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Girl Spy Body Inflation

Add to EJ Playlist  Anime girl gets inflated and might pop like a parade float.

Candice Breast Expansion Growth

Add to EJ Playlist  Download More Comics http://breastex pansioncomics.b

MK9 Rain's Bubble Burst (All Females)

Add to EJ Playlist  Rain's Fatality on all female combatants in mortal kombat (9) with all alternative outfits and dlc characters.

Gwen Goes Alien Giantess

Add to EJ Playlist  Gwen from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien has an episode and goes alien giantess!

Super Heroes and Video Game Girls expansion art

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a video showing off my latest expansion artwork with the theme of comic book and video game females. song: Super Agents by: Musicshake They are purely fan art and not intended for profit or to infringe copyrights.

Kisski Inflation

Add to EJ Playlist  This will be the last video I'll do before I start with this big project I'm working on! ........ I found this cat girl on my program, so I used her for inflation because vectors are just the thing you use for any and all inflations on Anime Studio 5! In fact, I used a wide variety of those in this animation! ............ Of course, I found out that there are some people who are against inflation and think it has something to do with se- Errrrr... I mean the thing a man and woman do together! ......... However, I do not think at it's true in my case! In fact, I only do it for fun! ........ Plus, I don't inflate girls all the time, so I guess that earns me some respect, right? (Kisski is made by the makers of Anime Studio 5)

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