LINK TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE http://www.face Guitarbrotha/31 4914255213405?s k=wall&filter=1 This awesome little pedal is a hard one to demo.

Demonstração da Pedaleira Zoom G2.1u

Add to EJ Playlist  Uma pequena demonstração da pedaleira Zoom G2.1u. Esqueci de colocar no vídeo, mas através de um software você pode gravar seus solos no seu pc!! Espero que ...

KIKO e o ZOOM G2.1u

Add to EJ Playlist  Kiko demonstrando a predaleira ZOOM G21u - Trecho do DVD Kiko Loureiro Performance, distribuído com a linha ZOOM. Garanta já o seu, promoção por tempo limitado!


Add to EJ Playlist  ZOOMから発売されているG2 .1uという マルチエフェクターを簡単に紹介 します。 とても便利なエフェクターで僕も 自宅で本当に重宝しています。 ZOOM製品は多機能で価格が安 いので 初心者の方にこそ、是非 ...

Steve Vai 's tone / Zoom G2.1u patch

Add to EJ Playlist  Check out : http://www.Zoom http://www.yout ech Hey ! One of the most requested patch ! This one took me a nice amount of time :-) I trie...

Cubase Le4 / Zoom G2.1u recording

Add to EJ Playlist  Hey ! In this video , I' m trying to answer the questions I' ve been asked about recording sessions with Cubase and a Zoom G2.1U via USB. I' m just summing u...

Zoom G2.1u Guitar Pedal - Nevada Music UK

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.neva ffects-Pedals-a nd-Processors/G uitar-Effects/M ulti-Effects-Pe dals/sc1596/p38 50.aspx The Zoom G2.1u.

Slash 's tone / Zoom G2.1u patch

Add to EJ Playlist  Check out : http://www.Zoom http://www.yout ech A simple preset to get your Zoom G2.1u to sound close to Slash 's Sweet Child sound. Not ...

Dimebag Darrell 's tone / Zoom G2.1u patch

Add to EJ Playlist  Check out : http://www.Zoom http://www.yout ech I had to mistreat my Zoom to get this one done ... but hey, Dimebag was a Hero ! ! By the...

ZOOM G2.1uでぶっ生き返す!!

Add to EJ Playlist  TUNING : Drop D 6D 5A 4D 3G 2B 1E <<ZOOM G2.1Nu>> CLEAN 【Z CLEAN】 GAIN / 20 TONE / 30 LEVEL / 80 【EQ】 160Hz / 0 400Hz / +4 800Hz / 0 3.2kHz / +10 6.4kHz / +7...

Metallica's Wherever I may roam sitar effect / Zoom G1U & G2.1U patches

Add to EJ Playlist  This is only done on instructional purpose, no infringement is intended, all rights to their respective owners, check out Metallica's page if you like it ! C...

Zoom G2.1u - Metal

Add to EJ Playlist  Can the Zoom G2.1u play METAL?!?! In this video Dan shows off some pre-set tones and his own custom patches to see if the this popular Zoom pedal is suitable...

Master of Puppets - Metallica ( Zoom g2.1u - Cubase )

Add to EJ Playlist  My second record on Cubase to show the g2.1u´s quality of sound. I pluged my Shelter Les Paul Nashville direct to my g2.1u, then to my pc with the usb cable....

Alive - Pearl Jam Cover / Zoom G2.1U demo

Add to EJ Playlist  Check out : http://www.Zoom http://www.yout ech Hey , after many requests for a video about live use of the Zoom , my brother and I decid...

Pre-sets na ZOOM G2.1u - Filipe Mendes

Add to EJ Playlist  MOstrando as simulações e os pres que estou utilizando.

Texas Blues Tone - Zoom G2.1u patch

Add to EJ Playlist  I can't rave enough about these Slider's 59's AlNiCo 3 pickups, so the aim of this clip is to give you some idea about what these little babies can sound lik...

Zoom g2.1u. Demo

Add to EJ Playlist  Some rocking riffs recorded using the Zoom g2.1u multi-effect. Pretty cool pedal, give it a listen. Cheers.

AC/DC - Angus Young 's Tone / Zoom G2.1U - Korg AX3G patches

Add to EJ Playlist  Check out : http://www.Zoom http://www.yout ech Hey , I had something like 10 requests for this tone in one day , so ...... this time I' ...

Hank Marvin/Shadows Zoom G2.1u patch

Add to EJ Playlist  This is my generic Hank Marvin Zoom G2.1u patch. The G2.1u doesn't do such a bad job simulating multiple heads on a tape echoes. It gets close by being able ...

Zoom G2.1NU Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Add to EJ Playlist  In this video we take a look at the features and listen to some patches on the new Zoom G2.1NU with USB audio and an expression pedal. With 20 models of amps...

Whammy na Zoom G2.1u

Add to EJ Playlist  OBS: (P=Parâmetro / P1 = Parâmetro 1) Patch... Drive: Rv P1 60 P2 5 P3 80 Eq: P1 10 P2 0 P3 0 Extra Eq: (Cb) P1 Cy P2 0 P3 0 Mod/sfx: (PP) P1 3 P2 UP P3 10 D...

Zoom G2.1u demo review part 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Hello! This is the second part of Zoom G2.1u demo review. This time i presented lots of metal, rock and also acoustic type of sounds. Some are quite impressi...

My modified ZOOM G2.1u + additional footswitches demo vid

Add to EJ Playlist  Rush-recorded a demo video of my ZOOM G2.1u multi-effects that has been modified with two multi-pin inputs for a total of five additional footswitches. Three...

zoom g2.1u hold delay - one man band :-) (jedno osobowy zespół)

Add to EJ Playlist  Ostatnio bawiłem się troszkę moim zoom g2.1u. Grzebiąc w ustawieniach delaya można bez footswitcha pobawić się w jednoosobowy zespół. Zoom podpięty wprost pr...

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