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Christine Steele - Chloroformed and Robbed

Add to EJ Playlist  From Team KR. Christine Steele beats up a bad guy but gets suprised by chloroform and has her watch stolen.

Rossa Venezia chl.avi

Add to EJ Playlist  TirĂ© du Film Allemand "Rossa Venezia". genre Horreur erotique. de Andreas Bethmann Plus de description sur http://www.uncu

Hot Mom Chloroformed & Tied Up

Add to EJ Playlist  A mom (Lydie Denier) searching for her son is jumped and knocked out with chloroform. As her son watches on, the mom is tied to a chair. They both get rescued with the mom being carried to safety.


Add to EJ Playlist  Just noticed the sound is off on this video. But I am too lazy to do anything about it.... Blake thought Blake's gloves were creepy/stalkeri sh/serial killerish. So we thought we would make a video of him being creepy. Enjoy.

Milf KO Collage

Add to EJ Playlist  A collage focusing on some slightly more mature ladies

My Chloroform Tribute

Add to EJ Playlist  Hey everyone, this is kinda my first video with chloro stuff so go easy on me haha but please let me know what u think!! Most of the pics are some of my fav chloros (Elisha Cuthbert, Samantha Eggar, etc.) But others are just pics I thought were funny or cool lol well please comment, rate, and subscribe!!

Lois Ko Collage

Add to EJ Playlist  Probably doesn't even feature half the ko's that this lovely lady has gotten.

Lois Ko Collage

Add to EJ Playlist  Probably doesn't even feature half the ko's that this lovely lady has gotten.

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