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Naruto Gta san 2parte

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.yout =VUTIo2C26BA E aki la pagina donde saco los mods http://madaraan ggara.blogspot. com/ La pagina no es mia ni los mods grasias ala pagina hehehe suscribansen o comenten o o o o Nose megsta agradescan jajajaj Algo Lo que sea jejeje

Gta San Andreas Itachi Wings Mods [Released]

Add to EJ Playlist  This IS Mods Wings Or New Flying SKIN Itachi : Yuniwii Flying : http://madaraan ggara.blogspot. com/ Visit My Blog Released on http://madaraan ggara.blogspot. com/2012/05/ita chi-wings-wip.h tml

Gta San Andreas: Scary Shark Attack Cleo 3 Mod

Add to EJ Playlist  Hey guys, it'd be really great if you all could subscribe to my new Channel "v Unity". There is awesome modded GTA IV content on there and also amazing Battlefield 3 gameplays! Go to http://www.yout Unity This is not my mod... as always. Link for Shark Attack Mod: http://zazmahal TORIUM/zazmodda t00100/gtasa_cl eo_killersharks .htm

How to Install Skins and the Street Sex Cleo Mod in GTA San Andreas

Add to EJ Playlist  Here,s a tutorial on how to mod GTA:San Andreas. Links are below hope this tutorial helps you. Cleo + Mods http://www.medi k87c9jddjkn Street Love(Sex)Mod http://www.medi rjn5uhctmdg Skin Installer http://www.medi m5t76k88imc If the skin img file has my skins installed then delete them and install your own if you want. Download Mods from here. http://www.gtag oads/gta-san-an dreas/cleo-mods http://www.gtag browse.php?C=14 http://hotmist. Enjoy your mods. Comment, Rate and Sub.

GTA San Andreas Best Mods

Add to EJ Playlist  https://www.fac le.php?id=10000 4728668104 lexgtagamer Links to the mods: Real 3D shells: http://www.libe s/file33645.htm l Bullet holes: http://www.libe s/file32850.htm l Ragdoll mod: http://www.libe s/file23828.htm l Mega effects: /31166/ Gun mod: /33249/ Gun sound mod: /31663/

GTA SA : Mod + Skin + Weapon + ENB + Effect

Add to EJ Playlist  Note : all mod in this video not made by me Skin: http://gombolor Weapon: http://www.medi 33l4xcq30ds Skate: http://www.gtag show.php?id=827 0 Ghost rider: http://www.modd Ghost-rider/add ons/ghost-rider -mod-full-pack Monster speedometer: http://www.gtag oads/gta-san-an dreas/cleo-mods /7485 Police on radar: http://www.gtag show.php?id=178 02 New roads: http://www.yout =-Kf365ir_E0 Ninja jump: http://www.gtag show.php?id=750 5 Project oblivion: /Mods-Addons/GT A-San-Andreas-A ddon-Project-Ob livion-2010HQ.s html Robot mod: http://www.gtag oads/gta-san-an dreas/cleo-mods /8798 Guitar mod: http://www.gtag show.php?id=622 7

GTA San andreas Spiderman 3 Peds.wmv

Add to EJ Playlist  Two Spiderman Peds for San andreas from the movie Spiderman 3. Thanks to the author of spiderman. http://www.libe s/file18523.htm l Enjoy.

GTA San andreas Spiderman & venom Peds.avi

Add to EJ Playlist  I think this is the perfect Spider man ped for San Andreas and a scary Venom. Amazing spider http://www.libe s/file17042.htm l venom http://www.gtag oads/gta-san-an dreas/player-mo ds/4833 Thanks to the modders.. Plz subscribe

GTA San Andreas : The Dark Knight Begins (Mod & Parody)

Add to EJ Playlist  The Dark Knight Mod of Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas The link that I uploaded is dead :( But you can now find it from various GTA modding website! :D And REMEMBER that you'll have to have CLEAN INSTALL of San Andreas.. If you got one Mod beside the batman mod, the game will CRASH!! Subscribe for more fun games! :D

GTA San Andreas Back To The Future (BTTF) Hill Valley mod

Add to EJ Playlist  GTA San Andreas is BACK!! download BTTF http://bttfhill theres some website problems download BTTF Moddb http://www.modd -to-the-future- hill-valley-san -andreas-editio n

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Free Running Parkour,Skateboarding And Surfing

Add to EJ Playlist  NEW AWESOME VIDEO : http://www.yout =oxHKYCrqXZk&lc =Ac_kEKmQGjjQDo 5cupk2KgzLKs6k0 RJZ9Co2cWtda5c& feature=inbox Update : The video showing how to get this mod is on my channel..look for it lol :D . The Tricking Mod link has changed 'cuz the other one got deleted This is the good one :http://www.fil bfff448bc2c103e a,g/Tricking-MO D.html You guys know my other video,Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Free Running And Basejumping ? Ehh,now I upload something like that,but in this one I'M SURFING AND SKATEBOARDING ! Rate,Comment and subscribe.Enjoy it. Skateboard Download Link Mod http://www.www. n/download.php? do=download&id= 19318 Surf Board Download Link Mod http://www.gtai wnload.php?do=c omments&cat=322 &start=0&id=193 09&orderBy= the surfboard is next to the garage to groove street C-J. 1.To take press TAB 2.To put in the back press A or E (change waepon controll) 3.To put on the car press ENTER 4.To take the surfboard of the car press TAB 5.To use (in the water) press TAB First you need img tool and cleo 3 Cleo 3 : http://cleo.san leo3.exe Or: http://www.medi 5unynwg - Download and install Img tool: http://www.gtag downloa... - Download and install Parkour mod number 1: http://www.file fff448bc2c103ea ,g/Tricking-MOD .html Parkour mod number 2: http://rghost.r u/479478 Installation: In number 1 , the file inside cleo folder You put in gta sa/Cleo 3 folder Now open img tool, click file , open, and go gta sa/models/gta 3 After add tricking.ifp And add ped.ifp to gta sa/anim In number 2, put install dancing.ifp with img tool, u must replace with img tool . Maybe you can understand this easily INSTALLATION: 1. First install CLEO Library (cleo.sannybuil 2. Open IMGTool, load gta3.img, press CTRL+A, and select tricking.ifp. 3. Copy ped.ifp into GTA San Andreas\anim. 4. Copy Tricking.cs into GTA San Andreas\cleo. Available tricks : 1 - backflip 2 - frontflip 3 - sideflip 4 - gainer 5 - folha 6 - cork 7 - webster 8 - fulltwist 9 - round off flashkick 0 - backhandspring t - backhandspring + backflip y - palmflip u - wallflip i - cork + folha o - popup layout p - jump and dive ;) g - frontflip + aerial + fulltwist h - handstand j - backhandspring + backhandspring + backhandspring + fulltwist + backflip + fulltwist + fulltwist + backflip k - backhandspring + backhandspring + layout + backhandspring + flashkick l - backhandspring + backhandspring + layout + backflip + backflip + backflip b - wall sideflip n - wall frontflip m - backspring , - aerial

GTA San Andreas Mods

Add to EJ Playlist  ONLY FOR PC !!!!! !! Look here for the Mods !! =) Tutorials : Car Spawner : http://www.yout =M5Wexxc9E0c Installing Cars : http://www.yout =ABPbygcRzCs Installing Gun Mods : http://www.yout =VWvajCG4SQA ............... ............... .......... ............... ............... .......... The Police Bike is made by me . It isn't uploadet anywhere. ............... ............... .......... ............... ............... .......... Cars = http://www.gtai oad.php?do=cat& id=116 ............... ............... .......... ............... ............... .......... Guns = http://www.gtai oad.php?do=cat& id=115 ............... ............... .......... ............... ............... .......... Animations = http://www.gtag show.php?id=747 1 ............... ............... .......... ............... ............... .......... CLEO Mods = http://www.gtai oad.php?do=cat& id=322 ............... ............... .......... ............... ............... .......... Songs : Oomph! - Sandmann Oomph! - Gott ist ein Popstar

GTA SA Parkour + link for download

Add to EJ Playlist  PARKOURING in GTA SA I hope you like it = --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -------- First download parkour mod! http://www.4sha 553773/de17c3fd /Mod_Le_Parkour .html?dirPwdVer ified=a387ee21 When u open rar file, there will be 3 folder, but chose number 2!!! When you open folder number 2 there will be ped.ifp Extract that file to, "Gta san andreas\anims folder. Now we have big front flip and big back flip! If you dont have You need to download cleo 3! You can download it here: http://cleo.san leo3.exe After install cleo 3 in your GTA SA folder When you installed cleo 3 there will be a folder in you GTA SA directory ''CLEO3'' Now download Matrix jump here: http://www.4sha 915523/95c5f170 /Pulo_Matrix_mo ds-gtasablogspo tcom.html You must extract that files in CLEO3 folder. (thats the long jump and flip what i use when falling) For long jump press space + shift For flip space + c For normal back flip left mouse For standing on hands c THX FOR WATCHING ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦ ╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║ ╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║ ║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩ ═╩═╝ xD

GTA Tricking Mod (by TaMan666)

Add to EJ Playlist apkfreerunclub developer: http://www.yout 6 download link: http://www22.zi 67782473/file.h tml official trailer: http://www.yout =6WfNFbbaHPg sounds like youtube :D

GTA San Andreas Cleo 3 Mods II

Add to EJ Playlist  My text during my vid is out of sync.... great FOR THESE MODS TO WORK YOU NEED THE CLEO FILES!!! Follow the link and download the CLEO 3 Library (Installer) on the left hand side (the very top one) http://cleo.san My Computer - Local Disk - Program Files - Rockstar Games - GTA SA cut and paste them into there replacing files it asks you to replace Car Spawner Mod http://zazmahal TORIUM/zazmodda t00100/Carspawn .htm Weather Mod http://zazmahal TORIUM/zazmodda t00100/WEATHERM ENUE.htm Missile Mod http://zazmahal MISSILE MOD IS RIGHT AT THE BOTTOM! Teleport To Marker http://zazmahal TORIUM/zazmodda t00100/Teleport _to_marker.htm I DO NOT OWN GTA OR ANYTHIG TO DO WITH ROCKSTAR Music: Broken Stars - Silverstein I've Never Felt This Damn Good - We Are The Ocean

GTA San Andreas Cleo 3 Mods

Add to EJ Playlist  For These Mods To work you need the Cleo folders. follow this link to download it and download the Cleo (installer) on the left hand side http://cleo.san My text during my vid is out of sync.... great FOR THESE MODS TO WORK YOU NEED THE CLEO FILES!!! Follow the link and download the CLEO 3 Library (Installer) on the left hand side (the very top one) http://cleo.san My Computer - Local Disk - Program Files - Rockstar Games - GTA SA cut and paste them into there replacing files it asks you to replace Magic Mop Mod http://www.gtag oads/gta-san-an dreas/cleo-mods /1765 Portal Gun Mod http://www.gtag oads/gta-san-an dreas/cleo-mods /1702 Gravity Gun Mod http://www.gtag oads/gta-san-an dreas/cleo-mods /1768 Master Spark Mod http://www.gtag oads/gta-san-an dreas/cleo-mods /1767 Call For Backup http://www.gtag show.php?id=429 4 Legal Stuff: I dont own THE GTA BRAND OR ANY GAMES ETC. IN THE SERIES SUBSCRIBE

GTA San Andreas Cleo mods

Add to EJ Playlist  Gta San Andreas Cleo 3 mods(funny piss,drink,puke ,smoke,pee),FPS mod,Car spawner mod,Surfing mod Download Links: Surf mod: qMe0 FPS mod qMfb FUNNY mod SitnSmokenPissn Drink qMhB Car Spawner qMiL

GTA San Andreas: The Epic Flood

Add to EJ Playlist  A movie I made using the flood mod from San Andreas. This video was deleted once because my computer ate a large chunk of music from it. This is the new video I uploaded, and it includes an additional 1 minute and 33 seconds of additional footage. Enjoy! Download the Water Level Cutomizer used in the video here: http://gta-worl dmods.t-n-netwo art/include.php ?path=content/d ownload.php&con tentid=1562&PHP KITSID=0ae07ab1 8d369e8508c0c52 9e54aa8a0 Here's the tutorial for dowloading WinRar: http://www.yout =NmIk7GGWCh4

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